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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Better an Honest Enemy, than a False Friend: Islam4UK's Anjem Choudari agrees with Breivik that Islam and Non-Islam are at War in Europe

Islam4UK's Anjem Choudari agrees with Breivik that Islam and Non-Islam are at War in Europe

Anjem Choudary & Islam4UK | Al-Sharq al-Awsat Online | 21 April 2012

Former Muslim British solicitor Anjem Choudary spokesman for the Islamist group Islam4UK agrees with Breivik that Islam and Non-Islam are militarily, economically, socially, morally, ideologically / politically at war with each other in Europe, that Muslims in Europe want to implement Shari'ah in Europe, and that it is time that Europe woke up to the reality of the conflict between the two camps and stop pushing it under the carpet:
“Anders Breivik is right that there is a war taking place between Islam & non-Islam (on every level) though that does not justify his actions. The two camps of Islam & non-Islam are fighting militarily, economically, socially, morally, ideologically / politically (as in Luton) etc... It is true that Muslims in Luton (and elsewhere) want Shari'ah law & Muslims did initiate the Shari'ah Zone project to encourage this result. It's time that people in Europe woke up to the reality of the conflict between the two camps rather than pushing the matter under the carpet.”
Islam4UK were the radical UK Islamist group that were banned (proscribed) under the UK's Counter terrorism laws on 14 January 2010; which was at the time led by Anjem Choudary. On its website, Islam4UK described itself as having “been established by sincere Muslims as a platform to propagate the supreme Islamic ideology within the United Kingdom as a divine alternative to man-made law” to “convince the British public about the superiority of Islam, thereby changing public opinion in favour of Islam in order to transfer the authority and power to the Muslims in order to implement the Sharee’ah (in Britain)”.

Anjem Choudary and Islam4UK

Wikipedia: Anjem Choudary:

Anjem Choudary Admits Islam Not a Religion of Peace (06:32): Difference between Choudary and alleged 'Moderate' Muslims, is that Choudary is brutally honest; whereas the moderates say one thing to Western audiences, and another amongst fellow Muslims.
[German Proverb: Better an honest enemy than a false friend.]
Anjem Choudary (Urdu: انجم چودری; born 1967 in England) is a British former solicitor, and, before it was proscribed, spokesman for the Islamist group Islam4UK. He is married, has four children, and lives in Ilford, London.

Choudary studied medicine at the University of Southampton before switching to law. He became a solicitor, and chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers. He later met Omar Bakri Muhammad, and the two helped form the Islamist organisation, al-Muhajiroun. The group organised several anti-Western demonstrations, including a banned protest march in London for which Choudary was summoned to appear in court. Al-Muhajiroun was a controversial organisation, which was later disbanded following the UK government's decision to ban it. Choudary was present at the launch of its intended successor, Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah, and later helped form Al Ghurabaa, which was also banned, before he became the spokesman for Islam4UK.

Choudary is a vocal critic of the UK's involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has praised the terrorists involved in the attacks of 11 September 2001, and 7 July 2005. He believes in the implementation of Sharia Law throughout the UK, and marched in protest at the Jyllands-Posten cartoons controversy, following which he was prosecuted for organising an unlawful demonstration. He was also investigated, but not charged, for his 2006 comments regarding Pope Benedict XVI. Choudary receives little support from the mainstream UK Muslim population and has been largely criticised in the media.

Wikipedia: Islam4UK:

Islam4UK were a radical Islamist group that operated in the United Kingdom. The group was proscribed under the UK's Counter terrorism laws on 14 January 2010.[1][2][3] Before its proscription it was led by Anjem Choudary.[4]

On its website, Islam4UK described itself as having "been established by sincere Muslims as a platform to propagate the supreme Islamic ideology within the United Kingdom as a divine alternative to man-made law" to "convince the British public about the superiority of Islam, thereby changing public opinion in favour of Islam in order to transfer the authority and power to the Muslims in order to implement the Sharee’ah (in Britain)"

On 16 October 2009, members of the organisation protested against the visit to Britain by Dutch MP Geert Wilders. They carried banners with slogans such as "Shariah is the solution, freedom go to hell" and "Geert Wilders deserves Islamic punishment".[6]

In January 2010 the group gained widespread media attention by announcing plans to hold a protest march through Wootton Bassett, a town where informal public mourning takes place to honour the corteges of service personnel killed on active service, as they make their way from RAF Lyneham to Oxford. Reports that the group planned to carry empty coffins to "represent the thousands of Muslims who have died" were denied by the group.[7] Choudary said that the event would be peaceful, and that it was not timed to coincide with any mourning processions.[8] The announcement was condemned by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who said that plans for the march were "disgusting" and that "to offend the families of dead or wounded troops would be completely inappropriate".[9] The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, indicated he would agree to any request from the Wiltshire Police or local government to ban the march under Section 13 of the Public Order Act 1986.[10]

Choudary said he chose Wootton Bassett to attract maximum attention and, he asserted, 500 members of Islam4UK would carry 'symbolic coffins' in memory of the Muslim civilians 'murdered by merciless' coalition forces.[11] By 5 January 2010, over 400,000 people had joined a Facebook group opposing the march.[12]

The Muslim Council of Britain stated that it "condemns the call by...Islam4UK for their proposed march in Wootton Bassett", and continues, "Like other Britons, Muslims are not opposed to Britain’s Armed Forces."[13] The Wiltshire Islamic Cultural Centre stated "We, along with all other Muslim community groups in Wiltshire and the surrounding area, including Bath Islamic Society and Swindon Thamesdown Islamic Association, unreservedly condemn this march," adding, "Therefore we are putting the record straight and letting the media and general public know that the vast majority of Muslims have nothing to do with this group", and asking that Wiltshire Police ban the march. They stated that they, along with Call to Islam Centre and Masjid Al-Ghurabah, would counter-demonstrate against "Islam4UK/Al-Muhajiroon".[14] On 10 January 2010 Islam4UK said it was cancelling its planned march in Wootton Bassett; however, the police had not actually received a request for permission for the march.[15]

In announcing the proscription, the then British Home Secretary Alan Johnson said: "It is already proscribed under two other names – Al Ghurabaa and The Saved Sect".[2]

Islam4UK issued a statement saying, "Today's ban is another nail in the coffin of capitalism and another sign of the revival of Islam and Muslims."[16] They restated their goal: "Therefore, we will one day liberate our land from occupation and implement the Shariah not just in Muslim countries but also right here in Great Britain. This is something that we believe in, live by and hope that in our lifetime we will witness".[16] In a further statement, issued on the same day via their website, they stated that "Islam4UK has been contacted by authorities to (force) shut down its operations, we stress this domain name will no longer be used by us, but the struggle for Khilafah will continue regardless of what the disbelievers plot against the Muslims. It is the duty of all Muslims to rise up and call for the Khilafah wherever they may be".[16]

The ban has led some ("the left", according to Sunny Hundal writing in the Guardian) to criticise it as a "blow to free expression",[17] which will "serve to undermine the government’s effort to prevent violent extremism".[18] Deborah Orr has commented in the Guardian that the ban "erodes democratic rights with the intention of defending them".[19]

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Fundamentalists Pledge To Apply Islamic Shari`ah in UK, Form Shari`ah `Police`

Report by Muhammad al-Shafi`i in London: “Fundamentalists Pledge To Apply Shari`ah in Britain. They Distributed Posters in London Bearing Slogans of `No Gambling`, `No Music and Concerts`, and `No Nudity`”

Al-Sharq al-Awsat Online | Monday, July 11, 2011 | Biyokulule

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 21: Anjem Choudary (R) speaks at a protest opposite Downing street against the military
action taken by the UK, USA and France against Libya on March 21, 2011 in London, England.
Hard-line fundamentalists have pledged to ban alcohol and gender mixing in new areas throughout the United Kingdom where shari`ah will be imposed. According to this plan, a massive quantity of posters bearing the slogans “no gambling”, “no music and concerts”, “no nudity or vice”, and “no drugs and smoking” will be distributed. The posters announce “Beware: You are entering a shari`ah-controlled zone - Islamic rules enforced.”

The fundamentalists are scheduled to start the plan in Waltham Forest, part of the London City Council, later this month and they are also claiming that thousands of “shari`ah police” will monitor the compliance with the shari`ah rules in the streets.

Lawyer Anjem Choudary, former secretary general of “Al-Muhajiroun” and “Al-Ghurabaa” movements in Britain, has called for implementing this plan as an alternative to the government`s attempts to combat violent extremism under the “prevention” strategy. He said when Al-Sharq al-Awsat telephoned him yesterday “there are 52 (as published) areas in Britain under the British antiterrorism law which were described as centers for the extremists. But we will visit these areas in the suburbs of Birmingham and Manchester.” He added: As Islamists, we have a clear stand on gender mixing, taking drugs, gambling, vice, and concerts where everything becomes mixed up and also have a clear stand on democracy which we consider “unbelief.” He said “the shari`ah police will include others who do not belong to the fundamentalist trend.”

Islam4UK Spokesman Anjem Choudary (C) leaves a press conference in Millbank Studios
on January 12, 2010 in London, England.
The former secretary general of “Al-Muhajiroun”, “Al-Ghurabaa”, and “Islam4UK” warned “the antiterrorism strategy approved by British Home Secretary Theresa May will be confronted during the next two weeks starting with Waltham Forest where the campaign to distribute the posters about the shari`ah controlled zones will begin.” He added: “This means that the Muslim community in this zone will not tolerate drugs, alcohol, nudity, gambling, usury, or the free mixing of men and women which are the fruits of Western civilization.” He pointed out that “there will be a very intensive campaign to distribute the posters to Muslim and non-Muslim communities about what the shari`ah means economically, socially, and politically.”

He went on to explain that “a march will target Waltham Forest, including Walthamstow and Leyton. We will administer the zone as one under shari`ah and plant in the long term the seeds of an Islamic emirate. We wish to create a zone where Muslims can live together, deal among themselves, and interact with each other instead of interacting with society at large.” The former lawyer added “there are 25 (as published) zones in various parts of the country which the government has classified as ones suffering from the problem of violent extremism. We will go to these same zones which refuse to apply the shari`ah rules so as to apply them as this is the ideal way for dealing with the consumption of alcohol, vice, and the pattern of hooliganism in British cities. We are living among non-Muslims but should distinguish ourselves from them.”

Choudary announced in May plans to form Islamic “guardian angels” teams to help implement the shari`ah in various parts of the United Kingdom but changed his mind later on and came to believe that a “shari`ah police” would play a better role than the traditional police in maintaining order inside Muslim areas. Choudary said “we now have hundreds, and even thousands, throughout the country who are ready to go out into the streets on patrols for us and print between 10,000 and 50,000 posters for distribution.”

On the other hand, preacher Omar Bakri Fustuq, founder of “Al-Muhajiroun” and “Al-Ghurabaa” movements which were disbanded before he left Britain for Tripoli in north Lebanon after the 7/7 attacks in London, has told Al-Sharq al-Awsat “the true Muslim is required to implement what he can of the shari`ah in all matters of his life and to call on the society in which he lives to monotheism and apply Islamic shari `ah as it is the only divine one that is suitable for every place and age and has the divine cure for all the problems of man and humanity.” Bakri, who presented himself as “an expert in the Islamic movements` affairs and chairman of the Salaf Trend in Lebanon and member of the shari`ah committee”, added that “application of what is possible of Islamic shari`ah among Muslims in Europe is one of the practical examples of the call to turn to God.” He added that “the phenomenon of complying with Islam and converting to it in the West in general and in Britain in particular is best evidence that Islam is the shari`ah and principles spreading the most in the West.”

(Description of Source: London Al-Sharq al-Awsat Online in Arabic -- Website of influential London-based pan-Arab Saudi daily; editorial line reflects Saudi official stance. URL:

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