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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Transcript: Breivik's Statement to Court: Pre-Emptive Act of War in Defense of ‘Norway for Ethnic Norwegians’

This Breivik said in court

Olav Haugan | TV2 | 06.02.2012 16.30

Explained why he demands to be released. - A highly imaginative statement, says leader of the Bar Association Berit Reiss-Andersen.

Anders Breivik Behring was smiling in courtroom 828 in Oslo, made ​​a right-wing message to the audience , and sat down quietly on his chair. He was dressed in a dark suit and white shirt with a sharp silver tie. Breivik was wearing handcuffs.

District Court Judge Wenche Fliflet Gjelsten informed in advance of the meeting that the minutes of detention the ban was lifted. This means that TV 2 can reproduce what Breivik said in court.

12-02-06: Norway vs. Breivik: Breivik Knights Templar Court Salute (03:06)
[NO] 12-02-06: Norge vs Breivik: Breivik Tempelridderne Domstol Salutt (03:06)

Breivik Asked for a minute to explain

After an introduction addressing the judge to the accused Anders Breivik Behring:

Are you familiar with the indictment of 22 July 2011?

I am familiar with the charges.

The question is how you set yourself to it. If you acknowledge guilt or not?

I recognize the actions, but I do not acknowledge guilt. And in this connection I wish to explain why I did not acknowledge guilt. So if I could get a minute, I had been greatly appreciated.


Is it okay?

Yes, we get to hear what you ... if this is relevant to the detention meeting so be so good.

It is absolutely relevant. It is the explanation.

[NL] 12-02-06: Noorwegen vs Breivik: Breivik Tempeliers Hof Salute (03:06)
[SE] 12-02-06: Norge vs Breivik: Breivik Riddare Templar Domstol Honnör (03:06)

Pre-written script

After this the accused Anders Breivik Behring up a sheet with a pre-written text. He shifts his position on the chair before he starts to read the text. Breivik said this:

The attacks against the government quarter and the Labour Party was preventive attack against traitors who commit, or plan to commit, cultural destruction. Of this deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group, and the deconstruction of Norwegian culture.

- Systematic deconstruction of the Norwegian ethnic group is the same as ethnic cleansing. Traitors in the Labor uses the institution of asylum, family reunification scheme, stay on humanitarian grounds, and refugee quota as a tool for the Islamic colonization of Norway.

- As a result of this policy will be Norway's indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians, being a minority in Oslo in the course of ten years. This is not an allegation, it is a fact.

[RU]: 12-02-06: Breivik дает суд тамплиеров Сжатый кулак салют (03:06)
[DE]: 12-02-06: Breivik gibt Gerichtshof eine Tempelritter geballter Faust Gruß (03:06)

Does he represent the Norwegian resistance movement

During the reading of the text is Anders Breivik Behring quietly in the chair. He reads at a fast pace.

I am a militant nationalist, a cell commander of the Knights Templar in Norway and Europe. I represent the Norwegian resistance movement and the Norwegian Indigenous Peoples, and my ancestors have lived in this country for 12 000 years.

- We in the Norwegian resistance movement is not going to sit still and see that we are made to a minority in their own capital. We are not going to sit and observe that we are made to a minority in their own country. We do not accept it. It is unacceptable. We are going to fight. We will fight against the traitors of the Labour Party, and against political activists working for other organizations that support multiculturalism and Islamisation.

After this the judge Breivik to come to the conclusion.

Now comes the conclusion. The attacks of 22/7 was the preventive attack in defense of Norway's indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians. I like a militant nationalist, a cell commander of Knights Templar, and the representative of the Norwegian resistance movement can not admit guilt for 22/7 because I acted in self-defense on behalf of my people, my culture, my religion, my city and my country. I therefore demand that you release me immediately ...

Several in the audience burst into laughter when Breivik says this.

... and hereby wish to propose that the Norwegian military nominate me for the War Cross with three swords. The universal human rights and international law allows for the indigenous people are threatened ...

[FI] 02.12.06: Norja vs. Breivik: Breivik Temppeliherrojen Tuomioistuin Salute (03:06)
[FR] 02/12/06: Norvège vs Breivik: Knights Templar Breivik Cour Salute (03:06)

Interrupted by the judge

District Court Judge Wenche Fliflet Gjelsten interrupt the accused to prepare

You claiming self-defense?

I'm done immediately.

I think it keeps it, huh?

The right allows the indigenous peoples who are threatened by ethnic and cultural deconstruction, of which ethnic cleansing and cultural Genocide, has a right to defend itself militarily.

That's it?

That's it.

Total Breivik spoke for 2 minutes and 27 seconds.

Expert called the report ridiculous

Right toward the end of incarceration meeting Breivik asked about the word probably once

It depends on what, answer the judge.

I want to comment on the expert report. Will I be allowed to do that?


I keep on working on an article regarding the expert report that is absolutely ridiculous. Few people in Norway believe in it.

Very short.

But I come back to it.

When we say it that way. Then the accused be returned to prison.

[ES] 12/02/06: Breivik da Corte, un Saludo Puño en alto de los Caballeros Templarios (03:06)
[IT] 12-02-06: Norvegia vs Breivik: Breivik Knights Templar Corte Salute (03:06)

Imagination Fully

Chairman of the Bar Association Berit Reiss-Andersen says it is not uncommon for an accused acknowledge the facts, but not guilt. But the experienced lawyer have great difficulty understanding Breivik explanation.

His reason for self-defense is very special, to put it a little careful. Where we are over in his political fantasy world, and I will not comment seriously. I just note that this is a very imaginative statement, says Reiss-Andersen.

She says Breivik's behavior in court also shows that this is not a repentant man.

- It was not a humble man we saw in court. To make such an arrogant power and semi-fascist greeting is clear that provokes. But it also reminds us of who he is, says Reiss-Andersen.

Defendant that he could talk

Several family members said after the meeting that the detention was hard to see and hear Anders Breivik Behring talking for over two minutes. Some thought he was too much to say. It is not Reiss-Andersen agrees in.

- All the accused have the right to be heard. He talked for two minutes. It felt very strong, but objectively speaking, we can not say that this was very much. He's supposed to testify for several days during the trial. We have a legal system that works regardless who you have in the dock. The proceedings shall be conducted in the manner we have adopted is a fair trial.

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