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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

258 Norwegian Psychologists Association Members Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

258 Norwegian Psychologists Association Members Notified that Breivik Acquittal is Justified by Media's Population-Terrorism Connection

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 22 May 2012

From: Habeus Mentem
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 8:09 PM
To: Norwegian Psychological Association Members
Subject: [Psyk.For] Breivik Acquittal Justified by Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection?

Dear Members of Norway Psykolog Foreningen,

1. Do the Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism?

2. If Breivik proves his Political Necessity arguments -- i.e. 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation (massively censored from public discourse by media)' -- should he be acquitted?

3. In the absence of a media censorship campaign, Breivik would have raised his complaints non-violently. What has been the media and Oslo Court's response to non-violent EcoFeminist applications on behalf of Breivik receiving a free and fair trial?

4. Is there a massive media censorship campaign to censor the information that there are liberals, environmentalists, feminists, who care about whether Breivik receives a free and fair trial?


Breivik's primary final motivation for Oslo/Utoya Terror Attacks was the Norwegian Media's Censorship:

Oslo Organized Crime Police Investigation Report "Explanation of 22 July 2011":

"[Breivik] has been censored for years. He mentions Dagbladet and Aftenposten as those who among other things have censored him..... He says that he also wrote “essays” that he tried to publish via the usual channels, but that they were all censored..... As long as more than twelve were executed, the operation will still be a success. The experts ask how the number twelve comes into consideration. Twelve dead are needed to penetrate the censorship wall, he explains..... The goal was to execute as many as possible. At least 30. It was horrible, but the number had to be assessed based on the global censorship limit...... He believes he had to kill at least twelve, because there is a censorship-wall preventing an open debate about what is happening in the country..... So I knew I had to cross a certain threshold to exceed the censorship-wall of the international media."


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Habeus Mentem Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


‘If It Bleads, It Leads’ Media’s Population-Terrorism Connection (PDF)

Over 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials participate in massive Media Censorship Coverup of EcoFeminist Amicus Curiae Application to Oslo Court in Support of Breivik (1) Breivik's Right to Legal Sanity and a Free and Fair Trial; (2) The only logical outcome of a real ‘free and fair trial’ in Norway v. Breivik was: acquittal or the death penalty.

CENSORED BY OVER 1,283 Norwegian Media Officials


EcoFeminists Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights Application Filed in Norway v. Breivik Supreme Court


On 10 May 2012 the Application was finalized for the Norway Supreme Court.

On 11 May 2012 a 'test media censorship firewall' News Release was published to all International Wire Services, which includes: Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France Press (AFP), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice of America.

Daniel Quinn on Totalitarian Agriculture (04:19)
GEORGE ZA / TRONDHEIM NO: On 10 May an EcoFeminist member of Radical Honesty SA culture, filed a Deep Green Ecology Indigenous Rights application in the Norway Supreme Court, which includes UN Special Rapporter on Indigenous Rights, James Anyana as one of the respondents.

The Norway Supreme Court are asked to issue two declaratory orders and review two applications submitted to the Oslo District Court in the Breivik matter. The initial Declaratory Order asks that the African EcoFeminist Applicant be admitted to the Norway v. Breivik matter as a Jus Sanguinis Radical Honoursty African EcoFeminist White Refugee Applicant.

The EcoFeminist applicant states that she is a Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) descendant of Norwegian artillery officer and citizen: Johan Pieter FÜRSTENBERG, who was born about 1760 in Bergen, Norway and then emigrated to South Africa.

Johnstone states she is an Indigenous European, because she is Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood) directly descended from Norwegian, French, Dutch, British and German Settler Progenitor/s who traveled to South Africa as ‘settler' farmers, soldiers, medical personnel, religious and political administrators, in response to, and as a result of, their Nations Geopolitical ‘Colonial Empire' Lebensraum Decision-making policies, to find only the Bushman, as indigenous natives.

Her Jus Sanguinis predecessors ‘Colonial Empire' actions were motivated by their decision thousands of years ago to give up their sustainable Law of Limited Competition hunter gatherer / agrarian policies, to adopt unsustainable Totalitarian Agriculture policies, which results in surplus food production / population, creating population Lebensraum pressures culminating in resource, culling and conquering wars for new territory.

If approved, the EcoFeminist Amicus would address alternative legal arguments from a Problem Solving Radical Transparency EcoFeminists perspective as opposed to the Prosecution & Defense's Parasite Leeching Masculine (Reason and Logic) Insecurity Patriarchal perspectives to allow the court to base its decision on a more comprehensive, natural law deep green ecology legal framework.

Radical Honoursty Sustainability argues that a healthy ecological environment based on carrying capacity laws of sustainability is a sine qua non for all other constitutional rights. Legally this means that an individual whose lifestyle is sustainable, in terms of procreation (2 children or less per family) and consumption (ecological footprint) should be entitled to other civil and human ‘rights', whereas individuals whose lifestyle are not sustainable should be denied other rights until they amend their lifestyle to being sustainable.

Johnstone is 45 years old, has never been on welfare, has used contraception since the age of 19 to avoid pregnancy. She has lived an ecological small footprint life; to avoid aggravating overpopulation, resource wars; materialist consumerism and resource depletion. Her Ecological Footprint, excluding ‘Child-Free' factor is 13.16 gha.

The second Declaratory Order requests the Norwegian Minister of Culture to clarify whether Norway is legally a ‘Children of the Rainbow' Multicultural State, granting the Applicant her rights to invoke Radical Honoursty cultural law.

The court has acknowledged receipt but refuses to issue a case number.


Media deliberately and intentionally CENSOR NON-VIOLENT PROBLEM SOLVING, to create a socio-political pressure cooker environment, for their 'If It Bleeds, it Leads' Corporate Profit from Terrorism.

If the RULE OF LAW, not the left wing notion of RULE OF EMOTION or the right wing notion of RULE OF MEN is applied in this case; then according to the Necessity Defence, if Breivik proves his arguments; one of them being massive Media Censorship, then he should be acquitted.

Now if the media -- as part of his trial -- are involved in deliberately obstructing justice by means of censorship; that adds significant weight to Breivik's argument of Media Censorship of the issues he considers important to be raised in public discourse.

If Breivik proves his Necessity arguments -- which can be summarized as 'Breivik brutally killed 77 to save 770 million from impending Islamic colonisation, massively censored by media' -- he should be acquitted.


Lara Johnstone
Habeus Mentem: Right 2 Legal Sanity
Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored


SENT TO: 258 Norwegian Psychologists Association Members

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