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Friday, October 5, 2012

MauryK: Anders Behring Breivik: The Blowback in Norway

Anders Behring Breivik: The Blowback in Norway

"After the oil shock caused by the Yom Kippur War of 1973 which led to a petroleum boycott against the West, the EU promised the bourgeois Arab regimes that if you ship us oil, we’ll also take your surplus people. That’s the long and the short of the Muslim invasion of Europe."

Maury Knutson | Maury K | 05 October 2012

Bourgeois mountebank and murderer Anders Behring Breivik is the man of the hour. As the most self-involved narcissist this side of Paris Hilton, he must be creaming in his pants. Since friends since childhood said he never had a girlfriend EVER and he claimed to be not gay, this may be his only sexual relief.

If this is the case, then Breivik is walking, breathing proof of the theories of Wilhelm Reich. Reich preached that neurosis and misery were the fruits of sexual repression. This is Breivik in a nutshell. His stated beliefs are so much bull. They are not the catalyst for his murderous rampage but the excuse.

The target of his rage, youth of the social democratic Norwegian Labor Party, is odd. I say odd because in his manifesto, Breivik embraced the NeoCon vision of the world in conflict. This is also the CIA viewpoint. And the Norwegian Labor Party is part of the Second or Socialist International which has been under the thumb of the CIA since the Second World War. Good social democrats like the Labor Party were expected to be stalwarts in the Western or Capitalist Camp against the Communist Camp or Socialist Bloc. And they were.

Breivik hated multiculturalism. But who’s responsible. Americans, thanks to Pat Buchanan and others, think it’s a concept developed by Jewish perverts of the Frankfurt School, masquerading as Marxists. But paleo-conservative historian Paul Gottfried in his excellent book, THE STRANGE DEATH OF MARXISM, proved that multiculturalism and the resulting Cult of Political Correctness were imports from the USA TO Europe.

Where Gottfried significantly differs from most conventional current-day conservatives is his identification of America as the main originator of this "soft totalitarianism." According to Gottfried, it initially got underway in Europe with the "re-education" of Germany in the aftermath of World War II where, he argues, traditionalist conservatism and nationalism was just as severely dealt with as Nazism. Indeed, conservative anti-Nazis were seen as suspect by the American authorities, whereas many former Nazis who eagerly adopted "liberal democracy" were embraced by the Americans. Gottfried points out the surprising Nazi past of some of today's leading theorists of the politically-correct German Left.

[..] It is also important to consider that for most people in Western societies today, the mark of the regime's success is that it offers very high levels of affluence and prosperity. This is far different from the situation in East-Central Europe, where it could be argued that the post-Communist transition has engendered widespread and deepening pauperization of large sectors of the populace. It is not often considered that it is only in a very homogenous society that such huge disparities of wealth and poverty can be maintained without some kind of violent situation arising. One dreads to imagine what would happen in Canada were there to be a major economic downturn. All the heterogeneous groups that have arrived in Canada in the last thirty years or so, would be at each other's and the fading majority's throats. It could easily develop into events similar to those seen in France recently.

That’s right. Had the Soviets occupied Norway and the rest of Western Europe, there’d be no mass immigration and hence no multiculturalism and PC. Frankfurt School types would be put in labor camps. Loudmouth Imams would be shot and their mosques dynamited. Of course, this is Stalinism and Breivik as a good NeoCon is anti-communist.

And where did the mass immigration come from? It was no pipe dream of social democrats turned into reality. Rather, it was good old-fashioned capitalists and their Bankster masters who pulled this off. After the oil shock caused by the Yom Kippur War of 1973 which led to a petroleum boycott against the West, the EU promised the bourgeois Arab regimes that if you ship us oil, we’ll also take your surplus people. That’s the long and the short of the Muslim invasion of Europe. The Norwegian Labor Party and its youth had very little to with it. Yet they were the targets of Breivik.

Some Rightists with the brains of a Glenn Beck cheered on Breivik’s slaughter of the Labor Party Youth because they were “the future ruling elite of the liberal/multicultural state.” Bullshit! Social democrats like Labor Party are NEVER the ruling elite. They are, as the old-time Communists put it, Labor Lieutenants of Capital. They don’t rule. Rather, they manage the Bourgeois State for those who own it. That’s their historical function.

Breivik picked the wrong target. He had shit for brains. And didn’t have the balls to bomb a Rothschild bank Or, go gunning for the REAL ruling elite in Norway.

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Balder said...

I think you make some good overall points, but there is one thing that I think is very unrealistic:

"After the oil shock caused by the Yom Kippur War of 1973 which led to a petroleum boycott against the West, the EU promised the bourgeois Arab regimes that if you ship us oil, we’ll also take your surplus people. That’s the long and the short of the Muslim invasion of Europe."

I've heard that explanation before; mainly from neocon type anti-islamists.

I am very well aware of many of the treaties and the projects the EU has been running concerning integration with North Africa.

To me most of these look very much like they are initiated only by the EU, and some Arab and North African countries just went along for the free ride. They probably couldn't care less about cultural exchanges and summer camps for students, etc.

The idea that the Arab regimes wanted to "export their surplus population" is ridiculous. Even though the numbers of immigrants streaming into Europe are huge, and Arabs make up a substantial part of these immigrants, their numbers are by far not large enough to counter overpopulation in Arab countries. The idea that "the bourgeois Arab regimes" would be interested in such a project is highly unlikely.

In the first place many Arab immigrants come from countries which do not have much oil at all, and Arab communities outside their own nations often organize in groups opposed to these regimes.

The idea of some kind of plot by "these regimes" to further Islam by exporting their surplus population is out of the question for many of these countries, whose regimes often are struggling with Islamic groups in their own countries, except Saudi Arabia, which actually is trying to export Islam. But we don't see Saudi's coming to the West in droves so far either.

But thanks for an interesting blog.

(By the way sucks for commentators - at least for me)

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

It was a blog post I cross posted from Maury; so it was his opinion. I had never heard of the idea before, so found it fascinating. I did leave a comment on his blog, to ask him if he had more info on it. Not had a response yet.

Your comments on it are interesting though, particularly in regards to immigration from Muslim countries that do not have oil.

I am not decided on the issue at all. As I said, first time i heard it, so was interested in hearing more info, pro or con. So I appreciate your thoughts, good points.

Why don't you like blogger?

Balder said...

"It was a blog post I cross posted from Maury; so it was his opinion."

Yes, I kind of understood that, but it was a little bit unclear´; after the blockquote it could look as if it was your comment and not part of Maury's text.

Why don't you like blogger?

I'll sent you a mail about it...

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


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