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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1,278 Norwegian Editors & Journalists Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

1,278 Norwegian Editors & Journalists Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 14 May 2012

From: Habeus Mentem
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 12:01 AM
To: Nowegian Political Parties, National, Regional and Local Politicians, Editors and Journalists, NGO's etc.
Subject: Breivik Acquittal Justified by Media's Massive Censorship of Oslo Crt Proceedings?

Dear Norwegian Editor/Journalist,

1. Do the Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism?

2. If Breivik proves his Political Necessity arguments -- i.e. 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored from public discourse by media' -- should he be acquitted?

3. In the absence of a media censorship campaign, Breivik would have raised his complaints non-violently. What has been the media and Oslo Court's response to non-violent applications on behalf of Breivik receiving a free and fair trial?

4. Is there a massive media censorship campaign to censor the information that there are liberals, environmentalists, feminists, who care about whether Breivik receives a free and fair trial?


Breivik's primary final motivation for Oslo/Utoya Terror Attacks was the Norwegian Media's Censorship:

Oslo Organized Crime Police Investigation Report "Explanation of 22 July 2011": "[Breivik] has been censored for years. He mentions Dagbladet and Aftenposten as those who among other things have censored him..... He says that he also wrote “essays” that he tried to publish via the usual channels, but that they were all censored..... As long as more than twelve were executed, the operation will still be a success. The experts ask how the number twelve comes into consideration. Twelve dead are needed to penetrate the censorship wall, he explains..... The goal was to execute as many as possible. At least 30. It was horrible, but the number had to be assessed based on the global censorship limit...... He believes he had to kill at least twelve, because there is a censorship-wall preventing an open debate about what is happening in the country..... So I knew I had to cross a certain threshold to exceed the censorship-wall of the international media."


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Habeus Mentem Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

Over 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Amicus Curiae Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY OVER 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


EcoFeminists Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights Application Filed in Norway v. Breivik Supreme Court


On 10 May 2012 the Application was finalized for the Norway Supreme Court.

On 11 May 2012 a 'test media censorship firewall' News Release was published to all International Wire Services, which includes: Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Press (AFP), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice of America.

Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture (04:19)
GEORGE ZA / TRONDHEIM NO: On 10 May an EcoFeminist member of Radical Honesty SA culture, filed a Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights application in the Norway Supreme Court, which includes UN Special Rapporter on Indigenous Rights, James Anyana as one of the respondents.

The Norway Supreme Court are asked to issue two declaratory orders and review two applications submitted to the Oslo District Court in the Breivik matter. The initial Declaratory Order asks that the African EcoFeminist Applicant be admitted to the Norway v. Breivik matter as a Jus Sanguinis Radical Honoursty African EcoFeminist White Refugee Applicant.

The EcoFeminist applicant states that she is a Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) descendant of Norwegian artillery officer and citizen: Johan Pieter FÜRSTENBERG, who was born about 1760 in Bergen, Norway and then emigrated to South Africa.

Johnstone states she is an Indigenous European, because she is Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) directly descended from Norwegian, French, Dutch, British and German Settler Progenitor/s who traveled to South Africa as ‘settler' farmers, soldiers, medical personnel, religious and political administrators, in response to, and as a result of, their Nations Geopolitical ‘Colonial Empire' Lebensraum Decision-making policies, to find only the Bushman, as indigenous natives.

Her Jus Sanguinis predecessors ‘Colonial Empire' actions were motivated by their decision thousands of years ago to give up their sustainable Law of Limited Competition hunter gatherer / agrarian policies, to adopt unsustainable Totalitarian Agriculture policies, which results in surplus food production / population, creating population Lebensraum pressures culminating in resource, culling and conquering wars for new territory.

If approved, the EcoFeminist Amicus would address alternative legal arguments from a Problem Solving Radical Transparency EcoFeminists perspective as opposed to the Prosecution & Defense's Parasite Leeching Masculine (Reason and Logic) Insecurity Patriarchal perspectives to allow the court to base its decision on a more comprehensive, natural law deep green ecology legal framework.

Radical Honoursty Sustainability argues that a healthy ecological environment based on carrying capacity laws of sustainability is a sine qua non for all other constitutional rights. Legally this means that an individual whose lifestyle is sustainable, in terms of procreation (2 children or less per family) and consumption (ecological footprint) should be entitled to other civil and human ‘rights', whereas individuals whose lifestyle are not sustainable should be denied other rights until they amend their lifestyle to being sustainable.

Johnstone is 45 years old, has never been on welfare, has used contraception since the age of 19 to avoid pregnancy. She has lived an ecological small footprint life; to avoid aggravating overpopulation, resource wars; materialist consumerism and resource depletion. Her Ecological Footprint, excluding ‘Child-Free' factor is 13.16 gha.

The second Declaratory Order requests the Norwegian Minister of Culture to clarify whether Norway is legally a ‘Children of the Rainbow' Multicultural State, granting the Applicant her rights to invoke Radical Honoursty cultural law.

The court has acknowledged receipt but not yet issued a case number.

[SEE News Release PDF]


Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism.

If the RULE OF LAW, not the left wing notion of RULE OF EMOTION or the right wing notion of RULE OF MEN is applied in this case; then according to the Necessity Defence, if Breivik proves his arguments; one of them being massive Media Censorship, then he should be acquitted.

Now if the media -- as part of his trial -- are involved in deliberately obstructing justice by means of censorship; that adds significant weight to Breivik's argument of Media Censorship of the issues he considers important to be raised in public discourse.

If Breivik proves his Necessity arguments -- which can be summarized as 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored by media' -- he should be acquitted.


Lara Johnstone
Habeus Mentem: Right 2 Legal Sanity
Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored


SENT TO: 1,278 Norwegian Editors / Journalists:

Adresseavisen (04) [SS]:

NO: Adresseavisen: Arne Blix; NO: Adresseavisen: Tips; NO: Adresseavisen: Kirsti Husby; NO: Adresseavisen: Atle Bersvendsen

Aftenbladet (06) [SS]:

NO: Aftenbladet: Tips; NO: Aftenbladet: Ed: Tom Hetland; NO: Aftenbladet: Folk; NO: Aftenbladet: Ed: Janne Hagen; NO: Aftenbladet: Ed: Stein Jupskas; NO: Aftenbladet: Sven Egil Omdal

Aftenposten (02) [SS]:

NO: Aftenposten: Thomas Spence; NO: Aftenposten: Helle Skjervold

Agderposten (06) [SS]:

NO: Agderposten: Leserinnlegg; NO: Agderposten: Annonser; NO: Agderposten: Nettutgaven; NO: Agderposten: Redaktor: Morten Rod; NO: Agderposten: Adm Director: Nuls Kr. Gauslaa; NO: Agderposten: Redaksjonen:

AMTA (03) [SS]:

NO: AMTA: Nettredaksjonen: Online; NO: AMTA: Editor: Morten Oby; NO: AMTA: Mail


NO: Avisa Nordland: Ed: Borje Klaeboe Eidissen; NO: Avisa Nordland: Tips; NO: Avisa Nordland: Ed: Reidun Kjelling Nybo; NO: Avisa Nordland: Annonser; NO: Avisa Nordland: Ed: Vibeke Madsen; NO: Avisa Nordland: Ed: Bjarne Holgersen; NO: Avisa Nordland: Chief Ed: Jan-Eirik Hanssen


NO: Bergensavisen: Office; NO: BA: Ed: Anders Nyland; NO: BA: Ed: Eva Johansen


NO: Bergens Tidende; NO: Bergens Tidende: Marianne Nilsen; NO: Bergens Tidende: Ronald Hole; NO: Bergens Tidende: Christian Nicolaisen; NO: Bergens Tidende: Rune Christophersen; NO: Bergens Tidende: Ed: Gard Steiro; NO: Bergens Tidende: Lasse Lambrechts; NO: Bergens Tidende: Jo Hjelle; NO: Bergens Tidende: Eirik Brekke; NO: Bergens Tidende: Oyvind Lefdal Eidsvik; NO: Bergens Tidende: Chief Journo: Jan Stian Vold; NO: Bergens Tidende: Alice Bratshaug; NO: Bergens Tidende: Liv Skotheim; NO: Bergens Tidende: Odd Mehus; NO: Bergens Tidende: Tron Strand


NO: Buddstikka: Ed: Online; NO: Buddstikka: Ed: Dagotter Johansen; NO: Buddstikka: Ed: Andreas Gjolme


NO: Dagbladet: Office; NO: Dagbladet: Espen Sandli; NO: Dagbladet: Marius Huseby; NO: Dagbladet: Sindre Granly Meldalen; NO: Dagbladet: Editor: Kristofer Egeberg; NO: Dagbladet: Hans-Martin Thomt

DAGEN (06) [SS]:

NO: Dagen: Ed; NO: Dagen: Ove Eikje; NO: Dagen: Hanne Kristine Pedersen; NO: Dagen: Tor Weibye; NO: Dagen: Bjorn Olav Hammerstad; NO: Dagen: Inger Anna Drangsholt


NO: Dagogtid: Ed: Svein Gjerdaker; NO: Dagogtid: Journo: Johan Brox; NO: Dagogtid: Journo: Agnes Ravatn; NO: Dagogtid: Ed: Svein Gjerdaker; NO: Dagogtid: Journo: Roald Helgheim; NO: Dagogtid: Journo: Per Anders Todal; NO: Dagogtid: Ed: Ottar Fyllingsnes; NO: Dagogtid: Journo: Jon Hustad; NO: Dagogtid: Journo: Klaus Myrvoll


NO: Dagsavisen: Tips; NO: Dagsavisen: Ed; NO: Dagsavisen: Debate; NO: Dagsavisen: Editor: Arne Strand; NO: Dagsavisen: Ivar Iversen; NO: Dagsavisen: Kaia Storvik; NO: Dagsavisen: Mode Steinkjer


NO: Demokraten: Office; NO: Demokraten: Journ: Arne Borresen; NO: Demokraten: Ed: Tom Raae; NO: Demokraten: Ed: Helge Solheim; NO: Demokraten: Ed: Tomm Pedersen


NO: Document. no: Office; NO: Document. no: Ed: Hans Rustad; NO: Document. no: Nina Hjerpset-Østlie


NO: DrammensTidende: Editor; NO: DrammensTidende: Ragnhild Connell; NO: DrammensTidende: Anne Dirdal; NO: DrammensTidende: Gro Ellingsgard; NO: DrammensTidende: Marianne Heimdal; NO: DrammensTidende: Tore Shetelig; NO: DrammensTidende: Henning Aarset; NO: DrammensTidende: Hege Bakken; NO: DrammensTidende: Ingvill Draegni; NO: DrammensTidende: Arild Hansen; NO: DrammensTidende: Lars Johnsen; NO: DrammensTidende: Alf Petter Overli; NO: DT: Lars Arntzen; NO: DrammensTidende: Inger Boldvik; NO: DrammensTidende: Hege Ekholdt; NO: DrammensTidende: Marita Haugo; NO: DrammensTidende: Olav Lindteigen; NO: DrammensTidende: Tips; NO: DrammensTidende: Ed: Geir Bore; NO: DrammensTidende: Ed: Monica Lid


NO: Finnmarken: Desk; NO: Finnmarken: Ed: Ola Finseth; NO: Finnmarken: Henriette Baumann; NO: Finnmarken: Stian Hansen; NO: Finnmarken: Kjetil Sorenes; NO: Finnmarken: Ed; NO: Finnmarken: Ed: Alf Jensen; NO: Finnmarken: Kine Sandness; NO: Finnmarken: Anniken Sandvik; NO: Finnmarken: Tonje Solem; NO: Finnmarken: Ed: Kari Karstensen; NO: Finnmarken: Ed: Torbjorn Ittelin; NO: Finnmarken: Ed: Rita Hagala


NO: Fjordablet: Ed: Tormod Flatebo; NO: Fjordablet: Anna Wuttudal; NO: Fjordablet: Maria Hjelle; NO: Fjordablet: Yngve Tolaas


NO: FjordenesTidende: Ed: Erling Wage; NO: FjordenesTidende: Kari Rasberg; NO: FjordenesTidende: Ed: Erling Waage; NO: FjordenesTidende: Jo Carlson; NO: FjordenesTidende: Odd Drablos; NO: FjordenesTidende: Svanhild Breidalen


NO: Fjordingen: Ed; NO: Fjordingen: Inge Faenn; NO: Fjordingen: Sigrid Heggestad; NO: Fjordingen: Ed: Bengt Flaten; NO: Fjordingen: Harald Vartdal; NO: Fjordingen: Ed: HansHolmoyvik; NO: Fjordingen: Ove Sveen

FJUKEN (08) [SS]:

NO: Fjuken: Asta Brimi; NO: Fjuken: Arve Danielsen; NO: Fjuken: Terje Randen; NO: Fjuken: Hans Kjosbakken; NO: Fjuken: Tom Solstad; NO: Fjuken: Ragnhild Brimi; NO: Fjuken: Vigdis Kroken; NO: Fjuken: Helene Skjakodegard


NO: Forsiden; NO: Forsiden: Ed: Vidar Udjus; NO: Forsiden: Ed: Eivind Ljostad


NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Tips; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Espen Normann; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Heidi Jonassen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Kristine Cheer; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Geir Eggen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Kristine Andreassen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Svein Kristiansen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Anne-Lene Froland; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Erlin Omvik; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Marianne Holoien; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Svein Jonassen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Frank Torkildsen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Erling Rewinding; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Thomas Arntsen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ole-Morten Vestby; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Marie Jacobsen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Roy Andersen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Thor Johannessen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Duty Off: Lill Mostad; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Ed: Jan Willadsen; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: MD: Peter Saugstad; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: Anne-Lise Johnson; NO: FrederiksstadBlad: JDir: Lars Weberg


NO: Fremover: Ed; NO: Fremover: Ed: Line Holand; NO: Fremover: Per-Helge Berg; NO: Fremover: Espen Eidum; NO: Fremover: Anders Horne; NO: Fremover: Terje Naesje; NO: Fremover: Ed; NO: Fremover: Ed: Terje Naesje; NO: Fremover: Frode Danielsen; NO: Fremover: Frits Hansen; NO: Fremover: Else Marie Nordman; NO: Fremover: Jan Teigen; NO: Fremover: Ed; NO: Fremover: Ed: Ann-Kristin Hanssen; NO: Fremover: Roger Danielsen; NO: Fremover: Ann-Kristin Hanssen; NO: Fremover: Carl Naesje; NO: Fremover: Ragnar Boifot


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NO: NewsEnglish: Nina Burgland

NORDLYS (31) [SS]:

NO: Nordlys: Tips; NO: Nordlys: Danny Pellicer; NO: Nordlys: Are Medby; NO: Nordlys: Vigdis Bendiktsen; NO: Nordlys: Ragnhild Enoksen; NO: Nordlys: Egon HOlstad; NO: Nordlys: Asbjorn Jaklin; NO: Nordlys: Ola Solvang; NO: Nordlys: Sissel Wessel Hansen; NO: Nordlys: Stein Wilhelmsen; NO: Nordlys: Oddvar Nygard; NO: Nordlys: Ed: Anders Opdahl; NO: Nordlys: Helge Nitteberg; NO: Nordlys: Geir Tarnesvik; NO: Nordlys: Torgeir Braathen; NO: Nordlys: Anders Mo Hanssen; NO: Nordlys: Eva Hirsti; NO: Nordlys: Jostein Larsen; NO: Nordlys: Oyvnd Sundheim; NO: Nordlys: Tove Myhre; NO: Nordlys: Susanne Noreng; NO: Nordlys: Bjorn-Harald Larssen; NO: Nordlys: Marit Rein; NO: Nordlys: Guttorm Pedersen; NO: Nordlys: Oystein Barth-Heyerdahl; NO: Nordlys: Torkil Emberland; NO: Nordlys: Ragnhild Gustad; NO: Nordlys: Marte Hotvedt; NO: Nordlys: Tone Jensen; NO: Nordlys: Bengt Nielsen; NO: Nordlys: Lina Livsdatter

NRK (132) [SS]:

NO: NRK: CEO: Hans-Tore Bjerkaas; NO: NRK: Solveig Jolstad; NO: NRK: Grethe Gynnild-Johnsen; NO: NRK: Hege Grova; NO: NRK: Arne Helsingen; NO: NRK: Kristian Tolonen; NO: NRK: Unni Arnoy; NO: NRK: Otto Haug; NO: NRK: Heidi Pleym; NO: NKR: Solveig Jolstad; NO: NRK: Ulf Finsberg; NO: NRK: Kari Sorensen; NO: NRK: Geir Sjotner; NO: NRK: Reid Downie; NO: NRK: Bjorn Stuevold; NO: NRK: Eiliv Flakne; NO: NRK: Unni Arnoy; NO: NRK: Rune Moklebust; NO: NKR: Oddbjorn Rosnes; NO: NRK: Nina Einem; NO: NRK: Oyvind Lund; NO: NRK: Arne Helsingen; NO: NRK: Elisabeth Mjos; NO: NRK: Jon Branaes; NO: NRK: Sindre Ostgard; NO: NRK: Andreas Munkelien; NO: NRK: Christan Sommerfelt; NO: NRK: Reidun Martol; NO: NRK: Espen Graff; NO: NRK: Kristin Jynge; NO: NRK: Solveig Tvedt; NO: NRK: Kristina Thomsen; NO: NRK: Alf Hartgen; NO: NRK: Lars Kristiansen; NO: NRK: Egil Sundvor; NO: NRK: Gisle Knudsen; NO: NRK: Thomas Goodwin; NO: NRK: Siss Kvamme; NO: NRK: Ingrid Hafstad; NO: NRK: Grethe Haaland; NO: NRK: Svein Prestvik; NO: NRK: Ingrid Belt; NO: NRK: Oyvind Bye Separator; NO: NRK: Kjetil Solhoi; NO: NRK: Marit Holm Quist Fenn; NO: NRK: CEO: Hans-Tore Bjerkaas; NO: NRK: Olav Nyhus; NO: NRK: Anne Martha Moland; NO: NRK: Marius Lillelien; NO: NRK: Anne Britt Osland; NO: NRK: Turid Schnell; NO: NRK: Bjorn Stuevold; NO: NRK: Ulf Morten Davidsen; NO: NRK: Tone Kunst; NO: NRK: Lars Alstadsaeter; NO: NRK: Gro Stenvik; NO: NRK: Oyvind Vasaasen; NO: NRK: Sissel Bjornstad; NO: NRK: Anne Oye; NO: NRK: Henning Olstad; NO: NRK: Merete Verstad; NO: NRK: Vigdis Holmaas; NO: NRK: Svein Haaland; NO: NKR: Odd Fosse; NO: NRK: Torill Olsen; NO: NRK: Runar Ostmo; NO: NRK: Siv Sandvik; NO: NRK: Turid Schnell; NO: NRK: Nicolai Flesjo; NO: NRK: Frank Gander; NO: NRK: Rolf Brandrud; NO: NRK: Siri Antonsen; NO: NRK: Gro Skjensvold; NO: NRK: Chris Carlsen; NO: NRK: Ingebjorg Berdal; NO: NRK: Marit Moi; NO: NRK: Hanna Thorsen; NO: NRK: Bente Hakerud; NO: NRK: Turid Gronlund; NO: NRK: Line Ostby; NO: NRK: Bente Bjurholt; NO: NRK: Charlo Halvorsen; NO: NRK: Frank Hanssen; NO: NRK: Hans Rossine; NO: NRK: Kristin Johannessen; NO: NRK: Kari Jacobsen; NO: NRK: Sun Iren Bjornas; NO: NRK: Erik Berg Hansen; NO: NRK: Jonas Saetre; NO: NRK: Annika Biornstad; NO: NRK: Geir Hauge; NO: NRK: Sindre Ostgard; NO: NRK: Kent Eriksen Amara; NO: NRK: Anders Sarheim; NO: NRK: Pal Hansen; NO: NRK: Rolf Sanne-Gundersen; NO: NRK: Ragnar Christensen; NO: NKR: Inger Djupskas; NO: NRK: Kirsti Lium; NO: NRK: Pal Snoen; NO: NRK: Elin Mo; NO: NRK: Sigrid Gjellan; NO: NRK: Ida Kvissel; NO: NRK: Vegard Woll; NO: NRK: Christel Higraff; NO: NRK: Terje Dale; NO: NKR: Pal Hansen; NO: NRK: Reuben Sletten; NO: NRK: Cecilie Lyng; NO: NRK: Oivind Lahnstein; NO: NRK: Peter Wallace; NO: NRK: Mona Kvam; NO: NRK: Erik Bolstad; NO: NRK: Geir Bordalen; NO: NRK: Kristian Tolonen; NO: NRK: Ellen Rian; NO: NRK: Mette Bay; NO: NRK: Aslaug Undheim; NO: NRK: Rune Alstadsaeter; NO: NRK: Morten Stensland; NO: NRK: Mette Goplen; NO: NRK: Vibeke Haug; NO: NRK: Are Andreassen; NO: NRK: Grethe Higraff; NO: NRK: Hildri Gulliksen; NO: NRK: Hege Duckert; NO: NRK: Kristin Huseby; NO: NRK: Katrine Raade; NO: NRK: Tormod Kjensjord; NO: NRK: Runa Henriksen Jorstad; NO: NRK: Eva Stabell; NO: NRK: Frode Nielsen

NYE TROMS (04) [SS]:

NO: Nye Troms: Ed; NO: Nye Troms: Bardu; NO: Nye Troms: Admin; NO: Nye Troms: Balsfjord

NYTID (09) [SS]:

NO: Ny Tid: Tips; NO: Ny Tid: Post; NO: Ny Tid: Torbjorn Nilsen; NO: Ny Tid: Ed; NO: Ny Tid: Kim Bredesen; NO: Ny Tid: Rafia Zaheer; NO: Ny Tid: Ed: Ingunn Kacar; NO: Ny Tid: Ed: Dag Herbjornsrud; NO: Ny Tid: Camilla Heinesen

OA (08) [SS]:

NO: OA: Tips; NO: OA: Ed: Oivind Ludvigsen; NO: OA: Frode Klevrud; NO: OA: Ed; NO: OA: Anne Sletten; NO: OA: Ed: Jens Jenssen; NO: OA: Arne Ness; NO: OA: Ed


NO: OstlandestBlad: Ed: Siri Zachariassen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Ed: Bengt Rosth; NO: OstlandestBlad: Jorgen Aas; NO: OstlandestBlad: Torbjorn Endal; NO: OstlandestBlad: Helge Gjessing; NO: OstlandestBlad: Tor Idland; NO: OstlandestBlad: Tore Kubberod; NO: OstlandestBlad: Una Oltedal; NO: OstlandestBlad: Odd Inge Rand; NO: OstlandestBlad: Lisa Rypeng; NO: OstlandestBlad: Knut Stenseth; NO: OstlandestBlad: Ole Kristian Trana; NO: OstlandestBlad: Ed: Tom Ullsgard; NO: OstlandestBlad: Ed: Kay Pettersen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Christian Clausen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Ole Endresen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Anita Gjos; NO: OstlandestBlad: Carine Johansen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Mette Kvitle; NO: OstlandestBlad: Bernt Olsen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Vivi Rian; NO: OstlandestBlad: Gro Birgitte Roiland; NO: OstlandestBlad: Silje Stromland; NO: OstlandestBlad: Solveig Wessel; NO: OstlandestBlad: General; NO: OstlandestBlad: Inger Eidem; NO: OstlandestBlad: Rolf-Otto Eriksen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Karin Hastensen; NO: OstlandestBlad: Kari Klovstad; NO: OstlandestBlad: Lars Norsted; NO: OstlandestBlad: Stigg Persson; NO: OstlandestBlad: Terje Ruud; NO: OstlandestBlad: Bjorn Sandness; NO: OstlandestBlad: Vidar Svinndal; NO: OstlandestBlad: Cathrine Wilhelmsen


NO: OstlandsPosten: AdmDir: Havard Heimdal; NO: OstlandsPosten: Ed: Per Marvin Tennum; NO: OstlandsPosten: Rune Ostby; NO: OstlandsPosten: Bjorn Jakobsen; NO: OstlandsPosten: Erik Werner Andersen; NO: OstlandsPosten: Sigfrid Kvasjord; NO: OstlandsPosten: Lasse Nordheim; NO: OstlandsPosten: Nils-Erik Kvamme; NO: OstlandsPosten: Terje Svendsen; NO: OstlandsPosten: Gry Nordvik; NO: OstlandsPosten: Readers; NO: OstlandsPosten: Bjorn-Tore Sandbrekkene; NO: OstlandsPosten: Kjersti Bache; NO: OstlandsPosten: Elisabeth Losnaes; NO: OstlandsPosten: Sigrid Ringnes; NO: OstlandsPosten: Roger Sordahl; NO: OstlandsPosten: Ed; NO: OstlandsPosten: Erik Berge; NO: OstlandsPosten: Tips; NO: OstlandsPosten: Per Albrigtsen; NO: OstlandsPosten: Svend Einar Hansen; NO: OstlandsPosten: Siw Normandbo; NO: OstlandsPosten: Inger Lene Steen


NO: Ostlendingen: Ed: Nils Kristian Myhre; NO: Ostlendingen: Ingeborg Roste; NO: Ostlendingen: Kjetil B Dahl; NO: Ostlendingen: Randi Helen Nodeland; NO: Ostlendingen: Jan Harald Salberg; NO: Ostlendingen: Marianne Ostmoen; NO: Ostlendingen: Torgrim Bakke; NO: Ostlendingen: Knut Fjeld; NO: Ostlendingen: Anita Gotehus; NO: Ostlendingen: Trine Loken; NO: Ostlendingen: Cathrine Moystad; NO: Ostlendingen: Christoph Schmitz; NO: Ostlendingen: Nils Henning Vespestad; NO: Ostlendingen: Freddie Overgaard; NO: Ostlendingen: Ingrid Nylund; NO: Ostlendingen: Marit Arnesen; NO: Ostlendingen: Karin Sletten; NO: Ostlendingen: Ed: Christoph Schmitz; NO: Ostlendingen: Knut Vigdal-Olsen; NO: Ostlendingen: Marte Dalsegg; NO: Ostlendingen: Christoph Schmitz; NO: Ostlendingen: Bjorn Vidar Tasigtil; NO: Ostlendingen: Sigbjorn Kristiansen; NO: Ostlendingen: Guro Breck; NO: Ostlendingen: Jan Morten Frengstad; NO: Ostlendingen: Rune Hagen; NO: Ostlendingen: Erik Moe; NO: Ostlendingen: Merette Netteland; NO: Ostlendingen: Kristin Sogard; NO: Ostlendingen: Wivi Westgard; NO: Ostlendingen: Gry Dornberg Olsen; NO: Ostlendingen: Liv Simensen; NO: Ostlendingen: Tore Rasmussen; NO: Ostlendingen: Erland Vingelsgard; NO: Ostlendingen: Ed; NO: Ostlendingen: Sol Osthagen; NO: Ostlendingen: Jan Morten Frengstad; NO: Ostlendingen: Arnstein Moen; NO: Ostlendingen: Sverre Viggen; NO: Ostlendingen: Tore Sandberg; NO: Ostlendingen: Anders Bronken; NO: Ostlendingen: Kjell Arne Fridtun; NO: Ostlendingen: Havard Lillebo; NO: Ostlendingen: Brynhild Mollersen; NO: Ostlendingen: Wenche Norberg-Schulz; NO: Ostlendingen: Ola Thorset; NO: Ostlendingen: Gard Oien; NO: Ostlendingen: Torill Kolbu; NO: Ostlendingen: Tunset; NO: Ostlendingen: Mali Hagen Roe

RADIO 102 (05) [SS]:

NO: Radio 102: Direkte; NO: Radio 102: Asbjorn Kallevik; NO: Radio 102: Terje Gronnigen; NO: Radio 102: Per Ivar Reine; NO: Radio 102: Egil Houeland


NO: RadioDager: Morten Scott Janssen; NO: RadioDager: Anne Nordheim; NO: RadioDager: Rolf Brandrud; NO: RadioDager: Ellen Rake Bergseng; NO: RadioDager: Wilhelm Haagensli


NO: Radio Nyhetene: Post

RANA BLAD (17) [SS]:

NO: Rana Blad: Ed; NO: Rana Blad: Ed: Kirsti Nielsen; NO: Rana Blad: Toril Alfsvag; NO: Rana Blad: Harald Mathiassen; NO: Rana Blad: Klaus Solbakken; NO: Rana Blad: Beate Nygard; NO: Rana Blad: Culture; NO: Rana Blad: Roger Marthinsen; NO: Rana Blad: Marit Ulriksen; NO: Rana Blad: Arne Forbord; NO: Rana Blad: Ingeborg Andreassen; NO: Rana Blad: Hedda Elvestad; NO: Rana Blad: Religion; NO: Rana Blad: Viktor Hogseth; NO: Rana Blad: Hugo Charles Hansen; NO: Rana Blad: Geir Vea; NO: Rana Blad: Anita Ravn; NO: Rana Blad: Siri Nybakk


NO: Redaktorforening: Nordland: Jan-Eirik Hanssen; NO: Redaktorforening: Oslo: Kjersti Løken Stavrum; NO: Redaktorforening: Vestafjelske: Jan Inge Fardal; NO: Redaktorforening: Nils Oy: General Secretary; NO: Redaktorforening: Romsdal: Hallstein Vemøy; NO: Redaktorforening: Rogaland: Tom Hetland; NO: Redaktorforening: VeTeBu: Jan Roaldset; NO: Redaktorforening: Arne Jensen: Ass. Gen. Sec; NO: Redaktorforening: Oplandenes: Torbjørn Moen; NO: Redaktorforening: Trondelag: Tor Røed; NO: Redaktorforening: Ostfold: Øivind Lågbu


NO:Ringblad: Tips; NO: Ringblad: Net: Audun Jahren; NO:Ringblad: Ed: Oyvind Lien; NO:Ringblad: Dir: Bjorn Blaker


NO: RingsakerBlad: Ed; NO: RingsakerBlad: Kari Finsrud; NO: RingsakerBlad: Birgit Herud; NO: RingsakerBlad: Erik Lauretsen; NO: RingsakerBlad: Ole Johan Storsve; NO: RingsakerBlad: Ed: Ivar Bae; NO: RingsakerBlad: Gaute Freng; NO: RingsakerBlad: Jeanne Haland; NO: RingsakerBlad: Ole Rosenborg; NO: RingsakerBlad: Jan Rune Bakkeland; NO: RingsakerBlad: Torunn Henriksen; NO: RingsakerBlad: Eli Korsveien; NO: RingsakerBlad: Svein Sjolie


NO: RogalandAvis: Anne-Marie Nygaard; NO: RogalandAvis: Erik Holsvik; NO: RogalandAvis: Henriette Gill; NO: RogalandAvis: Lars Einarsson; NO: RogalandAvis: Marius Vervik; NO: RogalandAvis: Ragnhild Naess; NO: RogalandAvis: Torborn Svendsen; NO: RogalandAvis: Bengt Enersgard; NO: RogalandAvis: Frode Gjerald; NO: RogalandAvis: Hilde Urdall; NO: RogalandAvis: Karoline Reilstad; NO: RogalandAvis: Mona Byrkjedal; NO: RogalandAvis: Ole Nerheim; NO: RogalandAvis: Stein Roger Fossmo; NO: RogalandAvis: Tore Bruland; NO: RogalandAvis: Ed: Bjorn Saebo; NO: RogalandAvis: Bjorn Saebo; NO: RogalandAvis: Geir Sondeland; NO: RogalandAvis: Ina Steen Andersen; NO: RogalandAvis: Kjersti Riiber; NO: RogalandAvis: Pa Traden; NO: RogalandAvis: Rasmus Sommerseth; NO: RogalandAvis: Thor Erik Waage; NO: RogalandAvis: Oyvind Ellingsen


NO: RomerikesBlad: Ed; NO: RomerikesBlad: Lars Hansen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Rune Bernhus; NO: RomerikesBlad: Torstein Davidsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Alexander Gjermundshaug; NO: RomerikesBlad: Trond Henriksen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Roar Lokken; NO: RomerikesBlad: Jan Schei; NO: RomerikesBlad: Brede Wardrum; NO: RomerikesBlad: Marit Anderssen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Hege Paulsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Caroline Bjerkland; NO: RomerikesBlad: Nina Skyrud; NO: RomerikesBlad: Pal Eskas; NO: RomerikesBlad: Thor Woje; NO: RomerikesBlad: Arne Kongsnes; NO: RomerikesBlad: Espen Bolstad; NO: RomerikesBlad: Rune Fjellvang; NO: RomerikesBlad: Arnfinn Hanssen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Bjorn Johnsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Knut Nadheim; NO: RomerikesBlad: Hallgeir Skjelstad; NO: RomerikesBlad: Rune Westengen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Ola Einbu; NO: RomerikesBlad: Marianne Tonsberg; NO: RomerikesBlad: Oyvind Larsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Per Stokkebrun; NO: RomerikesBlad: Lesers; NO: RomerikesBlad: Lars Lier; NO: RomerikesBlad: Stig Bakke; NO: RomerikesBlad: Karoline Carlsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Thor Fremmerlid; NO: RomerikesBlad: Helle Karterud; NO: RomerikesBlad: Hans Nyborg; NO: RomerikesBlad: Elin Svendsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Tom Gustavsen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Tina Oppen; NO: RomerikesBlad: Jessheim; NO: RomerikesBlad: Elisabeth Lunder; NO: RomerikesBlad: Kjell Aasum


NO: RomsdalsB: Renate Gilde; NO: RomsdalsB: Therese Rostberg; NO: RomsdalsB: Oddbjorn Harnes; NO: RomsdalsB: Olav Skjegstad; NO: RomsdalsB: Torill Skuseth; NO: RomsdalsB: Egil Torvik; NO: RomsdalsB: Per Kristian Bratteng; NO: RomsdalsB: Agnar Gendem; NO: RomsdalsB: Carl Indbjor; NO: RomsdalsB: Oyvind Brunvoll; NO: RomsdalsB: Bjorg Hovde; NO: RomsdalsB: Bente Tovan; NO: RomsdalsB: Eirik Heen; NO: RomsdalsB: Svein Bjornerem; NO: RomsdalsB: Vera Saether; NO: RomsdalsB: Richard Nergaard; NO: RomsdalsB: Bjorn Brunvoll; NO: RomsdalsB: Heine Marit; NO: RomsdalsB: Stian Viken; NO: RomsdalsB: Jan Inge Tomren; NO: RomsdalsB: Gjermund Kjopstad; NO: RomsdalsB: Kjell Langmyren; NO: RomsdalsB: Anita Vingen; NO: RomsdalsB: Jan Roe; NO: RomsdalsB: Per Tveeikrem; NO: RomsdalsB: Iver Gjelstenli; NO: RomsdalsB: Alf Vidar Ebbestad; NO: RomsdalsB: Ole Welde; NO: RomsdalsB: Marianne Hjelset


NO: SandefjordsBlad: Ed: Jan Roaldset; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Olaf Akselsen; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Kristin Bjorntvedt; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Bjorn Ivar Erlandsen; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Kurt Hoyessen; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Atle Moller; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Jan Roaldset; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Laars Schei; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Eli Torud; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Ole Sigurd; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Ed: Vibeke Bjerkaas; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Geir Baarnes; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Oddvar Borve; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Kare Gasholt; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Flemming Hofmann Tveitan; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Vibeke Jorgensen; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Jan Eric Moller; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Asle Rowe; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Jarle Sor-Reime; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Tone Ude; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Jan Abrahamsen; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Vibeke Bjerkaas; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Maja Christense; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Anders Hasle; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Merete Holtan; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Per Langevei; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Paal Nygaard; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Ann Saastad; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Dag Sorensen; NO: SandefjordsBlad: Steinar Ulrichsen


NO: SarpsborgA: Eirik Moe; NO: SarpsborgA: Bernt Lyngstad; NO: SarpsborgA: Editor


NO: SognAvis: Rec; NO: SognAvis: Ed: Eli Grotle; NO: SognAvis: Sigrid Svartefoss; NO: SognAvis: Jan Fimreite; NO: SognAvis: Renate Sael; NO: SognAvis: Hanne Stedje; NO: SognAvis: Ed; NO: SognAvis: Eirik Thue; NO: SognAvis: Kai Brekke; NO: SognAvis: Marian Skau; NO: SognAvis: Kjell Eldegard; NO: SognAvis: Ed: Jan Fardal; NO: SognAvis: Terje Eggum; NO: SognAvis: Morten Sortland; NO: SognAvis: Gunnar Kleven; NO: SognAvis: Keth Oren


NO: Strandbuen: Ed; NO: Strandbuen: Gaute Henriksen


NO: Sunnmorsposten: Ed; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Leser; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Sindre Halkjelsvik; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Sissel Bigset; NO: Sunnmorsposten: HIlde Hovik; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Johan Behrentz; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Inger Otterlei; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Mona Skjong; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Svein Aam; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Culture; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Ed: Hanna Berg; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Jan Erik Rosvik; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Olav Rise; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Jan Albertsen; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Helge Gloppen; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Olav Sindre Rise; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Lars Skrede; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Stig Vagnes; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Reporting; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Ed: Tormod Utne; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Kristin Knudsen; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Jorn Egset; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Arne Andersen; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Frode Kleiveland; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Peter Sandvik; NO: Sunnmorsposten: Karl Vatne

THE LOCAL (03) [SS]:

NO: TheLocal: Ed: Paul O'Mahony; NO: TheLocal: William Koichevski; NO: TheLocal: Ed: James Savage


NO: TidensKrav: Ed; NO: TidensKrav: Ed: Bent Botten; NO: TidensKrav: Dir: Per Brochmann; NO: TidensKrav: Ed: Ole Alnaes; NO: TidensKrav: Ed: Tore Dyrnes


NO: TonsbergBlad: Dir: Oystein Hjornevik; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ed: Kristin Monstad Lund; NO: TonsbergBlad: Lena Malnes; NO: TonsbergBlad: Arnt-Einar Revetal; NO: TonsbergBlad: Harald Stromnaes; NO: TonsbergBlad: Anne Torressen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Sidsel Winding-Stavseth; NO: TonsbergBlad: Terje Baro; NO: TonsbergBlad: Hakon Borud; NO: TonsbergBlad: Per Gilding; NO: TonsbergBlad: Anette Haldorsen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Kirvil Haberg Allum; NO: TonsbergBlad: Paul Jensen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Lars Doyle Larssen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Editor; NO: TonsbergBlad: Suzanne Kristoffersen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Solfrid Bjerkeskaug; NO: TonsbergBlad: Kirsten Sand; NO: TonsbergBlad: Hans Christian Moen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ed: Marie Olaussen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ed: Morten Wang; NO: TonsbergBlad: Linn Mathisen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Anne Charlotte Schjoll; NO: TonsbergBlad: Harald Syvertsen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Vegar Vatn; NO: TonsbergBlad: Oyvind Winding-Stavseth; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ellen Bering; NO: TonsbergBlad: Caissa Gjolberg; NO: TonsbergBlad: Thor Johan Hallin; NO: TonsbergBlad: Gunnar Iversen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Jon Cato Landsverk; NO: TonsbergBlad: Aleksander Lee Olsen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Kristin Svensen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Janne Bjergli; NO: TonsbergBlad: Knut-Erik Lahn; NO: TonsbergBlad: Tom Gjermundsen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Debate; NO: TonsbergBlad: Erik Munsterhjelm; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ed: Erik Wold Aunemo; NO: TonsbergBlad: Arne Lysne; NO: TonsbergBlad: Oivind Munkas; NO: TonsbergBlad: Oyvind Skavhellen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Oyvind Saetre; NO: TonsbergBlad: Terje Wilhelmsen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Anja Jasinski Wright; NO: TonsbergBlad: Marit Borgen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Morten Borsum; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ralf Haga; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ove Hustadbraten; NO: TonsbergBlad: Robert Jamieson; NO: TonsbergBlad: An-Magritt Larsen; NO: TonsbergBlad: Asbjorn Olav Lien; NO: TonsbergBlad: Sven-Erik Syrstad; NO: TonsbergBlad: Emira Holmoy; NO: TonsbergBlad: Ann Iren Ljone; NO: TonsbergBlad: Trond Lunde; NO: TonsbergBlad: Tone Finsrud


NO: TromsFolkeblad: Steinulf Henriksen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Raymond Larsen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Ronny Traelvik; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Morten Dokka; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Eirik Dahl; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Stian Andre Lund; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Stine Jacobsen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Silje Haugen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Kjell Sorlie; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Rune Rene Kristiansen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Reidar Ingebrigtsen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Jan-Erik Bergstad; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Trond Sondnes; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Stian Blindheim; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Heidi Moen Jacobsen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Vidar Bjorkli; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Maria Simonsen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Stian Jakobsen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Joran Kristensen; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Knut Aune; NO: TromsFolkeblad: May-Britt Kjosnes; NO: TromsFolkeblad: Trude Morkved

TROMSO (22) [SS]:

NO: Tromso: Tips; NO: Tromso: Editor: Mortenr Albertsen; NO: Tromso: Ed: Jorn Skoglund; NO: Tromso: Carina Hansen; NO: Tromso: Torbjorn Karlsen; NO: Tromso: Jorn Pedersen; NO: Tromso: John Strandmo; NO: Tromso: Kjetil Vik; NO: Tromso: Debatt; NO: Tromso: Ed: Jonny Hansen; NO: Tromso: Journ: Thor Angelsen; NO: Tromso: Kine Hanssen; NO: Tromso: Helge Matland; NO: Tromso: Bente Simonsen; NO: Tromso: Petter Strom; NO: Tromso: Byline; NO: Tromso: Ed: Trond Haaksensen; NO: Tromso: Journ: Gurdun Gulldahl; NO: Tromso: Asgeir Johansen; NO: Tromso: Christer Pedersen; NO: Tromso: Camilla Solheim; NO: Tromso: Inger Thuen


NO: TronderAvisa: Dir: Arve Loberg; NO: TronderAvisa: Ed: Heidi Stiklestad; NO: TronderAvisa: Harald Hustad; NO: TronderAvisa: Sigrun Bakken; NO: TronderAvisa: Trond Bliko; NO: TronderAvisa: Vigdis Devik; NO: TronderAvisa: Jon Age Fiskum; NO: TronderAvisa: Gunn Magni Galaaen; NO: TronderAvisa: Guri Hjulstad; NO: TronderAvisa: Nina Kjeoy; NO: TronderAvisa: Steinar Kvarme; NO: TronderAvisa: Tormod Lingeberg; NO: TronderAvisa: Stian Manka; NO: TronderAvisa: Anders Nordmeland; NO: TronderAvisa: Johan Prestvik; NO: TronderAvisa: Anders Setten; NO: TronderAvisa: Ellen Marie Stollen; NO: TronderAvisa: Ed: Arnulf Gotvasli; NO: TronderAvisa: Ed: John Arne Moen; NO: TronderAvisa: Ed; NO: TronderAvisa: Havard Bartnes; NO: TronderAvisa: Maj-Britt Bruheim; NO: TronderAvisa: Goril Engesvik; NO: TronderAvisa: Lene-Mari Flaamo; NO: TronderAvisa: Gaute Ulvik Haugan; NO: TronderAvisa: Geir Jenshus; NO: TronderAvisa: Erling Koldaas; NO: TronderAvisa: Bjorn Sigurd Larsen; NO: TronderAvisa: Olav Lorentsen; NO: TronderAvisa: Per-Magne Midjo; NO: TronderAvisa: Hakon Okkenhaug; NO: TronderAvisa: Ingvild Radwan; NO: TronderAvisa: Kjetil Skaufel; NO: TronderAvisa: Harald Saeteroy; NO: TronderAvisa: Ed: Bjornar Tromsdal; NO: TronderAvisa: Ed: Arnulf Gotvasli; NO: TronderAvisa: Hakon Arntsen; NO: TronderAvisa: Tone Berg; NO: TronderAvisa: Joar Borstad; NO: TronderAvisa: Svein Falstad; NO: TronderAvisa: Roar A Fordal; NO: TronderAvisa: Hanne Heggdal; NO: TronderAvisa: Paul Ola Kjerkreit; NO: TronderAvisa: Stig A Kristiansen; NO: TronderAvisa: Espen Leirset; NO: TronderAvisa: Arve Loberg; NO: TronderAvisa: John Arnt Nesgard; NO: TronderAvisa: Stein Aa Olsen; NO: TronderAvisa: Normann Ryan; NO: TronderAvisa: Terje Solberg; NO: TronderAvisa: Tore Vikan

TV2 (32) [SS]:

NO: TV2: Kristian Ervik; NO: TV2: Espen Eide; NO: TV2: Kjell Persen; NO: TV2: Elin Sorsdahl; NO: TV2: Lars Barth Heyerdahl; NO: TV2: Kjersti Johannessen; NO: TV2: Kjell Persen; NO: TV2: Svein Lian; NO: TV2: Bjorn Carlsen; NO: TV2: Birger Henriksen; NO: TV2: Eivind Funds; NO: TV2: Birthe Hansen Steen; NO: TV2: Yngve Garen Svardal; NO: TV2: Asbjorn Oyhovden; NO: TV2: Jens Christian Norve; NO: TV2: Robin Krüger; NO: TV2: Anne Huso; NO: TV2: Anja Nygren Lohne; NO: TV2: Find Erik Robstad; NO: TV2: Margaret Stakkestad; NO: TV2: Trond Solvang; NO: TV2: Asbjørn Olsen; NO: TV2: Anja Tho Gunnersen; NO: TV2: Kadafi Zaman; NO: TV2: Geir Hakonsund; NO: TV2: Bjørn Carlsen; NO: TV2: Day Stamnes; NO: TV2: Bent Skjaerstad; NO: TV2: Birthe Hansen Steen; NO: TV2: Jonas F. Christoffersen; NO: TV2: Simen Olafsen; NO: TV2: Linn Marie Wiik

VARDEN (55) [SS]:

NO: Varden: Editorial; NO: Varden: EdDir: Lasse Johannessen; NO: Varden: Public Ed: Geir Roang; NO: Varden: Birte Ulveseth; NO: Varden: Jan Taranrod; NO: Varden: Morten Skifjeld; NO: Varden: Arve Moen; NO: Varden: Nils-Tore Olsen; NO: Varden: Gary Payton; NO: Varden: Jan Tangvald; NO: Varden: Gagnhild Johansen; NO: Varden: Andreas Soltvedt; NO: Varden: Halvor Wolves; NO: Varden: Bjorn Borge; NO: Varden: Olav Boe; NO: Varden: Tor Arvid Gundersen; NO: Varden: Jon-Inge Hansen; NO: Varden: Gro Hogli; NO: Varden: Rolf Jensen; NO: Varden: MD: Jan Arild Tveten; NO: Varden: Ed: Lars Kise; NO: Varden: Ed: Culture: Anne Spanem; NO: Varden: Tom Weber; NO: Varden: Tore Svarverud; NO: Varden: Arnt Lundholt; NO: Varden: Frederik Nordahl; NO: Varden: Helge Ottesen; NO: Varden: Andre Stromodden; NO: Varden: Kjell Aulie; NO: Varden: Morten Small-Hagen; NO: Varden: Aslak Thorsen; NO: Varden: Jane Berge; NO: Varden: Tom Arne; NO: Varden: Silvie Rui Fedog; NO: Varden: Karina Hagen; NO: Varden: Aashiled Hvidsten Langaas; NO: Varden: Jeanette Tall; NO: Varden: FinMng: Petter Grotnes; NO: Varden: Ed: Bjornar Larsen; NO: Varden: Ed: News: Tom Erik Thorsen; NO: Varden: Martin Oyvang; NO: Varden: Marit Schulstok; NO: Varden: Paul Lundholt; NO: Varden: Magne Olsen; NO: Varden: Silje Paulsen; NO: Varden: Anita Bjorbekk; NO: Varden: Knut Heggenes; NO: Varden: Bjorn Harry Schonhaug; NO: Varden: Pal Egil Tornholm; NO: Varden: Kristin Berge; NO: Varden: Lars Martin Borlaug; NO: Varden: Kari Gisholt; NO: Varden: Marianne Halling Forest; NO: Varden: Elisabeth Hvitsten; NO: Varden: Lena Beathe Jakobsen


NO: Varingen: Ed; NO: Varingen: Ann Berntzen; NO: Varingen: Tor Hjelset; NO: Varingen: Kari Tveoy; NO: Varingen: Ed: Jan Fossen; NO: Varingen: Sigbjorn Hoidalen; NO: Varingen: Liv Seiff; NO: Varingen: Kristin Haagensen; NO: Varingen: Liv Stubberud; NO: Varingen: Truls Jarle Hansen; NO: Varingen: Knut Hjertaas; NO: Varingen: Marit Grumstad


NO: Vartland: HQ; NO: Vartland: Debate; NO: Vartland: Ed: Reidar Kristiansen; NO: Vartland: Geir Bjartvik; NO: Vartland: Sverre Egner Bruun; NO: Vartland: Geir Ove Fonn; NO: Vartland: Signe Fæø; NO: Vartland: Arne Guttormsen; NO: Vartland: Per Anders Hoel; NO: Vartland: Trygve WJordheim; NO: Vartland: Brita Kraglund; NO: Vartland: Heidi Marie Lindekleiv; NO: Vartland: Johannes Morken; NO: Vartland: Liv Riiser; NO: Vartland: Jarle Sanden; NO: Vartland: Halvor Stensrud; NO: Vartland: Mads Vegstein; NO: Vartland: Anne Lise Økland; NO: Vartland: Tips; NO: Vartland: AdmDir: Helge Simonnes; NO: Vartland: Anders Brisa; NO: Vartland: Christian Nicolai Bjorke; NO: Vartland: Martin Eikeland; NO: Vartland: Øystein Franck-Nielsen; NO: Vartland: Lars Gilberg; NO: Vartland: Eiring Hegdal; NO: Vartland: Jan Arild Holbek; NO: Vartland: Rebekka Joswig; NO: Vartland: Reidar Kristiansen; NO: Vartland: Jon MLund; NO: Vartland: Astrid Norheim; NO: Vartland: Erling Rimehaug; NO: Vartland: Helge Simonnes; NO: Vartland: Marianne Tønnessen; NO: Vartland: Alf Kjetil Walgermo; NO: Vartland: Bjarte Botnen; NO: Vartland: PR; NO: Vartland: AdmDir: Ole-Jacob Mosvold; NO: Vartland: Ed: Olav Egil Aune; NO: Vartland: Bjørgulv K. Bjåen; NO: Vartland: Lars OFlydal; NO: Vartland: Erlend Friestad; NO: Vartland: Randi Hegle; NO: Vartland: Kristin Rosnes Holte; NO: Vartland: Jarle Kallestad; NO: Vartland: Kjell Kvamme; NO: Vartland: Marianne Lystrup; NO: Vartland: Vibeke Normann; NO: Vartland: Britt Rogstad; NO: Vartland: Olav Solvang; NO: Vartland: Espen Utaker; NO: Vartland: Øyvind Woie; NO: Vartland: Une Bratberg

VG (24) [SS]:

VG: Office; NO: VG: Ed: Espen Hansen; NO: VG: Jo Christian Oterhals; NO: VG: Sissel Kruse Larsen; NO: VG: Sigrid Svensen; NO: VG: Jarle Brenna; NO: VG: Torry Pedersen; NO: VG: Charle Brenna; NO: VG: Jarle Brenna; NO: VG: Helje Solberg; NO: VG: PR; NO: VG: Ole Olsen; NO: VG: Dennis Ravndal; NO: VG: Geir Arne Kippernes; NO: VG: Bjornar Tommelstad; NO: VG: Morten Hopper; NO: VG: Geir Arne Kippernes; NO: VG: Hanne Skartveit; NO: VG: Marianne Vikas; NO: VG: Vidar Enerstvedtog; NO: VG: Morten Hopperstad; NO: VG: Lucas Weldeghebriel; NO: VG: Eva-Therese Grottum; NO: VG: Marianne Vikas

» » » » [PDF: EcoFeminist Indig Rights Applic :: PDF: Media's Population-Terrorism Connection]
» » [Michael Maher, PhD: How & Why Journalists Avoid Population-Environment Connection]

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Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
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