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Friday, April 27, 2012

Slippery Slope of Norway's Stalinesque Political Psychiatry on International Stage inspires Van Jones & Cosatu to accuse Republicans & Zille of Insanity & Unstability

Slippery Slope of Norway's Stalinesque Political Psychiatry on International Stage inspires Van Jones & Cosatu to accuse Republicans & Zille of Insanity & Unstability

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 27 April 2012

“Nobody would have thought of declaring the Baader-Meinhof gang legally insane” - Randi Rosenqvist: Head: Norwegian Forensic Medicine Commission

“Psychology's takeover of our legal system represents not an advance into new but clearly charted areas of science but a terrifying retreat into mysticism and romanticism, a massive suspension of disbelief propelled by powerful propaganda. Thanks to the willingness of judges and juries to believe psychobabble with scientific foundations equal to horoscope charts, babble puffed about by psychological professionals with impressive credentials, what we've got now are thousands of self-styled soul doctors run amok in our courts, drunk with power, bedazzled by spectacular fees for the no-heavy-lifting job of shooting off their mouths about any psychological topic that sneaks a toe into a courtroom. The demand is great, the supply is huge, and the science behind it all is nonexistent. But the reality does not matter.” - Margaret Hagen, Ph.D: Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony (Whores of the Court)

Anyone who is open-minded to, or has been a vocal critic of the horror of unscientific psychiatry should be appalled by the blatant way in which Norway is resorting to political psychiatry to silence investigation, discussion and debate about Breivik's arguments. Dones so blatantly on the world stage, it gives legitimacy to other states to do the same.

I am a member of the Radical Honesty culture and a Political Activist. My politics is neither left nor right; I consider all ideologies as simply ideological tools in a toolbox. If the problem is a nail, then the relevant ideology would be the one closest to a hammer. Communism is magnificent ideology when it involves fully informed consent, as it does at Delancey Street Foundation (the most successful rehabilitation program in the world), and is horrific when it is implemented by Stalinesque coercion. I'd be happy to endorse a tribe of cannibals, if all of them joined the tribe by fully informed consensual agreements.

Put succinctly: I am neither left, nor right; I am for personal responsibility and individuals being allowed and encouraged to make their own fully informed consensual agreements about the style of goverment they wish to live under. I abhor psychiatry being used to silence political dissenters, whether such dissenters are communists, pacifists, neo-nazi's, liberals, progressives, conservatives, environmentalists, etc.

To invoke 'mental disorders' against a political dissenter is despicable. Problems raised by political dissenters cannot be investigated and solved by sweeping them under a 'mental disorder' carpet.

If a political dissenter's grievances are not based on reality, then prove such with factual evidence; don't accuse the person of 'mental disorders', insanity or instability.
ABB: Habeus Mentem :: Right to Legal Sanity: Right of Wo/Man to Own Mind & Beliefs
‘In the final analysis, power is the right to have your definition of reality prevail over all other people’s definition of reality’(Rowe 1990) Via Lucy Johnstone: Formulation as an alternative to psychiatric diagnosis

"... [P]sychiatry not only fails to address emotional and relationship problems, but actually reinforces them, for lack of a whole-person, whole-system way of understanding them. By using a medical label to 'Rescue' people, it takes responsibility away from them, encouraging them to rely on an external solution which is rarely forthcoming, and then blaming them for their continuing difficulties and powerlessness. The personal meaning of people's distressing experiences and the psychological and social origins of their difficulties are obscured by turning them into the 'symptoms' of an 'illness' located within one individual; the resulting treatment barrier keeps both patients and staff stuck and undermines alternative approaches such as psychotherapy." -- Lucy Johnstone: Users and Abusers of Psychiatry (p. 201)

‘There is no such thing as mental illness. Psychiatric diagnosis of ‘mental disorders’ is just a way of stigmatising behaviour that society does not want to live with. Psychiatry thrives on coercion and is replacing religion as a form of social control.’ -- Dr. Thomas Szasz, The Manufacture of Madness: A Comparative Study of the Inquisition and the Mental Health Movement, Thomas Szasz

“Biological psychology/psychiatry is a total perversion of medicine and science, and a fraud.”
- Neurologist Fred Baughman, The ADHD Fraud: How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children

“Going to a psychiatrist has become one of the most dangerous things a person can do.”
- Peter Breggin, MD, Toxic Psychiatry
The Marketing of Madness: Are we All Insane? [01/18]
"There is no such thing as a mental disorder. A mental disorder is whatever someone says it is, and if the person saying "This is a mental disorder", has enough power and influence, then people believe 'Oh, that is a mental disorder'. - Dr. Paula Caplan, They Say You're Crazy: How the Worlds Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who's Normal

“The entire enterprise of defining mental disorder is pointless, at least in so far as the goal is to allow us to recognize ‘genuine’ or ‘true’ disorders” - Dr. Mary Boyle, Schizophrenia: A Scientific Delusion?

“DSM is a book of tentatively assembled agreements. Agreements don’t always make sense, nor do they always reflect reality. You can have agreements among experts without validity. Even if you could find four people who agreed that the earth is flat, that the moon is made of green cheese, that smoking cigarettes poses no health risks, or that politicians are never corrupt, such agreements do not establish truth.” - Making us Crazy: DSM: The Psychiatric Bible and the Creation of Mental Disorders, Herb Kutchins & Stuart A Kirk

“To admit the central role of value judgments and cultural norms [in the creation of the DSM] is to give the whole game away. The DSM has to be seen as reliable and valid, or the whole enterprise of medical psychiatry collapses.” -- Lucy Johnstone, The Users and Abusers of Psychiatry

"[Alleged Mental Disorders] are based on a grab-bag of checklists for disorders that are published in a book called the DSM; which is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. There are no statistics in this book, by the way. That just makes it sound more scientific." -- Dr Margaret Hagen, Professor of Psychology, Boston University

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