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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forensic Commission Silences 3 Dissenters: Endorses Breivik Insanity Report

Endorses Breivik Report

22 December 2011 9:46/11:13 | NRK | Kent Eriksen Amar, Siv Sandvik, Oyvind Bye Separator

The forensic commission has no significant comments on the report of Anders Behring Breivik's mental health. But the law allows for a reconsideration and requests for advice.

Yesterday revealed NRK that at least three members of the committee has objected to the psychiatric report which states that Breivik is insane.

This morning came the letter from the forensic commission. They endorse the report. None of the committee's seven members have expressed a dissenting opinion.

- We have provided feedback that there are no significant objections to the expert witness statement, said Tarjei Rygnestad, the leader of all the forensic commission.

- When you do not have any comments, are you agree with the conclusion?

- So much I can say that we stand behind the conclusion, says Rygnestad to NRK.

Rope of conflict

The Commission will not comment on details of internal disputes, and Rygnestad refers to confidentiality.

He says that they will be willing to participate in the trial.

- If we are asked to explain our views about the expert report, we'll do it if the court requests it at the trial, says Rygnestad.

The court may request reconsideration

Oslo District Court is now asking all participants in the case to tell if they wish that the court appoint new experts to conduct a new assessment of Breivik's mental health.

Participants may also request a more limited research and policy, writes Judge Anne Margrethe Lund in the letter that, among other things, is sent to the defenders, legal aid lawyers and prosecutors.

The defenders of Breivik says to NRK that they take the statement from the Commission for consideration.

- Now we will present this to the person charged, before deciding what to do, says defender Vibeke Hein berries.

The defenders can accept the decision, request that it appoint new experts or to submit an expert report for the other experts and get advice.

- It is too early to say what we choose, she continues.

Prosecutor Svein Holden told that they have not yet decided what they will ask the court to do.

Prosecutors can either accept the report as it is, or request a new assessment.

According to a press release will Holden and colleague Inga Bejer Engh decide during the first week in January.


The Commission has considered the report provided by the forensic psychiatric expert on the 29 November. The document has been controversial since it concludes that Behring Breivik is psychotic. Thus he can not be punished with regular prison.

The decision of the Commission are in stark contrast with the Broadcasting Corporation announce Wednesday.

At least three members must have had major objections to the report. In particular, the vice chairman Gunnar Johan Essen is critical to the conclusion that the terror accused is psychotic and therefore criminally insane.

Requires re-assessment

The report is also controversial in other disciplines.

Professor at the Police College, Tore Bjørgo, told NRK earlier today that the report of the experts should be rejected by the forensic commission. He is another very critical of Breivik's right-wing ideology is not treated in the report.

- Ideas that that there is a civil war, and that there is a large multi-cultural society conspiracy, is not he alone. And even if it is a delusion, it is not just Behring Brevik delusion, said Bjørgo.

The court has the last word

Statement from the right psychiatrists are anyway not the final answer. Formally, it is up to the court to take a final decision on whether Breivik is criminally sane or not.

But in Norway there is a strong tradition that the court follows the advice from the experts.

The report, which is now also the forensic commission endorses, weighs so heavily.

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No comments to Breivik Report

The mass murderer is on the Ila until further notice

Published 22.12.11 - 9:40, edited 22.12.11 - 12:44 (AP) | By Jarle Brenna , Eva-Therese Grøttum and Alf Bjarne Johnsen | VG

(AP) The forensic commission has given the Oslo District Court instructed that they do not have any comments on the expert report on Anders Behring Breivik.

Thursday morning said the Oslo District Court that they have received the opinion of the forensic Commission (DRC) which states that they have no significant objections to the declaration.

The court has also sent a copy of the document they have received. It contains a single sentence:

"There are no significant objections to the declaration."

It's all the Commission says in cases of this type. Head of the psychiatric group, Karl Heinrik Melle, has previously stated that they are not going to comment beyond the feedback they provide to the court.

If the Oslo District Court for information about the internal discussion in the Commission, members summoned as witnesses at the trial.

This means that the forensic scientific community in Norway agree on the conclusion: Anders Breivik Behring is a paranoid schizophrenic .

If the Ila

Normally involves the conclusion that Breivik out of the Ila prison to receive treatment for his illness at the security department at a psychiatric hospital.

- District Psychiatric Center (DPC) in Sandvika the process responsible for him. It is up to them to consider further treatment for Breivik. This also applies to any admission, said prison director Knut Bjarkeid to VG Nett.

They have already started with an examination of the mass murderer. According Bjarkeid is the one that is crucial to the prison, not the statement to the DRC.

1. December Bjarkeid sent a letter to DPS with an expression of concern about Breivik's health. Now, says the director of the Ila that he wants a meeting with DPS in the last half of January

Anders Behring Breivik will not be sentenced to ordinary imprisonment at the trial in the spring, but the forced mental health care as the case stands now.

- We have noted what the Commission has arrived at. Now we will consult the Director of Public Prosecutions on how prosecutors should deal with this further, says Attorney General Svein Holden told VG Nett.

Will contact Breivik

Both Anders Behring Breivik, prosecutors and lawyers assistance on behalf of its clients, may require to be appointed new experts who make a new assessment of the mass murderer. The likelihood of that happening, however, decreases considerably when the Commission has no comments.

- We know the conclusion, and to have a chat about this as soon as all is in place at the office. So we need to talk to our client about this, says defender Isolated Ground to VG Nett.

He points out that Breivik also have access to TV now, and that he probably has been joined by the conclusion. The terror accused 32-year-old has previously said that he believes 80 percent of the calls that are stated in the report has not taken place.

Breivik believe that he is healthy, but has not decided whether he will require a new report. Defender Geir Lippe City has previously said that they are awaiting the statement from the DRC before taking a decision.

Several of those who were shot at Utøya and family of those who perished, responded that Breivik could be ill during the comprehensive planning process .

The national support group says it has confidence in the conclusions of the forensic commission.

- We have no expertise in this, and must trust that those who have it do its job. It's difficult for many, but we must still deal with the experts, said Deputy Chairman of the national support group, Tove Selbekk, told VG Nett.

Notified of discord

Yesterday, NRK reported that at least three of the seven members of the forensic commission allegedly believed the report to Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim did not measure up.

Later sammme evening said deputy chairman Gunnar Johannessen to VG Nett that he felt again in the presentation.

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Psychiatry in complete discord of Breivik's health

At least three of the members of the forensic commission believes that the report of Anders Behring Breivik not measure up.

Posted 12/21/2011 7:09 p.m
NRK | Jonas Saetre & Anna Martha Moland

The Commission considers the report provided by the forensic psychiatric expert on the 29 November. This report has been controversial since it concludes that Behring Breivik is psychotic and that he therefore can not be punished by ordinary imprisonment.

After the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's experience is now complete division in the commission of Breivik's diagnosis.

If the judge if Breivik report measure up

Commission, which must approve the report on Breivik, consists of seven psychologists and psychiatrists.

After the NRK know at least three of them now major objections to the report. In particular, the vice chairman Gunnar Johan Essen is critical to the conclusion that the terror accused is psychotic and therefore criminally insane.

There are disputes about Breivik is psychotic. Others are critical of the Breivik ideological convictions are not discussed in the report.

The report states also that Breivik suffer total failure - and there is disagreement.

Specialists in clinical adult psychology, Paul Grondahl says to NRK that it is unusual for such a large percentage of the commission disagree.

- This surprises me, for I am not used to getting information from the Commission's internal work.

It is, according to Grondahl very unusual for forensic psychiatric commission delivers the report of dissent.

- It may well have happened, but I have never heard about it in the hundreds of cases I've worked with. Never.

Grondahl says that it is not in itself unusual to question a diagnosis in such a case, but that there are divisions in the Commission makes this case remarkable.

- What does this say about Breivik case?

- This suggests that it is a terribly difficult thing they have to do. It nourishes the discussion that has been a long time now about Breivik's health.

The court may appoint new members

If the Commission is not going to agree it may ultimately cause the court to appoint new experts to the Commission.

Grondahl think it is unlikely that any of the experts will be removed from the case even if they disagree, but that more members will be added to the Commission.

- It is very rare, but it might happen, says Grondahl.

Although Breivik case is difficult for the experts to judge, not necessarily anything to do with diagnosis, says Grondahl.

- Paranoid Schizophrenia does not have to be a difficult diagnosis to make. The trick is to support it so well that when you read it you will recognize what you are reading.

Evidence that they do the job

Physician and psychiatry specialist Kjersti Narud think the disagreement is evidence that commission members do their job and go carefully through the declaration. But she also states that a dissent is highly unusual.

- Generally, the Commission is unanimous, and to the extent they do not agree so I assume that the matter be investigated further.

- But can the Commission provide from something which the members disagree?

- It is to predict, and where I feel unsafe on the ground to answer. I assume that the Commission will give reasons in writing in relation to the declaration and to advise the court.

- Can we have a feedback where there is doubt?

- The Commission has been in 111 years, so they have a long experience in controversial matters like this, says Narud.

None of the experts will comment on the matter to the Broadcasting Corporation.

The Commission was scheduled to complete its review before Christmas, but now aims to get it done before the New Year.

These conclusions can the forensic commission to arrive at:
  • No comments to report. This is the conclusion of 70 percent of all cases, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.
  • No significant comments, but comments on less important factors in the report.
  • Calls for further elaboration and request an additional statement from the two experts.
  • Points out major errors and ask for new experts and new report. In 2010 this was the outcome in 2 of 553 cases.

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Psychiatry Expert: Do not leave me in NRK-case

Astonished: Gunnar Johannessen is one of the seven members of the committee to consider the report of Anders Behring Breivik. He is surprised NRK information about the disagreement in the committee. - I am amazed at how Broadcasting Corporation should have this from, he says to VG Nett.

Published 21.12.11 - 9:54 p.m., as amended 22.12.11 - 7:49 (AP)
Rune Thomas Ege , Carolyn Flam , Marianne Vika and Ole N. Olsen | VG

(AP) Anonymous sources said vice chairman Gunnar Johannessen in the forensic commission is highly critical of the report which concludes that Breivik is too ill to be punished by imprisonment.

Several other members also believe that the report of Breivik's mental health is not good enough, according to NRK.

Psychiatry Expert Johannessen laughs when he hears about NRK's ​​report and the state channel describes as "strong divisions within the Commission."

- I do not know me again in this information, says Johannessen to VG Nett.

- According to NRK, you should be among those who are critical of the Breivik has been assessed as psychotic - is not that right?

- There are internal procedures you ask for it. But I can immediately say that I do not know me, and I am amazed at this information, says Johannessen to VG Nett.

He would not comment on any of the other members of the Commission disagree with the conclusion in Breivik report to anonymous sources told NRK.

- This is an internal procedure that is exempt from public disclosure. Basically, the Commission's final recommendation from the public, says mental health expert.

Broadcasting Corporation: No reason to doubt

NRK told AP that all they have sent the information is accurate, and based on reliable sources.

- We stand behind everything we sent and we have very good sources that there is discord in the forensic commission, says Anders Børringbo

He is head of NRK 22 July editorial, and find it strange that the Commission's deputy speaks as he does to the AP.

- I do not know why he speaks that way, but it's a shame if this controversy is the Commission does not appear in their final recommendation. It would be a shame for the whole matter, says Børringbo.

- But when Johannessen said so clearly that he does and says that he did not recognize themselves in these details, it gives reason to doubt the NRK's ​​sources?

- No, it gives no reason to doubt our sources say Børringbo.

- Do you believe that Johannessen speaking false?

- I will not comment. We have made a case that is stable, and we have good sources. The sources state that there is discord in the commission about these things here, he says.

No bomb

Right Psychiatrist Henning Værøy says he is not surprised by the alleged split in the commission.

- This is not a bomb. If you take the pulse of the communities around, they do that there must be something that can not be right. The most cautious about taking their subject and put trust in that the commission bring out any weaknesses in the report, says Værøy to VG.

He believes that any disagreement can be positive for the cause.

- I find it hard to believe that the Norwegian government and those responsible for the case can go down in history with something it can tack the doubt in how the study has been conducted.

- You can not risk that a few years getting it reopened. It has everything to gain by spending time to have the matter well NOK illuminated, possibly with new experts, but it must be right and the parties decide, says Værøy, who believe it is most reasonable to assume that the Commission will ask the experts about a additional declaration if they disagree.


Report which concludes that Anders Behring Breivik is mentally ill - and thus can not be sentenced to ordinary imprisonment - has been highly controversial after the conclusion was announced.

VG Journalists explains, this means Breivik Report

Breivik have even been allowed to read the report of the cell in Ila prison, and, according to defender Geir Lippe City pointed out what he thinks is wrong almost on every page of the report .

Many have advocated that it should prepare a new report, which Lippe City has categorically rejected.

Will be detailed discussed

The psychiatrist says that Breivik report has been assessed individually by the seven members of the commission, and that members will soon gather for a meeting where the report will be detailed discussed.

- So there will be a conclusion on the basis of this, says Johannessen.

- Must the Commission agree, or it may be dissent?

- There may be dissent. In that case it shall be explained thoroughly in the setting.

- How common is it?

- It is relatively rare. In the usual case is that the two commission members as well as a leader, but in this case, because of its scope, we have chosen to be all together, apart from two who are declared legally incompetent.

- What are the consequences if you provide a setting with dissent?

- The court must then decide, based on the strength of dissent is, and not the least reason being given.

- When the Commission's final conclusion?

- What we have said is that we will try to complete before Christmas. Head Melle said that he at least wants a completion before the New Year.

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