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Sunday, May 13, 2012

PM Stoltenberg and 1,676 NO Gov. Officials Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

PM Stoltenberg and 1,676 NO Gov. Officials Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 12-14 May 2012

From: Habeus Mentem
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 12:01 AM
To: Nowegian Political Parties, National, Regional and Local Politicians, Editors and Journalists, NGO's etc.
Subject: Breivik Acquittal Justified by Media's Massive Censorship of Oslo Crt Proceedings?

Dear Norwegian Gov. Official,

1. Do the Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism?

2. If Breivik proves his Political Necessity arguments -- i.e. 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored from public discourse by media' -- should he be acquitted?

3. In the absence of a media censorship campaign, Breivik would have raised his complaints non-violently. What has been the media and Oslo Court's response to non-violent applications on behalf of Breivik receiving a free and fair trial?

4. Is there a massive media censorship campaign to censor the information that there are liberals, environmentalists, feminists, who care about whether Breivik receives a free and fair trial?


Breivik's primary final motivation for Oslo/Utoya Terror Attacks was the Norwegian Media's Censorship:

Oslo Organized Crime Police Investigation Report "Explanation of 22 July 2011": "[Breivik] has been censored for years. He mentions Dagbladet and Aftenposten as those who among other things have censored him..... He says that he also wrote “essays” that he tried to publish via the usual channels, but that they were all censored..... As long as more than twelve were executed, the operation will still be a success. The experts ask how the number twelve comes into consideration. Twelve dead are needed to penetrate the censorship wall, he explains..... The goal was to execute as many as possible. At least 30. It was horrible, but the number had to be assessed based on the global censorship limit...... He believes he had to kill at least twelve, because there is a censorship-wall preventing an open debate about what is happening in the country..... So I knew I had to cross a certain threshold to exceed the censorship-wall of the international media."


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Habeus Mentem Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

Over 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Amicus Curiae Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY OVER 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


EcoFeminists Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights Application Filed in Norway v. Breivik Supreme Court


On 10 May 2012 the Application was finalized for the Norway Supreme Court.

On 11 May 2012 a 'test media censorship firewall' News Release was published to all International Wire Services, which includes: Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Press (AFP), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice of America.

Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture (04:19)
GEORGE ZA / TRONDHEIM NO: On 10 May an EcoFeminist member of Radical Honesty SA culture, filed a Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights application in the Norway Supreme Court, which includes UN Special Rapporter on Indigenous Rights, James Anyana as one of the respondents.

The Norway Supreme Court are asked to issue two declaratory orders and review two applications submitted to the Oslo District Court in the Breivik matter. The initial Declaratory Order asks that the African EcoFeminist Applicant be admitted to the Norway v. Breivik matter as a Jus Sanguinis Radical Honoursty African EcoFeminist White Refugee Applicant.

The EcoFeminist applicant states that she is a Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) descendant of Norwegian artillery officer and citizen: Johan Pieter FÜRSTENBERG, who was born about 1760 in Bergen, Norway and then emigrated to South Africa.

Johnstone states she is an Indigenous European, because she is Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) directly descended from Norwegian, French, Dutch, British and German Settler Progenitor/s who traveled to South Africa as ‘settler' farmers, soldiers, medical personnel, religious and political administrators, in response to, and as a result of, their Nations Geopolitical ‘Colonial Empire' Lebensraum Decision-making policies, to find only the Bushman, as indigenous natives.

Her Jus Sanguinis predecessors ‘Colonial Empire' actions were motivated by their decision thousands of years ago to give up their sustainable Law of Limited Competition hunter gatherer / agrarian policies, to adopt unsustainable Totalitarian Agriculture policies, which results in surplus food production / population, creating population Lebensraum pressures culminating in resource, culling and conquering wars for new territory.

If approved, the EcoFeminist Amicus would address alternative legal arguments from a Problem Solving Radical Transparency EcoFeminists perspective as opposed to the Prosecution & Defense's Parasite Leeching Masculine (Reason and Logic) Insecurity Patriarchal perspectives to allow the court to base its decision on a more comprehensive, natural law deep green ecology legal framework.

Radical Honoursty Sustainability argues that a healthy ecological environment based on carrying capacity laws of sustainability is a sine qua non for all other constitutional rights. Legally this means that an individual whose lifestyle is sustainable, in terms of procreation (2 children or less per family) and consumption (ecological footprint) should be entitled to other civil and human ‘rights', whereas individuals whose lifestyle are not sustainable should be denied other rights until they amend their lifestyle to being sustainable.

Johnstone is 45 years old, has never been on welfare, has used contraception since the age of 19 to avoid pregnancy. She has lived an ecological small footprint life; to avoid aggravating overpopulation, resource wars; materialist consumerism and resource depletion. Her Ecological Footprint, excluding ‘Child-Free' factor is 13.16 gha.

The second Declaratory Order requests the Norwegian Minister of Culture to clarify whether Norway is legally a ‘Children of the Rainbow' Multicultural State, granting the Applicant her rights to invoke Radical Honoursty cultural law.

The court has acknowledged receipt but not yet issued a case number.

[SEE News Release PDF]


Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism.

If the RULE OF LAW, not the left wing notion of RULE OF EMOTION or the right wing notion of RULE OF MEN is applied in this case; then according to the Necessity Defence, if Breivik proves his arguments; one of them being massive Media Censorship, then he should be acquitted.

Now if the media -- as part of his trial -- are involved in deliberately obstructing justice by means of censorship; that adds significant weight to Breivik's argument of Media Censorship of the issues he considers important to be raised in public discourse.

If Breivik proves his Necessity arguments -- which can be summarized as 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored by media' -- he should be acquitted.


Lara Johnstone
Habeus Mentem: Right 2 Legal Sanity
Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored


SENT TO: 1677 Norwegian National, Regional & Local Gov. Officials:

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's Office (12) [SS]:

NO: PM: Jens Stoltenberg; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: Office; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: Chief of Staff: Karl Schjott-Pedersen; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: Pol Adv: Sindre Beyer; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Rita Skaervik; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Hans Kristian Amundsen; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Inger-Anne Ravlum; 'NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Tor Brostigen'; 'NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Svein Fjellheim'; 'NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Mina Gerhardsen'; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Dagfinn Sundsbo; NO: PM: JStoltenberg: State Sec: Snorre Wikstrom

Prime Ministers Press Office (09) [SS]:

NO: PM: Press: State Sec: Hans Amundsen; NO: PM: Press: Head of Comm: Trude Maseide; NO: PM: Press: Snr Advisor: Oivind Ostang; NO: PM: Press: State Sec: Mina Gerhardsen; NO: PM: Press: Comm Officer: Tor Borgersen; NO: PM: Press: Comm Officer: Camilla Ryste; NO: PM: Press: Pol Advisor: Sindre Beyer; NO: PM: Press: Comm Officer: Arvid Samland; NO: PM: Press: Comm Officer: Therese Saur

Minster of Defence: Chief of Defence: Harald Sunde Office (03) [SS]:

NO: MinDef: Sec Gen: Erik Lund-Isaksen; NO: MinDef: Chief Def: Harald Sunde; NO: MinDef: Dep Def Policy: RAdm Arne Roksund

Minister of Environment: Mr. Erik Solheim Office (14) [SS]:

NO: MinEnv: ESolheim: Office; NO: MinEnv: ESolheim: Ministry Office; NO: MinEnv: ESolheim: Comm Unit; NO: MinEnv: Sec Gen: Tom Radahl; NO: MinEnv: Einar Holtane; NO: MinEnv: Dir Gen: Jarle Jensen; NO: MinEnv: Pol Advisor: Audun Garberg; NO: MinEnv: Jon Berg; NO: MinEnv: Dir Gen: Hans Brattskar; NO: MinEnv: Dir Gen: Lene Lyngby; NO: MinEnv: State Sec: Heidi Sorensen; NO: MinEnv: Dir Gen: Ingvild Saeverud; NO: MinEnv: Hege Andenas; NO: MinEnv: Dir Gen: Jon Rorvik

Minister of Justice: Grete Faremo (16) [SS]:

NO: MinJustice: Grete Faremo; NO: MinJustice: Office; NO: MinJustice: Pol Advisor: Astrid Bergmal; NO: MinJustice: Ch.Staff: Morten Ruud; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Sissil Pettersen; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Marianne Vollan; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Mette Stangerhaugen; NO: MinJustice: Int Director: Tonje Meinich; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Hans Ostgaard; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Hans Sjovold; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Knut Reinskou; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Kjersein Askholt; NO: MinJustice: Comm: Gunnar Johansen; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Thor Aass; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Anne Herse; NO: MinJustice: Admin: Karin Bugge


NO: Labour General: Office; NO: Labour: Torill Wivegh; NO: Labour: Anne Odden; NO: Labour: Solveig Torsvik; NO: Labour: Anne Campbell Weimoth; NO: Labour: Svein Dybing; NO: Labour: Stian Grothe; NO: Labour: Bernt Sonvisen; NO: Labour: Margrete Cappelen; NO: Labour: Kirsitan Kirgerud; NO: Labour: Bernt Sonvisen; NO: Labour: Nina Yong Kviberg; NO: Labour: Jonas Spildrejordet; NO: Labour: Kirstin Bjorksvik; NO: Labour: Marine Rove Nilsen; NO: Labour: Gro Aakervik; NO: Labour: Kari Vikersveen; NO: Labour: Tarjei Skirbekk; NO: Labour: Eva Amble Larsen; NO: Labour: ann-Catrhin Becken; NO: Labour: Wenke Jaklin; NO: Labour: Eli Anne Glomseth Hole; NO: Labour: Vigdis Henriette Nilsen; NO: Labour: Sarah F. Pierstorff; NO: Labour: Ellen Cecilie Eriksen; NO: Labour: Reidun Steimler; NO: Labour: Ingjerd Karine Eng; NO: Labour: Tove Thorstensen; NO: Labour: Line Engebretsen; NO: Labour: Stian Simensen; NO: Labour: Elin Heio Kobro; NO: Labour: Odd Steinar Viseth; NO: Labour: Marianne Seip; NO: Labour: Trygve Svensson; NO: Labour: Oyvind Slake; NO: Labour: Vera Eriksen; NO: Labour: Inger Naess Solberg; NO: Labour: Nina Yong Kviberg; NO: Labour: Per Gunnar Dahl; NO: Labour: Turid Hellgren; NO: Labour: Amund Vik; NO: Labour: Sindre Kvil; NO: Labour: Siri Holland; NO: Labour: Jorn Nygren; NO: Labour: Eirik Dastol Landelang; NO: Labour: Ingunn Yssen; NO: Labour: Sarah F. Pierstoff; NO: Labour: Svein Dybing

PROGRESS PARTY: FRP: Siv Jensen (11) [SS]:

NO: FRP: Office; NO: FRP: Kristian Norheim; NO: FRP: Int.Sec: Kristian Norheim; NO: FRP: Ed: Finn Egil Holm; NO: FRP: Storting; NO: FRP: Thor Magne Bostad; NO: FRP: Pol.Adv: Thor Magne Bostad; NO: FRP: Ed: Borge Sandnes; NO: FRP: Aine Stenersen; NO: FRP: Pol.Adv: Aina Stenersen; NO: FRP: IT: Frode Nilsen

VENSTRE (31) [SS]:

NO: Venstre: Storting: Jan Kolsto; NO: Venstre: Storting: Camilla Hille; NO: Venstre: Storting: Pal Pettersen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Guri Kinneberg; NO: Venstre: Storting: Anne Solsvik; NO: Venstre: Storting: Geir Olsen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Terje Breivik; NO: Venstre: Storting: Stortings Gruppen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Steinar Haugsvaer; NO: Venstre: Storting: Audun Rodningsby; NO: Venstre: Storting: Ingvild Hornburg; NO: Venstre: Storting: Ola Elvestuen; NO: Venstre: Storting: Trine Skey Grande; NO: Venstre: Storting: Office; NO: Venstre: Linda Ness Rotihaug; NO: Venstre: Nils Gunnar Dietz; NO: Venstre: HOrdaland Venstre; NO: Venstre: Akershus Venstre; NO: Venstre: Oslo Venstre; NO: Venstre: Kjartan Almenning; NO: Venstre: Jan Christian Kolsto; NO: Venstre: Venstres Hus AS; NO: Venstre: Sogn Fjordane Venstre; NO: Venstre: Eivind Nikolaysen; NO: Venstre: Thori Sundashagen; NO: Venstre: Steinar Haugsvaer; NO: Venstre: Karl M Buchholdt; NO: Venstre: Gro Gjelsvik; NO: Venstre: Christoffer Biong; NO: Venstre: Thomas Hansen; NO: Venstre: Anja Zabelberg; NO: Venstre: Morten Hagen


NO: Soc. Left: Katrina Gramnaes; NO: Soc. Left: Tone Vos Aspevoll; NO: Soc. Left: Bard Sojhell; NO: Soc. Left: Storting; NO: Soc. Left: Kristin Halvorsen; NO: Soc. Left: Office


NO: Rodt: Leder: Turid Thomassen; NO: Rodt: Leder: Bjornar Moxnes; NO: Rodt: Leder: Ana Taylor; NO: Rodt Sentralt; NO: Rodt: Oslo; NO: Rodt: Bergen

HOYRE: (34) [SS]:

NO: Hoyre: Politikk; NO: Hoyre: Info; NO: Hoyre: Office; NO: Hoyre: Lars Oy; NO: Hoyre: Sigbjorn Aanes; NO: Hoyre: Ida Malthe-Sorenssen; NO: Hoyre: Gard Olav Gabrielsen; NO: Hoyre: Kristin Holm Jensen; NO: Hoyre: Anita Sundal Skjostad; NO: Hoyre: Tore Vamraak; NO: Hoyre: Benedicte Roer; NO: Hoyre: Nina Isaksen Nilsen; NO: Hoyre: Linda Evjen; NO: Hoyre: Eli Boysen; NO: Hoyre: Thor Kleppen Saettem; NO: Hoyre: Oystein Bagle-Tennebo; NO: Hoyre: Hans Kristian Thorbjornsen; NO: Hoyre: Frederik Gierlof; NO: Hoyre: Lars Andreas Lunde; NO: Hoyre: Sunniva Ihle Steinstad; NO: Hoyre: Lene Westgaard-Halle; NO: Hoyre: Marianne Fagerli; NO: Hoyre: Berit Bredahl; NO: Hoyre: Lars Arne Ryssdal; NO: Hoyre: Haakon Dagestad; NO: Hoyre: Odd Hoen-Sevje; NO: Hoyre: Kathrine Pernille Olsen; NO: Hoyre: Audun Halvorsen; NO: Hoyre: Kjersti Omejer; NO: Hoyre: Magnus Thue; NO: Hoyre: Benedicte Okland; NO: Hoyre: Grete Lund-Vang; NO: Hoyre: Marianne Christiansen; NO: Hoyre: Karsten Karlsoen

KRF (31) [SS]:

NO: KRF: Knut Jahr; NO: KRF: Knut Are Hole; NO: KRF: Alf Rose Sorgarden; NO: KRF: Kari Lindveit; NO: KRF: Knut Arild Hareide; NO: KRF: Kjell Ropstad; NO: KRF: Oyvind Habrekke; NO: KRF: Marit Brandt Lagoyr; NO: KRF: Christopher Sahl; NO: KRF: Sveree Vatnar; NO: KRF: Ann-Karin Haavik; NO: KRF: Gunn Glad Haug; NO: KRF: Mona Hofset; NO: KRF: Hans Olav Syversen; NO: KRF: Dagrun Eriksen; NO: KRF: Laila Davoy; NO: KRF: Odd Jostein Saeter; NO: KRF: Gunhild Soras; NO: KRF: GeirArne Servan; NO: KRF: Ingvild Belck-Olsen; NO: KRF: John Anders Rose; NO: KRF: Aud Grethe Saether; NO: KRF: Eirik Lundstein; NO: KRF: Ostfold Hjemdal; NO: KRF: Dagfinn Hoybraten; NO: KRF: Kari Husoy; NO: KRF: Day Andreas Fedoy; NO: KRF: Jon Earl Oen; NO: KRF: Live Husan; NO: KRF: Eivind Haanes; NO: KRF: Solveig Gold Teig

KST (01) [SS]:

NO: KST: Office

SENTREPARTIET (Center Party) Storting, County & Mayor Officials (157) [SS]:

NO: CTR: County: Liv Signe Navarsete; Arne Bergsvag; NO: CTR: County: Anne Brith Hoel; NO: CTR: County: Anne Hansdatter Kismul; NO: CTR: County: Ola Borten Moe; NO: CTR: County: Anne Grethe Edvardsen; NO: CTR: County: Lars Bartnes; NO: CTR: County: Morten Soberg; NO: CTR: County: Erik Lahnstein; NO: CTR: County: Lars Gjemble ; NO: CTR: County: Eli Hovd Vicarage; NO: CTR: County: Stein Ulf; NO: CTR: County: Gunn Stokke; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Prestbakmo ; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Odnes; NO: CTR: County: Morten Vollset; NO: CTR: County: Kare Floystad; NO: CTR: County: Dag-Henrik Sandbakken; NO: CTR: County: Hegge Solbakken; NO: CTR: County: Lars Peder Brekk; NO: CTR: County: Birgit Friis Olesen; NO: CTR: County: Eli Blakstad; NO: CTR: County: Bjorg Thoresen; NO: CTR: County: Sigrid Handegard; NO: CTR: County: Dagfinn Sundsbo; NO: CTR: County: Inge Bjerknes; NO: CTR: County: Arnfinn Nergard; NO: CTR: County: Hilde Hauge; NO: CTR: County: Karen Mountain; NO: CTR: County: Bjorn Gram; NO: CTR: County: Victoria Nilsen; NO: CTR: County: Arne Braut; NO: CTR: County: Ida Kristine Teien; NO: CTR: County: Sigmund Oksefjell; NO: CTR: County: Guri Storvold; NO: CTR: County: Anja Hjelset; NO: CTR: County: Harald Oskar Buttedahl; NO: CTR: County: Elisabeth Mortensen; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Vigdenes; NO: CTR: County: Magnhild Kleppa; NO: CTR: County: Anne Marie Andersen; NO: CTR: County: Lene Molokken; Sigmund Oksefjell; NO: CTR: County: Ivar Odnes; NO: CTR: County: Jan Thorsen; Fred Johnson; NO: CTR: County: Ola Smeplass; Oyvind Hunskaar; NO: CTR: County: Gjestvang Asa; NO: CTR: County: I Varodnee ; NO: CTR: County: Ann-Hege Lervag; NO: CTR: Mayor: Geir Aarbu; NO: CTR: Mayor: Knut Gustav Woie; NO: CTR: Mayor: Lars Erik Hyllvang; NO: CTR: Mayor: Arnfinn Nergard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjarne Eiolf Holo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Erik Odlo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Arild Berg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Kari Kolbraek Ask; NO: CTR: Mayor: Dag Lieslin; NO: CTR: Mayor: Torstein Tveito; NO: CTR: Mayor: Gro Anita Mykjaland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Johnny Greibesland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Torkel Myklebust; NO: CTR: Mayor: Sigve Sorheim; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hans Sverke Vindenes; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hallvard Oppedal; NO: CTR: Mayor: Oddmund Klakegg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anders Ryssdal; NO: CTR: Mayor: Peder Aasprang; NO: CTR: Mayor; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hallgeir Grontvedt; NO: CTR: Mayor: John Husby; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjorn Gram; NO: CTR: Mayor: Steinar Lyngstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hege Viken; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olav Bjorkas; NO: CTR: Mayor: Einar Strom; NO: CTR: Mayor: Monika Sande; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olaf Hoff; NO: CTR: Mayor: Stein Iversen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Erling Bratsberg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Terje Riis-Johansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ole Myhrvold; NO: CTR: Mayor: Orjan Bue; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ragnhild Aashaug; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bengte Fasteraune; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olav Rossum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Hans Seierstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Olav Skinnes; NO: CTR: Mayor: Thorvald Hillestad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Kjell Trygve Grunnsvoll; NO: CTR: Mayor: Leiv Rygg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Oddmund Ljosland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Dagny Hausken; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jon Larsgard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jon Askeland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Geir Solheim; NO: CTR: Mayor: Karl Forde; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan-Ove Tryggestad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ola Heggem; NO: CTR: Mayor: Geir Lien; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Grydeland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jarle Gundersen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Johan Elverum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ida Stuberg; NO: CTR: Mayor: Per Olav Tyldum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Steinar Aspli; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjorn Skjelstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Asle Schroder; NO: CTR: Mayor: Kjell Traelnes; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ronny Grindstein; NO: CTR: Mayor: Cecilie Hansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Day Ronning; NO: CTR: Mayor: Reidar Kaabbel; NO: CTR: Mayor: Even Moen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Egil Eide; NO: CTR: Mayor: Rolv Kristen Oygard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ole Tvete Muriteigen; Tor Baksaas; NO: CTR: Mayor: Oddvar Grothe; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ivar Brevik; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjarne Sommerstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Sigmund Pedersen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Tarald Myrum; NO: CTR: Mayor: Tonnes Seland; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ole Vierdal; NO: CTR: Mayor: Solfrid Borge; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anved Tveit; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ivar Kvalen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anne Nygard; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ola Rognskog; NO: CTR: Mayor: John Stolan; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jorid Jagtoyen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jan Havard Refsethas; NO: CTR: Mayor: Johan Skogseth; NO: CTR: Mayor: Vigdus Belbo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Bjorg Tingstad; NO: CTR: Mayor: Per Johansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Keith Richard Hansen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Edmund Dahle; NO: CTR: Mayor: Magnar Johnsen; NO: CTR: Mayor: Ivar Prestbakmo; NO: CTR: Mayor: Anne Toril Balto; NO: CTR: Mayor: Jenny Foaling; NO: CTR: Storting: Irene Lange Nordahl; NO: CTR: Storting: Heidi Greni; NO: CTR: Storting: Geir Pollestad; NO: CTR: Storting: Anne Tingelstad Woien; NO: CTR: Storting: Janne Sjelmo Nordas; NO: CTR: Storting: Jenny Klinge; NO: CTR: Storting: Kjersti Toppe; NO: CTR: Storting: Trygve Vedum; NO: CTR: Storting: Christina Nilsson Ramsey ; NO: CTR: Storting: Erling Sande; NO: CTR: Storting: Per Olaf Lundteigen

KOMMUNE OSLO: Mayor (09), Municipal Manager (22), General (63) [SS]:

MAYOR: Mayor: Office; Asst: Elin Eriksen; Adv: Are Ausland; Chief of Staff: Cecilie Stray; Rec: Oddveig Westgard; Adv: Rebecca Faeravaag; Press: Rune Dahl; Adv: Else Glosvik; Asst: Lise Johansen; MUNICIPAL MANAGER: H: Mayor: Stian Rosland; Local Dir: Nils Holm; V: Fin Dir Sec: Bjarki Eggen; H: Dir Urban Dev: Bard Folke Frederikse ; H: Dir HSocSvc: Thea Schjerven; V: Dir Env Sec: Frida Blomgren; KrF: Dir Eld Sec: Oddbjorg Minos; V: Dir Cult Sec: Anne Koksrud; H: Chief Staff: Paal Pedersen; H: Fin Dir: Kristin Vinje; H: Dir Educ: Torger Odegaard; H: Dir Urban Dev Sec: Jeanette Ronsen; H: Dir HSocSvc: Morten Bakke; V: Dir Env Sec: Eivind Nikolaysen; KrF: Dir Eld Sec: Julian Farner-Calvert; H: Secretary: Birgitte Jordahl; H: Fin Dir Sec: Ann Vie; H: Dir Educ Sec: Camilla Standskog; H: Dir HSocSvc: Anniken Hauglie; V: Dir Env: Ola Elvestruen; KRF: Dir Elderly: Aud Kvalbein; V: Dir Cult: Olaf Bjerke; COUNCIL & GENERAL: A: Ubah Abduqadir; A: Zaineb Al-Samarai; A: Tone Dahl; A: Gunaratnam Khamshajiny; A: Fatima Madar; A: Bashe Musse; A: Anders Roberg-Larsen; H: Maria Angell-Dupont; H: Carl-Henrik Bastiansen; H: Julie Brodtkorb; H: Kristoffer Gustavsen; H: Mudassar Kapur; H: James Lorentzen; H: Fabian Stang; V: Toril Berge; V: Guro Fjellanger; SV: Marianne Borgen; SV: Ingvild Reymert; F: Mazyar Keshvari; R: Bjornar Moxnes; Director: John Mannsaker; Adv: Liv Berghammer; A: Nasir Ahmed; A: Nina Bachke; A: Victoria Evensen; A: Andreas Halse; A: Elvis Nwosu; A: Bettina Thorvik; H: Saeeda Begum; H: Ida Berg-Johnsen; H: Yassine Arakia; H: Stefan Heggelund; H: Hermann Kopp; H: Maren Malthe-Sorenssen; H: Oystein Sundelin; V: Odd Dorum; V: Espen Ophaug; SV: Iva Johansen; F: Carl Hagen; F: Oystein Sjotveit; R: Reza Rezaee; Info: Kjetil Bjornsrud; Info: Leni Torvbraten; A: Abdullah Alsabeehg; A: Nadeem Butt; A: Rune Gerhardsen; A: Rina Hansen; A: Khalid Mahmood; A: Libe Rieber-Mohn; H: Mertefe Bartinliouglu; H: Carl Blich; H: Trine Dahl; H: Per Trygve Hoff; H: Ola Kvisgaard; H: Eirik Solberg; H: Pia Von Hall; V: Julianne Ferskaug; SV: Gulay Kutal; F: Joran Kallmyr; KrF: Erik Lunde; MDG: Harald Nissen; Info: Ingvild Asvgard


Culture Sec: Eivind Fivelsdal; Chief Med Adv: Zahid Mukhtar; Youth Health: Elisabeth Pettersen; Alna Medical; Ellingsrud Medical Center; SV: Erik Mathisen; SV: John Adahada; H: Egil Eidsaune; V: Hilde Tandberg; AP: Shahid Dar; SV: Ingunn Gjerstad; AP: Siv Hjellnes; AP: Knut Roli; AP: Helga Storvik; SV: Christer Gulbrandsen; H: Jens Davidsen; SV: Heidi Loken; AP: Arvid Berg-Hansen; AP: Uzma Khan; SV: Andreas Saebo; AP: Per Morten Bergland; IC: Juwachim Reginold; C: Amira Khalaf; IC: Hartvig Option; Elder Council: Gro Leander Nordaas; EC: Toril Prestmo; Health Officer: Tone Midtskogen; Nurse: Anna Elofsson; Bryn Clinic; Lindeberg Medical Center; AP: Anne Whist; PP: Grete Osthell; V: Alex Frank; AP: Munir Jaber; V: Anne-Britt Skarbo; AP: Vidar Noreng; AP: Nadeem Akhtar; H: Grete Horntvedt; AP: Svein Grande; H: Yassine Araki; PP: Nils-Petter Komperud; AP: Elisabeth Jorgensen; L: Jon-Terje Brooks; AP: Kainaat Qaiser; Int Council: Aina Johansen; IC: Nisar Bhagat; IC: Grace Baffoe; IC: Froydis Olafsen; EC: Kari Pedersen; EC: Anne-Britt Berg; Health Officer: Solveig Rothe; HealthSocAff: Anne Langaard; The Wolf Doctors; AP: Tore Syvertsen; H: Ragni Arnesen; AP: Wenche Andberg; PP: Tor Iversen; H: Konrad Varnes; PP: Berit Merge; AP: His Amberg; PP: Tore-Jan Ovsthun; AP: Erik Paasche; SV: Muhammad Arif; AP: Sahra Jaber; H: Ekrem Ari; AP: Ellen Sandberg; IC: Elyas Poorgholam; IC: Ali Karaboga; IC: Jorn Lemvik; IC: Annum Islam; EC: Einar Lonstad


A: Mayor: Steinar Arnesen; A: Dep Mayor: Stine-Marie Nilsen; H: Oddmund Ostebo; RE: Mariane Sandholdt; A: Lars Fuglesang; A: Meena Grover; H: Annelise Cristofoli; Ella Risnes; Agnes Frogner; SV: Geirmund Jor (; H: Thor-Ingar Aasheim; R: Jenny Bakken; A: Tor Henriksen; F: Elin Risasen; Youth Council; Runa Naeristorp; F: Jorn Kveseth; A: Usman Asif; F: Katrine Duns; H: Ine Molteberg-Bohn; A: Ruth Land; V: Inger Astad; MayBritt Grunnaleite


Frogner Office; V: Christoffer Olsen; H: Ulf Hordvik; H: Hans Borge; A: Anne Stoltenberg; PP: Hans Henrichsen; H: Nina Ulstein; H: Torkil Saxebol; H: Riga Tenzin; H: Lene Haug; A: Paul Borg; A: Jorgen Sundell; V: Kaare Norum; PP: Ole Malmsten; SV: Kristin Benestad; Medical Dir: Olaf Varslot; H: Elizabeth Paremggiani; H: Carl-Henrik Bastiansen; H: Tjeran Vinje; A: Emil Stoltenberg; SV: Erna Kahlbom; H: Georg Onsrud; H: Elenor Holter; A: Gun Krogh; A: Rudolph Brynn; V: Anne-Lise Heim; V: Naomi Rokkum; PP: Jan Nielsen; SV: Aksel Flack; SV: Karin Theodorsen; H: Bjarne Odegaard; H: Britt Eia; H: Beate Brovig; A: Egil Heinert; V: D Sandbou; H: Sverre Lorentzen; H: Mette Sinding; H: Vivian Gotaas; H: Mette Kongshem; A: Janne Blog; V: January Mesicek; V: Einar Kjerschow; PP: Christopher Andenaes; SV: Aslak Syse


Gamle Office; AP: Susann Jorgensen; AP: Helge Winsvold; V: Runhild Gammelseter; AP: Finn Overik; R: Aroosa Zahoor; H: Erik Lundesgaard; MDG: Astri Midtbo; AP: Martha Vale; R: Geir Hem; R: Stian Bragtvedt; H: Oyvind Michelsen; MDG: Svein Hetland; R: Amir Torkamanipour; H: Havard Privat; AP: January Mehlum; AP: Oyvind Mangerud; AP: Silje Winther; V: Randi Olsen; R: Olaf Svor; PP: Kjell Johansen; SV: May-Jill Hedmark; V: Espen Ophaug; PP: Kjell Course; SV: Julia Loge; AP: Anne-Karin Hansen; R: Geir Gustad; H: Gudrun Hesselberg; V: Helene Skulstad; PP: Paul Monsen; MDG: Ragnhild Pedersen; R: Beth Hartmann; H: Line Skjaerpe; AP: Naima Aseyr; SV: Jarle Vinje; MDG: Maiken McCormick; SV: Joakim Dyrnes; R: Marit Halse; H: Arild Furuseth; MDG: Harald Nissen; PP: Sigurd Fredeng; AP: Helen Andreasssen; AP: Kjartan Michaelsen; R: Ingrid Natvig; H: Ingjerd Dale; V: Joar Rasmussen; PP: Svein Michelsen; MDG: Sofia Haugan; H: Magnus Thue; AP: Atle Hjelkerud; AP: Hanne Heggheim; V: Michael Kvamsdal; MDG: Anders Skyrud


NO: CTR: Sorum: Hege Hoel; NO: CTR: Sorum: Linda Sveen; NO: CTR: Sorum: Vive Bredesen; NO: CTR: Sorum: Eva Aasgard; NO: Komm: Sorum: Iida Olsson; NO: Komm: Sorum: Grete Servold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kari Tveit Mjonerud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Ausen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marita Madsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Susan Forsberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Kristin Smedsrud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Roise; NO: Komm: Sorum: Camilla Gruvell; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gry-Heidi Torp; NO: Komm: Sorum: Irene Barup; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kjersti Bergdolmo; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Austad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Meryam Shikhwaissi; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tone Margrete Bokestad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Hultquist; NO: Komm: Sorum: Elisabeth Gulbrandsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Evelyn Kongstein; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hildegunn Sandbraten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Julie Ostgard; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lillian Nybraten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Aasnes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Siv Alstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Trine Hoff; NO: Komm: Sorum: Elin Asbjornson; NO: Komm: Sorum: Laila Weiby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lina Sameien; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sylvi Edvardsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anna Mari Faersgestad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Andris Vidste; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Busk; NO: Komm: Sorum: Camilla Schoyen-Nordbye; NO: Komm: Sorum: Dag Sopler; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ellen Udnes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Fredrik Olsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Geir Magnussen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Knut Nicolaysen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mathulde Rutle; NO: Komm: Sorum: Oddmund Heir; NO: Komm: Sorum: Riika Kallio; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Monsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tora Vestvold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Oyvind Pettersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Foss; NO: Komm: Sorum: Harald Sundal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Keisten Sonsteby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Randi Ekre; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tore Undrum; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anita Nielsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bente Gronlund; NO: Komm: Sorum: Carina Franzen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Christina Caceres; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marius Trana; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eva Bergheim; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gun Stromstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hilde Hauge; NO: Komm: Sorum: Inger Leret; NO: Komm: Sorum: Iril Myklebust; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorund Jorgensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Karoline Enger; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kristine Andersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lene Andreassen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Eriksen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Merethe Engelsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Paivi Brynildsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Silje Langoy; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sylvia Krogstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Wenche Rubach; NO: Komm: Sorum: Astrid Hovind; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ellen Fladen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Solbakken; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Egeberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mona Thoreid; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tove Digeras; NO: Komm: Sorum: Christin Bjornstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gorild Dohl; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorunn Fretland; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lene Henriksen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lisa Melheim; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Gaupseth; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Scavenius; NO: Komm: Sorum: Thomas Danielsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tove Lundsvoll; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Skytterholm; NO: Komm: Sorum: Aud Grasmo; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingeborg Dittman; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Hareide; NO: Komm: Sorum: Unni Nyengen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ann Risan; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Trandem; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Woien; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bente Fjuk; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eli Hogseth; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hege Haug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorun Bogen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lisbeth Woxen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Saether; NO: Komm: Sorum: Pernille Melby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rut Teian; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sidsel Lilekvelland; NO: Komm: Sorum: Siw Eilertsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Smedtorp; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tollef Taarneby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tove Sannerud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Britt Folvell; NO: Komm: Sorum: Peter Croos; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torunn Raths; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Korsvold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anniken Ovrum; NO: Komm: Sorum: Britt Hertzenberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Henny Braten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorgen Knutsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Margaret Gundersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Per Jansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Siri Eggum; NO: Komm: Sorum: Angela Duarte; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anita Pedersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Brynhidl Johnsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Cathrine Amundsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ellen Nordvang; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eva Horsfjord; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hans Imshaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Helge Dannemark; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hilde Ingebretsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingrid Thoreid; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jeanett Krogsvold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Katalin Kurucz; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kristoffer Bruun; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lillian Kjonnerod; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lise Ryen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marie Roll-Hansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marthe Rostad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mona Bakke; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ole Oyen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Toril Foss; NO: CTR: Sorum: Jorun Smedsrud; NO: CTR: Sorum: Marit Baarli; NO: CTR: Sorum: Cathrine Helle; NO: CTR: Sorum: Eva Johansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jannicke Walle Hjorengdal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Harriet Fjellstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kirsten Ruffoni; NO: Komm: Sorum: Maja Skjaeret; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mona Brathen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Amina Aliassi; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bente Berg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Birte Line Sunnarvik; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eli Hexeberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Heidi Muggeby-Andersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jane Wolla Johansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lise Furuseth; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Smedholen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mona Foss; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rigmor Dahlsveen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Trine Brenna; NO: Komm: Sorum: Charlotte Mandal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ellen Furuseth; NO: Komm: Sorum: Grethe Berntsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Irene Nystuen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kirsti Andresen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lisbeth Hansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Helgesen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Johansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Astrid Engebo Hammeren; NO: Komm: Sorum: Elisabeth Odden; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Hansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lisa Sameien; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tove Hjortland; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Sudmann; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Kampen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Camilla Sjovold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Dan Urdesic; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eva Jorgensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gerlinde Kottman; NO: Komm: Sorum: Helge Lillekvelland; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mari Anne Berg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Morten Jensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Peggy Andreassen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Roger Teie; NO: Komm: Sorum: Therese Storvik; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lina Hansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anders Trandem; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Faller; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hilde Melby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lena Kristiansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rune Punnerud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Trine Falla; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ann Kilsand; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Nielsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Carina Sperre; NO: Komm: Sorum: Elin Vattoy; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bodil Moe; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gry Alnaes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gunnvor Nilsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ida Hexeberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingrid Hammer; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jeanett Grovslein; NO: Komm: Sorum: Karen Loberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kateryna Eriksen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Laila Holstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lillian Jahr-Hermann; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Mortensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mona Straete; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rashda Jafri; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sissel Rosnes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torild Egner; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anette Ostby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Einar Jahr; NO: Komm: Sorum: Heidi Lindblad Varum; NO: Komm: Sorum: Luba Sogaard; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Reiholm-Hoel; NO: Komm: Sorum: Monica Ingjer; NO: Komm: Sorum: Solveig Johansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Vigdis Sandbraten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Christina Schwabe; NO: Komm: Sorum: Havard Hvidsten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kaisa Ingilae; NO: Komm: Sorum: Liam Rode-Haehre; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lisset Ganuza; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mette Pedersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Siri Krogh; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tone Lesteberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Trond Andersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Annette Bondi; NO: Komm: Sorum: Harald Stokstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kristin Mjos; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ragnhild Naeprud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Wayni Lerdahl; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ann Stolpnes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Skorstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Beate Sandbakk; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Nyborg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hege Hubenthal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Inez Didriksen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kjersti Teigen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mariann Jensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Odd Fladen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rita Andresen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ruth Eckhoff; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sigrid Hallen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Solveig Fossum; NO: Komm: Sorum: Susan Thorsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tone Heggelund; NO: Komm: Sorum: Veronika Hylle; NO: Komm: Sorum: Heidi Hoel; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sylvi Tallhaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Aileen Boyesen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Braten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Arne Vighals; NO: Komm: Sorum: Cecilie Ostreng; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorun Nielsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Bjerke; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Kristiansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rita Abrahamsrud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Tidem; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anita Heggedal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Berit Rustad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bard Sinding; NO: Komm: Sorum: Cecilie Solhaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Essel Buenaventura; NO: Komm: Sorum: Evy Schjelderup; NO: Komm: Sorum: Heidi Schau; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hilde Hannestad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hakon Halling; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingvid Hogset; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorn Andersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Katrine Corona; NO: Komm: Sorum: Laila Geggedal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Larsson; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lorna Kall; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marie Jupskas; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mary Johnsbraten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Hestad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rita Tjaernas; NO: Komm: Sorum: Toril Knutsen; NO: CTR: Sorum: Kristin Kaas; NO: CTR: Sorum: Tine Johansen; NO: CTR: Sorum: Cathrine Nedrum; NO: CTR: Sorum: Evabrit Lindboe; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jeanette Johansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hilde Anita Lillefoss; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kristin Skadsdammen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Gronbeck; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Fagerhaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ann Kristin Christiansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bente Heggedal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bjorg Braathen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eva Marie Myhrer; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingunn Jorgensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Karianne Os; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mahoubeh Ghouchan; NO: Komm: Sorum: May-Rita Nitteberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nathali Brathen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Kjaerstad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Veronica Brathen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Dina Skovereng; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eva Ganzarain; NO: Komm: Sorum: Helene Baereg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Janne Kilen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kjersti Nyhus; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mari Skjonnhaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Naess; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torunn Paulsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bente Tunskaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Sanderengen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Reidun Heimdal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tuva Borg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mona Nicolaysen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Kampen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bjorg Johnsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Cecilie Ackenhausen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Delia Oprita; NO: Komm: Sorum: Frederik Bjorge; NO: Komm: Sorum: Goril Svardaal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingrid Skyaasen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marie Andresen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Svenne; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ranveig Risberg; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sissel Hermann; NO: Komm: Sorum: Thomas Kristiansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Tuva Holst; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anita Knudsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Alisabeth Lokken; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kjell Maalen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Aasnes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Solfrid Engen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Allan Stensurd-Josten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ann-Britt Jacobsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Camilla Solvang; NO: Komm: Sorum: Christin Gabrielsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Elisabeth Oye; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gerd Hoel; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gry Hoika; NO: Komm: Sorum: Helene Granli; NO: Komm: Sorum: Inger Johannessen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingvild Skjonhaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: June Hay; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kari Bjordal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kjell Frostlid; NO: Komm: Sorum: Laila Sletvold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Linda Sandersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marthe Christensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Bentzen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rosalind Juliussen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stig Karlsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Wenche Radford; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ann Isaksen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Elisabeth Asplund; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ivar Bjordal; NO: Komm: Sorum: May Akselsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ragnhild Nysted; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anke Lillehauge; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gian Lillo; NO: Komm: Sorum: Irmelin Wenzel; NO: Komm: Sorum: Katy Lia; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lillian Naeprud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Eriksen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Nina Baecksensten; NO: Komm: Sorum: Steffen Lundsvoll; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torild Kjus; NO: Komm: Sorum: Oyvstein Ulvestad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Astrid Groseth; NO: Komm: Sorum: Heidi Bjornes; NO: Komm: Sorum: Therese Moe; NO: Komm: Sorum: Albertina Kleven; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Gimse; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Pedersen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Benny Drejer; NO: Komm: Sorum: Britt Ryttervold; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hege Larsson; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ingun Thoresen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lill Skaaras; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marit Olsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Oddny Fjeld; NO: Komm: Sorum: Rita Auli; NO: Komm: Sorum: Sarah Garder; NO: Komm: Sorum: Siri Storhaug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Solveig Christensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Thom Arnesen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torunn Brathen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Asgjerd Halseth; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marianne Veiby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torbjorg Pleym; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Berven; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anne Sverdrup; NO: Komm: Sorum: Bente Rotnebo; NO: Komm: Sorum: Eva Standal; NO: Komm: Sorum: Jorunn Dohlen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Liv Kristiansen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mette Eggum; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ruth Kristensen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Zhala Karim; NO: Komm: Sorum: Anita Kettunen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Birgitte Ostby; NO: Komm: Sorum: Camilla Naess; NO: Komm: Sorum: Charlotte Gussias; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ester Haug; NO: Komm: Sorum: Gunn Ajaxson; NO: Komm: Sorum: Heidi Nyhus; NO: Komm: Sorum: Hilde Gjorvad; NO: Komm: Sorum: Inger Bjerke; NO: Komm: Sorum: Irene Solem; NO: Komm: Sorum: Karoline Foss; NO: Komm: Sorum: Kjersti Dolerud; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lena Erasmus; NO: Komm: Sorum: Lisbeth Olsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Mari-Ann Brathen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Marie Ugland; NO: Komm: Sorum: Veronia Opasen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Ranveig Paulsen; NO: Komm: Sorum: Stine Syltevik; NO: Komm: Sorum: Torunn Marigard; Turid Oydan; Anne Sagsveen; Aslaug Tveit; Evy Hoff-Olsen; Hanne Lundsvoll; Karen-Marie Westby; Lillian Ellingsen; Roy Merli; Anders Ekman; Kari Haetta; Maria Houtsma-Hofman; Anne Joranli; Bjorg Loken; Grete Bihlet; Hilde Wiese; Kari Pedersen; Mai Tuyet Ha; Turid Fjell; Camilla Servold; Irene Killingberg; Malin Myklebust; Siri Fladeby; Bente Johnsen; Erna Forset; Heidi Nilsen; Kari Halvorsrud; Liv Engen; Mona Lund; Else Jorgensen; Mari Hauger; Terje Kristiansen; Anita Hagen; Thore Ottershagen; Ann Bratland; Eli Trones; Geir Sverdrup; Kari Skaugen; Siv Aandal-Froystadvag; Jon Erik Engan; Randi Breivik; Anja Taarneby; Jan Blomberg; Nina Eide; Gunn Hellerud; Kari Nilsen; Prosper Uykumpala; Anja Wifladt; Gullborg Braute; Hilde Karlsen; Lise Ingebrigtsen; Vigdis Haugland; Annette Bergersen; Edel Langeland; Lene Olesen; Marianne Renshuslokken; Steinar Brekke; Oystein Sobye; Heidi Camilla Hansen; Lill-Anita Skjonsby; Reidun Bergin; Anne Telle; Greta Krawczyk; Janike Magnussen; Lill Jorgensen; Monica Aarseth; Afrim Berisha; Bard Hole; Cathrine Myhre; Gunn Bentsen; Hanne Holt; Heidi Evensen; Inger Skivik; Knut Josefsen; Linda Christensen; Mia Sterud; Ole Hansen; Svanhild Engen; Torill Dorum; Wenche Lie; Karianne Draege; Ragni Rustad; Berit Moe; Bodil Westby; Ellen Graarud; Knut Amundsen; Roy Jahrn; Ann-Mari Bolge; Marianne Tenold; Synnove Sameien; Joachim Brasoy; Vebjorn Pollen; Ingunn Servold; Anne Thoreid; Brit Halvorsrud; Inger Walberg; Jelena Bojic; Kate Feby; Maria Holmen; Marit Sandbraaten; Mona Olsen; Solveig Sveistrup; Synnove Engebretsen; Anne-Lisa Lystad; Cecilie Thomassen; Hega Crowton; Kristin Crouch; Manuela Wilhelmsen; Sissel Fosser; Therese Haskjold; Annine Haskjold; Elisabeth Bjerke; Grete Bjerke; Hildur Digeras; Ingunn Solberg; Laila Harsheim; Liv Bjerkem; Madeleine Holtet; Maylin Westbye; Sissel Engelstad; Trude Lindstrom; Unni Thoreid; Aase Skedsmo; Amund Rolstad; Anne Lokken; Arnhild Westbye; Elin Skogly; Eva Bassoe; Hanne Undrum; Heidi Korsmo; Inga Norling; Ingunn Ronaas; Kenneth Fors; Linda Endresplass; Lovise Rannug; Marianne Lingner; Mona Fjeldvang; Reidun Eng; Sara Brathen; Sissel Tveit; Sonja Madsen; Stine Tellefsen; Trude Waage; Wenche Schie; Elin Myhre; Anne Kopperud; Cathrine Stenbrenden; Heidi Gronnvold; Inger Ostensen; Linh Nhung; Maren Egner; May Jacobsen; Monica Gueug; Renate Tonnesen; Tor Slemdahl; Trine Trobe; Unni Holemdal; Yoo Braten; Janne Sveistrup; Arne Gjelsvik; Jane Brathen; Marius Trana; Anne Hareide Ostby; Egil Lundero; Kenneth Andresen; Marit Skare; Toril Molde; Edvard Bele; Kari Gaalaas; Aina Vasseng; Kristin Minge; Randi Tangen; Torill Aurstad; Lillian Egeberg; Stein Andersen; Andre Narstad; Bjorn Tofsrud; Henrik Raastad; Jan-Erik Saetre; Morten Holst; Stian Finneide; Vegar Haug; Bodil Ronning; Henrik Vesteng; Lars-Arne Biedilae; Erik Fjellhaug; Ingar Brataas; Marek Sumislawski; Odd Paulsen; Kai Nordby; Vidar Hellerud; John Evjemo; Morgan Lervaag; Silje Bakke-Hegli; Terje Bolum; Vigorn Arntzen; Vibeke Haugsrud; Eline Bjerke; Geir Fyen; Hege Vestby; Karin Svarstad; Lars-Eirik Svardahl; Marianne Westby; Stine Smedbakken; Anna Smirnova-Haugen; Lise Kristensen; Ole Kjerschow; Anne Tjaernas; Elin Austeng; Gro Foss; Jorunn Berntsen; Linda Sigvaldsen; Malfrid Kvithyll; Yngvill Risberget; Cathrine Klouman; Kristin Bakker; Mia Pettersen; Therese Smeby; Eirik Ellingsund; Frank Andres; Inger Buskenes; Kari Nesheim; Maj Liss Pettersen; Sander Meursinge; Harald Fonnelop; Olav Noraker; Una Beier; Grete Hansen; Tonje Lie; Ann-Kristin Rodal; Elisabeth Cederkvist; Gry Hilton; Lillian Nilsen; Berit Rudi; Mereth Nordby; Torill Fjuk; Ellen Erichsen; June Bjerknes; 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Geir Hageli; Hege Olsen; Lille Jakobsen; Tonje Holm; Wenche Tonnesen; Bente Haugli; Kristian Ravlo; Malene Ask; Marlin Stubb; Thor-Gunnar Hauge; Anna-Marie Waerdahl; Kate Mikalsen; Paul Hardy; Tine Schjetne; Bente Holterhuset; Iren Hesbraten; Lene Olsen; Mona Ruud; Tina Sandvik; Birgit Westrum; Camilla Soberg; Ellen Endsjo; Hanne Granli; Hege Tangen; Ine Pedersen; Karim Saboor; Linda Westberg; Martine Lauritsen; Mona Berntsen; Susan Johansen; Tone Hageland; Vanja Romset; Ellen Oyen; Paulo Bairos; Torild Berg; Mona Flyen; Dag Kleven; Jan Horgen; Odd Brenden; Asbjorn Langeland; Sissel Andersen; Jan Helander; Torunn Hoel; Anne Sobye; Inger Tveranger; Barbette Gronlien; Else Skjonhaug; Irene Arifovic; Kari Tornby; Lise Finstad; Marit Samuelsen; Mildrid Bergum; Roswitha Johansen; Sylke Witt; Turid Kjetsa; Bjornhild Enger; Eva Kristoffersen; Inger Skjelmerud; Liv Jorgensen; Sissel Andersen; Suvi Rontti; Anita Holter; Elin Thoreid; Eva Bliksvaer; Gun Ellevold; Inger Braten; Karoline Vik; Lisbeth Sjoli; Liv Jeppesen; Marit Martinsen; Ruth Roed; Sonja Gullikstad; Unni Dramstad; Wrenche Moseby; Abirami Gajendran; Anne Grethe Skorild; Arlene Alpuerto; Berit Mustaparta; Ellen Nordli; Gry Haagenrud; Heidi Garthe; Ida Nymoen; Ingunn Engebretsen; Katarzyna Koska; Lena Landstad; Lise Mollegaard; Maria Hestnes; Mona Bardseng; Rehema Risopatron; Sara Berger; Sif Petursdottir; Solveig Bakke; Stine Knutsem; Tone Nordby; Wenche Mkjonerud; Bjard Gjestvang; Anne-Kjersti Pedersen; Anni Valbjorn; Halldis Olsen; Ida Sevaldsen; Kurt Pettersen; Manicheh Varanalou; May Furuseth; Monica Adsero; Randi Engen; Tone Rygh; Tove Thorbjornsrud; Una Marie Olsen; Wenche Didriksen; Anita Holtet; Anette Elseth; Ivar Egeberg; Are Tomasgard; Anja Blikom; Jonas Pedersen; Marit Furuseth; Roy Hansen; Vivian Sandem; Ingvild Syversen; Tina Hermansen; Karin Lovstad; Marianne Andresen; Helga Soldal; Kjersti Nordli; Siw Jensen; Vidar Hasle; Bjorn Odden; Harald Okern; Jan Vidar Huserbraten; Kjell Skjonhaug; Per Skaret; Tore Nilsen; Bente Hasle; Heidi Mork; Kari Tiller; Tormod Dragland; Hans Johansen; Kjetil Mjonerud; Odd Braten; Jim Sinkerud; Verner Fadnes; Gjermund Nilsen; Lillian Eid; Otto Knudsen; Stale Grinaker; Tone Helland; Roger Gulbrandsen

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FLEUR-DE-LIS HUMINT :: F(x) Population Growth x F(x) Declining Resources = F(x) Resource Wars

KaffirLilyRiddle: F(x)population x F(x)consumption = END:CIV
Human Farming: Story of Your Enslavement (13:10)
Unified Quest is the Army Chief of Staff's future study plan designed to examine issues critical to current and future force development... - as the world population grows, increased global competition for affordable finite resources, notably energy and rare earth materials, could fuel regional conflict. - water is the new oil. scarcity will confront regions at an accelerated pace in this decade.
US Army: Population vs. Resource Scarcity Study Plan
Human Farming Management: Fake Left v. Right (02:09)
ARMY STRATEGY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Office of Dep. Asst. of the Army Environment, Safety and Occupational Health: Richard Murphy, Asst for Sustainability, 24 October 2006
2006: US Army Strategy for Environment
CIA & Pentagon: Overpopulation & Resource Wars [01] [02]
Peak NNR: Scarcity: Humanity’s Last Chapter: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nonrenewable Natural Resource (NNR) Scarcity’s Consequences, by Chris Clugston
Peak Non-Renewable Resources = END:CIV Scarcity Future
Race 2 Save Planet :: END:CIV Resist of Die (01:42) [Full]

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