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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012-05-14 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 18: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

2012-05-14 (TV2): Breivik Trial Transcript: Day 18: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

Survivors: Silja Kristianne Uteng (21) | Lars Grønnestad (20) | Frida Holm Skoglund (20) | Marius Hoft | Ane Kollen Evenmo (17) | Aftenposten: Harald Stranghelle: Publication of Expert Witness Testimony

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 14 May 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

Silja Kristianne Uteng (21): was sleeping in her tent when she heard loud bangs and noticed allot of messages on her cellphone.

Lars Grønnestad (20): was in his tent, and was shot in the back and right shoulder while fleeing.

Frida Holm Skoglund (20): was near at the tents near the outdoor stage; she was shot in the leg while escaping.

Marius Hoft: was on his way to the front desk to arrange for a boat to return to the mainland, due to bad weather, with his friend Andrew Dalby Grønnesby. Heard bangs, thought it was fireworks.

Ane Kollen Evenmo (17): attended an informal meeting on the bomb in Oslo at the Cafe Building, then went to Troms Tent camp to charge her phone. She was hit by several projectile fragments in her left leg while fleeing.

Aftenposten: Harald Stranghelle: Publication of Expert Witness Testimony

8:45 Good morning from Oslo District Court

8:46 The trial of Behring Anders Breivik goes into its fifth week.

8:48 Monday, five victims from Utøya statement.

8:54 One of them is Marius Hoft.

8:56 Breivik has arrived in the courtroom and speaks with his defense Vibeke Hein berries.

9:00 Court participants are waiting for the judges.

9:01 The court is set.

9:01 Judge Arntzen: We continue with the presentation of evidence about the victims from Utøya.

9:02 Svein Holden: Witnesses ask about the timing of when they are in court.
9:03 Silja Kristianne Uteng (21) take the witness stand.

9:04 21-year-old was on the tent 22 July.

9:05 Uteng: Lay and slept in the tent when she heard several bangs.

9:06 - I checked the phone and saw that I had lots of missed calls.

9:06 Uteng: - Some said we had to be quiet. Then someone shouted run run. She did not know what she ran from.

9:07 Uteng shows on a map where the tent stood.

9:08 Uteng: - It was complete chaos. The jab in my arm.

9:08 I thought she had run in a tent cord, but did not to vote.

9:08 She saw several who fell and lost sight of her friend.

9:08 Uteng describes the escape of the perpetrator.

9:09 By the water, someone shouted that they had a swim. She did not intend to swim, she thought it seemed too far.

9:09 Uteng called his partner. He said that there had been a bomb attack in Oslo.

9:10 Uteng said that any extension. She realized that she had an all white jacket that was easy to spot.

9:11 While she hid, she saw something black coming down the forest. Then she turned and remember no more.

9:11 She remembers that she was undressed, and was in the water. It was so cold that it was difficult to breathe.

9:12 Prosecutors Holden asks what happened after she went into the water.

9:13 Uteng: - When we swam for their lives. People cried out for help.

9:13 - I felt pretty strong, and said that if someone needed help, they had to say so.

9:14 She was swimming with a friend.

9:14 At one point she turned around. She saw a person on land. It glistened on his shoulder. She heard yelling and bang, yelling and bang.

9:15 Uteng estimates that she was between 100 and 200 meters from shore when she saw this.

9:16 A boy asked if he could swim with them. Another boy came and asked to swim with them.

9:17 Uteng perceived that a boy behind her had been taken. She heard a groan from the boy.

9:18 Only one boat was on the water. It was Reiulf.

9:18 - I saw a black figure and thought that now I will die.

9:18 Several boats arrived.

9:19 Uteng - I had made me ready to drown, for I would rather drown than be shot.

9:19 Then someone shouted that they would continue to swim, and she managed to get to land.

9:20 Prosecutors Holden asks if the times.

9:20 Uteng was one of the first who came swimming to shore.

9:21 Uteng describes a lot of cars on landsida. The water was so cold that she had no feeling in the arms and legs.

9:21 She was taken care of by paramedics.

9:21 Uteng: - Suddenly, someone jumped into the ambulance and said go.

9:22 They drove to an Esso station where they borrowed phone. They were also given clothes and food.

9:23 She did not realize that she had been shot before she took off her jacket and saw the bullet hole.

9:23 Uteng says it was hard mentally for the event.

9:24 She has recently been in rehab.

9:24 Uteng was hit in the right arm. The arm has since been fine.

9:25 She could not remember that she was shot. She believed the wound was a graze. Utengen said she was not hurt.

9:25 First day after the projectile was discovered when it was taken X-ray of the arm.

9:26 Aid lawyer asks Utengen is at work.

9:26 Uteng says that she is sick.

9:26 The witness has finished his explanation.
9:26 Next witness is Lars Grønnestad (20).

9:27 20-year-old was on the tent and was shot in the back and right shoulder during the flight.

9:29 Breivik sitting with his defenders on the second row during their testimony.

9:29 Prosecutors Engh management questioning of Grønnestad.

9:30 Grønnestad: - I stood in the camp and tried to call my parents to say that I was on Utøya and had a good time.

9:30 While he talked with his father, he heard a bang and a yell.

9:31 Grønnestad thought at first that it was China putter.

9:31 A gang of youths came running towards him. When he realized that something was wrong.

9:32 - I have never seen such sincere horror in my life.

9:32 Grønnestad ran toward the woods. He saw a man with a weapon that came up the hill toward the cafeteria building.

9:33 Grønnestad: - A stop crying, it is the police here. I stopped and then the policeman. I wondered what happens.

9:33 - I remember it was kind of weird. I thought a policeman was to be a bit more authoritarian. He did not speak with anyone, he just stood and watched.

9:34 Grønnestad: - Suddenly he raised his gun and started shooting. People started to run.

9:34 He describes the weapon as much. It looked like a hunting weapon.

9:35 Grønnestad: - Famous pressure on the back. After 10-20 meters I collapsed without warning. I did not understand what happened.

9:35 - I found it difficult to breathe. Shoulder joint strike. I take my left hand back and look at my hand. Then I realized that I was shot.

9:36 Grønnestad: - I thought that I can not lie here, but it is open.

9:36 Grønnestad: - I called 113 I came in contact with a woman who asked where I was and what happened.

9:37 - I said I thought I was shot. They said they were aware of the situation and asked him to put pressure on the wound.

9:38 Grønnestad: - I spoke with the police who wondered where I was. I was skeptical because I thought it was a policeman who had shot. But I had no choice, I had to be found.

9:38 Grønnestad on the map shows where he thinks he was.

9:39 He sought shelter under a tree in the forest.

9:39 Grønnestad: - I spoke with the police. I said I saw a policeman who shot me.

9:40 - This was the police who were on the way. It seemed as if they were sitting in a car, I heard sirens and they said they were on their way.

9:41 Grønnestad: - I went to bed as hidden as possible, and smeared me with soil to attract me as little attention as possible.

9:41 - I could not get up. His breath was heavy, and it was as if someone had placed a boulder on my chest.

9:42 Grønnestad: - I do not remember pain, but a very very uncomfortable that the body was not functioning as it should.

9:42 Prosecutors Engh: - Were you aware?

9:42 Grønnestad: - I fell a little in and out, I think.

9:43 He does not remember that he saw some before police found him.

9:43 Grønnestad: - Those who came, had a completely different attitude. I shouted hello, and they came over and asked if I was injured.

9:44 - They said I had a punctured lung. They put a drain directly into the ribs.

9:44 Grønnestad was brought into the so-called Rock Tent.

9:45 Engh: - Do you know how long you were before the police arrived?

9:45 Grønnestad: - Do not know, but suppose I was there about two hours.

9:46 - Helped drain is very good. It relieved the pressure and I could breathe deeper.

9:46 Grønnestad says that he was in the tent with other injuries.

9:47 He ran down to the pier. He had to be helped on board.

9:47 On land, he was running against Utvika camping.

9:48 There were no ambulances to developers, but at 20 o'clock he came in an ambulance that carried him to Ringerike hospital.

9:48 Grønnestad were sent by air ambulance.

9:48 A bullet shattered the shoulder blade and punctured lung.

9:49 Two ribs were broken.

9:49 Grønnestad currently has slightly reduced lung function.

9:50 Engh asks what impression Grønnestad was the perpetrator.

9:50 Grønnestad describes him as quiet before he raised the weapon.

9:51 Engh: - Did you hear the sounds while you hid yourself?

9:51 Grønnestad: - There were screams and bangs.

9:52 He lay on the ground and it rained and he listened well.

9:52 Engh: - How serious was the damage?

9:53 Grønnestad: - A medical helicopter has said that if I had been fifteen minutes longer, I would not be sitting here today.

9:53 He began studying at NTNU ten days after he was discharged from Ullevål.

9:53 - It was good and bad at once.

9:55 Grønnestad: - The academic year has been special. I am sensitive to loud noises. Have followed the normal progression. Next week is the exam.

9:55 - I appreciate perhaps more appreciative of things than I have in the past. Have a good time.

9:56 Defender Lippestad asks if he remembers who shouted "Stop, police."

9:56 In the police statement, he explained that it was the perpetrator who cried.

9:57 Lippestad: - How do you interpret the situation when you saw the perpetrator?

9:57 Grønnestad: - He stood and watched as he tried to get an overview.

9:58 Grønnestad is finished with his testimony.

9:59 It is to break at 10:20 am.

10:08 The court will take off 17 and 18 of May.

10:18 Breivik enters the courtroom 250

10:20 The judges arrive in the courtroom.

10:21 The negotiations continue.

10:22 Breivik must leave the courtroom during the next testimony.

10:23 The accused is again wearing handcuffs and led out of the courtroom.
10:24 Next witness who will testify, is Frida Holm Skoglund (20).

10:24 Skoglund was shot in the leg during the escape.

10:25 Prosecutors Holden chairman questioning of 20-year-old Skoglund.

10:26 Skoglund - I sat on the outdoor stage at the tent.

10:26 - I sat in the phone with Dad. So began shooting. I thought it was gunpowder.

10:27 Skoglund: - People said it was a man who shot and that he came up the hill.

10:27 Holden: - Did you see the man?

10:27 Skoglund - I remember very good reflexes and saw that it was a police uniform.

10:28 The witness shows the map where she saw the defendant did.

10:28 Outside the cafe building he stopped a little. Some went against him. Then he lifted up his gun and fired.

10:28 - Then we turned and ran all together into the woods.

10:29 Skoglund - I saw one or two this.

10:30 She said she gathered in a cluster of between 30 and 50. They divided themselves into groups and ran into the woods.

10:30 Skoglund ran towards the southern tip.

10:30 - I do not remember when I was shot, but I noticed it when I came into the forest. There was a friend of mine and said: - You have been shot in the thigh.

10:31 - I thought it was nonsense. I felt something sharp and pulled it out. I felt the ball before I threw it from me.

10:31 - It did not hurt.

10:31 Holden: - It did not hurt?

10:31 Skoglund: - No, not really.

10:32 Skoglund: - It was attached by a thread in your pants or something, so I pulled it out. I did not know there was a bullet.

10:32 - It was only later that it began to hurt, to scorch and burn.

10:33 Skoglund explained that she went into the water along the island.

10:33 She talked to the parents. She said she was sick and it hurt, and she would swim.

10:34 Prosecutors Holden asks who she saw during the escape.

10:35 Holden: - What happens on the southern tip?

10:35 Skoglund: - We are trying to get everyone to swim. Many undressing. I emptied the boots for water. So I put the phone in his inside pocket and put it in a tree.

10:35 Skoglund - I was wearing jeans and sweater when I slid into the water.

10:36 - I had no plans to swim because it was so cold. But it was just to swim.

10:36 Skoglund said she knew several of those she was with.

10:38 Skoglund: - Some of us swam together. One said she was also shot.

10:38 Skoglund: - When I had swum a little, I turned around. When I see a person standing on the southern tip.

10:38 Holden: - What is this person?

10:39 Skoglund: - He lifts his gun and shoots. I remember that he shot a lot. He shot long and the bullets grazed our heads.

10:39 - I remember that there were people on the southern tip and that they fell.

10:40 Skoglund estimates that she was between 50 and 100 meters from shore when she turned round.

10:40 Skoglund - I remember a figure running across the island and over to the pier.

10:41 Holden: - Did he say anything while he shot at the south?

10:41 Skoglund: - He said, "Stop, come back."

10:41 Holden: - Are you planning to go back?

10:41 Skoglund: - No.

10:42 Skoglund said that a figure running across the island to the dock.

10:42 - I and many in the water thought a boat would come and take us. We panicked. We did not know whether there were multiple perpetrators.

10:43 Skoglund: - We thought they would come and shoot at us in the water. But then we see that the person shooting at the boat.

10:43 - It was very much power.

10:43 Skoglund said that the current drove her against the pier. She swam against the current.

10:44 Skoglund - I remember very well the smoke from the island.

10:44 Skoglund - I remember a helicopter over us when I was on the southern tip. At least the sound of a helicopter.

10:45 - I swam very close to someone who had a phone in hand. We called the police and said we swam across Tyrifjord.

10:45 Skoglund: - We did not think they took us very seriously.

10:46 - She swam the second lot faster than me, so I swam alone.

10:46 Skoglund: - We were afraid, for it was the cables there. We had been told not to swim around the island.

10:47 - It really hurt in the thigh after a while. I have a broken knee that would not cooperate. I had to swim with one leg. So I got asthma attack in the water and went under several times.

10:48 Holden: - Do you know how long you found yourself in the water?

10:48 Skoglund: - Over an hour.

10:49 - About 100 meters from shore, I see someone carrying a dinghy to the water. First, a girl picked up, and I pulled into the boat.

10:49 Skoglund: - It was a rowboat, and we had to help scoop. We picked up two girls before we turned around and rowed ashore.

10:50 Skoglund: - All I knew was gone.

10:50 The man who rowed the boat, took them to the hut.

10:51 Skoglund: - We took off our clothes. I was afraid to take off my pants, because I did not know how the wound was.

10:51 Skoglund: - We put the TV on and watched the news. Then they said that it was shooting at Utøya.

10:52 Skoglund heard shooting from the island when she stood on the terrace of the lodge.

10:53 Holden: - What happened later that night?

10:53 Skoglund: - We should put ourselves in a minibus that would take us away. We did not know where we were. There were several who did not dare to sit in the bus.

10:54 - I sat in and was driven away from Utøya and to some of the Red Cross. We were on the second floor. It was very crowded there. It was the doctors who examined us.

10:55 Skoglund: - The wound was good. It was burned again, and the water was so cold, so there was no blood.

10:55 Holden: - How did it go after this?

10:56 Skoglund: - It has been difficult. It has gone up and down.

10:56 Skoglund had inflammation of the hip and the knee after a swim. She could hardly walk and had to use crutches for a month.

10:57 She is still struggling with pain in the legs.

10:57 Skoglund: - Mentally, it has been very varied. Struggling with guilt.

10:58 Holden: - Have you been able to work?

10:58 Skoglund - I have not been able to work so much.

10:59 Skoglund says that it has been difficult to prepare to testify.

10:59 Defender Bæra have any questions for the witness.

11:00 Bæra ask about the observations of Breivik.

11:00 Skoglund: - He seemed very calm. People went to him, for they saw that it was he who fired when he came up the hill.

11:01 Bæra: - Did he trustworthy?

11:01 Skoglund: - In a way, for he had the police uniform. But people responded to the weapon.

11:01 Skoglund: - On the southern tip he shouted "Stop, come back!"

11:02 - There he shouted very loudly.

11:03 Bæra ask the defenders sitting in the back room with the defendant if they have any questions.

11:04 Aid lawyer asks if the incident has had consequences for the study plans.

11:04 Skoglund: - studies have been postponed. I had planned to work one year and then begin to study this fall, but there are no studies in the fall.

11:06 Aid lawyer asks if she wants to say something to Breivik.

11:06 Skoglund: - We won and he lost, and Norwegian young people can swim.

11:08 Lawyer asks how Breivik Larsen appeared. Skoglund describes the defendant as calm at Utøya. No sudden movements.

11:08 Prosecutors Holden have any further questions.

11:09 Several witnesses have difficulty reproducing the details of the statements they gave police shortly after the incident.

11:10 Skoglund is finished with his testimony.

11:11 Court takes break to 12.30.

12:27 Court actors return to the courtroom after the lunch break.

12:30 Breivik arrive in courtroom 250

12:31 The court is set, the negotiations continue.

12:32 Marius Hoft is the next witness.

12:34 Prosecutors Holden chairman of questioning Marius Hoft.

12:34 Hoft said that they wanted to go home because the weather was bad and the atmosphere was bad.

12:35 They did not take the boat over.

12:35 He was with his best friend Andrew Dalby Grønnesby.

12:36 The thought of going to the front desk and see if they can take the boat over. Two friends will not want them to go.

12:37 The others went, and Marius and Andrew heard a bang.

12:37 They thought it was fireworks.

12:37 They heard several bangs and looks older flee by. They still do not seriousness.

12:37 Marcus and Andrew were left while the other races. They stood at the tent.

12:38 Hoft would see what happened. He sees the perpetrator to come down to the tent.

12:38 A girl comes towards the perpetrator, and the man shot her twice.

12:39 Hoft: - She fell to the ground after two shots, and when she got a shot in the head.

12:40 Hoft: - Andrew and I were very shocked. I went maybe two steps back and got ready to run.

12:40 - I mean, he turned to me. I turned and ran. Then I heard shots.

12:41 Hoft said he had been at the main house when Breivik was if he had not been stopped.

12:41 Hoft said he threw himself behind a tent.

12:41 He took off and ran into the woods.

12:41 The friend had run before him, so he ran alone through the forest.

12:41 Hoft shows the map where he ran.

12:42 Around ten people gathered.

12:42 They tried to call. They did not understand what happened.

12:43 Marcus and Andrew jumped over a fence because they thought that it was not safe on the trail.

12:43 Hoft: - A woman fell and knocked himself unconscious. We could not climb from where we were. We sat behind a rock and holding hands.

12:43 - I said to Andrew: "This will go well. We're going back to my room."

12:44 Hoft explains that he sees the perpetrator with a rifle.

12:44 - I said: If he sees us, we shot.

12:44 Hoft: - I was sure he would see us, but he went on.

12:45 They came up the trail again and run across.

12:45 They had to skip the three bodies as they ran over.

12:46 Holden: - Police found ten dead people there. Was it ten there when you run?

12:46 Hoft: - It may well be. I did not see me so much about. I just saw on the left side.

12:46 Marcus and Andrew runs in the opposite direction of where Breivik went.

12:47 Hoft: - We could not asked.

12:47 They met a friend who asked me what happens.

12:47 Marcus and Andrew decided to climb down.

12:48 Hoft: - We knew it was very steep, but we had to take a chance.

12:48 - We came down a little.

12:48 The prosecutor presents a view of the steep wall where Marius and Andrew wanted to climb down.

12:50 Hoft: - When we were gone a few yards down, I climbed to the right. Andreas slipping and falling.

12:50 - I cried halfway through before I strangled cry as not to reveal where I am.

12:50 Hoft said he realized that Andrew was dead.

12:51 - I remember that he moved. The arms moved, as if he would swim away.

12:52 Holden: - How long did you notice that he was moving?

12:52 Hoft: - It did not take long. It may be that it was cramp.

12:52 Hoft: - He made no sounds.

12:53 Hoft: - I cried maybe half a minute, so I kept inside. I thought I hold it inside until I survive or be shot.

12:54 Hoft: - I thought of my mother. She did not have the internet and did not so much on TV. I'd wish I was there.

12:54 Hoft: - He came over me and shot over me, to boats and other youths who had been hiding.

12:55 Hoft: - I saw him hit one, but he managed to keep quiet.

12:56 Hoft: - I saw another boy who was hiding. There was firing sounds came nearer and nearer. His body reacted very in one shot, so it was quiet. I only saw his legs.

12:56 Hoft did not hear the perpetrator to say anything. He acted very calm when he saw the perpetrator.

12:56 - He never moved fast. He went very quiet.

12:57 Holden asks how it was to cling to the rock wall.

12:57 Hoft: - There was shooting and quiet periods. I had really lost all hope. I thought he would be taken soon, for it had been so long.

12:58 Hoft: - Some were rescued by boat. I still do not know anything. A girl waved to me that I should come down, but I shook my head because I could not climb down.

12:58 - Finally I dared to speak. I asked if he was taken.

12:59 Hoft: - I did not know. Finally there came a man who said that the police were on the island and that they had been informed where I was.

13:00 - Finally the police came. I had to show off the sweater. They found the rope.

13:00 Hoft: - The rope was not sure. I was not sure if I should do it.

13:00 He believes that when the clock was perhaps a little before 21

13:00 Hoft said he was with the last boat over.

13:01 Hoft said he clung to a very small area. He had to kick away soil and rock.

13:02 - I was very insecure and afraid of being discovered. Finally I got the mount for both legs, and then I thought that I might be able to hold on until I was rescued. And I did.

13:02 After being rescued, he said that he was indifferent.

13:02 - I did not know if my friends were alive.

13:03 Hoft said he saw two friends when he was taken to the main house. Then he became a little happier, but was unable to cry.

13:03 Hoft: - I was shocked that so many of my friends had survived.

13:04 Hoft said he was told that it had gone well with Andreas.

13:04 Now he tries to think ahead. Focus on getting into school next year.

13:05 Defender Lippestad have questions Hoft.

13:05 Lippestad: - You were in the vicinity of the defendant twice. When you stood on the lower side of the fence, did you hear him say something?

13:05 Hoft: - I heard him say anything. Just shoot sounds.

13:06 Hoft said he has struggled in school after the incident.

13:06 - I just had to give me, but I will try again this fall.

13:07 When asked by counsel tells him that he did not fall asleep until 3-4 o'clock at night, but are not nightmares.

13:07 Hoft did not see the faces of some of those he saw on the Love Trail.

13:08 Marius Hoft is finished with his explanation.
13:08 Ane Kollen Evenmo (17) is the next witness.

13:09 Evenmo is 17 years old.

13:09 She was hit by several projectile fragments in the left leg while fleeing from the perpetrator.

13:10 Prosecutors Engh management questioning.

13:10 Evenmo said she sat in an informational meeting after the bomb in Oslo.

13:10 She was worried and called her mother.

13:11 Evenmo: - The phone was charging at the cafe building, so I called with a different phone. We went to the Troms-camp.

13:11 They were about to eat when they heard shooting.

13:12 Evenmo was in a large tent on the Troms-camp in a tent camp.

13:12 Evenmo thought it was a joke, and that it was not funny. People were already afraid.

13:12 Several said they had to stay in the tent.

13:13 Evenmo: - People started screaming and ran down the hill. They shouted that someone shoots and that people have been killed.

13:14 Evenmo - I thought that this is not happening. We started to run.

13:15 Evenmo: - All ran. I felt responsible for the youngest and grabbed another. Another said to me: "Just spring".

13:15 - I knew that I had been hit in the leg. I thought that it was the knife balls or something like that, because it was just bad at the time.

13:16 Evenmo: - We were many who ran the team, but I do not remember who it was.

13:16 Evenmo discovers that she's bleeding in her leg. She calls out to two friends and ask if there are holes in the boot or if it's just dirt.

13:17 They ran into the woods. Evenmo shows the map where they ran.

13:17 Evenmo - I thought if I hid me, and they find me, then it's over. So I just wanted to get away.

13:18 At the southern tip, there were some who said that she had to swim.

13:19 Evenmo: - I took off my pants and backpack. It looked like a thick vein of the leg. There was some blood, but I did not bleed.

13:19 Evenmo - I swam out maybe 20 meters, but it was so cold and I could not bend his ankle properly.

13:19 - There were people everywhere.

13:19 Evenmo said she swam to shore.

13:20 She looked maybe 20 pieces in the water and a portion along the edge.

13:20 Evenmo wondered if she could swim or not. The sound of gunfire came closer.

13:21 Evenmo said to another that he had to swim because he was unharmed.

13:21 Another came out of the woods, and they ran together.

13:22 They called a friend. The friend said: "I can not hear what you say, because it is so loud sound of the shots." Then he put on.

13:23 Evenmo - I only remember that I ran, but I was obviously with the other two.

13:23 Evenmo shows the map where they run.

13:23 She says that she saw bullet strike the water and felt the bullets whizzed past her head.

13:24 Evenmo - I had enough to run and do not remember the entire trip.

13:24 At the pier so she someone who tried to start "Reiulf" and jumped on board.

13:24 They did not start, and Evenmo jumped out of the boat again.

13:25 Evenmo turned and saw that they had begun to calm. Then she jumped into the water and was hauled aboard the boat.

13:25 Those who were on board, disagreed about where to rest. Finally they decided to row in the direction of the other swam to pick up them too.

13:26 Evenmo tell of panic in the boat. One would jump out of the boat because it seemed useless to flee.

13:27 Evenmo: - Some began to wave to the defendant, for they thought it was the police.

13:28 Evenmo: - So he dishes weapon against the boat, and we lay completely flat in the boat.

13:28 - The moment seemed very long. It was very loud. Metal against metal sounds.

13:28 Evenmo - I got really hurt in the ear and beeping in your ear.

13:29 - After he had finished shooting on the boat, we hoisted another in the boat.

13:29 Evenmo show on the map about where the boat was when it was fired.

13:30 It was close enough to see the accused and see that he held a weapon.

13:30 Evenmo shows the map where she was perceived by the defendant.

13:31 Evenmo: - It was very quietly done. There was no hurry.

13:31 Engh: - How long he shot the boat?

13:31 Evenmo: - I have no idea. I lay on the floor of the boat. It was not that long.

13:32 Evenmo: - We started to row. Eventually there was a boat that would take us to the land. I thought it was unnecessary and thought they ought to help the others swam.

13:33 When they reached the shore, it was a little panicked because there were police officers there.

13:33 - When it had just been a police officer who had shot at us, explained Evenmo.

13:34 Evenmo - I was really afraid, for he was quite similar. I think I cried, "Do not shoot us!"

13:35 Evenmo did not know how serious her own fire damage was. She met an ambulance man and was told to sit in a car.

13:35 Eventually there came a minibus that was driving them home to one of the Red Cross workers. Evenmo bandaged the wound with a wet shirt.

13:36 Evenmo - I was just trying to sit there.

13:36 Evenmo was taken to Bærum Hospital and was operated there.

13:37 She still has some shrapnel in the foot again, but the damage not bother her much.

13:38 Engh: - When you are in camp and get hit, you see the defendant then?

13:38 Evenmo: - No, I never looked back. I thought it was a joke.

13:39 Engh ask about the other she spoke in a tent camp. Both were shot dead.

13:39 Evenmo can not remember seeing them after they fled the camp.

13:40 Engh: - How has it been with you?

13:41 Evenmo: - Right now it's okay.

13:41 She is in second grade in high school.

13:41 Lawyer Larsen has questions to Evenmo.

13:42 Larsen represents one of them Evenmo met during the flight.

13:42 Evenmo: - He seemed frightened. I was convinced of the way he behaved. He had obviously seen something like tila that it was unsafe here.

13:43 Ane jump Evenmo finish his diploma.

13:44 The court pauses until at 14

13:44 When the court shall consider an application for broadcasting.

14:01 The application applies to witnesses who are enrolled after the previous application for a broadcasting was treated.

14:02 Breivik talks with his defense Geir Lippestad entering the courtroom.

14:03 The judges return to the courtroom.
14:03 Harald Stanghelle from Aftenposten out the word on behalf of the media.

14:04 Stanghelle: - Roughly speaking, we can say that we are talking about the broadcast of three different groups of witnesses.

14:04 One is police officers who have come to the witness list.

14:05 The second group are witnesses who have expertise, such as extremism.

14:05 The third group are witnesses who have come to the question of sanity.

14:06 Stanghelle: - In our opinion the decision of 13 april a good guide for deciding this petition.

14:06 Basically this is an open court. The question is therefore whether some witnesses can be broadcast.

14:06 This does not mean that all information goes straight out. For example, parts of the indictment blacked out during the broadcast.

14:07 Stanghelle: - It is natural to follow up the license to broadcast police witnesses to allow the first group.

14:08 Regarding the second group, this is people who are unrelated to what happened 22 July, but that may explain the defendant's thought.

14:08 - In line with the open bar, the court has assumed, I see little reason why this group should be broadcast.

14:09 Stanghelle: - The experts will give evidence of open court. It is very valuable. In our opinion, it is very important for the understanding of the judgment that everything that goes on this part of the case (sane safety issue) can krinkastes.

14:10 Judge Arntzen speak up.

14:11 Prosecutors Holden goes through the new names.

14:11 Prosecutors want to exclude the witness from the police broadcast.

14:12 Holden points out that police witness working in the department of covert operations, and broadcast may be a problem at work.

14:12 The same goes for the other new police witness.

14:13 Prosecutors have no objections to the expert witnesses shall be kept.

14:14 In the case of witnesses who will speak about accountability, not the prosecution objected to broadcasting.

14:15 The exception is a witness to comment on Breivik's mother. In this case, the mother asked.

14:16 The defenders must account for his views on the broadcast of new witnesses.

14:16 Geir Lippestad said the accused wants the whole thing will be broadcast.

14:16 When it comes to police witnesses, the defense has no comments.

14:17 When it comes to experts, the defenders have received objections to the broadcast from three witnesses.

14:18 The defense believes that when the four medical experts can be broadcast, the other broadcast. The exception is a child psychiatrist who is called up.

14:18 Breivik also want to make a comment, said Lippestad.

14:19 The judge gives the word to Breivik.

14:20 - I find it unacceptable that my ideological explanation was censored in its entirety and that the psychiatric expert testimony is broadcast. This creates an imbalance and to make me morbid to those who follow the case, said Breivik.

14:21 Mette Yvonne Larsen commented the application on behalf of aid lawyers.

14:21 Aid lawyers stay on the prosecuting authority, says Larsen.

14:22 Larsen: - We believe the general considerations on how the victims have suffered, can be broadcast. We think it should be presented in the same manner as the assessment of Breivik be presented.

14:23 Arntzen: The decision will be made available well in advance of the witnesses to give evidence.

14:23 The court is adjourned for today.

14:27 Tuesday, six victims from Utøya talk about their experiences.

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