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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

482 Norwegian Lawyers & Law Professors Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

482 Norwegian Lawyers & Law Professors Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 16 May 2012

From: Habeus Mentem
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 12:01 AM
To: Nowegian Political Parties, National, Regional and Local Politicians, Editors and Journalists, NGO's, Oslo University Professors & Lecturers, Lawyers etc.
Subject: Breivik Acquittal Justified by Media's Massive Censorship of Oslo Crt Proceedings?

Dear Advocates / Law Professors,

1. Do the Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism?

2. If Breivik proves his Political Necessity arguments -- i.e. 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored from public discourse by media' -- should he be acquitted?

3. In the absence of a media censorship campaign, Breivik would have raised his complaints non-violently. What has been the media and Oslo Court's response to non-violent applications on behalf of Breivik receiving a free and fair trial?

4. Is there a massive media censorship campaign to censor the information that there are liberals, environmentalists, feminists, who care about whether Breivik receives a free and fair trial?


Breivik's primary final motivation for Oslo/Utoya Terror Attacks was the Norwegian Media's Censorship:

Oslo Organized Crime Police Investigation Report "Explanation of 22 July 2011": "[Breivik] has been censored for years. He mentions Dagbladet and Aftenposten as those who among other things have censored him..... He says that he also wrote “essays” that he tried to publish via the usual channels, but that they were all censored..... As long as more than twelve were executed, the operation will still be a success. The experts ask how the number twelve comes into consideration. Twelve dead are needed to penetrate the censorship wall, he explains..... The goal was to execute as many as possible. At least 30. It was horrible, but the number had to be assessed based on the global censorship limit...... He believes he had to kill at least twelve, because there is a censorship-wall preventing an open debate about what is happening in the country..... So I knew I had to cross a certain threshold to exceed the censorship-wall of the international media."


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Habeus Mentem Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

Over 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Amicus Curiae Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY OVER 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


EcoFeminists Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights Application Filed in Norway v. Breivik Supreme Court


On 10 May 2012 the Application was finalized for the Norway Supreme Court.

On 11 May 2012 a 'test media censorship firewall' News Release was published to all International Wire Services, which includes: Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Press (AFP), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice of America.

Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture (04:19)
GEORGE ZA / TRONDHEIM NO: On 10 May an EcoFeminist member of Radical Honesty SA culture, filed a Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights application in the Norway Supreme Court, which includes UN Special Rapporter on Indigenous Rights, James Anyana as one of the respondents.

The Norway Supreme Court are asked to issue two declaratory orders and review two applications submitted to the Oslo District Court in the Breivik matter. The initial Declaratory Order asks that the African EcoFeminist Applicant be admitted to the Norway v. Breivik matter as a Jus Sanguinis Radical Honoursty African EcoFeminist White Refugee Applicant.

The EcoFeminist applicant states that she is a Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) descendant of Norwegian artillery officer and citizen: Johan Pieter FÜRSTENBERG, who was born about 1760 in Bergen, Norway and then emigrated to South Africa.

Johnstone states she is an Indigenous European, because she is Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) directly descended from Norwegian, French, Dutch, British and German Settler Progenitor/s who traveled to South Africa as ‘settler' farmers, soldiers, medical personnel, religious and political administrators, in response to, and as a result of, their Nations Geopolitical ‘Colonial Empire' Lebensraum Decision-making policies, to find only the Bushman, as indigenous natives.

Her Jus Sanguinis predecessors ‘Colonial Empire' actions were motivated by their decision thousands of years ago to give up their sustainable Law of Limited Competition hunter gatherer / agrarian policies, to adopt unsustainable Totalitarian Agriculture policies, which results in surplus food production / population, creating population Lebensraum pressures culminating in resource, culling and conquering wars for new territory.

If approved, the EcoFeminist Amicus would address alternative legal arguments from a Problem Solving Radical Transparency EcoFeminists perspective as opposed to the Prosecution & Defense's Parasite Leeching Masculine (Reason and Logic) Insecurity Patriarchal perspectives to allow the court to base its decision on a more comprehensive, natural law deep green ecology legal framework.

Radical Honoursty Sustainability argues that a healthy ecological environment based on carrying capacity laws of sustainability is a sine qua non for all other constitutional rights. Legally this means that an individual whose lifestyle is sustainable, in terms of procreation (2 children or less per family) and consumption (ecological footprint) should be entitled to other civil and human ‘rights', whereas individuals whose lifestyle are not sustainable should be denied other rights until they amend their lifestyle to being sustainable.

Johnstone is 45 years old, has never been on welfare, has used contraception since the age of 19 to avoid pregnancy. She has lived an ecological small footprint life; to avoid aggravating overpopulation, resource wars; materialist consumerism and resource depletion. Her Ecological Footprint, excluding ‘Child-Free' factor is 13.16 gha.

The second Declaratory Order requests the Norwegian Minister of Culture to clarify whether Norway is legally a ‘Children of the Rainbow' Multicultural State, granting the Applicant her rights to invoke Radical Honoursty cultural law.

The court has acknowledged receipt but not yet issued a case number.

[SEE News Release PDF]


Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism.

If the RULE OF LAW, not the left wing notion of RULE OF EMOTION or the right wing notion of RULE OF MEN is applied in this case; then according to the Necessity Defence, if Breivik proves his arguments; one of them being massive Media Censorship, then he should be acquitted.

Now if the media -- as part of his trial -- are involved in deliberately obstructing justice by means of censorship; that adds significant weight to Breivik's argument of Media Censorship of the issues he considers important to be raised in public discourse.

If Breivik proves his Necessity arguments -- which can be summarized as 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored by media' -- he should be acquitted.


Lara Johnstone
Habeus Mentem: Right 2 Legal Sanity
Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored


SENT TO: 482 Norwegian Legal Officials: Lawyers, Law Professors, etc:

European Commission on Refugees & Exiles (ECRE): NOAS (14) [SS]

Ann-Magrit Austena; Ingvald Bertelsen; Ragnhild Lero; Aziz Ghanizadeh; Hawdam Salih; Paula Tolonen; Camilla Risan; Hans Olav Konsvik; Mohammed Fitwi; Vanja Vujadin; Andreas Furuseth; Jon Ole Martinsen; Abduhwahab Said; Razita Kaimova

ABWIIG Advocates (09) [SS]

Adv. Sebastian Garstecki; Adv. Fredrick Andersen; Adv. Line Katinka Juuhl; Adv. Heidi Bache-Wiig; Adv. Roberto Ortega; Adv. Ragnhild Torgersen; Adv. Celine Bache-Wiig; Adv. Lars Marius Holm; Adv. Kumrije Rusiti

ELDEN Advocates (49) [SS]

John Christian Elden; Anders Brosveet; Bjorn Rudjord; Gunhild Bergan; Bengt Haadem Hoff; Irmela van der Bijl; Anders Lovlie; Sol Elden; Tale Helgerod; Christian Johansen; Ida Andeaes; Heidi Halvorsen; Jane Ilmo; Gunnar Eide; Ole Johan Stensli; Nini Anette Sanborg; Karen Forbrigd; Thomas Berge; Arild Holden; Astri Aas-Hansen; Bengt Haadem Hoff; Eldbjorg Martinsen; Sidsel Katralen; Hakon Bodahl-Johansen; Andreas Hobaek; Hanne Wold Johansen; Alexander Solhus; Sara Svegaarden; Birgitta Braaum; Kjetil Lovberg; Tanja Helen Madsen; Line Mostad Pedersen; Eric Lindset; Thomas Randby; Henrik Bliksrud; Solveig Hogtun; Lars Christian Sunde; Mette-Julie Sundby; Goran Moller Christiansen; Marion Haaland; Ulrik Sverdrup-Thygeson; Synnove Leikvoll; Linda Ellefsen Eide; Lilli Ann Eikrem; Aage Martin Walberg; Marte Nostberg; Max Lo-Johan Melinder; Law: Elden: Siv Hallgren; Law: Elden: Siv Hallgren: Sec: Jane Ilmo

FURUHOLMEN Advocates (18) [SS]

Adv. Morten Furuholmen; Adv. Oyvind Bergoy Pedersen; Adv. Fredrik Schone Brodwall; Adv. Catharina Cecilie Gjesti; Adv. Sandra Latotinaite; Adv. Beate Olsen-Holm; Adv. Trond Olsen Naess; Adv. Ketil Magnus Berg; Adv. Anders Westeng; Adv. Thomas Oiseth; Adv. Indira Ocuz Eikefjord; Adv. Marius Oscar Dietrichson; Adv. Hilde Marie Ims; Adv. Randulf Schumann Hansen; Adv. Andreas Heldal; Adv. Anette Askevold Johnsen; Law: Furuholmen: S. Blekastad; Law: Furuholmen: Trond Naess

STABELL & CO (13) [SS]

Elisabeth Grondahl; Maria Bergram Aas; Helene Braanen; Trine Brynildsen; Inga Laupstad; Maria Langtjernet Mjoen; Harald Stabell; Martin Eiebakke; Bendik Falch-Koslung; Endre Refsdal; Morten Engesbak; Else Sofie Gjesti; Olav Rod

THOMMESSEN Advocates (129) [SS]

Hans Cappelen Arnesen; Fin Backer-Grondahl; Stig Berge; Margrethe Christoffersen; Jan Evertsen; Jan Greve; Hans Haugstad; Gerhard Holm; Stale Kristiansen; Pal Lieungh; Halvor Mansaker; Tore Mydske; Ola Maele; Haakon Opperud; Anders Pind; Arne Ringnes; Havard Sandnes; Berit Stokke; Kai Thogersen; Eivind Vesterkjaer; Jan Brudvik; Halvard Aarseth; Jens Johannes Andenaes; Roar Berge; Einar Blaauw; Sigve Braaten; Kristine Celius; Christian Dalby; Tove Haugvaldstad; Tonje Eilertsen; Leiv Erdal; Oystein Eskeland; Anne Froshaug; Lars Gjerdrum; Jan Greve; Mads Haavardsholm; Ghermund Hansen; Mads Haugen; Kristine Herrebroden; Kari Holt; Kristine Ilstad; Sec 5; Anne Kleiveland; Anders Arnkvaern; Baard Bale; Asle Bjelland; Bendik Christoffersen; Morten Fjermeros; Henning Harborg; Vidar Havsgard; Stephen Knudtzon; Agnar Langeland; Hans Lindal; Gunnar Martinsen; Reidar Myhre; Henning Naas; Mons Paulsen; Eirik Raanes; Jo Rodin; Kristine Schei; Eivind Saeveraas; Sverre Tyrhaug; Olav Vikoren; Christian Bruusgaard; Linda Aasen; Ragnhild Berdal; Hakon Berge; Thomas Borch-Nielsen; Stein Brathen-Otterbech; Lars Christiansen; Geir Dalene; Heidi Dillevig; Ole Ellingsen; Petter Eriksen; Kristian Evenshaug; Linn Furuholmen; Ylva Gjesdahl; Anne Lise Gryte; Siri Hafeld; Dag Hansson; Bodhild Hauko; Ellen Heyerdahl; Stian Hordvik; Sec 6; Cecilie Wiese; Ervin Auren; Borgar Hogetveit Berg; Christopher Borch; Kim Dobrowen; Endre Grande; Trond Hatland; Dagfinn Heradstveit; Sverre Koch; Truls Leikvang; Christian Lund; Andreas Meidell; Christian Muller; Jens Naas-Bibow; Bernt Pettersen; Kjersti Ringdal; Lars Rosas; Rune Solberg; Siri Teigum; Svein Valen; Camilla Vislie; Siri Wennevik; Ole Andenaes; Lars-Henrik Berg; Petter Bjorklund; Nina Borthen; Solveig Bugge; Christopher Clausen; Oyvind Dehli; Frederik Eidem; Harald Endresen; Carsten Eriksrud; Torgeir Fjeldskaar; Chr Gallaher; Ingeborg Gjolstad; Erlend Haaskjold; Christian Hals; Torunn Hardeland; Kristoffer Hegdahl; Kristin Hjort; Tarjei Hovland; Ragnhild Rosendahl; Ann Paulsen; Law: Thommessen: Frode Elgese; Law: Thommessen: Frode Elgese Sec 4

University of Oslo: Criminology & Sociology of Law (38) [SS]

Kristian Andenaes; Wenche Blomberg; NIls Christie; Jane Dullum; Rune Ellefsen; Kjersti Ericsson; Liv Finstad; Sverre Flaatten; Hedda Giertsen; Vidar Halvorsen; Cecilie Hoigard; Olaf Ingvaldsen; Nicolay Johansen; PerOle Johansen; Lavleen Kaur; Moses Kuvoame; Guri Larsen; Kjersti Lohne; Thomas Mathiesen; Sigmund Mohn; Ida Nafstad; Leif Petter Olaussen; Knut-Erich Papendorf; Annick Prieur; Olaf Ronning; Lill Scherdin; Lisbeth Skyberg; Ragnhild Sollund; Thomas Ugelvik; Lasse Warberg; Katja Franko Aas; Turid Eikvam; Frode Lyshaugen; Mahaindran Mahadevan; Kristine Nybo; Frode Roed; Julie Stuestol; Per Jorgen Ystehede;

University of Oslo: Law: Private Law (54) [SS]

Mads Andenaes; Mads Henry Andenaes; John Asland; Tarjei Bekkedal; Trygve Bersaker; Jon Bing; Goril Bjerkan; Sverre Blandhol; Gina Brathen; Kirsti Strom Bull; Lee Andrew Bygrave; Giuditta Cordero-Moss; Schartum Dag Wiese; Erling Eide; Olga Enerstvedt; Stein Evju; Tore Fjortoft; Hans Petter Graver; Melanie Hack; Inger Marie Hagen; Birgitte Hagland; Viggo Hagstrom; Peter Hambro; Katrine Hauge; Herbjorn Andresen; Erling Hjelmeng; Marianne Hotvedt; Arild Jansen; Cecilie Kjelland; Marte Kjorven; Kare Lilleholt; Tobias Mahler; Gert-Fredrik Malt; Nuth Maryke Silalahi; Marie Nesvik; Gunnar Norden; Julia Pohl; Hedvig Bugge Reiersen; Marianne Reusch; Ole Rognstad; Bastian Schuller; Lasse Simonsen; Beate Sjafjell; Lucy Smith; Endre Stavang; Are Stenvik; Caroline Stordrange; Tone Svedrup; Bjarte Thorson; Tranvik Tommy; Terese Ulseth; Emily Mary Weitzenboeck; Jannicke Wiggen; Geir Wosholth;

University of Oslo: Law: Public & International (78) [SS]

Ingrid Andersen; Helge Aune; Inge Lorange Backer; Cecilia Bailliet; Eirik Bjorge; Erik Boe; Hans Bugge; Eve de Coning; Svein Eng; Christoffer Eriksen; Stale Eskeland; Ole Kristian Fauchald; Thomas Froberg; Ole Gjems-Onstad; Imran Haider; Marit Halvorsen; Anne Hellum; Ragnhild Hennum; Maria Astrup Hjort; Thomas Horn; Alf Petter Hogberg; Benedikte Hogberg; Ingunn Ikdahl; Henning Jakhelln; Jon Thorvald Johnsen; Eivind Junker; Kirsten Ketscher; Anine Kierulf; Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen; Morten Kjelland; Asbjorn Kjonrstad; Julia Kohler Olsen; Nils Christian Langtvedt; Anders Lovlie; Eleonore Maitre; Merete Miedell; Dag Michalsen; Olav Haugen Moen; Iris Nguyen; Ragnar Nordeide; Jon Christian Nordrum; Froukje Maria Platjouw; Michael Reiertsen; Anne Robberstad; Inger Johanne Sand; Kirsten Sandberg; Kristen Skjorten; Eivind Smith; Mats Stenmark; Jo Stigen; Sigrid Stokstad; Vibeke Blaker Strand; Ulf Stridbeck; Aslak Syse; Aziin Tadjdini; Synnove Ugelvik; Geir Ulfstein; Christina Voigt; Nikolai Winge; Tone Waerstad; Frederik Zimmer; Guro Forstestad; Oyvind Henden; Ornulf Kristiansen; Bente Kraabol; Elisabeth Wenger-Hagene; Else Vera Aas; Thomas Berge; Oystein Block; Eugenia Blucher; Anne Jacobsen; Stine Gahre; Constance Haugland; Lene Hoyendahl; Siv-T Jensen; Jenny Sandvig; Nils Gunnar Skretting; Oyvind Osterhagen;

University of Oslo: Norwegian Center of Human Rights (66) [SS]

CEO: Abraham Afrim-Narh; Marjan Ajevski; Kjetil Alvsaker; Bard Andreassen; Knut Asplund; Christian Boe; Cecilie Figenschou; Morten Bergsmo; Mahin Bina; Elisabeth Bjornstol; Isabel Borges; Brit Lisen Borse; Nils Butenschon; Leiry Chavez; Sevda Clark; Asbjorn Eide; Stener Ekern; Kirsten Fuglestved; Andreas Follesdahl; Jemima Garcia-Godos; Jenny Graver; Marthe Hamran; Jan Erik Helgesen; Marthe Herkenhoff; Richard Hustad; Kristin Hogdahl; Anne Johansen; Jasna Jozelic; Lisa Kirkengen; Teis Kjelling; Elin Kjorholt; Kim Kristiansen; Gisle Kvanvig; Malcolm Langford; Kjetil Larsen; Lena Larsen; Tore Lindholm; Heidi Lomell; Cheryl Lorens; Anna Maria Lundberg; Reidar Maliks; Anne Sofie Molandsveen; Vibeke Musaeus; Hege Mork; Mari Moystad; JOanna Nicholson; Johannes Flisnes Nilsen; Karin Naess; Thi Thanh Pham; Rolf Christian Ranheim; Johan Schaffer; Sidra Shami; Barbara Sivertsen; Kjersti Skarstad; Siri Skare; Maria Daniela Sommardahl; Oyvind Strommen; Anne Sunde; Nino Tsereteli; Aksel Tomte; Ilia Utmelidza Ranjalee Vijiyakumar; Marit Vik; Yi Wang; Koen Wellens; Yong Zhou;

University of Oslo: Center for European Law (14) [SS]

Finn Arnesen; Jesmine Christopher; Kari Davies; Inger Hamre; Stian Johansen; Ola Mestad; Jonas Myhre; Andre Nilsen; Fredrik Sejerstad; Ida Stabrun; JOrgen Stubberud; Henrik v Heussche; Kirsti Aarseth; Sissel Aastorp

» » » » [PDF: EcoFeminist Indig Rights Applic :: PDF: Media's Population-Terrorism Connection]
» » [Michael Maher, PhD: How & Why Journalists Avoid Population-Environment Connection]

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