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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012-04-17 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 02: Breivik Testimony: Ideology & Youth

2012-04-17 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 02: Breivik Testimony: Ideology & Youth

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 17 April 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO
Deconstruction is the key word. And the Marxist, cultural reforms introduced feminism and affirmative action, the sexual revolution, transformation of the church, schools of education, in morals, in manners, to name a few. 1968 was the Marxist cultural revolution years. The result was falling authorities and a systematic deconstruction of social fundamental principles and norms. It was created a socialist, egalitarian society in Norway and Western Europe, where all the groups that were regarded as victims, had power. The greater the sacrifice you were seen, the higher up in the new hierarchy, you could get. Nationalists and conservative culture remained powerless.

A conservative critic said the following in 1968: In a few years, the Marxists take care of the culture, while liberals and bourgeois manage the economy. And he was right. Today the culture is controlled by the Marxists. Liberals manage the economy, while nationalists and cultural conservatives have been kept out of power since World War II. Today, as a result, Norway and many other European countries suffer of cultural self-contempt, which is due to Marxist doctrines and the multicultural ideology.

A couple of questions, perhaps the most important in our time, and like all journalists, parliamentary politicians and academics should ask about is the following: Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people have never been asked through a referendum whether they accepted that Norway was transformed into a multiethnic and multicultural state? Is it democratic to do this without having to ask people for advice?The second question is: Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people have never been asked through a referendum whether they accept that Norway welcomes as many African and Asian immigrants, the future risks being turned into a minority in their own primary state and private land? And then someone will say: No, there is no problem because there are free elections.

8:59 The defendant entered into the court now. He is released from the handcuffs.

9:00 Breivik placed his fist against his heart and then raised his arm in a straight armed salute, with the fist clenched, the same salute as he has done before.

9:02 The defendant is dressed in seemingly the same outfit as yesterday, black suit, white shirt and a gold tie.

9:05 Now the judges in, for about five minutes too late.

9:06 The court is now set.

9:07 The court is aware informs's helpful comments. The judge gives the parties an opportunity to comment on the helpful informs's impartiality.

9:08 Lay judges agree to stand behind the statements.

9:08 Prosecutors and defenders both pray that the lay judges retires.

9:08 The same opinion aid lawyers.

9:08 The court withdraws to give approval. It is expected to take 30 minutes.

10:06 Verdict: judges have decided that the lay judge Thomas Indrebø be replaced. This is a result of his utterances on Facebook 23 July, which could undermine confidence in the court.

10:08 Breivik now takes place in the witness box.

10:09 He has a right, not obliged to explain themselves.

10:10 The judge says he will first explain the relationship on matters which he considers relevant to his case.

10:10 The judge gives approval to the accused to read their prepared presentations.

10:10 The judge gives Breivik opportunity to start by reading up his planned script.

10:11 He is told to stick to the 30 minutes, and is aware that he can be stopped along the way.

10:12 Breivik: - I must have performed this point list for my explanation. It may be that this will take more than 30 minutes. I hope you do not interrupt me.

10:12 - I have to lay the framework for my own defense.

10:13 - There are massive amounts of information, and I need this framework.

10:13 - I've toned down the rhetoric for the sake of the victims and their families.

10:14 I am a representative of the Knights Templar. I speak on behalf of many.

10:14 It will be argued that I am a vicious loser.

10:15 It will be argued that I was missing network, is cruel and insane.

10:15 - It will be argued that I am the victim of incest, homosexual, child murderer and much more.

10:15 - This is false propaganda.

10:16 - I have completed the most spectacular and brutal political assassination since the second world war.

10:17 Me and my brothers and sisters represents their worst nightmare.

10:18 - Norway and Europe is a stifled dictatorship. Last time it was a genuine democracy Hitler came to power.

10:19 Breivik talking about the period after the war. Marxists had great games, he claims. Especially in the school sector.

10:20 - In all of Western Europe, many university teachers to exercise power.

10:21 - A new distribution of power in Europe, where the Marxist-controlled culture, morals and manners.

10:22 - The cultural conservatives have been kept away from power since 1945.

10:23 - Should not the Norwegians were asked through a referendum whether they think it is undemocratic that Norway has been made multi-cultural state?

10:23 - Norwegians have been manipulated. They are not informed that they will lose their values ??and their country.

10:25 Breivik: - Austria was boycotted because Jürg Hayder had political support. The same is happening now in Hungary.

10:26 Breivik: - In Norway, the same with the Progress Party. Norwegians are called racists.

10:26 Breivik: - Norwegian press run smear campaign against the Progress Party. Norway can then be called a democracy? The answer is no.

10:27 Breivik: - Survey shows that only one percent of the Norwegian Progress Party votes journalism.

10:27 Breivik: - Should have been kvortering. It would have provided a free and objective press.

10:29 Breivik: - 70 percent of Britons believe that the UK has become a dysfunctional society because of multiculturalism.

10:29 Breivik: - Why is not performed a similar survey in Norway and other countries?

10:30 Breivik: - about 30 percent of Norwegians are against multiculturalism. But none of the news agencies support our cause.

10:30 Breivik: - It is not possible to win when there is no freedom of speech. Violent revolution is the only solution.

10:31 Breivik - I and others lost faith in democracy.

10:31 The judge wondered if it Breivik reads is from his manifesto. The defendant denies and says that from what he has written in the cell.

10:31 Breivik: - It is ignorant to call me spiteful.

10:33 Breivik: - If I could force Labor to change course by killing 77 people .. If we manage to stop the multi-cultural developments in Europe, we can save many lives.

10:33 Breivik: - We can not afford to wait any longer. The intentions are based on kindness, not cruelty

10:34 Breivik: - Since our countries mulitikulturelle without holding a referendum, they have prepared for conflict. Norway balkaniseres, and it will end in a bloodbath.

10:34 Breivik: - I would do it again.

10:35 Breivik: - It was necessary. It was critically important to provoke a witch hunt, which will support our cause in the long run.

10:36 Breivik: - Make AUF and the Labour Party because they are malicious or naive? Many of the AUF is brainwashed by parents and the Norwegian school system. It was not innocent civilian children.

10:36 Breivik: - AUF is like Hitler Youth.

10:37 Breivik: - On Utøya they had been brainwashed by Marte Michelet, who have chosen to convert to Islam.

10:39 Breivik: - To be imprisoned for life or die as a martyr is the greatest honor. It is our right and duty.

10:40 Breivik - I was born in a prison, where there is no freedom of speech.

10:41 Breivik: - If I am in prison for Ila or in an apartment in Skøyen does not matter.

10:42 Breivik rebuke Now a report from Statistics Norway, which he believes is a commissioned work from the multi-cultural.

10:42 Breivik: - I support the Japanese and South Korean culture model. They said no to mulikulturalisme and immigration.

10:43 Breivik: - Discipline and pride are important here. They are today's most successful societies.

10:43 Breivik: - In Europe, everything is destroyed due to lack of protectionism.

10:44 He will now have questions about how long is left of the front towered.

10:45 He says he is on page six of the twelve. Told to stick to it that discusses Norwegian conditions, not Japan and South Korea.

10:47 Breivik: - It is claimed that the vast majority of Muslims reject violence. This is incorrect.

10:48 Breivik: - There is a konsenus by European elites to protect the multi-cultural experiment.

10:50 Breivik: - Norway has not progressed further than 1945. Nationalists punished for what happened during the war.

10:51 Breivik: - The ethnic is the heart of our culture. This is what our forefathers sacrificed their lives.

10:52 Breivik: - The only thing we will be left with the sushi and flat panel displays, while we have lost our culture.

10:52 Breivik get back criticism of the judge to use for a long time.

10:53 He says that there are still five pages worth of the manuscript.

10:53 Lippestad: - Breivik demand to speak fully if he should wish to give evidence later.

10:53 Lippestad ask Breivik comprehend in brief.

10:54 Breivik: - I have never asked to explain myself in five days. I ask only one hour here.

10:54 He continues his speech.

10:55 Breivik: - Islamization of Europe financed by, among other things, Saudi Arabia, while Norway gives aid to Muslim countries.

10:58 Breivik: - There is no secular Muslims, only Muslims and apostates.

10:59 Breivik: - Abid Raja and other apostates trying to kidnap Islam to use religion for their own purposes.

11:00 Breivik: - Hundreds of Norwegians are killed by Muslims, including Martine Vik Magnussen in London and brother of Minister Thorkildsen, who was killed by a Muslim in Copenhagen.

11:01 Breivik get enough once told to make their brief.

11:01 Lawyer Yvonne Larsen Mette Breivik interrupts and asks the judge that Breivik To end his speech.

11:02 He says repeatedly that it is important for him to recite the last three pages.

11:03 Prosecutor Svein Holden says it's important and right that Breivik has the opportunity to complete.

11:03 Breivik continues on the final pages.

11:04 Breivik: - Groruddalen has become a ghetto. I was born and raised in a conflict zone. Oslo is a ruined city.

11:04 Breivik: - Oslo buying up apartments in the west of Oslo, and rent out to Muslims. They despise the Norwegian and European culture, and do not want integration.

11:05 Breivik: - Many Muslims want self-government with sharia.

11:06 Breivik: - We are going to see this clearly in Europe. It starts with a demand for special arrangements, and ends with demands for autonomy.

11:06 Breivik: - Islam is becoming increasingly important, and eventually take over the state.

11:07 Breivik: - A group that fights for their rights of indigenous peoples are not terrorists.

11:07 Breivik: - The question everyone must ask themselves: Is the ethnic Norwegians is indigenous? The answer is yes.

11:08 Breivik: - No difference from the battle that is fought by indigenous people in Tibet and Bolivia.

11:09 Breivik: - Why European indigenous people are treated worse? It is unfair and unacceptable. Our country colonized against our will.

11:10 Breivik: - 100 percent of media companies pump out propaganda. But more people will understand that what I say is true.

11:10 Breivik: - This case should be about finding the truth. The documentation I have provided is true? If so, how can I be made illegal?

11:14 Breivik: - What we see today? Rivers of blood flowing through the streets of Europe. We would talk with the Marxists. But they choose censorship and ridicule and persecution.

11:14 People in the audience laughs when he answers questions from the judge that he has a page again.

11:14 Breivik: - Huge social problems in Europe. The leaders see that multiculturalism does not work. But in Norway, the opposite happens. We go for more immigration from Asia and Africa.

11:15 Breivik told the judge "now I run self-censorship, just so you know it!"

11:16 Breivik: - There are certain: There will be a war between nationalists and internationalists in Europe. We are the first drops of water which indicates that there comes a storm. There will be more frequent attacks.

11:17 Breivik: - How can I be sure? Multiculturalism is a self-destructive organism. The crisis is crippling. The current crisis bllir a picnic in comparison.

11:19 Breivik: - If one loses their religion, culture and values ??will fight. When the disease has come, one will dare to stand up for their opinions. This will happen within a few decades. Maybe in 15 years in France.

11:20 Breivik: - I am approaching the end now .. Mulitkulturialismen is an evil ideology that pushed forward by either ignorant or malicious people.

11:20 Breivik: - We do not want our countries to be used as a dumping ground for surplus labor from the Third World.

11:21 Breivik: - We are in 5-10 a minority in our capital and major cities.

11:21 Breivik: - Those who applaud this development will be branded as evil. But it is the Labour Party's parliamentary group - and others who support immigration that is.

11:22 Breivik: - It is not rational to let the country be filled by immigrants, so our society will perish. This is the real evil.

11:23 Breivik: - Responsible Norwegians, and Europeans can not sit and look at this development. We must fight the evil trend. 22. July was a preventive attack. I acted on behalf of my city and my country.

11:24 Then Breivik finished reading of the manuscript. The court will now pause for an hour.

12:34 Questioning by Anders Breivik Behring now starting immediately.

12:35 He enters the room again, and becomes detached from the handcuffs. The court is now set.

12:37 It is now the prosecutor's turn to ask Breivik. Inga Bejer Engh said they want to know why he is who he is.

12:38 They will also hear about the planning of the operation, and about what happened that day. But first Engh take up the thread of the script for Breivik.

12:39 Attorney Engh: - As I understand you, it's a ULEV injustice. But I would like to know more about why you feel you must defend the Norwegian people. Where did you get this right come from?

12:40 Breivik: - It is a human right. All unique people and cultures have the right to fight for survival. This is basically mine. It may sound absurd out ...

12:41 Breivik: - It has been impossible to organize themselves better than the one-man cells. It is not possible to build hierariske organizations.

12:44 Breivik: - It is everyone's duty. But there are few who will give her freedom, and therefore they are not fighting. I even chose to fight.

12:46 Breivik: - I have not received a mandate. But I have been based on international law and human rights. When you see their culture being deconstructed, some choose to fight.

12:47 Engh: - In your mandate, it is right to kill?

12:48 Breivik: - We do not want to take life, but sometimes it is necessary to remove the injustice.

12:50 Breivik: - I have been involved in a group of militant nationalists since 2001. There has been little contact, but there has been no contact. But mainly it is I who have given me the mandate.

12:51 Breivik: - This group of legitimate use of violence in the struggle for justice. I have been influenced by this group, who were militant nationalists before me.

12:52 Breivik: - They have shaped me, but not greatly. But I have drawn inspiration from others. It is not a homogenous group.

12:54 Breivik: - When you get locked out of democracy, there is only one solution left.

12:55 Breivik: - I do not want to tell so much about the other characters. Everything I have written in the compendium is correct, but it is a glossy picture. The uniform, which the prosecutor Holden pulled out, is not important.

12:56 Breivik: - The network Knights Templar is real. But the compendium is a magnificent representation of reality.

12:57 Engh: - Why did you take pictures with uniform if it was not important?

12:58 Breivik - I and others have tried to introduce new traditions of militant nationalists in Europe. We have taken something from the Islamists, including matyrdøden. I think we have much to learn from al-Qaeda.

12:58 Grassland? - Who are the others? Are the Knights Templar?

12:59 Breivik: - Yes. Basically, I would have on his uniform in court. But at that point I had no access to the media. When I had no idea what people thought about me. I chose to go for a magnificent presentation.

13:00 Breivik: - It was wrong of me, and I take strong self-criticism. People looked at me like crazy because of it. I have found 200 lies in the first expert report. But I still take self-criticism.

13:01 Breivik: - I have sent an article to three newspapers in Norway, where the lies come out. Unfortunately they would not press it.

13:02 Breivik: - In retrospect was the line I lay down on the initial error. I assumed that the pompous line would remove all doubt if I was sane. But as it turned out that the opposite happened.

13:02 Breivik: - I stand for everything I said, but I see that it was easy for them to abuse everything I said to them.

13:03 Breivik: - I chose to portray it as a glossy picture, and it was a mistake. It was a big mistake. But that does not mean it is not true.

13:04 Breivik: - To take an example: I have made Knights Templar as a pan-European organization. But in reality it is just a matter of a few individuals.

13:05 Breivik: - Everything I've said is correct, but I have used adjectives to portray it in a pompous manner.

13:07 Breivik: - I am a militant nationalist, neither more nor less.

13:08 Engh asks Breivik talk more about his responsibility. The answer Breivik that he understands that there will be lots of "trick questions" here.

13:08 He now begins kverulere the questions Engh places.

13:10 Breivik refers to American leaders who chose to kill 300,000 Japanese during World War II. - They did not act on the basis of malice. One must distinguish between barbarism and cruelty.

13:10 Engh: - What you did 22 July was not evil? Breivik: - No.

13:11 Engh: - But the example you give from the U.S., it was during a war. Are you at war?

13:11 Breivik: - You can compare what is happening in Europe with war-like conditions.

13:12 Breivik: - Even among militant nationalists are many negatives to what I did on Utøya because it was too far. However, all support the bombing of the government district. I knew it was going to be controversial.

13:13 Breivik: - I wanted to perform the action against the coupling Conference. But unfortunately I was not carried out these plans.

13:14 Engh: - Will I and others to acknowledge what you have done in the long run?

13:16 Breivik: - No, I do not think. But after September 11 so that one at first how many militant Muslims thought it had happened was too far. But as there has been a jump in the development and an increased radicalization. The threshold for violence is lowered.

13:16 Breivik: - I am not a nationalist, I am ultra-nationalist. We want to accelerate a conflict because we are afraid of being a minority.

13:17 Breivik: - 22 July managed to provoke a witch hunt. Just look at the Stoltenberg, where he called all those who are against immigration extremists. In the long term this will be an advantage.

13:18 Breivik: - Increased censorship provides increased radicalization and polarization.

13:19 Engh: - You want to change what you believe is an injustice in the Norwegian society. Do you think 22 July will contribute to this?

13:19 Breivik: - My goal is ethnic conflict before the Europeans are in the minority. For when it's too late.

13:20 Engh: - Do you see your actions as legitimate? Breivik: - Yes, but I do not expect others to do so.

13:21 Breivik - I knew I would be seen as a monster. It is a character murder. I did not do these actions to put myself in a good light.

13:22 Engh: - You talk about "we" and "our" .. Can you elaborate on this?

13:23 Breivik: - Other militant nationalists in Europe, such as laser man, Arne Myrdal. Johnny Olsen and Erik Blucher.

13:25 Breivik: - I am affiliated with two others in Norway, through the Knights Templar Network. I am the commander, as I have described in the compendium. We each have our independent cell.

13:27 Breivik: - The film was played by an ideological film. It was my first YouTube movie, and I'm happy with it.

13:27 Engh: - Were you touched by the content?

13:28 Breivik: - Message, combined with the music was touching. I thought about that many from the international press got with it. I felt sorrow at seeing my people and my culture being deconstructed. The movie reminded me of it.

13:28 Breivik: - The three songs in the film are the ones I meditate daily.

13:29 Engh: - You said today that you have toned down your presentation. Why?

13:30 Breivik - I'm working on ending the madhouse. I think it's easier for people to understand me now. The little speeches I have made during incarceration meeting has been difficult to understand for many.

13:31 Breivik: - I have never had the intention to behave badly towards the family. I know it's horrible what I've done, and that I have caused immense suffering for thousands of people. That's why I refer to the AUF and the Labour Party.

13:32 Engh: - Do you think that you take into account the survivors?

13:33 Breivik - I could have used different rhetoric. But my goal is to shed light on what is happening in Norway and Europe. If I was evil, I could talk about what happened on board the MS Thorbjorn, but I will not do it.

13:33 Breivik: - What happened on 22 July was terrible.

13:36 Breivik: - I was at a meeting in 2002 in London. Before I went to Liberia and met a person there. There I met three others. It was an entry meeting. I was the youngest there, and got passed a lot of information there. I have used in the compendium.

13:37 Attorney Holden: - What do you mean the word pompous?

13:38 Breivik: - If you belong to a group and will optimize propaganda effeken, then conveys it in a magnificent meeting. Instead of telling about four sweaty guys, so you can decorate a little truth.

13:38 Holden: - You held a post on 73 minutes. What kind of feedback do you expect?

13:39 Breivik: - None. For all going to censor it. It's going to be picked apart and ridiculed.

13:39 Breivik: - 22 July was a suicide attack. I expected to die that day.

13:40 The court is adjourned. It will be a 20-minute break.

14:03 Breivik are in place in court.

14:05 Prosecutors Engh and Holden will now continue his questioning. Engh will ask Breivik about his life since he dropped out of high school, until he moved home to his mother in 2006.

14:06 She estimates that they will spend the rest of the day on this, and in addition, much of Wednesday.

14:08 Engh will hear Breivik tell time in high school, and why he left the third grade. But Breivik does not seem relevant.

14:09 Breivik: - I had a good upbringing. It is not relevant.

14:11 Breivik - I stopped because I started a telecom company. I had read most of the curriculum and felt that I missed something. When the CEO of his own company, it is not so important to have formal education.

14:12 Breivik have not graduated. He had huge absences while he was in college, and justifying it with that, he worked many nights to save up capital to start his own company.

14:13 Breivik: - I think education is important. After high school, I have committed their own studies for about 15,000 hours in various topics.

14:15 Breivik: - This figure is around and a little general. But it is to convey the knowledge I have. I expect that it can be used against me that I have little formal education.

14:16 Breivik: - I would make it difficult as possible for the press to make character killing me.

14:18 He mentions the history of religion as one of the fields he was interested in. He has taken much of their information from Wikipedia.

14:19 Breivik: - I am a seller. I am selling an ideology.

14:19 Engh: - How many of these study hours have you spent on reading on the internet?

14:20 Breivik - I bought some books, especially about the economy. Some of them in English. I guess about 30 percent have been from books and 70 percent digital.

14:21 Breivik: - It is important to note that I am not ignorant.

14:23 He said laughing that he could have just printed out a certificate for himself, but claims he did not want to lie about it.

14:25 Engh points out that Breivik in Compendium boasts of a bachelor's degree, but rejects him. - I-based information retrieval based on the curriculum list from a BA degree. That's what I believe in your resume.

14:26 Asked whether he is religious, he says no, not particularly. But add the quote, "There's no atheists in the trenches." Says that he has a greater pull towards katolismen today.

14:26 Breivik says he regrets that he was not in the military.

14:27 Breivik: - Could be useful for someone who later became militant.

14:28 Breivik worked in the Direct Response Center from 1997 to 2003.

14:29 Worked in customer service department, and says he was team leader. Do not remember when he was there.

14:30 Says he has the feeling of having done a good job there and that was why he was promoted.

14:31 Breivik tells about the company he founded with a friend. Customer group were foreigners in Norway that would call their country of origin, at lower prices than Telenor to offer.

14:32 Breivik says that the business went bad because his friend was unable to collect money as agreed, and that this friend did not do as much for the company.

14:34 Breivik started as a new company, to sell advertising space to advertisers and sell advertising to other players. Breivik staff a person who worked with him. The leased premises in the city center, in the same office as his current defense Lippestad.

14:34 The money did not come in as Breivik had hoped, and he had to sell the contents to a competitor.

14:36 This happened around 2001. He went around to zero when he had paid the debt he had incurred. So he started yet another company, City Group.

14:38 He's trying different models, and says that what he did best return was a project he says is "morally reprehensible", it was the sale of fake certificates, diplomas and certificates.

14:39 He claims that he was interested in making the most and pay the minimum tax to make money as he would use his political work. He said he was very afraid of being discovered.

14:40 Breivik: - It would be very embarrassing to be exposed negatively in the media.

14:40 Engh: - How did you do on this money?

14:41 Breivik: - I created accounts in tax havens, such as Latvia and the Bahamas and five other locations.

14:42 Breivik: - The banks in these countries offers an anonymous debit card to withdraw money in Europe. I made the first million when I was 24 years. Maybe four million before I was 26 I stopped the sale in 2005 or 2006.

14:43 Breivik - I was left with a couple of million when I stopped the sale. I'm not sure the exact amount. These were on foreign accounts.

14:44 Breivik: - These companies had a learning curve for me. It is useful to go to a slam, and I learned a lot from it.

14:44 Breivik: - Not many Norwegians fail to make a million before you turn 24, whether or Røkke Stordalen made it.

14:48 This is Attorney Engh on to talk about Breivik's political involvement. He joined the FPU when he was 18, and the Progress Party when he was 20

14:49 Breivik - I was not very politically active when I was a teenager, but remember that I had some political views that were clearly on the right side.

14:50 The manifesto has Breivik posted an interview with an anonymous Templar, which he admits is itself. This temple knight asks about how he would see himself 15 years earlier.

14:51 Breivik: - I would see myself as completely crazy, he says, laughing a little.

14:52 Breivik: - 15 years ago, I did not see the world as I do now. I had a Muslim best friend for many years.

14:53 Breivik: - I saw a lot of A-and B-gang and hip-hop culture, and also the flash environment. This gave me a strong right-lateral movement.

14:53 Breivik: - I was exposed to violence. Engh says they will come back to this, and asks him to wait with this information.

14:54 Breivik had several positions in local branches in Oslo west of the FPU and the Progress Party.

14:55 Breivik: - Engsjementet my FPU and the Progress Party is not anything worthwhile. I had these positions, and had no special interest beyond that. But it looks nice as CV-fill, then.

14:57 Breivik: - Up to 2001 it was mostly to make money that interested me. But I was also concerned about immigration and cultural politics. It was me since I was 15 years.

14:57 Engh: - You were pretty active on FPU-forum on the net. What were you interested in?

14:58 Breivik - I was at one time committed to advancing the party, and was therefore quite politically correct. I was very careful to say what I meant.

15:00 Breivik: - I wanted to see how far I could get political with very little effort. But I did not get very high on the council list, only 37 place or anything like that.

15:04 He writes in the manifesto that he was nominated to the City Council in 2003, and came in 23rd space. Explains now that he remembered wrong and that it was careless mistakes in CVs and in the initial police interrogations.

15:06 Engh will now refer to Breivik posts in FPU-forum.

15:08 Breivik says again that he did not write what he meant to this forum, where he urged all young people to join in the nomination process before the 2003 election.

15:09 Breivik: - It was only to convey what was expected.

15:10 Breivik: - Everything I wrote was within Fpus political framework. I was politically correct, to see how far I could go.

15:11 Engh: - Did you feel that you were successful?

15:12 Breivik: - I had passed on some suggestions, but quickly learned to stay within the limits. It was the very rigid on.

15:13 Engh: - Why did you give up democracy? Was there something in particular? You said something about personal events, but there are some political events that have been decisive?

15:14 Breivik: - The approximately 20 encounters that I have had with Muslims, and that my friends have had with Muslims. In addition, censorship of the press.

15:15 Breivik: - When I was growing up came the Muslims to the west side. They robbed and beaten, and raped without consequence. It was a very great injustice.

15:15 Breivik: - If the Norwegians made a bunch, based on ethnicity, one was labeled as racists and Nazis immediately.

15:16 Breivik ask for a break.

15:16 Judge grants 15-minute break. Breivik says he is tired.

15:36 The court is now set again.

15:38 Engh: - You say that the episodes you've heard from others have helped to give you your commitment. Have you done anything to check if it really happened?

15:40 Breivik: - I have not done much research on the witness descriptions that I have employed as true. I've seen the way the different cases. Only the episodes I am confident that I have included in the manifest.

15:40 Breivik - I might have described some of the episodes a little pompous, but I think everyone has taken place.

15:41 Breivik: - One of the episodes are from Bohemians, where I attempted robbery of a Muslim. I told two friends, but they can not remember this episode.

15:42 Breivik: - During one of the confrontations broke my nose. It did not, but it was a failure.

15:48 Breivik: - Islam is a very patronizing culture. It is a fundamental disdain for other cultures within Islam. He interrupted the prosecutor, and asked if there are other political events in Norway or abroad who have influenced him.

15:48 Breivik: - I remember I was in the Palestine when I was 15, but I do not remember why.

15:50 Breivik: - Coverage of Serbia conflict was very unevenly covered in the media. I did not realize at the time what was going on there. I've become more interested in the future.

15:51 Breivik: - The conflict in Serbia meant more for others than for me. They write I for the manifesto, and that is why I have it there.

15:52 Breivik has said in interviews that it is not clear that the bombing of Serbia was the most important of his radicalization, but that it was a factor. There were also 11 september.

15:54 Breivik: - This did not mean as much then, but means a lot now.

15:55 Breivik: - FPU and the Progress Party supported the bombing, and police have asked why I would support the party anyway. But I do not remember.

15:58 Engh: - How could you be politically active for a party that supported a case you were against, and have referred to as "the drop that made the cup to overflow."

15:58 Breivik: - I did not know much about Serbia then. I was more concerned with 11 september and other things in Europe.

15:59 Engh: - Were you met the other concerned with how the country was in this conflict, they were skeptical about you?

15:59 Breivik: - This I do not want to comment at all.

16:00 Engh: - Did you try to make contact with someone in Norway, before you went to communities abroad?

16:01 Breivik: - It was just a coincidence that I came in contact with the person on the internet. I was searching at the time, but did not know what I was looking for.

16:01 The court concludes for the day. It will be a press conference in about 40 minutes.

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