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Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012-05-11 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 17: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

2012-05-11 (TV2): Breivik Trial Transcript: Day 17: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

Police Superintendent Trond Sandsbråten | KRIPOS Police Superintendent Gøran Dyvesveen: Autopsies: Emil Okkenhaug (15) | Håvard Vederhus (21) | Victoria Stenberg (17) | Sverre Flåte Bjørkavåg (28) | Diderik Aamodt Olsen (19) | Tamta Lipartelliani (23) | Kevin Daae Berland (15) | Karin Elena Holst (15) | Rafal Mohamad Jamil Jamil (20) | Andrine Bakkene Espeland (17) | Håkon Ødegaard (17) | Andreas Dalby Grønnesby (17) | Survivors: Eivind Rindal (23) | Munir Osman Humed Jaber

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 11 May 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

Police Superintendent Trond Sandsbråten and KRIPOS Police Superintendent Gøran Dyvesveen provide the details of the autopsy reports, while victim family attorneys provide short biographies about the Utoya deceased:

Pump House:
Emil Okkenhaug (15) | Håvard Vederhus (21) | Victoria Stenberg (17) | Sverre Flåte Bjørkavåg (28) | Diderik Aamodt Olsen (19)

Tamta Lipartelliani (23) | Kevin Daae Berland (15) | Karin Elena Holst (15) | Rafal Mohamad Jamil Jamil (20) | Andrine Bakkene Espeland (17) | Håkon Ødegaard (17)

WTip: Andreas Dalby Grønnesby (17)

Eivind Rindal (23) | Munir Osman Humed Jaber

Aftenposten: Harald Stanghelle: Application to broadcast shoe throwing incident that occurred during witness testimony.

8:39 Good morning from Oslo Courthouse.

8:40 09 The time is right. It shall manage the technical and forensic findings in connection with the last twelve executions of Utøya.

8:40 The court has the last week discussed the other executions of aufs fun.

8:41 After lunch there will be two witnesses to court, according to the schedule.

8:47 There are only three straight days next week, Monday - Wednesday. Thursday is the 17th of May, and Friday has the right set up as rettsfri day.

8:51 Court participants are about to get into the courtroom 250

8:59 The defendant, Anders Breivik Behring, is led into the hall.

9:00 The court is set.

9:01 The court will take the insurance of the right medication Sissel Rogde.

9:02 Correctional Technician Goran Dyvesveen from the NCIS must account for the technical findings.

9:03 He takes a review of the area at the Pump House on an overview map, that those who were not present in court yesterday can become familiar with the area.

9:05 The court will see more pictures from the area around the pump house. The pictures were taken several days after the terrorist attack, and the water level in Tyrifjorden is higher than the work time.
9:06 The court will start treating the execution of Emil Okkenhaug (15).

9:06 Dyvesveen: - He died at the Pump House.

9:07 The court will look at the big-screen thumbnail images of the area where the site is marked. Dyvesveen then displays the images contained in a binder court actors.

9:07 Court participants are given a binder with pictures that are considered to be stronger than those shown on the big screen.

9:08 The images in the file includes photographs of those killed.

9:08 Forensic Sissel Rodger explains the forensic investigations.

9:09 The medics on a puppet show where the victim has been hit and the damage is inflicted.

9:12 Lawyer Ingunn Kjeldstad: - Emil stood on the threshold of adulthood, he had finished high school. He wanted to be a journalist. He was politically active even in the AUF in 2010. He was Utøya for the first time in 2011. He had many friends, girlfriend and family who loved him.
9:12 The court goes through the findings in connection with the execution of Håvard Vederhus (21).

9:13 Dyvesveen: - He died at the Pump House.

9:13 The court will see thumbnail images, where the site is marked. Dyvesveen then displays the images taken in the court binder.

9:14 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

9:18 Lawyer Yvonne Mette Larsen: - Havard had a close relationship with everyone in the family and showed great care. He had many plans and much as he should have done. He wanted to make a difference. Education changes the world, he said. He was concerned that every person must find their place in society.
9:18 The court goes through the execution of Victoria Stenberg (17).

9:19 Dyvesveen: - She died at the Pump House.

9:19 Dyvesveen show the right thumbnail images where the site is marked. He then displays the images right, in their binders.

9:20 Breivik look at the photos in the binder and then discuss with his defense Vibeke Hein berries.

9:20 Rogde explains the forensic findings.

9:23 Lawyer Christian Lundin: - Victoria was Utøya with his girlfriend. She never got to celebrate his 18th birthday. She went specialization in elite sport. She joined the Labour Youth 15 July 2011. She wanted to study something where she could work with people.
9:24 The court goes through the death of Sverre Flåte Bjørkavåg (28).

9:25 Dyvesveen: - He died on the beach at the Pump House.

9:26 Dyvesveen show the right thumbnail images where the site is selected and displays the images taken in the court's binders.

9:26 Breivik discuss further with berries. Taking the notes.

9:27 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

9:31 Lawyer Odd Hovde: - Sverre showed early ability as a stable and omsorsfullt man. As a young adult, he developed his skills as a contact creative and confident person among fellow human beings. He was the one who you could rely on in difficult situations. He was respected among his opponents. On Utøya Sverre was on behalf of the Union.

9:32 The court pauses to watch 0950.

9:49 Court participants are beginning to take their places in the courtroom 250

9:50 The defendant enters in court again.

9:51 The court is set.
9:52 The court treats the execution of Diderik Aamodt Olsen (19).

9:54 Dyvesveen: - He suffered injuries he died when he was at the Pump House. He died on the way from Utøya to country.

9:55 Dyvesveen displays thumbnail images in which place he was when he was shot is marked. See also the pictures included in the court's binders.

9:55 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

9:58 Lawyer Yvonne Mette Larsen: - Didrik was only 19 years. He lived an active life. He showed great concern for family and friends. In the autumn of 2011 he would have begun to study at university. He was nesleder of Nesodden AUF and elected to the council.

9:59 Dyvesveen summarizes the findings at the Pump House. Showing an aerial photo of the area.

9:59 Lippestad: - Breivik want some comments after the pump casing.

9:59 Arntzen: - Can we take them for lunch today?

9:59 Lippestad: - It's okay.

10:00 Correctional Technician Trond Sand Bråten takes over. He explains the findings in connection with the killing and the Sydspissen.

10:00 Sand Bråten shows thumbnail images of the area.

10:02 The court can also see close-ups of the area.
10:02 The court goes through the killing of Tamta Lipartelliani (23).

10:03 Sand Bråten: - She died on Sydspissen.

10:04 Sand Bråten displays images in which the site is marked. He also refers to the images in the court binder.

10:05 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

10:10 Lawyer Maria Bergram Aas: - Tamta, 23 years old. She comes from Georgia. She was Utøya with a friend. They were guests of AUF. The parents describe their daughter as a beautiful girl with love for others. She showed respect for his neighbor and was truthful. Her parents said she could have done much for his family, friends and country.
10:11 The court goes through the execution of Kevin Daae Berland (15).

10:12 Sand Bråten: - He died on Sydspissen.

10:12 Sand Bråten overview shows that the site is marked. Reference is also made to the court's binders.

10:14 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

10:17 Lawyer Siv Hallgren: - Kevin was 15 years. He had plans for the future. He was the class representative and active in the youth council. He took from the summer job to go on their first summer camp at Utøya. Kevin had a strong sense of justice.
10:17 The court goes through the execution of Karin Elena Holst (15).

10:18 Sand Bråten: - She died on Sydspissen.

10:19 The court will see thumbnail images in which the site is marked. Sand Bråten refers to pictures taken in the court's binders.

10:20 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

10:23 Sand Braten said that those killed on Sydspissen probably been killed in a shorter distance than ten feet.

10:25 Lawyer Siv Hallgren: - Karin was Utøya for the first time as a representative of Rana. She was very concerned about equal access to education. She liked to discuss, but respected other's opinions. Karin was a good and loyal friend who was good at listening. She was about to begin high school.

10:26 Mette Yvonne Larsen: - I pray that you get a break between what Breivik said after lunch and witnesses, so that those who do not want to be there drop it.

10:26 Judge Arntzen: - When we say it.

10:27 The court pauses until 10:45.

10:44 Court participants are about to get into the courtroom 250

10:47 Breivik be entered in court.

10:47 The court is set.
10:48 The court treats the execution of Rafal Mohamad Jamil Jamil (20).

10:49 Sand Bråten: - She died on Sydspissen.

10:50 The court will see thumbnail images in which the site is marked. Sand Bråten also refers to pictures taken in the court binder.

10:51 Rogde going through the forensic investigation.

10:53 Lawyer Kari Nessa Nordtun: - She was only 20 years old. She had lived in Norway for more than a year before she went to Utøya for the first time. She had a desire to become a dentist and was looking forward to start on health in high school next year. They will remember her gentle nature.
10:54 The court treats the execution of Andrine Bakkene Espeland (17).

10:55 Sand Bråten: - She died on Sydspissen.

10:55 Sand Bråten right shows thumbnail images of the area. The site is marked. He also refers to the images in the court's binders.

10:57 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

11:01 Lawyer: - Andrine was completed in the first year of high school. The dream was to become an accomplished pastry chef. Andrine was a thoughtful girl with a smile and humor lurking. She was active in student council. Community Engaged she was early. She did not tolerate injustice. She had been in the AUF for half a year. The family says they managed to get a glimpse of the adult woman she would be.
11:02 The court goes through the execution of Håkon Ødegaard (17).

11:03 Sand Bråten: - He drowned off Sydspissen.

11:03 Sand Bråten displays thumbnail images in which the site is marked.

11:04 Sand Bråten refers to pictures taken in the court's binders.

11:05 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

11:07 Lawyer Lilli Marie Brimi: - He was so incredibly kind and a wonderful brother. He had a knack for caring for those around them. Earl had finished the first year studying music in high school. He had so many dreams. The dreams were taken away from him.

11:08 A man led out of courtroom

11:08 Roper "Go to hell"

11:08 Applause in the saddle

11:08 The court takes ten minute break

11:10 The man shouted, "Go to hell" repeatedly. Several police officers led the man the man out of the courtroom 250

11:10 There are several police officers in the courtroom.

11:10 The man also shouted "You killer".

11:11 Breivik was taken out of the courtroom shortly after.

11:16 In Courtroom 250 features during the trial were several police officers in uniform, as well as officers from the jail. It is unclear whether, and possibly how many, civilian police officers and / or around the room.

11:17 Everyone who comes into the courthouse must go through a security check of the same type as at airports. To get into the courtroom, one must also have accreditation, which is given reporters after an approval process, as well as relatives and legal aid lawyers.

11:23 The court administrator, Wenche Arntzen said at 11:08 that the court should have a 10 minute break. Neither party has come back into court so far.

11:25 The man sat in the front row before he suddenly began to swear. He called for Breivik murderer and shouted "Go to hell, you killer. ' He also threw a shoe at Breivik. Several in the audience began to clap when he was taken out while he cried.

11:26 During the whole matter has otherwise armed police stood guard around the courthouse.

11:29 The court actors begin to come into the courtroom.

11:32 The court has gone through 68 of 69 autopsy reports for deaths of Utøya.

11:33 Breivik be back in the courtroom. He discusses with defender Lippestad on the road.

11:34 Breivik is surrounded by five uniformed police officers.

11:35 The judges arrive. The court is set.

11:35 Judge Wenche Arntzen: - As we continue the review.

11:35 Sand Bråten: - We have explained the six who died on Sydspissen and will show an aerial photo which six are selected.

11:36 Sand Bråten: - We must account for the area at the western tip. The dead a youth in the area. It is unclear when he died, but we believe there is between what happened at Love trail and in the Bolshevik.

11:37 Sand Bråten right shows an aerial photo of the island, where the area is marked.
11:37 The court goes through the execution of Andreas Dalby Grønnesby (17).

11:38 Sand Bråten: - He died on the western tip.

11:39 Sand Bråten shows aerial photographs where instead Grønnesby fell to his death is marked.

11:40 Sand Bråten refers to images included in the binder court players have received.

11:40 Rogde explains the forensic investigations.

11:45 Lawyer Inger Johanne Reiestad Hansen: - He experienced to be 17 years only a few days. Besides school, he worked. He was a social and creative boy. Photography and music was some of what he liked best. He had many friends he enjoyed spending time with. He had friends from all over the country. "Andy", friends used to call him, was well liked. He was not particularly politically active, but went to Utøya for the first time being with young people from across the country.

11:46 Sand Bråten: - We have explained the 69 who died on Utøya. We take the court through the areas we have gone through. The order we have followed the route the investigation has revealed that the defendant followed, with the exception of the western tip.

11:46 Sand Bråten: - Within each area, we can not explain the order in which the executions occurred.

11:47 Sand Bråten:-We started at the main house, where it died two. So we explained the area of ??the cafe building, where four died. So the upper part of Telenor's Square, where three died.

11:48 Sand Bråten: - Then a killing on the tent site. So we went in and saw the cafe building, where 13 children died. So we went through the Love Path, and ten died on the site and five on the cliffs below.

11:49 Sand Bråten: - So we went to the forest by Skolestua, where two died. So Proud Mountain / Bolshevik where eight children died. So, 14 died at the Pump House. Furthermore, we continued to Sydspissen where six children died. We also reported the western tip, where a youth fell down and died.

11:50 Judge Arntzen: - I want to thank everyone who contributed to this very heavy review of each death, have occurred in a respectful and meaningful way.

11:50 Court takes break to 12.45.

11:52 It is announced that Breivik will comment on the statements of engineers and forensic experts when the right is after the break.

11:58 The time 12.15 the government presents a proposal to amend the law relating to mental health care. The change has been called "Lex Breivik," since the purpose of the amendments shall be to sharpen the regulations if Anders Breivik Behring is sentenced to forced mental health care.

11:58 Read more and follow the presentation of the changes here

12:40 Court participants are about to get into the courtroom 250

12:44 Judge Arntzen exchange a few words with Breivik defender Vibeke Hein berries. Bæra was hit by a shoe as one of the audience thrown. Arntzen go into the referee room.

12:47 The defendant Breivik is led into the courtroom.

12:48 Breivik seems to bring a pair of yellow postit notes.

12:49 The court is set.

12:49 Breivik have taken place in prosecution rear bench.

12:50 Breivik to comment on earlier evidence today.

12:50 Breivik: - There was one place on Utøya I was attacked. At the Pump House. It was like throwing an object at me which hit me in the face.

12:50 Breivik: - Yesterday, someone commented that I aimed at him. The reason why I have not pulled the trigger was that I was out of ammunition.

12:51 Breivik: - In the autopsy reports, it is quite misleading. Headshots are almost always last.

12:51 Breivik: - Whether movement. The reason I never went to the east, was to avoid being shot by Delta from land.

12:51 The Court has taken break to watch 13

12:52 Breivik put on handcuffs and led out of the courtroom.

12:53 Prosecutors Svein Holden followed the judges out and it was discussed at a time.

12:53 Court participants are sitting on their seats in Courtroom 250 and waiting for the judges.

12:54 It is summoned two witnesses this afternoon.

12:54 There have been no changes in relation to safety inside the hall after the event before lunch.
12:56 The first witness, now at 13, is Eivind Rindal (23). The time is 13.45 Munir Osman Humed Jaber sued.

12:57 Next week it sued five witnesses to each rettsdag. In addition, a witness statement read out according to schedule.

12:58 The four experts seem to converse together in a cheerful tone while sitting at the table experts in the break.

12:59 Breivik defendant is brought into court.

12:59 The defenders Lippestad and bear discussing.

13:00 The court is set.

13:01 Arntzen: - The episode that happened before lunch, manage, and followed up in a good way.

13:01 The witness Eivind Rindal takes the witness stand.

13:02 Rindal said personal details and submit insurance.

13:02 Rindal choose to remain in his statement.

13:02 Breivik disregard the witness.

13:03 Rindal: - On 22 July 17.20 I was in one of the cabins on the LO-top. We heard of a pocket radio about what had happened in Oslo. A few minutes later we hear the sound of something which to me seemed like explosions. It has since proven to be shot.

13:04 Breivik looks down at the table.

13:04 Rindal: - When I came out of the cabin, I saw that people moved first to the info built before they turned on his heel and went up the hill again. I was told to get away from the place.

13:04 Rindal: - I see a bunch of guard on Utøya showed the way, so that more went down a road.

13:04 Holden: - As you can see we have put up a map of the island.

13:05 Rindal shows the map where he was when the shooting started.

13:05 Rindal: - While we were behind the cafe building, we heard several shots. It was an insecure and chaotic atmosphere. This worsened as more and went into panic.

13:06 Rindal: - I take off a rocky cliff, cross the road tractor and comes out on the Love Trail. While I was running through the woods I see three stumble and fall. It is a chaotic atmosphere.

13:06 Rindal: - I try to keep as low profile as possible to make me a smaller target, if any shooter would be close.

13:07 Breivik supplied and disregard the witness stand.

13:07 Rindal: - I see people are almost in shock. Some are apathetic, some say they think it sounds like løsskudd. I say that I did not dare to think anything but think and act for the worst possible scenario.

13:07 Holden:-These caves we have not heard of before. Can you say anything about it.?

13:08 Rindal: - I have been on Utøya few times and been told that there are a number of limestone caves on the west side. They should have been used by people who fled religious persecution in the Middle Ages. The road down is partially blocked.

13:08 Rindal: - The path down to the caves were filled with people, so I considered it unsafe. I would hide me somewhere there were many others, so it was easy to be overlooked. I decided to continue to go south.

13:09 Rindal: - I tried to call the police. No later than 17.29 do I do first attempt to call. When I am at the Rock Tent.

13:10 Holden interrupts and says that Helen Brenna told about what happened at the Rock Tent.

13:10 Rindal: - When I come down to the woods, there are a lot of people here moving towards Sydspissen. There are a few boats a little way out of the water. I ignore the boats.

13:10 Rindal: - When I approach Sydspissen I see that people put out on the swim and that people be tried and be persuaded to swim.

13:10 Rindal: - Those who can not swim shows a form of fear of death. I take hold of these people and give them comfort.

13:11 Rindal: - We hide gradually under a slab. I'm glad that we chose to change the hiding place after a short time. But we put ourselves down here and thought.

13:11 Rindal: - I'll call and get through to the police on 112 Is quickly interrupted with the message "Help is on its way."

13:12 Holden: - So this means that the last call was 17.29 and 17.32 .. then there had been three minutes ..

13:13 Rindal shows on a map where he moved around the end of the island.

13:13 Rindal: - The sound of the shots I estimate the shots coming from just west of Sydspissen. I heard that there were two guns that were used in short, controlled series. Never single shot alone.

13:14 Rindal: - While we were at Sydspissen we heard shots coming closer and found it wise to break up. We are moving toward the northeast. We follow the shoreline.

13:15 Rindal talking in a loud, clear voice and explains very specifically.

13:15 Rindal: - When we came to a bay, it was water. Some waded over, I decided that the time was less mobile and have a worse short escape. I chose to approach the rocky slope. (The bay is located between Sydspissen and wharf)

13:16 Rindal explains how he felt that the body reacted and that he went into a survival mode.

13:16 Rindal: - When I was halfway through the bay, I hear a shot. I was very into flight mode and ran for their lives. I felt the shots came from directly behind me. I turned not. There was only one thing to do - run.

13:17 Rindal: - I cross down to the shoreline. They were very smooth, since it had rained. I manage to get much of the waterfront near the wharf.

13:18 Rindal: - I see that Reiulf located at the harbor and see that some people begin to gather there. I go down to the wharf. 5-6 persons in the boat, three people are on the wharf. I give notice that they must try to get on board Reiulf.

13:18 Rindal: - When I come on board dropped moorings. I can press the buttons that trigger a beep. It does not help to increase the peace among those who were aboard the boat.

13:19 The audience laughs a little when Rindal explains how he accidentally managed to light the lights on the boat Reiulf.

13:19 Rindal: - The boat was equipped with two vessels, but not oarlocks. We take from, but still wonder some on land. Those remaining on the wharf must jump into the water and swim to us. We must help them on board.

13:21 Rindal want a more deltajert map to view the location on where people were, but Holden denies this and says that they also can arrange this later if needed.

13:21 Rindal: - At the time I take over his oar. I made it clear that I wanted this, as I knew how to row the boat. We find takten.og eventually manage to keep a pretty OK speed. Weather boat is not designed to calms.

13:22 Rindal: - We are well into the fjord, between 70 and 140 meters. It is difficult to judge distance accurately. The offender gets down on the quay. We throw ourselves down. It felt like seconds then and there, then go projectiles against us. Some hit the boat, others hit the water. A minimum of 10 shots were fired, but less than 30 shots. There were at least four shots that missed the boat.

13:23 Rindal show with his hand how he knew the bullets pass over his head as he lay in the boat.

13:23 Holden: - The court has previously heard the crime technicians who have explained the boat Reiulf was hit by six shots.

13:24 Rindal: - While we were fired upon, it was a special situation in the boat. It was an agony. I felt it did not provide adequate protection. Luckily, none of us seriously damaged. One thing I've thought about afterwards, is that if other ammunition or weapons were used, would life be able to be lost.

13:24 Rindal: - It was lucky we saw the perpetrator before he got in our sights.

13:24 Holden: - Can you tell us about how you perceived the shooter?

13:25 Rindal: - The shots around did not feel as precise. The first I noticed was in the water. The shots came in rapid series. When the shots stopped, after a few seconds I see up. I saw a person in dark clothing, clearly with reflective tape on the bottom of his pants, and something I thought would be a bulletproof vest, moving inland at Utøya.

13:26 Rindal: - I saw he was holding a gun and looked like an AK-47.

13:27 Rindal: - It looked like it was a lighter weapon than the AK-47 or AG-3. After standing in silhouette a little while, he moves toward the main house. He bends down and moves as if in a defensive position. As he was in a combat situation where someone tried to shoot him.

13:27 The experts regularly throwing glances over at Breivik.

13:28 Breivik talk quietly with one of the defenders.

13:28 Rindal: - He moved to the main house. Shortly after this, smoke grenade fired. The shots came before smoke grenade was detonated. That was the last I saw the perpetrator of Utøya. It is the only place I can say with certainty that I saw him.

13:28 Holden: - What happened in the boat?

13:29 Rindal: - Then I had to assure me of someone in the boat were injured and how severe. Then we had to get the most quiet in the boat and that those who did nothing remained low as possible. We did not know how many assailants there were. I thought that everything could be terrorists, but some things I saw as safe, including ambulance personnel.

13:30 Rindal: - After seeing the damage the way we looked at the material damage. We took in water, etc. It was important to clarify. It was not the huge volumes that came in there and then but slightly. We would have plenty of time to plan the evacuation of the boat.

13:31 Rindal: - There was great uncertainty. It was difficult to get to row, but we got about 100 meters further out. Then we saw a policeman inside Utvika. It was difficult to say whether it was an accomplice. We chose not to go into the land, since there were no uniformed police cars there.

13:32 Rindal show the map again where they were and how they picked up people from the sea.

13:32 Rindal: - We see boats that pick up the swimmers. There was a lot of that had to swim from the headland north of Utøya. We picked up a swimmer. It was the last man aboard the boat. We were then only 12 pieces.

13:32 Rindal: - We discussed the lifebuoy to throw 40-45 yards out. I said no, since we would not be able to throw so far. There was not any line, so we risked losing it.

13:33 Rindal: - The decisions I had to use all the authority I had. I was prepared to use force to get through what was the safest possible solution. It was thankfully never needed. The collaboration worked well on board.

13:33 Holden: - And as you got in touch with a boat?

13:34 Rindal: - First, I would say that we tried to make contact with the police. The time was 17.52. There had been some time since we were fired upon. It was a conversation that lasted for two minutes. After hearing a lot of incoherent talk of machine guns, I took back my cell phone.

13:35 Rindal: - so I called later and said that people were swimming. I described the perpetrator. I said that we needed a helicopter to get people up.

13:36 Rindal: - After that we came to the boats. We had observed several boats. But there were friends or not friends. How to relate to people who swim, I thought it was safe to call attention.

13:37 Rindal: - We have done a bit south. We have attached a tow rope to a boat. It runs with great speed. Ask people to lie back, in case the rope breaks.

13:37 Rindal presents a very detailed explanation of the crossing with Reiulf.

13:38 Rindal: - On the second attempt, we manage to add the land. The policemen who were there, I had great confidence, since I saw it was the police, ambulance workers and civilians.

13:38 Rindal: - We go ashore. It was at around 18.10.

13:39 Rindal: - I leave the boat as the last person. I make my phone available, since I had a working telephone.

13:39 Rindal: - After leaving the boat we were evacuated on to a small apartment. Where are we safe to be transported on to Sundvollen.

13:40 Rindal: - Of all the events of that day. The experiences I will eventually forget, is to look into the eyes when we were there. It was total chaos there. People had seen the entire world to disintegrate.

13:40 Rindal: - Although I was relatively calm.

13:41 Holden: - I have no further questions on that day. But how has the post-22 July was?

13:42 Breivik throw quick glances around the room.

13:42 Rindal: - In the aftermath of 22 July has been there for me amazingly well. The first week I thought it was correct. For me it has been a special time. It was important to see what I could contribute. I study political science and is perhaps normally interested to discuss the various ideologies.

13:42 Rindal: - I have been involved in arranging such motivational events and to focus on right-wing ideology and the dangers with this.

13:42 Holden: - Is there anything else you would add in conclusion?

13:43 Rindal: - One of the things I want to add is that the situation that those who were not physically injured, was put in. It was agony for us in the boat. We were victims of attempted murder. The margins that make us alive. This was not a warning shot, was shot to kill.

13:44 Rindal: - The margins were on our side.

13:44 Rindal: - The memories and the wounds are as deep today as the physical wounds. It is important that they receive good support.

13:45 Breivik whispers to one of his defenders.

13:45 Rindal: - I know that many ombrod the boat was well under 18. There were high school students on board the boat. They were exposed to serious danger. I also want to add. It is how we communicate who were there and got feedback.

13:46 Rindal: - While we were on Utøya I got feedback from the police that "Help was on the way." It took almost an hour. We did not know what to do. When we talked to the police from the boat we were not told what to do.

13:47 Rindal: - I've had good help. I have received support from organizations and individuals. I will also praise the media. For me it's been therapy to put words on this matter.

13:47 Defender Lippestad: - I have some brief questions.

13:48 Lippestad: - You have explained that Breivik goes on the pier. Was there any activity on land at the time?

13:49 Rindal: - Focus was referred to where they had tried to take our lives from. You do not turn your back to someone who shoots you. Shortly after we saw some on land. It was clear that they had police uniforms. Based on the long term, it is impossible to say.

13:49 Breivik and defends Mostly Grounded talking together.

13:49 Lippestad: - I understand that you had the focus on Breivik then, but do you know anything about when you saw some activity on the land?

13:50 Rindal: - It was clear to see police cars when we were in the middle of the crossing.

13:51 Lawyer Elgesem: - We want to know more about the course or goals you had when you set out from the pier?

13:52 Rindal show on the map the course they had.

13:52 Prompted by Rindal are now being shown a larger map of Utøya and country side.

13:52 Where is the perpetrator, then, ask Elgesem.

13:53 Rindal: - On the land side, we observed activity. We were first a bit skeptical about this, and let us be on a course to the south.

13:54 Lawyer Yvonne Mette Larsen: - There are more lurking on the timelines you explain about here. You said you called the police 17.32. But when the boat Reiulf out of country?

13:55 Rindal: - I do not know exactly. We fled for their lives. I guess it was around 17:40. It agrees well with the movement after we had called. The last time was 17.45.

13:55 Larsen: - We understand well that you do not remember dates, Rindal. But then you when you leave out from the dock a few other boats on the fjord?

13:56 Rindal: - There were no boats on the development side when we were fired upon.

13:57 Rindal: - That I observed it, people were curious about what was going on. It was unclear what was the purpose. In areas where people swam one eventually they picked up people.

13:57 Larsen: - Can you suggest anything about how many boats were there picking people up?

13:58 Rindal: - Those who are on the southeast side of Utøya I had not so much focus on. It was a 3-4 boats in the north. One of those was a bit larger.

13:58 Larsen: - So it was more than three boats there?

13:58 Rindal: - I think it was more than three boats on the fjord that day. It may be that some of the boats were observed in several places.

13:58 Larsen: - Finally .... When did you land?

13:59 Rindal: - I sent a text message at 1807. When we were in the mini bus was at 1822. Will estimate 1810-1814.

13:59 Elgesem: - We only have one more question ... Who else was in the boat with you?

14:00 Rindal: - I had not conducted a roll call. I can name a few, but I think it is better that the public prosecutor takes it from the interrogation.

14:00 Holden: - I will read them up I am.

14:00 Larsen: - How do you Breivik when you saw him ..?

14:01 Rindal: - They keep the points for saying something that Breivik masakren is the observation of sound, bevegesesmønster from shot rhythm, etc. The second is to see the observation of the shooter on the wharf. The third shot is compared to when we were fired upon.

14:02 Rindal: - This seemed like shots fired from a professional killer. Aside from people who cried, it was still on Utøya. The shots seemed effective, no wild shooting and waste of ammunition. It was fired quick runs.

14:03 Rindal: - When I saw him on the wharf. I see a culprit who calmly lifted the weapon against us. He moves constantly calm. Nothing running, fanning of weapons or fumbling. Also in the defensive front listening to the info building.

14:04 Rindal: - I did not see anything or hear anything ukemsfakter cry. Neither the Utøya or when I was on board the boat.

14:04 Breivik a broad smile when Rindal says that he heard someone shout.

14:04 Rindal: - I heard nothing laughter.

14:05 Holden read out the names of the twelve who were on board.

14:07 The court has to break 1420.
14:10 Next witness is Munir Osman Humed Jaber.

14:21 The court actors begin to take their places in the hall 250

14:23 Breivik entered in the court 250 for the last time this week.

14:25 The court is set.

14:27 Jaber provide personal and insurance.

14:28 Bejer Engh: - Can you start by explaining what you saw on Utøya 22 July?

14:29 Jaber: - I stand in the hallway in the cafe building. We hear something that sounds like Chinese putter. I see everyone at the door running towards us at a time. They have a facial expression that makes me realize that this is serious.

14:30 Jaber: - I said that everyone had to get out. Suddenly an up and shouts: What are you running from? I look out the front door, where I see a person be shot.

14:30 Engh: - When we are on the Mediterranean since ...

14:30 Jaber: - Yes, we are ..

14:31 Jaber: - I run back into the great hall, crying: Trust me, get out. So I run back to the front door. Thinking that some doors have locks.

14:31 Breivik looking in the direction of the witness box without prefer a mine.

14:32 Jaber: - I kick off shoes to be able to close the door. There were garments hung on the door. There I pulled down. I said to one who came that he had to get away. Finally, I closed the door.

14:33 Jaber - I go into the great hall and the window. I see the perpetrator with the body leaning against the window to the tent site. He smiles satisfied with the gun facing the stage and the staircase to the little hall.

14:33 Jaber: - The suit he had seen I like a fake police uniform. I thought this would be an exercise, since the perpetrator was very calm.

14:34 Breivik talking quietly to defend Isolated Ground.

14:34 Engh: - How many were there in the great hall then?

14:34 Jaber: - But I'll assume that it must be the worst. I remember no one in the Great Hall. I go into the hallway. There were many people.

14:35 Jaber: - At one point you hear the echo. The weapon is inside the building. Understand that we must get rid of the people there.

14:35 Jaber: - There was panic. People ran into each other. Had to get everyone into.

14:36 Jaber speaks very clearly and detailed.

14:36 Jaber: - At one point I hear shots in the hallway. When I stand at the time of the cafeteria. I am reminded that I need to get away. I run to the door I locked. Pictures hanging on the wall falls down and crushes, people cut themselves on them. I ran out.

14:37 Jaber shows where he found himself on the map of the island.

14:37 Jaber: - We run against NATO outhouse. We stopped nearby, a group of 15 pieces. There was one that had blood on it, but no one was injured. We wondered: Is this true, it is an exercise?

14:37 Engh: - Were any of those injured when you were with?

14:38 Jaber: - No. As we talked about it was genuine, comes the new shoots. When we run down to the Love Trail. We no longer wonder if it is genuine.

14:38 Engh asks Jaber show on the map where they run.

14:39 Jaber: - We are as a group. We'll figure it out. I get a call from my uncle who is in Denmark. He wondered if I was Youngstorget. I just had to hang up. We continued to run.

14:40 Jaber: - I am trying to rip off my sweater, but slips and falls. I get off my clothes and phone. We jumped into the water to swim, but it was too cold. We went ashore and Proud Mountain.

14:40 Jaber said that they went on to Pride Mountain, as he shows it on the map.

14:41 Jaber: - Many people began to swim directly. Some said we had to call the police. I thought: They are here, and they shoot at us. Eventually I'll call 112 I'm not through. I get through to 113 and talk to a lady who I tell what's going on.

14:42 Jaber - I say they should get everything they can. Force if necessary. She says she can not send an ambulance, because the police must first be there. She said I had to contact the police. I said she was easier to do it.

14:44 Jaber: - While we're there, there is a person who has been at the football field. He says that we must take off our colorful clothes. I also go up there. I see it is not possible to hide there and had their say. While we're there, we hear that the shots approaching.

14:44 Jaber said that he has no clue as to when this is, but it was when they were on the Pride Mountain.

14:44 Jaber: - He who kept lookout says that "he comes". When people start to swim. I decided to run back to get an overview. We had many people there.

14:46 Jaber: - There are some guys who take up stones and say they will defend themselves. I am a bit annoyed because everyone had to be quiet. They all begin to go into the water or running elelr hiding. I hide until I hear someone approaching.

14:47 Jaber: - We run along the water. When I come to the Bolshevik. When fired it against us. The man who ran in front of me turns and says: Would you live, then run.

14:48 Jaber: - I'll be up and running up a steep path. You can see the earth at sidenav being hit by shots. You have to run until you can not run anymore. I was certain: I run until I drop.

14:49 Jaber: - At one point I was tired, but I got more energy out of pure adrenaline. As the shooting stops and the ropes: it is the police. We will help.

14:49 Jaber - I say it is not. We continue to run and spread us.

14:50 Jaber - I found that by NATO outhouse was the dense vegetation with nettles, and more. I went in there, and bowed again I stepped down. I lay on the ground with lots of twigs.

14:51 Jaber: - I have his back to the cafe building and body from the water. I see Love trail and water.

14:51 Jaber did not see defendant when he was the Bolshevik.

14:51 Engh: - I will go back a little ... you say you are down by Stoltenberg and that you heard it was shot. Did you see the defendant then?

14:52 Jaber: - It was the fallout of projectiles very close when I ran up from the Bolsheviks.

14:52 Engh: - Did you see any projectiles that hit the ground .. it was close to you? How close to hitting it?

14:52 Jaber: - On the side of me.

14:53 Engh: - But where he was not at this time?

14:53 Jaber: - No.

14:53 Engh: - What was said then?

14:53 Jaber: - It is said that there are police. We will help.

14:54 Engh: - Looking at his watch then?

14:54 Jaber: - Back to where I lie. After a while I hear a helicopter coming. It is black. Thinking that there may be police. I did not watch, so I do not know what time it was.

14:55 Jaber: - As I lay there, I hear a lot of shots along the water's edge. At one point, it is very cold. I had to be completely at ease.

14:56 Jaber: - When the rain hits the leaves, it sounds like heavy steps. I had noticed that I had managed to fold a sheet as it had the bright side up. Then I could see if anyone was coming, much like a mirror.

14:57 Jaber - I stare at this magazine. At one time it so cold that your teeth start to pick.

14:58 Jaber: - I hear the cries of police, police. Hear it is shot, so it's quiet. I think "the police never alone." After the shots, I was just sitting.

14:59 Jaber - I find that I have no chance to get away alive. I can either wait to be found and shot. Or I could try to get down to the water to be picked up by a boat.

14:59 Jaber: - But you did not know how many there were.

14:59 Engh: - Where did the sound then?
14:59 Here, says Jaber and displays the map.

15:00 Jaber: - At one point I hear a dialogue between a girl and an English speaking person on board a boat. He says that there is no place, but promises to come back. He says he does not have the space. He goes on without her.

15:01 Jaber: - Suddenly, there is a speedboat that put full throttle from the island. I thought that maybe it is the police. I hear a shot. It sounds like hype sounds alternates. Is this the police against the perpetrators, or is it more gjeringsmenn?

15:01 Engh: - This happens in other words while sitting in the same place?

15:01 Jaber: - Yes.

15:02 Jaber - I remember that I stuck my head up and saw the cafe building. I see a girl who sneaks over the place. I run to her. A little ahead of her to signal that we had to be quiet. WE did not know what happened then, since it had been quiet for a while.

15:03 Where are you going, then, ask Engh. I'm here, Jaber said, pointing to the area behind the café building.

15:04 Jaber: - We run into the woods, but not on the path. We run where there is no path. When I ran with her, it was like to see the newly cut grass. In retrospect, I have seen that it was not that simple.

15:04 Engh: - Did you know this girl from before?

15:04 Jaber: - Yes.

15:05 Jaber: - We come across a red jacket Labor. I take it on me, but I can not really around, so I take it off and starts to run back.

15:06 The prosecutor shows a picture of the way down against the Bolsheviks.

15:06 Jaber: - She takes one direction, I take another.

15:06 Engh: - What did you see when you got down there?

15:06 Jaber: - I saw many famous people there. They were dead.

15:07 Jaber shows the picture which he saw dead people including in the water.

15:07 Jaber: - It was absolutely indescribable. But I had to move on. As I get a little further out, I see a girl who tried to escape by taking off her clothes before she swam. She was shot by a stone in the water.

15:08 Engh: - Did you know the person who was there?

15:08 Jaber: - I see another person further away. He lay against a rock. There was lots of blood.

15:08 Engh: - Did you know who he was?

15:08 Jaber: - I thought who it could have been.

15:09 Jaber: - There is so much a need to take on. It made very strong impression. I see that there are people shot.

15:09 Engh: - How many people died so you total?

15:09 Jaber: - I saw many dead. In the interview, I said around 15, but it was only eight. But it was very strong to take over themselves.

15:09 Engh: - Did you know well some of you saw there?

15:10 Jaber: - Yes. I knew a girl who was there. It was very tough. Then I broke a little.

15:10 Engh: - Put the two girls close together?

15:11 Jaber: - To see people you've known a long time. So it is very heavy.

15:11 Engh: - The one you knew well, she was with another girl? Did you know her?

15:11 Jaber - I might have an idea, but I'm not sure.

15:12 Engh: - But some of those you saw when you came to the Bolshevik ... had you seen the former as it was shooting?

15:12 Jaber: - When we ran down the first time the Bolsheviks, I saw some of the people there were among those who came down there.

15:13 Jaber is a little spakere in his voice when he explains about the sight that met him. Breivik prefer not mine.

15:13 Jaber: - They were down there with us the first time. That's what I had the impression. But I can not say more in detail. I did not recognize everyone.

15:14 Jaber: - We do not hear any shots. We have to get on the other side. It was reassuring to see that many young people were received Utvika. I remain, as a stock lot of sound when a wade out to swim. But she comes back to take me out. We waded calmly.

15:16 Jaber: - It is very shallow. I noticed how much noise we made. One time I fell too early and hit a rock. When we discover that we are so far out that it is difficult to shoot at us, beckoning us. We thought the helicopter would be of help. We see boats run from Utvika and start waving your hands.

15:16 Jaber: - They discover us and get there. Both boats arrived. A boat with two cops picked us up.

15:17 Jaber: - The police had a formation in which an accused against the island, while another helped us. Both helped us come up. While we run against Utvika we ask if they are genuine. On the way they get told to either drive to Storøya, so they change course.

15:17 Jaber: - I was sure that when we should be taken somewhere else and be killed.

15:18 Jaber: - The third time I ask why, I reply that they had no control over a car.

15:19 Jaber: - I look at their police uniform. It looks real. The security created was that the policeman in front of the weapon secured in the holster. Thought that it was police training.

15:19 Jaber: - Towards the land we see two police officers waiting. On Utøya there was one. In a car, it seats five. I thought that it was stolen and that our time had come.

15:20 Jaber - I get off the boat and expect to be shot. But we are received. On the way up the road, we meet a lot of ambulance and police.

15:21 Jaber: - It was a relief. I thought that a terrorist can only manage so many. I would not be with a private driver to Sundvollen. I was persuaded and drove to Sundvolden Hotel. I met some friends. It was good to see them again.

15:22 Jaber shows on demand, where he ran when he was shot for.

15:23 Engh: - You said you looked out the window and that the perpetrator was smiling and calm. Was it other than that he went slowly as did that you perceived him to be quiet?

15:23 Jaber: - No other than to smile and go quietly. I saw your face, but not if he was talking with someone.

15:23 Engh: - How have you been in the post-22 July?

15:24 Jaber: - There are many hard days. Missing is very large. But we have a good team spirit in the AUF.

15:24 Engh is finished with his questioning. Now the defender Bæra ask some questions.

15:24 Bæra Jaber praises for a detailed explanation, but would like to hear more about the meetings with the perpetrators of the island.

15:25 Bæra: - What was his mood then?

15:25 Jaber: - The Great Hall, I see him only. So I hear when we run back from the Bolsheviks. It is called "Police, police. We will help us to help." It was those words. There was yelling.

15:26 Jaber - I did not turn round to look, but I heard it was called.

15:26 Jaber - I heard no other types of outbreaks.

15:26 Consequences: - Were there any other outbreaks than police the police? ... No laughter or something?

15:27 Jaber: - As I hid in the Nata-loo, when I heard the loud shouts of "Police, police."

15:27 Berries have more questions.

15:27 Jaber: - I did not know who cried last time someone yelled "police, police". I do not know if it was Breivik or the police.

15:27 Prosecutors Holden: - So you know who called the police! Police! ...? Do you know if it was Breivik or the police?

15:28 Jaber: - There was shooting for the last time. Not much. There was silence.

15:28 Assistance Attorney General: - Was it still shooting after it was called the Police! first time?

15:29 Prosecutors Holden - I will come with a fact to the court. Police fired two shots when they needed to open the doors. So I think maybe it was the police who called this.

15:31 Lawyer Hallgren: - Did you hear someone talking to the perpetrator ever?

15:31 Jaber - I do not remember anyone talking to the perpetrator.

15:32 The court pauses to 15.45. Next, the court shall treat an application from the media to broadcast the scene in court earlier today.

15:44 You can read what happened here.

15:45 Breivik is back in Courtroom 250 Around the stomach, he has a belt that he gets attached to the handcuffs when he is not inside the room.

15:49 The court is set.

15:50 Arntzen: - Stanghelle, you can begin.

15:50 Aftenposten's Harald Stanghelle takes place ... he is the head of the media group that has been focal point of the right in this matter.

15:51 There are two applications that are submitted about to broadcast the scene earlier today.

15:51 Stanghelle: - There are recordings of some of what happened earlier today, and I need not remind the court that this has influenced the news today.

15:52 Stanghelle: - This is of great interest to publish these recordings, but that their identity may be anonymous. But he has lined up with the name and likeness in any media already in the afternoon.

15:53 Stanghelle: - We ask that it be made available today.

15:54 Stanghelle: - It is entirely technically possible and also scramble the audience who sat around him. But then this should appear in the court's decision on this.

15:54 There are no questions to Stanghelle from the right.

15:54 Prosecutors Svein Holden - If it is natural for the court, it is natural that the defense begins.

15:54 Holden asks Lippestad start with his speech.

15:56 Lippestad: - We have a great understanding of the press' desire. We have been through a difficult but worthy of trial. To view this episode when the rest is not shown, is taken a little out of context. As defenders, we never comment on what happens to us. The fact that it applauded and it is liberating, we consider as a significant safety risk to defensive end.

15:56 Arntzen: - Lippestad, there is a contagion effect you fear?

15:57 Lippestad: - The effect of infection. As it is said from Stanghelle, I do not think that it is written in the news that one of the defenders who were affected.

15:58 Prosecutors Holden: - We also have a great understanding of the request from the press and some impression about this. But for prosecutors, it is also important from the point the defenders and we would ask that there be exemptions from the broadcasting ban.

15:59 Lawyer Siv Hallgren: - We have been in contact with counsel Sjødin. His client has no objection to this being aired on television, and he wants this to be on TV.

15:59 Elgesem: - More aid lawyers have gone against the run.

16:00 has written that Bæra was passed:

16:01 Elgesem: - What we think justifies a restrictive stance is safety and to watch over the court's dignity.

16:02 Lawyer Yvonne Mette Larsen: - We have also received specific requests from those who sat around him. A few survivors of Utøya, two girls were very frightened by what happened. Although it is said that this could gossip, we are not assured that this will happen.

16:03 Larsen: - Many people will also feel it very offensive because it happened during an autopsy report. WE are also afraid of a spillover effect if it is broadcast.

16:04 Stanghelle: - of course I will not argue with the different views. One is as Lippestad assume medforsvarer not publicly known. It's out and the relevant law has also given interviews about the case. Re contagion effect is the case on to dominate the news.

16:04 Arntzen ask if there are additional comments in court. Somehow it is not.

16:05 The court will make a decision within half an hour.

16:05 The ruling will not be read, but handed down in writing.

16:05 The court adjourned for the day.

16:05 The verdict is expected within a relatively short time.

16:07 follow the trial starting at 0830 on Monday. The court set at 09 on Monday.

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