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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012-04-17 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 02: Anders Breivik Court Statement

2012-04-17 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 02: Anders Breivik Court Statement

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 17 April 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

I stand here today as a representative of the Norwegian and European anti-Communist and anti-Islamist opposition movement, shortened the Norwegian and European resistance movement. And as a representative of the Knights Templar Network. When I talk, so I speak on behalf of many Norwegians, Scandinavians and Europeans that do not want to be deprived of our ethnic indigenous rights, our cultural and territorial rights.

Norwegian media and prosecutors have argued and will continue to argue that the reasons that I executed the 22.7 attack was an accident and because I was a pathetic and spiteful loser who does not have integrity, does not have dignity or trust, that I am a notorious liar, that I lack morals, I’m crazy and that I therefore should be immediately ignored and forgotten by others Cultural conservatives and nationalists in Norway and Europe.

They try to say that I lost my job, that I had father’s desire, a lack of networking, that I am a cruel and insane person, who is only looking for attention to my own person. All of this, they claimed. They also claimed that I am narcissistic, antisocial, psychopathic, that I suffer from germ phobia and put on a face mask daily for many years, I only like red sweaters and that I have an incestuous relationship with my own mother. They also claimed that I am miserable, pathetic, a baby killer, a child killer despite the fact that I am not accused of having killed someone under the age of 14. That I’m a coward, inbred, homosexual, pedophile, necrophilic, racist, sociopath, fascist, Nazi, Zionist and anarchist. All this has been claimed. They also claimed that I am physically and mentally retarded with an IQ of about 80

I am of course not surprised by these characteristics. Before surgery, as I described in detail what I expected them to say and write, and all this turns out apparently to vote. Most people out there understand that this is just false propaganda, and it borders on comedy. But it is important that everyone understands why these cultural elites, journalists, editors, and even prosecutors in this case, will continue to ridicule, mock and lie about me.

The answer is simple: I have implemented the most sophisticated, spectacular, and the most brutal political assassination committed by militant nationalist in Europe since World War II. They do this because they fear militant nationalism. They fear that we will be able to damage the cultural Marxist ideology, and multiculturalism is thus the same concept. And they will do everything in their power to prevent this. Me and my revolutionary nationalist brothers and sisters manifest their worst nightmare. They want to try to scare others from doing the same. This is the reason for the massive sickening demonization so no one is going to continue. And I hope all nationalists and cultural conservatives out there do not let themselves be deceived by this propaganda.

Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen: We now come to Breivik’s explanation, and I will ask the defendant to take place in the witness box.

(The defendant is shown to the witness stand)

Arntzen: You can sit down. As a defendant in a public criminal case you do not have to give explanation. But you have a right to tell you, if you wish. If you use this right, I will ask you to explain to you truthfully. You will first have the opportunity to explain coherently about matters that you believe is important for your case. I understand that you have prepared a post that you want to perform. I understand that you will begin your explanation with a prepared message. I ask you to still keep within the time frame your defender entered yesterday. And you also need to be prepared that I may come to ask you questions during your reading. You must also be prepared that I may interrupt you, if you move out of that which has bearing on the case.

What will happen after you have performed your prepared messages, it is that the prosecutor will take over and ask you questions related to various topics. You have your defenders certainly been conveyed the themes this is. You will get some opening questions, and you also need to be prepared for some specific questions. Your defense will then have the opportunity to ask questions and also the coordinating aid lawyers, the experts and the court. Be so good, then you can begin.

Anders Behring Breivik: Dear Judge Arntzen. Lippestad indicated yesterday that it will take approximately 30 minutes and possibly longer. The prosecution did yesterday, they let the framework for prosecution work, and I feel I must also be allowed to add frames for my defense. And I can not do if I have performed this point list, or overview, of my explanation. So I hope I am allowed to explain to me related to causes and motives for 22.7. And I hope you do not interrupt me.

Arntzen: You are allowed to do so. What I am talking about, it was plain reading. If you have a bulleted list of points that you want to stick to, you’re freer than a mere recitation.

Breivik: It’s true. I have a bulleted list, but I will start over after I’ve finished to set the parameters for my defense. So the question is whether I get your permission to lay the framework for my own defense. I will remind you that I have conveyed 1100 pages questioning, and it is so massive an amount of information that I can not set the parameters for my own defense without aids.

Arntzen: No, I understand. You can begin to lay the framework.

Breivik: Yes.

Mette Yvonne Larsen: Administrator, I get told by transferring the courts that they hear him so well. Do take the microphone a little further down, Breivik, like that.

Breivik: Yes, okay.

Arntzen: Can you talk a little bit higher?

Breivik: Yeah, that’s fine. I would also point out that I have toned down the rhetoric for the sake of the victims and their relatives. So I think it should be within acceptable limits, that the right can vouch for.

I stand here today as a representative of the Norwegian and European anti-Communist and anti-Islamist opposition movement, shortened the Norwegian and European resistance movement. And as a representative of the Knights Templar Network. When I talk, so I speak on behalf of many Norwegians, Scandinavians and Europeans that do not want to be deprived of our ethnic indigenous rights, our cultural and territorial rights.

Norwegian media and prosecutors have argued and will continue to argue that the reasons that I executed the 22.7 attack was an accident and because I was a pathetic and spiteful loser who does not have integrity, does not have dignity or trust, that I am a notorious liar, that I lack morals, I’m crazy and that I therefore should be immediately ignored and forgotten by others Cultural conservatives and nationalists in Norway and Europe.

They try to say that I lost my job, that I had father’s desire, a lack of networking, that I am a cruel and insane person, who is only looking for attention to my own person. All of this, they claimed. They also claimed that I am narcissistic, antisocial, psychopathic, that I suffer from germ phobia and put on a face mask daily for many years, I only like red sweaters and that I have an incestuous relationship with my own mother. They also claimed that I am miserable, pathetic, a baby killer, a child killer despite the fact that I am not accused of having killed someone under the age of 14. That I’m a coward, inbred, homosexual, pedophile, necrophilic, racist, sociopath, fascist, Nazi, Zionist and anarchist. All this has been claimed. They also claimed that I am physically and mentally retarded with an IQ of about 80

I am of course not surprised by these characteristics. Before surgery, as I described in detail what I expected them to say and write, and all this turns out apparently to vote. Most people out there understand that this is just false propaganda, and it borders on comedy. But it is important that everyone understands why these cultural elites, journalists, editors, and even prosecutors in this case, will continue to ridicule, mock and lie about me.

The answer is simple: I have implemented the most sophisticated, spectacular, and the most brutal political assassination committed by militant nationalist in Europe since World War II. They do this because they fear militant nationalism. They fear that we will be able to damage the cultural Marxist ideology, and multiculturalism is thus the same concept. And they will do everything in their power to prevent this. Me and my revolutionary nationalist brothers and sisters manifest their worst nightmare. They want to try to scare others from doing the same. This is the reason for the massive sickening demonization so no one is going to continue. And I hope all nationalists and cultural conservatives out there do not let themselves be deceived by this propaganda.

I will continue to explain how it all started and what happened after World War II. Norway and Western Europe have not had a real democracy since the interwar period. Freedom of expression in Norway and Europe is a concept without substance. Norway and Europe are almost completely stifled by conformity and is therefore a dictatorship. Norway and other countries in Western Europe are not democratic countries, and they have not been democratic countries since the interwar period, between the First and Second World War.

What happened last time there was real democracy in Europe? Yes, Hitler came to power. And this is part of the reason that liberals and cultural Marxists after World War II never wanted to introduce true democracy and freedom of expression. Liberals and cultural Marxists have cooperated after World War II to keep the nationalists and the cultural conservatives from power, as their ultimate fear is that a new Hitler pops up and supposedly starts World War III. So what today is called a democracy, is in fact a liberal and cultural Marxist dictatorship.

Cultural Marxism, which prevailed in Norway and Western Europe, and the Axis powers and cultural conservative case was raised shortly after the war, the holy and only truth. Cultural Marxism was elevated to the sacred contributions, that lift their voices in support of international solidarity and contribute to human progress. Multiculturalism, that multiculturalism, is now included in this sublime and holy truth. It should not be allowed to criticize the sacred truth. Cultural conservatism and nationalism were temporarily reduced to the prohibited contribution, which was characterized by barbarism and of the ideals which were shaped by hatred and inhumanity. These truths, which were created and adopted in 1945, were later reinforced during the revolution of ’68, which I shall tell you about now.

Nationalists and cultural conservatives were collapsed after World War II when the Axis powers fell. Europe never had McCarthy, so the Marxists had ample opportunity. They used the time to infiltrate the media sector and educational organizations. The first generation of Marxist infiltrators, however, focused mainly on the education sector, especially after the Marxists had been told by the social-democratic parties in Europe that they were too extreme for them to gain direct political positions. This happened not only in Norway but throughout Western Europe. There were many Marxists who were university teachers, as they believed that this was the most effective way to exercise power.

The Marxist revolution of ’68 in Norway and Western Europe occurred as a direct result of that we had some anticommunist leaders like McCarthy, who prevented the Marxists were infiltrating the media and the education sector. But the problem was that McCarthy himself was too moderate. He considered at one point to deport all American Marxists to the Soviet Union, but did unfortunately not. Cultural institutions in Western Europe were an easy target for Marxists to infiltrate, as the bourgeois-liberal economic was mostly focused on controlling and managing the economy. There was thus set for a new distribution of power in Europe. Marxists, who were soon to control the culture and the bourgeois-economic liberal, who controlled and managed the economy.

Deconstruction is the key word. And the Marxist, cultural reforms introduced feminism and affirmative action, the sexual revolution, transformation of the church, schools of education, in morals, in manners, to name a few. 1968 was the Marxist cultural revolution years. The result was falling authorities and a systematic deconstruction of social fundamental principles and norms. It was created a socialist, egalitarian society in Norway and Western Europe, where all the groups that were regarded as victims, had power. The greater the sacrifice you were seen, the higher up in the new hierarchy, you could get. Nationalists and conservative culture remained powerless.

A conservative critic said the following in 1968: In a few years, the Marxists take care of the culture, while liberals and bourgeois manage the economy. And he was right. Today the culture is controlled by the Marxists. Liberals manage the economy, while nationalists and cultural conservatives have been kept out of power since World War II. Today, as a result, Norway and many other European countries suffer of cultural self-contempt, which is due to Marxist doctrines and the multicultural ideology.

A couple of questions, perhaps the most important in our time, and like all journalists, parliamentary politicians and academics should ask about is the following: Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people have never been asked through a referendum whether they accepted that Norway was transformed into a multiethnic and multicultural state? Is it democratic to do this without having to ask people for advice?The second question is: Do you think it is undemocratic that the Norwegian people have never been asked through a referendum whether they accept that Norway welcomes as many African and Asian immigrants, the future risks being turned into a minority in their own primary state and private land? And then someone will say: No, there is no problem because there are free elections.

But then the next question is the following: Since you believe that free choice is enough, do not require this when the political parties and the Norwegian press is obliged to inform the public that this will be the consequence? Norwegians and Europeans have been deceived and manipulated by the left-wing politicians and journalists. And they never explained what the consequence, namely that they are going to lose their ethnic group, its culture, its traditions, Christianity, and his country. Nationalist and cultural conservative political parties in Europe are boycotted. Many have seen on several occasions in Norway and Europe that nationalists and conservative culture in Norway and Europe can not take part in democracy.

Our opinions are seen as inferior. And we as humans are seen as second-class citizens. It has been since World War II. There is no real democracy in Norway and Europe, while the liberal and Marxist elites regulate this. When they feel like it, so boycotting the democracy, They do this every time the nationalist parties are close to taking power.

I’ll take an example from Austria a few years ago. When Jörg Haider’s nationalist party, the ÖVP, took place in the coalition government, the country was boycotted by 14 countries in the EU. They said: We can not allow a nationalist and cultural conservative party to have influence, because their policies are intolerant, cruel and inhumane. National and international news agencies put on their own initiative, strong pressure on Austria and called them racists and Nazis. And then they tried to force them to change their opinion. And the same happened when the Swiss people voted against allowing minarets a few years ago.

International news agencies did the same here, started the great propaganda campaigns, and called the Swiss racists and Nazis. Again, those who spoke, guess what, intolerant, cruel and inhumane. The same is happening now in Hungary, where the nationalist alliance is a victim of the same demonization. Again boycotts Marxists and liberals democracy and tries to push the Hungarians to change his mind by calling them fascists, Nazis, bigots. Swedish news agencies continue to do the same against the political party Sweden Democrats in Sweden. Norwegian news agencies have done so for 20 years in Norway towards the Progress Party. Here, too, boycotting the democracy and tries to push the Norwegians and Swedes to change his mind by calling them racists, intolerant, cruel and inhumane.

Norwegian and European politicians and journalists should ask themselves the following questions, as this is very important: Does the Norwegian press ever driven campaign journalism against the Progress Party before the election, with the intent to influence election results negative? The answer is yes. They have carried out systematic smear campaign against Progress for 20 years, and that they will continue to do so. And the same is taking place all around Europe. Norway can be called a democracy if 100 percent of Norwegian news agencies advocate the multicultural ideology and systematically evaluates the individuals that support ethnic and cultural protectionism? The answer is no. Norway can not be called a democracy as long as this systematic censorship is taking place.

The survey of Frank Aarebrot in Norway shows that only one of a hundred votes Progress journalism, and that more than 60-70 per cent votes left wing political parties. What do you think is the reason for this? The answer is that journalism faculty at University College in Volda and the University of Oslo is totally dominated by Marxist teachers. This has …(Not audible) written about. And these Marxist teachers helps to indoctrinate students. In all cases it is necessary to introduce a quota scheme for journalists and editors in the European news agencies. This is one of the few opportunities to get a free and objective press.

A British survey showed that 69 percent of Britons see immigration as either a problem or as a very big problem. Source references are in the compendium. Another survey from February 2010, from the UK, showed that a massive 70 percent are dissatisfied with multiculturalism and Islamisation. 70 percent dissatisfied with multiculturalism and Islamisation. The last of these surveys, from the UK, showed that three out of five Britons, that is, 70 percent of Britons, believes that Britain has become a dysfunctional country, as a result of multiculturalism. The source is The Times February 2010.

Arntzen: Breivik.

Breivik: Yes.

Arntzen: What you read up now, it’s a reading from your manifesto?

Breivik: No, absolutely not,

Arntzen: Or is it a reading of your preparation?

Breivik: Yes. This is the only quotations that emphasize points.

Arntzen: Yes

Breivik: And it was the preliminary examples. Norway’s and Europe’s anti-nationalist journalists, political activists. They let the Muslims, liberals and Marxists filling the newspapers with inserts, but they call all the other bigots and Islamophobes, racists and Nazis. The 70 percent of Britons believe that their country has become a dysfunctional country, as a result of multiculturalism, how many do you share the same opinion in Norway, Sweden, Germany and France? Why withdraws the Norwegian, Swedish, German and French journalists the objective. But they are not objective. It is an absolute prerequisite for being allowed to call himself a journalist. A journalist who is not objective and that choose to support a multiculturalism is not a journalist, but a political activist. About 30 percent of Norwegians and Europeans are opposed to multiculturalism, but it’s not a single news organization that represents our views. In a real democracy that was in fact 30 percent of the news agencies spoke on our behalf, and present our views. But instead it is 100 percent of all news agencies supporters of multiculturalism.

There is no foundation for democracy and all our state institutions such as schools and universities permeated by cultural Marxist and multicultural curriculum. More and more nationalists and conservatives realize, as I have realized that the democratic struggle is pointless. It is not possible to win when there is no real freedom of speech, and many more realize this in the coming decades, it is way short of weapons. When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable. It’s no secret that the opponents of cultural Marxism and multiculturalism have been silenced after World War II.

This opinion tyranny is the real terror. The ULEV injustice that resulted in the fact that I and others lost faith in democracy, and decided to become militant nationalists. It is these ULEV injustices that created me, “laser man″ in Sweden and MSU in Germany. People who call me evil, have misunderstood the difference between brutality and evil. Brutality is not necessarily evil. To call anyone evil assumes you know something about a person’s intentions and motives. It is equally ignorant to call me cruel as to call the U.S. military leaders during World War II evil, who decided that 300,000 Japanese civilians were nuclear bombed.

They did so not because of evil, but because they calculated that an early end to the war would save millions of lives. They killed 300,000 innocent lives, therefore, to perhaps save millions of people. This was out of good intentions and motives, that is goodness and not evil. Although the methods they used were brutal. I and other Islamic militants are using exactly the same logic. If we could force Labor to change immigration policy, and stop the deconstruction and colonization, if we can force them to change direction by executing 70 people, or otherwise help to destroy the multicultural ideology, it will of course contribute to the we do not lose our ethnic group, our Christianity and our culture. This will help prevent a future civil war in Norway, which can result in several hundred thousand dead Norwegians.

I and other militant nationalists in Europe, are one hundred percent convinced that if we manage to stop the multicultural experiment in Europe in time, we will help save hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of future life, when a great civil war will be averted . And unfortunately we have not the luxury that we can wait longer with the confrontation. Because if we wait twenty, thirty, forty years, then ethnic Norwegians and Europeans to be in the minority. We are therefore unable to wait any longer, as the above example, the intentions and motives are based on the goodness and not evil. If there is someone who is evil, it’s the Social Democrats and other multiculturalists who are engaged in systematic ethnic and cultural deconstruction.

Since the Social Democrats and other parties in Norway and Western Europe chose to completely transform our countries into a multiethnic and multicultural society, without even asking their people through a referendum, there have been thousands, tens of thousands of threats that the consequences will be very bloody . The only thing that should surprise Norway and Europe, is why such a big action has not happened before. They have prepared for conflict. Norway and Western Europe, and the Balkans, it will all end in a bloodbath. And yes, I would have done it again. Because the crime against my people and my culture is a thousand times as barbaric.

The implementation of a small barbarism is sometimes necessary to stop a much greater barbarism. The distribution of the compendium in 2083, however, to trigger and provoke a witch hunt for moderate conservative culture, it was necessary to press for more censorship. Which in turn will increase the polarization which in turn will contribute to increasing radicalization. Short term it will seem self-destructive because the moderates have so much negative attention. But when the moderates are being persecuted, so many of them will become radicalized. And provoke a witch hunt was therefore critically important to our cause, in the long term.

Cultural Marxists and multiculturalists have hundreds, even thousands of possibilities to change the political course since World War II. But they have refused to change course again and again. The question is: do the AUF and the Labour Party because they are evil, or because they are naive. And if they are naive, we will forgive them or punish them.The answer is that most of AUF-ers are naive and indoctrinated, that is brainwashed.Many people have been indoctrinated and brainwashed by adults Labor people, or from the left wing media. All others have been indoctrinated by the Norwegian school curriculum, or even of their parents.

This was, however, not innocent civilians, children, but political activists who actively worked for multiculturalism and cultural Marxism. As many as 44 of 65 AUF-ers had leading positions in the AUF, and many took part in other political boards, and are nominated for county boards for the Labour Party. AUF is very similar to the Hitler Jugend. Utøya is an indoctrination camp for political activists, and they had the 20 July have been indoctrinated for several hours by one of the most extreme Communists in Norway: Marte Michelet, daughter of the arch-communist Jon Michelet. She had been invited by the AUF’s leadership as a speaker.

Communist Leaders of this caliber, Marte Michelet, despite our ethnic group, who are so vulnerable and pressured, feel such a huge hatred of our cultural heritage that she chose to convert to Islam and have Berber Arabic offspring with a Muslim. And it’s communist speakers and leaders like this, who are indoctrinating AUF.

Arntzen: Breivik …

Breivik: Yes.

Arntzen: You said initially that you had moderated your rhetoric.

Breivik: Yes.

Arntzen: For the families and survivors.

Breivik: Yes. It does not get worse than this.

Arntzen: Can you orient yourself after that?

Breivik: I will do so.

Breivik: Before I continue, I want to read a quote from John Stuart Mill, a former member of parliament and an English philosopher. ”A person may cause evil to others not only by his action but by his inaction, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury. “

All political activists who advocate cultural Marxism and multiculturalism, should expect to be liable for their actions in the future. Now you know what the price for this is, and this will not be the last time in Norway and Europe, that this happens. We militant nationalists know what to expect when we choose to fight. We perform the ultimate sacrifice, but are unrecognized.

You try to save your people, a nation where the majority are so indoctrinated that they believe that they need not be saved. You try to save your people, but the majority swallow the propaganda pumped out by the fact that you are a murderer and terrorist, and not a national hero. All this we know the course beforehand, so we do not complain. I wrote in the compendium before the operation, I would be demonized as an insane evil monster and terrorist. It is not difficult to predict, as long as Europe is controlled by multiculturalists.

It is part of the price we pay, it is part of the victim. And be imprisoned for life or to die as a martyr, for this most important of all matters of their people and their culture’s survival, is the greatest honor a man or woman may experience in their lives. This is not only our right but also our duty. Knowing that I will not fear imprisoned. And the answer to this is simple. I was born in a prison, and have lived all my life in a prison. In a prison where it is not possible to express yourself politically. A prison where there is no freedom of speech and where I have been forced to watch my own ethnic group and culture being slowly deconstructed by Marxists and liberals. In this prison resistance is not allowed, and it is even expected that I should applaud my people and my culture’s downfall.

In this prison the system has decided that if you criticize, you be branded, publicly demonized, ridiculed, dehumanized. This prison is called Norway. It does not matter if I’m locked in a solitary confinement cell in Ila, or if I live in Skøyen or Frogner. The ULEV's injustice is just as urgent, regardless of where in Norway you live. Because you sit with the knowledge that all towns and cities will ultimately end up as the multicultural hell that we call Oslo.

And you sit there with the knowledge that democratic struggle is useless, because those in control use undemocratic methods. The latest report from Statistics Norway show that immigrants will become a majority in 2040, is very misleading and deceitful. It tells very little about the relationship between ethnic Norwegians and non-Norwegian. The reason the report is worthless, is that they have deliberately excluded all Asians, Africans and non-Nordic Europeans who are adopted. They have also omitted the third generation immigrants, illegal immigrants and children where one parent is from Africa, Asia or other non-Nordic area. The report is commissioned by multiculturalists, where they try to hide the fact that ethnic Norwegians will be a minority in Oslo within five years. This is going to happen.

In addition, statistics from 2010 show that as much as 47 percent of those who are born in hospitals in Oslo are non-ethnic Norwegian. Another study shows that ethnic Norwegians are already a minority among first graders in elementary school in Oslo. This is the current Oslo, and Oslo in 28 years. Statistics should be renamed the Labour Party Central Agency. Many have claimed that ultra-nationalists like me, want to introduce and build up a terrorist regime. This is incorrect. I support the Japanese and South Korean cultural model, nothing more, nothing less. Are Japan and South Korea really terrible regimes? No, they are not. They are high-tech, successful and monoculture mentalist nations. While they said no to multiculturalism and mass immigration in the 70s.

They are living proof that nations can be successful, if not more successful, if they say no to mass immigration. Discipline, honor, and pride in their heritage and their culture is essential in Japan and South Korea. Women have a secondary role in the workplace. This is the most perfect society in the world today. So it is wrong that people like me would like to introduce a vicious terrorist regime.

Today’s most successful nations are Japan and South Korea which have prioritized both economic protectionism, but also ethnic and cultural protectionism. This model is currently the most perfect of all political models. In Europe, however, the alliance between Marxists and liberals after World War II, in principle, destroyed Europe, in that we have transferred the entire industry and the tens of millions of jobs to Asia, due to lack of protectionism.

In addition, the European Marxists made sure we focused all our resources on social security, sick pay and time off for Europeans. On the opposite sides, the Japan and South Korea focused much more on research, high technology, export and commercialization of high technology products.

Arntzen: Breivik …

Breivik: Yes.

Arntzen: Approaching you reach a conclusion to this written your post?

Breivik: I’m on page six. Of the 13 I have come half way.

Arntzen: Yes, very much. And now it’s been thirty minutes, so I suggest you prepare a termination of your written reading. And then you can come back to the elements.

Breivik: It is not possible. This forms the framework for the entire system. If I can not be allowed to create the framework for my own defense, then there is no point in me explaining myself at all. However, there are six pages again, and everything is relevant. And …

Arntzen: It has limited relevance to what you say about Japan and other countries. Can you at least stick to your opinion on Norwegian conditions?

Breivik: Yes. Okay. (Pause). Always end the argument. Both Japan, South Korea and to some extent Taiwan and China are living proof that countries that clearly say no to multiculturalism and mass immigration, in the long term make it better and are more success. The Benkow, leader of the Conservatives on 70 – and 80-century, came a few hours ago with the following statement: “An ethnically homogeneous society, a harmonious society”.

The more culturally and ethnically fragmented a society becomes, the more impaired it's national unity.

A culturally and ethnically fragmented society is therefore of low social confidence, where lack of trust between citizens is reduced every day until you end up, such as Greece, where primarily public employees pay taxes. This will not only affect the interaction between the different groups, but will in time lead to confrontation. This is sure to happen, you also see that Islam is already very dominant in Norway and Europe.

It has been claimed that the European left-wing politicians, academics and journalists, that the vast majority of European Muslims are peaceful and renounce violence. These people claim that as many as 99.9 percent of Muslims are well integrated and powerful takes away from violence. Of course this is just lies and propaganda. Quran and Hadith requires that all Muslim men are obligated to support or fight jihad. A British survey showed that nearly 25 percent of British Muslims said that the London bombing of 7.7 where 52 people died, can be justified because of NATO’s presence in Afghanistan. Another study from Britain shows that 40 percent of British Muslims – 40 percent – believes that 9/11 can be justified. Source: Aftenposten 2006.

The official lie is that 99.9 percent of Muslims do not support violence. But the truth is that as many as 25 to 40 percent of Muslims support Jihadist violence. Marxist organizations like the Labour Party and other left wing and liberal politicians, academics, journalists and political commentators are intelligent people who know this truth. The reason that they lie about this, ignore, under cover or tamper with the relevant information is that there is a consensus. Thus, an indirect cooperation between European elites, who go on to systematically lead the Norwegian and European people behind the light, with the intent to protect the multi-cultural experiment.

The few examples I mention here, and a hundred other examples which I documented through the compendium, is only the tip of the iceberg, proving that the Marxists and liberal politicians, academics and journalists indirectly together to deconstruct the Norwegian and European culture. And that enable further Islamization. But now everything is turned upside down. Norwegian press has the definition of power, and they have decided that the evil is the good, and that the good is evil. According to them, multiculturalists is the good, and I and others who are fighting against it, they are evil. Nationalists and cultural conservatives are treated just as bad as Islamists were treated in the Middle East before the Arab spring. Ole Wilhelm Kluwer, a spokesman for the Association of Norwegian NS Children, has said the following: “How can politicians talk of multiculturalism when they can not even accept the cultural differences within their own population?”

There are hundreds of thousands of descendants of members of the National Front in Norway. The question he posed was: How much longer will European nationalists and cultural conservatives be punished for World War II? Norway has not progressed further than 1945, war settlements against nationalists and cultural conservatives were never completed, but is still going on today. It is time that Europe’s liberals and Marxists stop punishing today’s nationalists and cultural conservatives for what happened during World War II.

We do not accept it anymore. A weak and fragmented ethnic group would result in a weak culture, resulting in a weak national cohesion force. An ethnic group is the heart of a culture, and you will see that as the ethnic group becomes more and more fragmented, the weaker becomes the culture. This we see clear signs of already in Oslo and other European cities. In such a setting, the aggressive cultures and political ideologies such as Islam dominate more and more. The Muslim enclaves in Europe will grow as aggressively as cancer, until one day they constitute a dominant force. Is this really so difficult to understand? Of all our people have acquired over time, as is always the freedom of our people have been directly related to the integrity and strength of our ethnic group. This is the most precious and also the most fragile. Our ethical group is the heart of our culture. Our culture can not survive without a strong heart. To maintain this ethnic group, our culture, in addition to our freedom and our independence is what our ancestors dedicated their lives to. And the hundreds of thousands of our people throughout history have sacrificed their lives.

Our ethnic group, our culture, our identity, our Christianity, our nation and our freedom and independence are the fruits of centuries, even millennia of collective effort and hard work. And in 60 short years it has helped Labor to deconstruct everything. The only thing that we would be left with is sushi and flat panel displays. While we are about to lose the most precious, because our culture.

Arntzen: we must ask you for a close, Breivik.

Breivik: There are five pages again, I’ll be brief.

Arntzen: Attorney Lippestad, this goes far beyond what was announced yesterday.

Breivik: It is the framework for defense. And I can not defend myself if I did not explain, am allowed to explain why 22/7 was carried out. But I’ve toned down the language really, I take into account the family and the victim. All I want is to explain why I carried out 22/7 and explain the reasons and motives. And I have, originally, it was this one at 20 pages, and I have pushed it down to 13 pages. It is not possible to sharpen it.

Arntzen: Attorney Lippestad, you have some comments that he now goes far beyond what was justified in going?

Lippestad: What is your comment, Honorable right, it is that it is now five days to the defendant’s explanation. We then have five pages worth of what he should read. I understand the Court’s opinions, but I pray that we will continue with the explanations that he is now in. There he also signaled the beginning is that he does not see any reason to explain himself if he does not now have read this. It is imperative that we get his explanation, now this first written and afterwards, not least the oral. So I would urge strongly that we will continue the five sides that are left, but also, Breivik, you take it as short as possible and eventually cut out anything that you deem necessary.

Breivik: Yes.

Lippestad: Thank you.

Arntzen: When you’re trying to cut it down a little, in that we have gone far beyond the time. When finished, so I’m going to give the word to the Attorney Engh, to continue the examination of you.

Breivik: But just for the record, that is, there is much talk about these five days that I have received. I have never asked for five days. The only thing I have asked for one hour, and it is the hour that I sit in now. It is critically important that I get ready, explained the reasons and motives.

Arntzen: Then you can continue.

Breivik: Thank you. There is currently an Islamic demographic warfare through mass Muslim immigration, combined with explosive Muslim birth rates over 3. This is more than twice as much as the ethnic Norwegian birth rate, set at 1.5. If we let this go, we know what happens. We will end up being a minority in our own country, as we see with the Christians in Lebanon. Lebanon was once a Christian country with 80 percent Christian in 1911. When the Muslims arrived in the majority around 1960, they felt strong enough to take control of the country. So they accused the Christians of cooperating with Israel to justify a civil war. As is well known as Christians lost in the 1980s, and today they are a persecuted minority constituting less than 25 percent.

And so we come to another important European problem. Namely, Islamization, which manifests itself in the endless list of demands. This includes demands for sharia-compliant foods, burial rituals, public swimming pool, banks, credit cards, loan agreements, insurance agencies, courts, schools and kindergartens. This gradual Islamization of Europe is funded in part by Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, while Norway uses oil money for development aid to Muslim countries and the benefits and tuition to the Muslims in Norway. So one should ask oneself, what Saudi Arabia is using its oil money on? According to official information from Saudi Arabia from 2007, the country has spent more than 600 billion and financed the construction of Islamic centers in European countries. They have financed the construction of 1,500 mosques, 202 Islamic colleges, 210 Islamic cultural center and nearly 2,000 Islamic schools, mainly in Europe, America, Canada and Australia. And it is worth noting that in most of these institutions as propaganda Wahhabi Islam, which is a very conservative form of Islam.

Journalists and political commentators have claimed that I called Mullah Krekar to confirm my worldview that there is a war of civilizations between the Islamic world and Christian Europe. According to many of them, including Husby and Sørheim, these are psychotic delusions, which are only shared by myself and perhaps Mullah Krekar. What these reporters have forgotten to inform the Norwegian and European people, is that not only am I and Mullah Krekar who share these visions, but up to 60 percent of Muslims in Europe who actually believe the same. And in addition, a large proportion of Norwegians and Europeans, perhaps as many as 30 percent. A study from Germany to know that 56 percent of German Muslims believe that it takes place when a civilization war between the Islamic world and Europe. So to say that this is extremism or psychotic delusions is particularly stupid.

One of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Subhi Saleh, a member of the committee to design a new Egyptian constitution, says: Anyone who separates religion and politics, has abolished 600 Koranic verses. It also means that anyone who does not accept a religious state based on sharia is apostate non-Muslims. The same leader said that the Muslim Brotherhood does not recognize the diversity, because there is no secular and liberal Muslims, there is only Islam. According to orthodox Muslims, the Muslim Brotherhood, so that is trying Abid Raja and other apostate Muslims in Norway and Europe to kidnap Islam to use it for their own purposes. There is secular and liberal Muslims, there is only Islam. Orthodox Muslims as the Muslim Brotherhood wonder who has given Raja Abid and faithless Muslims in Europe right to abolish the 600 Koranic verses. One can not rely on so-called secular Muslims in Norway and Europe, the reason is simply that there are secular Muslims. There are only Muslims and apostates. Apostates have absolutely no influence on Islam and the orthodox Muslims.

The other option is that Muslims practice al-Taqiyya, religious and ideological deception, that even the Prophet Muhammad on many occasions recommended Muslims to use to protect Islam or their faith. One can not rely on so-called secular Muslims because it is a possibility that they practice al-Taqiyya, that Islamic deception. Ethnic Norwegians, and Europeans have been subjected to cruel actions since our doors opened to mass immigration in the 60 – and 70-century. Since Norwegian and European multiculturalists opened for this as it has poured into about 30 million Muslims in Western Europe and about 300 thousand Muslims in Norway.

More than 90 000 of my Norwegian sisters have been raped by Muslims in Norway since 1960 to the present day. Several of these have been gang raped, or committed suicide as a result of rape. More than 300 000 Norwegian boys and girls, men and women have been physically and mentally harassed and terrorized, beaten and robbed by Muslims in Norway since 1960 to the present day.

Several have committed suicide as a result of these atrocities. Hundreds of Norwegians have been killed by Muslims since 1960 to the present day, including Martine Hermansen who was raped and killed by a Muslim in England, and brother of Minister Thorkildsen who was killed in a nightclub by a Muslim in Copenhagen. All these atrocities are crimes against the Norwegian people, and it is the Norwegian Labour Party including the AUF which is directly responsible for this because it is these that have invited the Muslims here and continues here and invite them to the people’s will. And it is primarily the Labour Party who will be held accountable for these actions committed against my Norwegian brothers and sisters.

Larsen: Administrator, sorry that we stop here, but there are quite a few inquiries now from victims who are reacting to Breivik has the opportunity to sit and talk in this way, and it is a case which we are obliged to report on because we are coordinating this matter and can not censor. So I will just pray that Breivik take more account of the victim and that he quit and that we get the opportunity to conduct the case in the usual way, namely by examination.

Breivik: I will pay attention.

Arntzen: It is. You now have a clear call. I also asked you to come to a close,

Breivik: Yes

Arntzen: … I want to ask you now round off, Breivik.

Breivik: There are three sides again.

Arntzen: You must be concise now.

Breivik: Yes. I have been victim and witness to much of this myself, and I will come later. As a result, we see that ethnic Norwegians flee …

Arntzen: Breivik, I suggest you go over to your conclusion or your end

Breivik: There are three pages worth, of thirteen.

Arntzen: You, I ask you to go to the end.

Breivik: Eh, I have reduced it from 20 pages, the reason, why I try to do now is to explain the reasons and motives, I can not …

Arntzen: You will also have the opportunity to discuss the cause and motive in the further examination.

Breivik: I must, I must be allowed to set the parameters for the defense mine, I must be allowed to explain myself.

Arntzen: You will be allowed to set the parameters for your defense even when you answer the questions that come in the following.

Breivik: There are three pages again and it is integrated information, that it is very essential information to elucidate the matter to explain why and I think the more that there are quite a few people who deserve to know why 22/7 was carried out.

Arntzen: Now you’ve heard the suggestion from

Breivik: I will pay attention.

Arntzen: You’ve heard the suggestion from the coordinating counsel on how those affected react to how you can now sit and read up. Taking into account that?

Breivik: I will consider it.

Arntzen: Is it relevant to you?

Breivik: It is relevant to consider.

Arntzen: Yes, and when I ask you to do it, and quit as soon as you can.

Breivik: Yes.

Holden: Distinguished Judge

Arntzen: Yes

Holden: As the defense voice has been heard and aid lawyer’s voice has also been performed, so I just thought to indicate the prosecution’s view on this and we think it is important and right that Breivik has the opportunity to complete their three sides. Thank you.

Arntzen: It is then noted. When I ask you to quit, but do it as short as you can.

Breivik: I will do it. As a result, we see that ethnic Norwegians flee in large flows from the Muslim enclaves in the day, such as Groruddalen. This has become Muslim ghettos, no go zones, which are not safe unless you are Muslim. The actions described are nothing more than low intensity jihad. People who have lived sheltered from these problems, ie people who have grown up with Muslims, do not know what they are talking about. I was born and raised in a conflict zone. Oslo is a conflict zone and is now a ruined city. Although I grew up on the west side, I have not gotten away.

The reason is that the Labour Party opens Oslo west of Muslims in that they are buying up apartments, public apartments and handing them out to them. The results are that many Norwegians have been exposed to great danger. Norwegian delusions as Norwegian and European politicians have is that they believe that the Norwegian and European Muslims want inclusion, integration and assimilation. Many Muslims do not want to be included. They despise the Norwegian and European culture, they despise feminism, they despise the sexual revolution, they despise the decadence and moral decay that characterizes not only Norway but throughout Europe. They do not want this.

What the large number of Muslims in Norway and Europe want is autonomy, ie self-rule with Sharia. This is true of Differences on Furuset on Holmlia, in parts of Malmö, Copenhagen, Luton, London, Utrecht, Berlin, Paris, Marseille, to name a few. Ex-in Algeria, Houari Boumedienne, prophetic warning to Europe in a speech at the UN in 1974, one day, millions of men leaving the southern latitudes to settle in the northern latitudes, and they will not come here as friends, for they will go there to conquer and defeat it, and they will overcome it through his sons, the uterine of our women will give us victory.

Many Muslims do not want this cultural and moral decay that Marxists and liberals represent, they want autonomy, self-government with sharia. If one looks at the development and elsewhere in the world, so you can see exactly the same. Muslims want autonomy and demands independence for the regions that they eventually dominate in their host countries. This has already happened in India, Lebanon, Israel, South Philippines, Southern Thailand and Western China, and we are going to see this the next decades in Europe as well. As the Muslim population increases, it always starts with a requirement for special arrangements and progresses to more claims, demands.Historical examples of documents that it always ends up with demands for autonomy and self-government.

There is no country in the world where Muslims have assimilated and lived in harmony with the host country. There is not a single example. But unfortunately there are more than 40 examples of the opposite, that Islam has become more and more dominant until they take control of the nation. Sitting Bull is and was a hero who is celebrated by America’s indigenous peoples, Native Americans. He was an Indian chief who fought on behalf of his people against General Armstrong Custer and the U.S. forces. Crazy Horse and Chief Gall were other militant leaders of the American indigenous peoples. Was Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Chief Gall terrorists because they were fighting for their ethnic group, for their indigenous rights and culture? Or were they heroes? Were they evil terrorists, or were they heroes? American and European history books describe them as heroes and not as terrorists, as well as the militant nationalists in Europe, branded as terrorists and murderers because they are fighting for exactly the same ideals. Is not that hypocritical and very racist?

An individual or group that fights against foreign colonization and their indigenous rights, are not terrorists as the story clearly illustrates. We are no more terrorists than the native Britons who fought against their own treacherous elites, who facilitated the Roman invasion, colonization and occupation. And then comes the question that many have imagined. Norway has an indigenous population? Norway has an indigenous population? Are Norway’s indigenous ethnic Norwegians? Did the indigenous people lived here over the past 12,000 years? The answer is yes. Norway has an indigenous and ethnic Norwegians are Norway’s indigenous people. There is no difference from the battle that is fought by indigenous peoples in Tibet against the colonization of the Han Chinese, to Bolivia’s indigenous people who are fighting for autonomy and to us, the European, Nordic and Scandinavian indigenous people who are fighting for autonomy and cultural protectionism.

In 2009, Parliament decided that the indigenous people in Bolivia in the country should be allowed self-government if they wanted this. There is no difference between ethnic Norwegians and the Bolivian indigenous people. Why treat the Nordic and European indigenous worse than other indigenous populations? Why is it that indigenous European fighters are branded as racists or Nazis, while indigenous rights activists like those in Tibet, Bolivia and America will be respected and receive assistance from the international community? It is extremely unfair and it is unacceptable. Our ancestors have lived in this country for 12,000 years. And we as indigenous people of Norway will not accept our country being colonized against our line, we like all other indigenous peoples have special rights in this country. And this is something we are going to fight for.

I know that the information I present is difficult to comprehend and understand when they have been indoctrinated to believe something else. It is difficult to fight against the current, when one hundred percent of media companies pumping out multi-cultural propaganda every minute of every hour of every day. But the majority of Norwegians, and Europeans in the future will understand that what I say here today is the truth. Soon it will dawn on everyone that multiculturalism has failed.

Mark Twain once wrote, the change in time is patriot a marginalized person. He is disliked and hated, when the fight his hand finally bearing fruit and succeed then much of the public support him for the costs are no longer something to be a patriot. The (indistinct) to find the truth, the documentation and the allegations that I have made are true because if they are true, how could I have done then be illegal? I have documented that the multicultural policy makers and academics, and journalists working together, and the use of undemocratic methods to deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group, the Norwegian culture and traditions, Christianity Norwegian, Norwegian identity. How can it be illegal to engage in armed resistance against these people?

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, professor at the University of Oslo and one of the ideologues behind multiculturalism in Norway has previously expressed: the large white spot is to deconstruct them, we will deconstruct them so thoroughly that they will never be able to call themselves a majority again. What he meant when he said this was the following. Our biggest challenge is to deconstruct Norwegian ethnic group. We will deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group so thoroughly that they will never be able to call themselves a majority again. This is what are your plans, they hope that they will manage to implement this ethnic deconstruction without resistance, and this is where they are mistaken.

They will face opposition to this insane and evil multicultural experiment, which is 22 July showed what laser man, Peter, showed many people in Malmö in 2010. Something that NSU in Germany in 2011 showed. These three preventive attacks testify that a European civil war is coming, and it shows that Enoch Powell was right. Enoch Powell was a member of parliament in England, and he warned as early as the 70th century what would be the consequences if the liberals and cultural Marxists got together and to allow the mass immigration from Asia and Africa. He said: Rivers of blood will run through our streets. Unfortunately, no one listened to him or any of the others like Enoch Powell in Europe.

The reason is that everyone has been censored and ignored. And what we see today? Rivers of blood caused by militant Muslims have ran through Madrid, London, Toulouse, Belgium and many other places, and rivers of blood caused by European patriots who are trying to save their country, have ran through the streets of Oslo, Malmö, Germany and many other locations. The most frustrating of all is that European multiculturalists are so arrogant that they do not even want to enter into dialogue with us, militant nationalists, although this could have prevented future attacks. Let it be known that we wanted peace talks with Marxists and liberals since the Second World War, but they do not want dialogue, they have rather their choice of censorship, ridicule and persecution. They’re not going to succeed, more censorship, more ridicule, more persecution of nationalists and cultural conservatives, only result in increased radicalization and more attacks.

Arntzen: Are you then ready, Breivik?

Breivik: There is one page again. (Pause).

This action has been a loss drains. And it has also caused huge social problems. Finally admitting the three most important leaders in Europe that multiculturalism does not work. And in Norway, then the opposite happens. Instead we go for more mass immigration from Asia and Africa. They refuse to change the ideological direction. Now I run self-censorship, just so you know it. They refuse to introduce ethnic and cultural protectionism.

They have apparently decided that they should deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group, Norwegian culture, whatever the cost. Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president and author of the American Declaration of Independence, said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.“ He also wrote: ”When the national government ends up being destructive, so people have the right to alter or abolish them, and then founded a new national government. It is their right, it is their duty to overthrow such a government. And then to establish new guards for their future security. “

What is 100 percent certain is that there will be a civil war between nationalists and internationalists in Europe. We, the first militant nationalists who offers us is the first drops of water which indicates that there comes a purifying storm. This civil war will not come suddenly and unexpectedly. There will be a gradual escalation and polarization in society, and we will see more frequent attacks from right-wing patriots and from Islamists. The multicultural regimes in Europe are forced to fight an imagined against us, militant nationalists on the one hand, and against Islamic militants on the other side. At the time comes, unfortunately, rivers of blood to flow through the major European cities.

My European nationalist brothers and sisters, will prevail in the end. Something that will mark the end of the extreme left rule that has lasted since the Axis powers fall. How can I be so sure that this happens? The reason is that multiculturalism is a self-destructive ideology. As soon as native Europeans are becoming a minority in their own cities and their own country, then the national unity power becomes so weakened that the economy can not sustain the welfare state. And will end up in such a huge economic crisis, which is so big and paralyzing, that it gets the current European financial crisis to remind you of a picnic. The economy will crash land, and result in mass layoffs of public employees. People who until then had been living with blinders for multi-culture evil and economic prosperity, end up in a situation where they will lose everything. When they have lost everything, they will be forced into a state where life is full of suffering. And then, only then, will they dare to say what they really mean.

If you lost their religion and their culture, their identity and their nation. At that point in the future, Norwegian, Scandinavian, European men no longer fear the demonization of the cultural elites. Because the disease is already there. Only when we know it on his own body, one will dare to stand up for their opinions. And this will happen within a few decades in Europe, and earlier in fifteen years in France. In the meantime it is important that more patriots in the Nordic countries and Europe will take responsibility as I have done, as Peter Many of Malmo have done and that Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Uwe Böhnhardt and Mundlos from Germany has done. It is important that the Nordic and European militant nationalists and national heroes such as these, are celebrated and get the respect they deserve. These heroic, young people have sacrificed their lives to try to prevent all that we love are deconstructed.

They are all perfect knights. So perfect foot soldiers, for the conservative revolution. The anticommunist and anti-Islamist revolution. For national rebirth. Europe needs more heroes like them. I approach the end now. Multiculturalism is a key part of cultural Marxism. Multiculturalism is an anti-Norwegian and anti-European hate ideology, which is designed to deconstruct our ethnic group, our religion, our culture and our traditions. Multiculturalism is an evil ideology that pushed forward by either ignorant or malicious people.

We do not want that Norwegian and European liberal and Marxist elites lodged, family reunification scheme, stay on humanitarian grounds, the Schengen directives related to the immigration of non-Nordic, adoption scheme and refugee quota, as a tool for Asian and African and Islamic mass immigration. We do not want that our liberal and cultural Marxist leaders will use our country as a dumping ground for the birth of their profits to the Third World. We want an ethnic nation, and we want a Christian nation. We, Norway’s indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians, who belongs to the Nordic family, northern European family, is now in a situation where we are losing our capital and our large cities. For the first time in the history of 12,000 years.

We are within 5-10 years a minority in our own capital, and in many of our largest cities.The political elites in our country are so arrogant and rude that they expect us to applaud our own ethnic, cultural, and Christian destruction. And those who did not applaud deconstruction, are branded as evil right-wing extremists and Nazis. This is what is the real madness. They should be subject to a psychiatric evaluation and branded as evil, is not I, but the Labour Party’s parliamentary group.

And all other social democrats in Europe. And other elites who support multiculturalism and mass immigration. And why is this the real madness? This is the real madness because it is not rational to work to deconstruct their own ethnic group. Their culture and their own religion. It is not rational to flood his country with hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and hundreds of other Asians and Africans, so that our own culture is destroyed. This is the real madness. This is the real evil.

The universal human rights and international law, allows for the indigenous peoples as ethnic Norwegians, who we actually are, which is threatened by systematic ethnic and cultural deconstruction, has the right to defend itself militarily. Responsible Norwegians and Europeans who feel a sense of moral obligation, will not sit still and watch the ethnic Norwegians are made to a minority in their own capital. They’re not going to sit and see that we are made to a minority in our own country. We do not accept it. We are going to fight.

We will fight against the multiculturalists in the Labour Party, and against all vicious political activists working for the same goal. The attacks of 22/7 was the preventive attack in defense of Norway’s indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians, our culture. And I can not admit guilt. I acted with the principle of necessity on behalf of my people, my culture, my religion, my city and my country. I therefore demand that I be acquitted of the charges in question. This was the thirteen pages I had. I have a few more supporting points related to other information, but …

Arntzen: Breivik, they support your points, they will come back to the examination of you. Now I suggest we take a lunch break until half past twelve. Today was a little different than the plan the other day, but it has to do with this slightly unexpected opening. So now we take a break at half one, and then continues as the examination of you with specific questions.

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