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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Complaints to Security Police (PST) about EcoFeminists Blog exposing Norways Political Psychiatry Show Trial

4 NO Politicians (1 Hoyre & 3 AP: AUF) & 1 Journalist Complain to NO Security Police about EcoFeminist Blog Exposing Norways Political Psychiatry Show Trial

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 09 June 2012

4 Norwegian Politicians: (1) Hoyre: Terje Bratland, (2) AUF: Kine V.A. Sagård, (3) AUF: Camilla Bjormark, (4) AUF: Marte Fevang Smith and one Norwegian Journalist: Anne Synnøve Leinum Complain to PST: Norwegian Security Intelligence Police about this EcoFeminist blog exposing Norways Political Psychiatry Show Trial.

The first one to get outraged was Ms. Leinum; who basically told me to stop posting information about the Fraud that is Political Psychiatry on Twitter, using the hashtag: #22juli. Heaven forbid Norwegians find out Psychiatry is a massive fraud, founded on a scientific foundation equivalent to horoscope charts. I refused, a twitter conversation ensued; I published the transcript of the twitter conversation. Ms. Leinum doesn't appear to appreciate scientific journalism; perhaps she's spent her life immersed in yellow journalism for so long; she can't imagine some people refuse to do it. Ms. Leinum thinks scientific journalism - verbatim publication of public information - is bullying and stalking! I kid you not. Next thing I was told I'd be sent to prison for simply publishing the verbatim truth. Next thing she contacted the Rose Parade General and he decided scientific journalism criticism of Norway's Political Psychiatry Show Trial is a crime worthy of the Security Police! WTF?

All of them appear to be upset that Norway v. Breivik supports the Rule of Law, that its support for the Rule of Law includes exposure of the Norwegian Elite's failure to implement a Free and Fair Rule of Law Trial, but preferred to stage a StaliNorsk Political Psychiatry Show Trial. These complainants confuse (A) support for the Rule of Law; with (B) support for Breivik. Perhaps, cause they only support the 'rule of law' for those they agree with; they project their mob-justice mentality onto others; and don't understand that there are -- few they may be -- individuals who actually do support the rule of law for everyone; including and particularly for: their enemies.

And Nothing But the Truth: Brad Blanton (07:26)
There is very little Breivik and I agree upon; what I do respect about Breivik is not his ideology; but that he is honest about who he is; and practices what he preaches; as I respect Brad Blanton; a left wing hippy for practicing what he preaches. I don't judge another person based upon their ideology. I don't care if you are a left or right, green or pink, white or black, Muslim or Jew moderate or extremist; if you practice what you preach; I respect you for that. If there is one thing I cannot stand it is two faced Bullshit-the-Public-Relations Fraudsters.

If Breivik is provided a Rule of Law Free and Fair Trial, where his Political Necessity evidence is seriously considered and investigated in accordance to his Political Necessity Defence, then, that action, in and of itself; shall prove much of his allegations about the corruption of Norway's elite; to be false. Instead Norway's elite are not only denying Breivik his rule of law free and fair trial, for his evidence to be investigated and proven true or false, based upon rule of law evidentiary requirements; they are simply saying 'fuck you' we are going to deny you a Political Necessity Rule of Law Trial, and instead proceed with a StaliNorsk Political Psychiatry Show Trial of Lies and Fraud. If anyone is supporting Breivik's arguments to be proven true; it is those denying him a free and fair trial!; and encouraging and participating in this StaliNorsk Political Psychiatry Show Trial.

Complaints to Security Police (PST) about Blog exposing Norways Political Psychiatry Show Trial


Hoyre Member: Terje Bratland

Terje Bratland (39) is a member of local branch in Frogner of the Conservative / Hoyre party. Bratland is also famous as the 'Rose Parade General'; namely the organizer of the Rose Parade (Rosetog) held after the 22 July attacks, wherein Bratland and PM Jens Stoltenberg, and over 200,000 Norwegians showed their Unity Against Terror. More recently the Rose Parade General has decided to confront Oslo's Rape Crisis and make the Streets Safe for Girls over weekends. He set up a group of men called the Vigilant Alliance / Borgervern Alliansen : Safe Home Oslo/Trygt Hjem Oslo); who would protect women from Rape on the weekends, by escorting them home from nightclubs and bars (Smug : NRK : NRK : ABC : TV2). The Rose Parade General is also very concerned about Bullying and wants the Conservative Party to focus on an Anti-Bullying campaign. He once got terribly upset when a Facebook friend of his from Sarpsborg tagged him in a photo, which included the words “Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!”; and concluded that his Facebook friend was threatening his life, and that it was urgent for the Police to provide him with Police Protection, as they did to other Politicians who are threatened.

The AUF Members:

Kine V.A. Sagård (@kinevictoriaa): 15, secretary of Sandnes and Gjesdal AUF (Blog).

Marte Fevang Smith (@Martefsmith) Nøtterøy Arbeiderparti: 18, Deputy at Tønsberg AUF (Blog).

Camilla Bjormark (@camillabw): AUF member

The Journalist:

Anne Synnøve Leinum (@LaLeinum) is a Norwegian Freelance journalist who has a “long career as an all-round journalist for magazines and newspapers“ with particular “experience in feature and portraits,” as well as experience in tourism. She “also has experience as a copywriter in advertising.” Verbatim Transcript of her Opposition to Exposure of Norways Political Psychiatry Show Trial.

PST: Radicalization:

The Norwegian Political Security Police (PST) defines the symptoms of radicalisation to be characterized as follows:
* a cognitive development towards an increasingly one-sided, black and white perception of reality, where there is no room for alternative perspectives

* second, a development where the perception of reality is experienced as an acute and severe that drastic actions are necessary and righteous - that is the purpose justifies the means

I wonder if recently appointed New Chief of the Political Security Service (@PSTNorge), Benedicte Bjornland (BBjornland) would classify individuals demanding the censorship and deletion of a blog that non-violently and by means of scientific journalism supports the Rule of Law and the exposure of Psychiatric Fraud and Norways StaliNorsk Political Psychiatry Show Trial, as demonstrating:
* a cognitive development towards an increasingly one-sided, black and white perception of reality, where there is no room for alternative perspectives

* second, a development where the perception of reality is experienced as an acute and severe that drastic actions are necessary and righteous - that is the purpose justifies the means


Twitter Conversation with Terje Bratland

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Victoria Norge said...

ITS DISRESPECTFUL!! TAKE IT AWAY! I know the persons on this photo, and I know that one of them was on Utoya 22.july.. wtf are you doing?? Take it away!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I did not contact these AUF Politicians. They contacted me and PSTNorge by twitter (RT) to inform me that they had joined Terje Bratland in complaining to PSTNorge. All I did was publish -- for the record -- their correspondence to me; and notification to me; of notifying PSTNorge about their complaint to me.

Are you suggesting it is disrespectful -- in your culture -- to publish the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about information that is in the public record? Are you suggesting that you live in Norway that is a fascist censorship dictatorship, where information in the public record is not allowed to be published by lower class beings or other cultures, that are not part of your elite culture?

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