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Ecology of Peace RH factual reality: 1. Earth is not flat; 2. Resources are finite; 3. When humans breed or consume above ecological carrying capacity limits, it results in resource conflict; 4. If individuals, families, tribes, races, religions, and/or nations want to reduce class, racial and/or religious local, national and international resource war conflict; they should cooperate & sign their responsible freedom oaths; to implement Ecology of Peace Scientific and Cultural Law as international law; to require all citizens of all races, religions and nations to breed and consume below ecological carrying capacity limits.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Notice to 330 NO Political Party Officials: NO v. Breivik: Oppose Norway's Political Psychiatric Stalinesque Tyranny

Notice to 330 NO Political Party Officials: NO v. Breivik: Oppose Norway's Political Psychiatric Stalinesque Tyranny

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 07 December 2001

[Political Party] Members,

For Your Information:


An Application has been filed in terms of Article’s 2, 4, 85, 100, 110a, 110b, of Norwegian Constitution; and Article’s 1, 5, 6, 9, 13 and 14 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

The application requests Judge Nina Opsahl to issue an order that (A) Anders Breivik be requested to provide his approval to the court to issue the following writs on his behalf:

[I] A writ of Habeus Mentem on behalf of Anders Breivik psycho-cultural integrity right to a free and fair trial; and [II] writ of Certiorari/Review of the Psychiatric Evaluation Report of Psychiatrists: Synne Serheim and Torgeir Husby as to the Mens Rea political necessity criminal liability of Anders Breivik terrorist acts, on 22 July 2011.

The writ of Habeus Mentem – the right of a wo/man to their own mind and culture – and writ of Review (of the Psychiatric Report) are invoked specifically against Anders Breivik’s attorney: Geir Lippestad, and Psychiatrists Synne Serheim and Torgeir Husby; and indirectly against the Norwegian multi-culti liberal political, legal, academic and media establishment who appear to be deliberately and perhaps maliciously attempting to deny Anders Breivik a free and fair trial, by means of a fraudulent and politically motivated ‘political psychiatry’ ‘insanity’ report and public media statements, so as to deny Mr. Breivik his day in court.

Article posted at:
Oslo District Court: Norway v. Breivik: Judge Nina Opsahl: Application for Writ of Habeus Mentem & Certiorari/Review


Lara Johnstone

Lara (Clann/Tribe Name: Johnstone)
I (Sovereign or alleged Corporate identity) do not endorse any contract which does not fulfill the four requirements of a lawful, binding contract, namely: (1) Full Disclosure; (2) Equal Consideration; (3) Lawful Clear and Concise Terms and Conditions simply explained; and (4) Signatures of both/all Parties (In accordance to Common Law, I also consider corporations to be without legal standing, as they have no mind, body, legs, eyes, emotions; and hence are legal fictions). As a member of Radical Honesty culture I always endorse the resolution of all disagreements and/or misunderstandings in accordance to Radical Honesty cultural practices (See: Practicing Radical Honesty, by Brad Blanton), or via independent arbitration that does not involve bloodsucking parasite lawyers; and am willing to consider the practices of other cultures, who seriously and sincerely consider mine.

NO v Breivik Legal Notice: Application for Writ of Habeus Mentem & Review of Psych ‘Insanity’ Report: sent to 330 NO Political Party Officials:

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FRP (5): Thu 12/1/2011 5:56 PM [SS]

NO: FRP; NO: FRP: Kristian Norheim; NO: FRP: Storting; NO: FRP: Thor Magne Bostad; NO: FRP: Aine Stenersen

HOYRE (34): Thu 12/1/2011 5:58 PM [SS]

NO: Hoyre: Lars Oy; NO: Hoyre: Sigbjorn Aanes; NO: Hoyre: Ida Malthe-Sorenssen; NO: Hoyre: Gard Olav Gabrielsen; NO: Hoyre: Kristin Holm Jensen; NO: Hoyre: Anita Sundal Skjostad; NO: Hoyre: Tore Vamraak; NO: Hoyre: Benedicte Roer; NO: Hoyre: Nina Isaksen Nilsen; NO: Hoyre: Linda Evjen; NO: Hoyre: Eli Boysen; NO: Hoyre: Thor Kleppen Saettem; NO: Hoyre: Oystein Bagle-Tennebo; NO: Hoyre: Hans Kristian Thorbjornsen; NO: Hoyre: Frederik Gierlof; NO: Hoyre: Lars Andreas Lunde; NO: Hoyre: Sunniva Ihle Steinstad; NO: Hoyre: Lene Westgaard-Halle; NO: Hoyre: Marianne Fagerli; NO: Hoyre: Berit Bredahl; NO: Hoyre: Lars Arne Ryssdal; NO: Hoyre: Haakon Dagestad; NO: Hoyre: Odd Hoen-Sevje; NO: Hoyre: Kathrine Pernille Olsen; NO: Hoyre: Audun Halvorsen; NO: Hoyre: Kjersti Omejer; NO: Hoyre: Magnus Thue; NO: Hoyre: Benedicte Okland; NO: Hoyre: Grete Lund-Vang; NO: Hoyre: Marianne Christiansen; NO: Hoyre: Karsten Karlsoen; NO: Hoyre: Politikk; NO: Hoyre: Info; NO: Hoyre: Postmottak

AP: Arbeidersparty (50): Thu 12/1/2011 6:02 PM: [SS]

NO: Labour: Postmottak; NO: Labour: Torill Wivegh; NO: Labour: Anne Odden; NO: Labour: Solveig Torsvik; NO: Labour: Anne Campbell Weimoth; NO: Labour: Svein Dybing; NO: Labour: Stian Grothe; NO: Labour: Thomas Nordvik Strandberg; NO: Labour: Bernt Sonvisen; NO: Labour: Margrete Cappelen; NO: Labour: Kirsitan Kirgerud; NO: Labour: Bernt Sonvisen; NO: Labour: Nina Yong Kviberg; NO: Labour: Jonas Spildrejordet; NO: Labour: Kirstin Bjorksvik; NO: Labour: Marine Rove Nilsen; NO: Labour: Gro Aakervik; NO: Labour: Kari Vikersveen; NO: Labour: Tarjei Skirbekk; NO: Labour: Eva Amble Larsen; NO: Labour: ann-Catrhin Becken; NO: Labour: Wenke Jaklin; NO: Labour: Eli Anne Glomseth Hole; NO: Labour: Vigdis Henriette Nilsen; NO: Labour: Sarah F. Pierstorff; NO: Labour: Ellen Cecilie Eriksen; NO: Labour: Reidun Steimler; NO: Labour: Ingjerd Karine Eng; NO: Labour: Tove Thorstensen; NO: Labour: Line Engebretsen; NO: Labour: Stian Simensen; NO: Labour: Elin Heio Kobro; NO: Labour: Odd Steinar Viseth; NO: Labour: Marianne Seip; NO: Labour: Trygve Svensson; NO: Labour: Oyvind Slake; NO: Labour: Vera Eriksen; NO: Labour: Inger Naess Solberg; NO: Labour: Nina Yong Kviberg; NO: Labour: Per Gunnar Dahl; NO: Labour: Turid Hellgren; NO: Labour: Amund Vik; NO: Labour: Sindre Kvil; NO: Labour: Siri Holland; NO: Labour: Jorn Nygren; NO: Labour: Eirik Dastol Landelang; NO: Labour: Ingunn Yssen; NO: Labour: Sarah F. Pierstoff; NO: Labour: Svein Dybing

KRF (Christian Democratic Party) (34): Thu 12/1/2011 6:22 PM [SS]

NO: KRF: Knut Jahr; NO: KRF: Knut Are Hole; NO: KRF: Alf Rose Sorgarden; NO: KRF: Kari Lindveit; NO: KRF: Knut Arild Hareide; NO: KRF: Kjell Ropstad; NO: KRF: Oyvind Habrekke; NO: KRF: Rigmor Eide; NO: KRF: Marit Brandt Lagoyr; NO: KRF: Christopher Sahl; NO: KRF: Sveree Vatnar; NO: KRF: Julian Farner-Calvert; NO: KRF: Ann-Karin Haavik; NO: KRF: Gunn Glad Haug; NO: KRF: Mona Hofset; NO: KRF: Hans Olav Syversen; NO: KRF: Dagrun Eriksen; NO: KRF: Laila Davoy; NO: KRF: Odd Jostein Saeter; NO: KRF: Gunhild Soras; NO: KRF: GeirArne Servan; NO: KRF: Ingvild Belck-Olsen; NO: KRF: John Anders Rose; NO: KRF: Aud Grethe Saether; NO: KRF: Eirik Lundstein; NO: KRF: Ostfold Hjemdal; NO: KRF: Dagfinn Hoybraten; NO: KRF: Kari Husoy; NO: KRF: Day Andreas Fedoy; NO: KRF: Jon Earl Oen; NO: KRF: Live Husan; NO: KRF: Eivind Haanes; NO: KRF: Solveig Gold Teig; NO: KYST: Kontor

SENTERPARTIET (162): Thu 12/1/2011 10:52 PM: [SS]; [SS]+l

NO: CTR: County: Liv Signe Navarsete; NO: CTR: County: Anne Beathe Kristiansen; NO: CTR: County: Anne Brith Hoel; NO: CTR: County: Anne Hansdatter Kismul; NO: CTR: County: Ola Borten Moe; NO: CTR: County: Anne Grethe Edvardsen; NO: CTR: County: Lars Bartnes; NO: CTR: County: Morten Soberg; NO: CTR: County: Erik Lahnstein; NO: CTR: County: Lars Gjemble; NO: CTR: County: Eli Hovd Vicarage; NO: CTR: County: Stein Ulf; NO: CTR: County: Gunn Stokke; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Prestbakmo; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Odnes; NO: CTR: County: Morten Vollset; NO: CTR: County: Kare Floystad; NO: CTR: County: Fred Johnson; NO: CTR: County: Dag-Henrik Sandbakken; NO: CTR: County: Hegge Solbakken; NO: CTR: County: Lars Peder Brekk; NO: CTR: County: Birgit Friis Olesen; NO: CTR: County: Eli Blakstad; NO: CTR: County: Bjorg Thoresen; NO: CTR: County: Sigrid Handegard; NO: CTR: County: Dagfinn Sundsbo; NO: CTR: County: Inge Bjerknes; NO: CTR: County: Arnfinn Nergard; NO: CTR: County: Hilde Hauge; NO: CTR: County: Sigmund Oksefjell; NO: CTR: County: Karen Mountain; NO: CTR: County: Bjorn Gram; NO: CTR: County: Victoria Nilsen; NO: CTR: County: Arne Braut; NO: CTR: County: Ida Kristine Teien; NO: CTR: County: Oyvind Hunskaar; NO: CTR: County: Sigmund Oksefjell; NO: CTR: County: Guri Storvold; NO: CTR: County: Anja Hjelset; NO: CTR: County: Harald Oskar Buttedahl; NO: CTR: County: Elisabeth Mortensen; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Vigdenes; NO: CTR: County: Magnhild Kleppa; NO: CTR: County: Anne Marie Andersen; NO: CTR: County: Lene Molokken; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Odnes; NO: CTR: County: Jan Thorsen; NO: CTR: County: Arne Bergsvag; NO: CTR: County: Ann-Kristin Sorvik; NO: CTR: County: Ola Smeplass; NO: CTR: County: Gjestvang Asa; NO: CTR: County: Iva Rodne; NO: CTR: County: Tor Baksaas; NO: CTR: County: Ann-Hege Lervag;

NO: CTR: Mayor: Geir Aarbu; NO: CTR: Mayor: Knut Gustav Woie; NO: CTR: Mayor: Lars Erik Hyllvang; NO: CTR: Mayor: Arnfinn Nergard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjarne Eiolf Holo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Erik Odlo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Arild Berg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Kari Kolbraek Ask; NO: CTR: Mayor: Dag Lieslin; NO: CTR: Mayor: Torstein Tveito; NO: CTR: Mayor: Gro Anita Mykjaland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Johnny Greibesland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Torkel Myklebust; NO: CTR: Mayor: Sigve Sorheim; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hans Sverke Vindenes; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hallvard Oppedal; NO: CTR: Mayor: Oddmund Klakegg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anders Ryssdal; NO: CTR: Mayor: Peder Aasprang; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ingunn Golmen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hallgeir Grontvedt; NO: CTR: Mayor: John Husby; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjorn Gram; NO: CTR: Mayor: Steinar Lyngstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hege Viken; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olav Bjorkas; NO: CTR: Mayor: Einar Strom; NO: CTR: Mayor: Monika Sande; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olaf Hoff; NO: CTR: Mayor: Stein Iversen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Erling Bratsberg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Terje Riis-Johansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ole Myhrvold; NO: CTR: Mayor: Orjan Bue; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ragnhild Aashaug; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bengte Fasteraune; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olav Rossum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hans Seierstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olav Skinnes; NO: CTR: Mayor: Thorvald Hillestad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Kjell Trygve Grunnsvoll; NO: CTR: Mayor: Leiv Rygg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Oddmund Ljosland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Dagny Hausken; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jon Larsgard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jon Askeland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Geir Solheim; NO: CTR: Mayor: Karl Forde; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan-Ove Tryggestad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ola Heggem; NO: CTR: Mayor: Geir Lien; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Grydeland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jarle Gundersen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Johan Elverum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ida Stuberg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Per Olav Tyldum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Steinar Aspli; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjorn Skjelstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Asle Schroder; NO: CTR: Mayor: Kjell Traelnes; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ronny Grindstein; NO: CTR: Mayor: Cecilie Hansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Day Ronning; NO: CTR: Mayor: Reidar Kaabbel; NO: CTR: Mayor: Even Moen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Egil Eide; NO: CTR: Mayor: Rolv Kristen Oygard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ole Tvete Muriteigen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Oddvar Grothe; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ivar Brevik; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjarne Sommerstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Sigmund Pedersen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Tarald Myrum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Tonnes Seland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ole Vierdal; NO: CTR: Mayor: Solfrid Borge; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anved Tveit; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ivar Kvalen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anne Nygard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ann-Kristin Sorvik; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ola Rognskog; NO: CTR: Mayor: John Stolan; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jorid Jagtoyen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Havard Refsethas; NO: CTR: Mayor: Johan Skogseth; NO: CTR: Mayor: Vigdus Belbo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjorg Tingstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Per Johansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Keith Richard Hansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Edmund Dahle; NO: CTR: Mayor: Magnar Johnsen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ivar Prestbakmo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anne Toril Balto; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jenny Foaling;

NO: CTR: Storting: Irene Lange Nordahl; NO: CTR: Storting: Heidi Greni; NO: CTR: Storting: Geir Pollestad; NO: CTR: Storting: Anne Tingelstad Woien; NO: CTR: Storting: Trigve Vedum; NO: CTR: Storting: Janne Sjelmo Nordas; NO: CTR: Storting: Jenny Klinge; NO: CTR: Storting: Kjersti Toppe; NO: CTR: Storting: Trygve Vedum; NO: CTR: Storting: Christina Nilsson Ramsey; NO: CTR: Storting: Erling Sande; NO: CTR: Storting: Per Olaf Lundteigen

VENSTRE (32): Thu 12/1/2011 11:29 PM [SS], et al

NO: Venstre: Morten Hagen; NO: Venstre: Anja Zabelberg; NO: Venstre: Thomas Hansen; NO: Venstre: Christoffer Biong; NO: Venstre: Gro Gjelsvik; NO: Venstre: Karl M Buchholdt; NO: Venstre: Steinar Haugsvaer; NO: Venstre: Thori Sundashagen; NO: Venstre: Eivind Nikolaysen; NO: Venstre: Sogn Fjordane Venstre; NO: Venstre: Venstres Hus AS; NO: Venstre: Jan Christian Kolsto; NO: Venstre: Kjartan Almenning; NO: Venstre: Oslo Venstre; NO: Venstre: Akershus Venstre; NO: Venstre: HOrdaland Venstre; NO: Venstre: Linda Ness Rotihaug; NO: Venstre: Nils Gunnar Dietz;

NO: Venstre: Storting; NO: Venstre: Storting: Trine Skey Grande; NO: Venstre: Storting: Ola Elvestuen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Ingvild Hornburg; NO: Venstre: Storting: Audun Rodningsby; NO: Venstre: Storting: Steinar Haugsvaer; NO: Venstre: Storting: Storting Gruppen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Terje Breivik; NO: Venstre: Storting: Geir Olsen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Anne Solsvik; NO: Venstre: Storting: Guri Kinneberg; NO: Venstre: Storting: Pal Pettersen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Jan Kolsto; NO: Venstre: Storting: Camilla Hille

RAUDT: Rød Valgallianse (06): Fri 12/2/2011 12:02 AM [SS]

NO: Rodt Sentralt; NO: Rodt: Oslo; NO: Rodt: Bergen; NO: Rodt: Leder: Turid Thomassen; NO: Rodt: Leder: Bjornar Moxnes; NO: Rodt: Leder: Ana Taylor

KYSTPARTIET (01): Fri 12/2/2011 2:29 AM [SS]

NO: KYST: Kontor

SV: Sosialistisk Venstreparti (06): Fri 12/2/2011 2:31 AM [SS]

NO: Soc. Left: Post; NO: Soc. Left: Storting: Katrina Gramnaes; Kristin Halvorsen; Bard Sojhell; Tone Vos Aspevoll

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