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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012-05-21 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 21: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

2012-05-21 (TV2): Breivik Trial Transcript: Day 21: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

Utoya Survivors: Hussein Kazemi (20) | Hanne Hestø Ness (20) | Marte Fevang Smith (18) | Marte Gustavsen Ødegården (18) | Renate Tårnes

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 21 May 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

Hussein Kazemi (20): came from Afghanistan to Norway in 2009; heard about AUF through a friend. Arrived late the night before so was sleeping in his tent when he was told to go to Oslo bomb information meeting. Did not understand the fuss, cause 'this happens every day in Afghanistan'; was shot a few times, while running and swimming away.

Hanne Hestø Ness (20): was in the Great Hall for information about the Oslo bomb, and was shot a few times in the arms and neck, felt paralyzed.

Marte Fevang Smith (18): was at the outdoor stage to find information about the Oslo bomb; she ran to Love Trail where she was shot, and finally hid in a tent.

Marte Gustavsen Ødegården (18): was at the Buskerud AUF camp toilet when she saw people running. She ran to the Love Trail with others. She was shot twice in the lower back, and dragged herself down to the water where she lay for an hour. She hovered between life and death for several days.

Renate Tårnes: was in the Cafebuilding for Oslo bomb meeting; heard the shots and watched Snorre go down to the mainhouse where he confronted Breivik and was shot. She ran back to Cafebuilding and hid in the Little House.

8:44 Good morning from Oslo District Court. We are now at the trial 21 today. Today many of the survivors of Utøya testify in court.

8:45 First up is 20-year-old Hussein Kazemi. He was shot in the leg but managed to escape. He threw himself into the water and partially hid behind a rock.

8:46 Later we shall hear Hanne Hestø Ness, she 20 years old. She survived three shots.

8:50 Then, 18-year-old Martha Smith Fevang statement. She was shot in the head, but made it anyway, partly thanks to a girl who helped her.

8:51 Both Jody and Martha lost her best friends at Utøya.

8:53 After lunch the Martha Gustavsen Ødegården (18) witness. She was shot twice in the lower back and hovered for days between life and death.

8:55 The last person to testify is Renate Tower, who lost his girlfriend Snorre Halls.

8:55 Renate called the police emergency when the shooting took place. This conversation was played by the prosecution's introduction of Oslo District Court.

8:59 Anders Breivik Behring is now brought into court and confer with his defense Geir Lippestad.

9:00 The court is set.
9:03 The witness Hussein Kazemi (20) called into court and taking a seat in the witness box.

9:05 The prosecutor Svein Holden leading questioning.

9:05 Kazemi came from Afghanistan and came to Norway in 2009.

9:08 He says that he heard about the AUF and Utøya from a friend. Then he read up on the net. He joined, but did not pay the fee until after Utøya.

9:08 He took two friends to Utøya.

9:10 He had slept little the night before, and wanted to sleep a few hours in the afternoon. But he was taken with an information meeting about the bomb in Oslo.

9:11 He called his brother, who had a good time. He said "this happends every day in Afghanistan." - I was not scared anymore.

9:13 He was clean in the dining room when he heard someone shouting that they had heard shots. He thought it was just nonsense.

9:15 When he realized the seriousness he hid behind the piano in Little Hall. The shots came closer.

9:17 He was with several other behind the piano.

9:18 He says he has struggled with guilt because he did not understand the seriousness away.

9:19 He did not Breivik, but time ran out and out in the square outside the cafe building.

9:19 He ran into the woods without shoes.

9:21 He met some young people, and one of them said "you've been shot." Then he noticed the blood.

9:22 Two girls and a boy helped him to bridge the wound.

9:23 They heard the police sirens from the mainland, and believed they were rescued. But only a few minutes after so many who ran for their lives along the Love Trail.

9:25 He was dizzy and had it not good. They stopped at the pump house. There they saw a girl who was shot in the head. Half his head was full of blood.

9:30 He met someone he knew, hiding between the Pump House and Sydspissen. He said "you can sit here with me", but Kazemi decided to go further south.

9:32 By Sydspissen he met one of the boys he was Utøya with. He began to cry when he saw Kazemi.

9:34 Kazemi: - I saw the perpetrator through the woods, maybe fifty yards away. I saw his police uniform and machine gun around his neck.

9:36 The defendant approached, and when he was only a few meters away Kazemi - I threw myself into the water. The only thing I thought of was that I had to move on.

9:36 Kazemi - I had only been swimming three times. I tried to swim a little, a few meters.

9:37 When he came up to draw breath, whistling bullets around his head.

9:39 The day before he had learned to swim on his back so he tried it.

9:39 He believes that one of the bullets hit him in the legs, but it could have happened earlier.

9:40 He hid behind a rock in the water.

9:41 He heard later that some spute "is the real police." He took a chance on getting up from the water, and sat on the stone.

9:41 Kazemi: - Then I saw the dead, and police who tried to help those who survived.

9:44 Kazemi: - A little boy picked up the police to me. He shouted, "He is shot everywhere". One of the policemen used a portion of his gun to connect my wound, and was concerned that I met to get across to the mainland.

9:46 He was eventually transported by ambulance to sykehus. Han had been shot in both thighs and right ankle.

9:47 He said afterwards has been a hell, but that he is now trying to think ahead.

9:47 Kazemi: - Everything has been difficult. Have had problems with school, sleeping, everything.

9:48 Kazemi: - It vikigste is that I live. But I lie if I say it goes well with me.

9:49 Defender Lippestad set Kazemi about his conversation with Breivik on the island: - He said you "have you seen him?".

9:50 Kazemi: - He tried to fool us. He wanted us to believe that he was an ordinary policeman.

9:51 Kazemi: - He had a calm and gentle voice. It was easy to be fooled.

9:58 Kazemi: - Utøya was my first encounter with AUFerne, but it is not the last. Those who were killed on Utøya had hopes and dreams. I will continue to go on Utøya to fulfill the wishes and dreams
9:59 Kazemi is finished with his explanation. Now it's Hanne Hestø Ness (20) to testify.

10:00 Anders Breivik Behring will be asked to leave the hall before she should explain herself. He accepted it without comment.

10:03 Ness has taken place in the witness box and the prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh starts questioning.

10:04 She said she was in the Great Hall for information about the bomb meeting in Oslo. She was there to charge the phone and to catch up on news.

10:05 Ness: - Suddenly we heard a bang and a scream. It breaks out full panic. People ran out, but I was sitting.

10:07 Ness: - It was full chaos. The shots came closer. I had the best my friend on her lap. She had connected completely. The offender entered the room and shoot.

10:08 Ness - I was hit several times in the arms and neck.

10:09 Ness: - It did not hurt to be shot. I sat on the floor before I was shot, and then I lay on the floor, in a strange position. I could not move.

10:10 Ness - I thought I was paralyzed. It was a strange feeling in my legs. I lay there thinking "what kind of life is to be paralyzed?"

10:11 Ness - I was so angry that I shouted after him. The phones in the room began to ring, around the same time. I think he was right again. Then I just closed my eyes and held my breath.

10:13 Ness - I was so angry, so I called on him. I would not be ruined for life. But now I'm glad that he did not come back.

10:14 Ness: - Best my friend lay on top of me. I realized that she was dead right away.

10:15 Ness - I heard a helicopter and thought that help was coming, but it did not. It took a very long time.

10:16 She described the perpetrator look that freezing cold and empty. He showed no emotion.

10:18 Finally she heard that the police came, and was scared, but took a chance on trying to shout. There was only a whisper. Tried to move the legs.

10:19 Ness: - A police officer came over and asked what my name was and where I was shot. I asked if my hand was gone, but he said that it was there.

10:19 Ness - I said that the best my friend on top of my chest and I can not breathe. You must take her away, but you must do it gently.

10:20 Ness: - A AUFer who could first looked at my wounds. She fetched a blanket and I was moved away from the dead.

10:22 Ness - I was worn out by a policeman. I got rain in your face and it was one of the best feelings ever. I was taken down in a small boat. When I came across my blood pressure dropped a lot.

10:22 Ness - I was transported into an ambulance and then in a helicopter. I do not remember anything from the next few days, but came to Ullevål hospital eight forty-five that night.

10:23 Ness - I had called my mom, even when I came to the hospital. I said that I had been shot, but that it would be fine with me.

10:24 Ness - I had one annt amputate the little finger.

10:25 Ness - I was on a respirator for several weeks. I was discharged from hospital 30 november.

10:25 Ness: - Today I have spinal cord injury and neck injury.

10:27 Ness - I was in a wheelchair for quite some time, but now I can go.

10:29 Ness says that she still has many serious problems, even though she is better than she was.

10:30 Ness - I went three and a half months on morphine.

10:34 Ness - I was extremely scared at first. Only I heard a søplebil outside, I was scared.

10:37 Ness asks assistance from lawyers if she remembers who was in the Great Hall before the shooting started. But she says she only remembers her best friend and a boy who spoke to her.

10:38 Ness finished his explanation. Court takes break until at 11
11:01 The court is set after the break. It is a witness to go before lunch break. It is Marte Fevang Smith (18).

11:02 Neither during this explanation should Breivik be present in the courtroom. He follows the witness's testimony from the next room with his defender.

11:05 Smith was at the outdoor stage for the information meeting about the bomb in Oslo. They heard three or four bangs, and people thought it was China putter.

11:06 Smith - But then came a running and shouting that it was shot. We ran, but stopped at the edge of the tent. A thought that we should try to speak it as an extension to their senses.

11:06 Smith: - Suddenly I saw a police figure that stood about 10 meters away from me. He walked over to a person, and so he shot him.

11:07 Smith: - We run, I and many others. I hear someone say that it is a PR stunt or someone kidding. We gather together, 11 pieces at the Love Trail. A next to me trying to call the police. When he comes through he is told that "No, you misunderstood, it's a bomb in Oslo".

11:08 Smith - He tried to say several times that it was shooting at Utøya, but was only told that he had misunderstood.

11:09 Smith: - We went down the path. I see when the same police figure coming toward us, as he said "Where the hell is he?". He comes to us and shoot one after another. I know that the ground disappear beneath me, and all sounds disappear.

11:10 Smith: - The next thing I remember is that I hear bang and someone around me makes some sounds that I do not quite know what is. I try to turn around. When I see one that stretches out a hand and says, "I die". I try to turn around to help, but I can not do it. I think I have been paralyzed.

11:12 There were ten people who died there.

11:12 Prosecutors Holden: - Did you know the others?

11:12 Smith: - Best my friend was there.

11:14 Smith tells of minutes before Breivik came to the place. They sought solace in each other.

11:14 Smith: - I heard several said that it would be nice, it was just someone that nonsense.

11:14 Smith: - But then he came and started shooting.

11:15 Smith: - I said "no", but I do not think anyone heard it, I said it so low. Otherwise, no one said anything.

11:16 Prosecutors Holden asks if the ten were killed in two times, but Smith says that she saw the offender on the spot once, and that many were dead when she got up.

11:18 Smith: - I thought that there were several perpetrators because I heard so many shots. I had to get up because I thought if I was shot again, then I would die.

11:18 Smith: - I tried to look around me about some of their days. But no one answered me.

11:19 Smith: - I pulled myself up the small hill from the slope and into the woods. I had to find a place to hide, but it was so useful.

11:19 Smith: - I could barely walk, and realized that I could not swim.

11:21 Smith: - I saw a boy who I knew from before, he was carrying a boy who was injured. He was with a girl who just stood there in jeans and bra. She asked if I had fallen since I was bleeding in the head. I said that I was shot.

11:21 Smith: - She said her name was Jane and went on the health and social services. "This will go well."

11:23 Smith: - We were sitting a few minutes before entering the School House. Outside is a large tent, called Rock Tent. We go in there. Jane asks the boy to sit with me. She ran out to find something she bind my wound with. Before I could say anything, she ran. I hear shots, and is sure that she gets shot.

11:24 Smith - But she comes back with bandage and tape. She asks me to lie down. The boy sends sms to his sister, who have contact with the police. All the time we hear the bang.

11:26 Smith: - Janne calling and trying to get information about how she can stop the bleeding, but is provided and hang up. She walks away in the tent door, and comes back. She sits down behind a speaker and looking very frightened. I look towards the opening and see the same leg I've ever seen before. I'm sure we're going to die.

11:27 Smith: - I saw reflections of his pants. But he passed.

11:28 Smith - Later we hear someone yell "police". We are afraid. A policeman comes into the tent, and Jane asks "will you kill us?". He says "no no", but asks us to be in the tent, since the island is not secured.

11:30 She says that she remembers little about how she was taken away from the island, but was taken over in a boat together with the boy from the tent.

11:32 Smith: - When I came across, I was greeted by an English lady, and saw a Norwegian man. He takes me in a car. It is full, but a boy who sat in the car said that he could go out. During the car journey is a mobile on the round started, but I could not speak. I apologized to the driver that there was blood in his car.

11:34 Smith: - When we arrived at Sundvolden I was followed in and was sitting in a chair. A guest comes over and says she is a nurse. Someone I know came over and said he was glad I live. I did call my brother.

11:35 Smith says the best my friend Maria - I held her hand when she was shot.

11:36 Smith said she has had to stop dancing because she has an injury to the bone. But she says there are a few things, considering how close it was.

11:37 Smith: - I have ten people to live for.

11:38 Defender Lippestad ask Smith explain how the perpetrator acted.

11:38 Smith - He acted completely normal, as if he did something completely different.

11:39 Smith: - I remember he said, "where the hell is he?" and I thought he was looking for Eskil Pedersen. It was something I thought right then and there.

11:40 Smith: - There was no wild shooting, he was calm and determined.

11:41 Smith: - Utøya was the first policy we were in the AUF, so it should be made that we were familiar with those from the Vestfold.

11:42 Smith: - I am now engaged, both me and Mary.

11:44 Smith takes questions from lawyers for assistance Bano, who was killed.

11:45 Smith: - She was hoarse and said "we will not die today, girls, we shall not die."

11:47 Smith: - I was told to lie down and play dead. We thought there were several perpetrators.

11:48 Smith finished his explanation.

11:48 Court takes break until 12.50.
12:49 It is now Marte Gustavsen Ødegården (18) to testify. 18-year-old was shot twice in the lower back and hovered between life and death for several days.

12:49 Anders Breivik Behring is now brought into court again. The last two witnesses followed him via video transmission in the neighboring room.

12:50 The court is set.

12:51 Lippestad alerts that Breivik has no comments. They will be communicated at the end of the day.

12:53 Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh management questioning.

12:54 Ødegården tells how she realized that something was wrong. She went from Buskerud aufs camp and into the toilet. When she came out of the toilet there were two people running. They called that any extension.

12:55 Ødegården: - I ran up in Buskerud The camp, located right on the Love Trail. We heard shots nearby, and people panicked.

12:57 She climbed down the cliffs on the south side of the island.

12:59 Ødegården - I was quite calm, but was not there long. We heard some shots right. I thought I was shot in the thigh. I pressed against the thigh. But then came the shot u in the back. It happened fast.

13:01 Ødegården - I was thrown out of the small ledge. I hyper-ventilated. I thought that I had to get down to the water. I tried to nudge her lying next to it, but I knew she was dead.

13:03 Ødegården - I could not use their legs, but used their arms. I wanted down to the water. I remember that I got a wave in the face. I was lying in the water, and lay there nearly an hour.

13:03 Ødegården - I thought "I have such bad karma, I always end up in such stupid situations. But it goes the right in the end, then."

13:05 Ødegården: - Two guys helped me out of the water, I was ice cold.

13:06 Ødegården: - It came gradually into five boats to where we were, three of them police boats.

13:09 Ødegården was in very bad shape when she came to the country, and have heard that it was about the minutes.

13:12 She said she saw people die while she lay in the water.

13:13 She never saw defendant at Utøya.

13:15 18-year-old talks about the many and very serious injuries she received after the shots.

13:16 She was hospitalized for five months and was discharged just before Christmas.

13:16 She is still on crutches and has rails on the bone.

13:20 She has been homeschooling and taking last year in high school for two years.

13:20 In addition, she serves on the council in Kongsberg.

13:21 She said that things went well at first, but that it is heavier now.

13:25 Ødegården: - I am afraid of bombs and people to shoot. Feelings come suddenly and completely out of the blue. I also have a fear of flying, perhaps after the helicopter ride to the hospital.

13:26 She had a body temperature of 33, 8 when she arrived at the hospital.

13:33 Ødegården is now ready to testify.
13:34 Last witnessing today is Renate Tårnes. She lost her boyfriend Snorre Haller on 22 July.

13:36 Prosecutors Svein Holden chairman questioning of the tower. She asked to talk about their experiences 22 July.

13:37 Tårnes: - I sat with my girlfriend Snorre and some others. We had a meeting about the bomb in Oslo. We heard of a pocket radio when we heard the first shots. I thought it was someone kidding.

13:37 Tårnes: - Snorre got up and said that it was nonsense and that we should go out. People came running up the hill and they looked terrified out.

13:39 Tårnes: - We tried to get people into the cafe building. I saw that the kiosk hatch was open. I ran up there and closed the hatch. I asked who was there to hide.

13:40 Tårnes: - I saw Snorre go down to the main house. Suddenly we had a policeman through the trees. I see a falling. Snorri turns toward me, running towards me, before he falls.

13:41 Tårnes: - I just stood there on the open space. I did not understand what happened. I thought it was an exercise and was angry that I was not informed. I stand for five to ten seconds. The officer goes over Snorre and against me.

13:42 Tårnes: - I ran into the cafe building and crawled into the corner. I was in shock, but what had happened began to dawn on me.

13:43 Tårnes: - I ran into the little room, which was packed with people.

13:46 Breivik talking with one of the defenders while the tower explanatory.

13:46 She ran into the tolerate time in the cafe building at the same moment as the shots began in Little Hall.

13:47 Tårnes: - I spoke with the police quite a long time. After a while it's quiet. We hear a rattle from a person outside. I do not know how long it takes.

13:48 Tårnes: - I think we heard a man shouting "help". Then we heard the new shoots and so were rattling away.

13:48 Tårnes: - I was lying on the floor while we tried to call the police. We heard the shots around the entire island. We did not dare to go out.

13:49 Tårnes: - We stayed there until 20 o'clock. Then there was much activity in the cafe building. We heard the police and participate.

13:50 Tårnes: - There were so many that I thought that it was not the police, it was run over anyway, so I might as well go out.

13:50 Tårnes: - We were taken into an office building in the cafe.

13:52 Here she first performed on a girl who was shot in the shoulder and was very poor.

13:52 Tårnes: - She cried for water, and we notice that she lost more and more. She died later.

13:53 Tårnes: - I looked into the great hall where there was a cluster of people. Suddenly I see a foot that moves. I asked the police remove the person.

13:54 Tårnes: - It was a hopeless situation. Everything took so long.

13:57 Tårnes: - I have lost many of my friends and I have lost my girlfriend. Many of the plans I had have disappeared. But there has been a good day too.

13:57 Tårnes: - There are so many good people around me. There have been heavy, but good. It just gets better and better.

14:03 Tårnes is finished with his testimony and the Court takes break to 14.15.

14:18 The court is set after the break. Breivik get the word and ask first to make a comment to the court. He says that he will have time to talk about radicalization and political motivated violence.

14:18 The judge responded that it should be taken later.

14:20 Breivik: - Those who have been here to witness has not told the court his political duties.

14:20 He reads the various leadership positions those who have testified have.

14:20 Breivik denies enough once to have come with the battle cry, over and above "you will die today, Marxists," as he claims to have spoken twice.

14:22 Breivik have no further comments. The court raised for the day.

14:22 Thank you for your company today. We're back with direct reporting from the right, at 09 in the morning.

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