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Friday, August 3, 2012

Live Audio (Eng Subtitles) of Anders Breivik Closing Argument Statement to Court on 22 June 2012

Anders Breivik Court Statement 2012-06-22

The attacks of July 22nd were preventive attacks, serving the defense of the Norwegian indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians, our culture, and I can not declare myself guilty before the law for conducting them. I was acting in self defense on behalf of my people, my culture, my religion, my city, and my country. Therefore I demand to be acquitted of all charges.

Anders Breivik | Breivik Report | 22 June 2012

Thank you.

I think we can all agree that what happened on July 22nd was an act of barbarism.

What happened on July 22nd in the government quarter and on Utoya, were barbaric acts. I remember that on July 21st, after many years of planning, I thought: "tommorrow, you will die". And as I was 200 metres away from the government quarters, I remember that I thought: "in two minutes, you will die".

For what would I have died? I now want to talk a little about that.

I will not hold a full speech, because I've already read an explanation to you on the 17th of April that contains all of the arguments, at least most of them, that I wanted to present here.

The explanation that I gave on April 17th, it explains most. But there are some things that I haven't addressed yet, and I want to do that now.

I want to start with some points on my sanity and accountability.

To start with, every human being should be considered sane/accountable before law. Of those that evaluated me, 37 persons in total, highly qualified in psychiatry and the evaluation of psychiatric cases, of those 37, 35 didn't recognize any symptoms in me at all. Of a total of 37 persons, it was therefore two that found a multitude of symptoms. So it is absolutely clear where the focus should be. The 35 or the two experts.

I will not say much about the Knights Templars, I have already done that. But there are a lot of indications, that suggest the existence of the KT, as I depicted them in my police interviews. Something the state attorneys of course do not want to acknowledge in this courtroom. I do not want to repeat what I've already said.

There is one thing I do want to comment on, concerning an assertion about my accountability.

The state attorneys alleged that in the beginning, it was my goal to be declared insane. That is not true. I can remember, that, as the first evaluation report came out in December or the end of November, everyone was shocked and I thought: "okay, what should I do now?" Wait until the debate matures, I was thinking strategically, by demanding two new experts before I enter it.

Later I thought: "What if two psychiatrists betrayed me, that didn't record our conversations - so it's my word against theirs - how can I trust a psychiatrist again?” So I thought: "Maybe I shouldn't request another evaluation. Because if the second evaluation report also turns out against me, then I'm finished." I came to the decision, not to let myself be examined again, because I know how much criticism the first report was receiving. It is not true, that at any point, I was in favor of being declared insane.

I have addressed different topics.

The conclusion of what I said on April 17th is that the European democratic political model, the so called mass democracy, does not work. The arguments that I have presented and that I will continue to bring forward underline that there is demand for a fundamental change of leadership in Norway and Europe.

This had its beginnings in WW II. In the sixties the Labour Party decided that a large number of Pakistani, that had been refused entry to Finland, and that came to Norway with a tourist visa would be granted permit of residence. And so began the multicultural experiment in Norway. The Labour Party decided that Norway should follow the example of Great Britain and France with Asian mass immigration in the sixties and seventies.

About the censorship, the ridicule and the persecution of nationalist and cultural conservatists after WW II I already spoke. Thus I will not repeat what I've already said. I'll elaborate on some minor points.

The characteristic feature was political discrimination. Cultural conservative NGOs and youth organisations didn't receive any support. There is always resistance towards them. Maybe the only cultural conservative newspaper, "Norge Idag", lost state funding for its printed products a couple of years ago.

After July 22nd, HRS (Human Rights Service), I think one could call them cultural conservatives, was the victim of an act of revenge; their public funding was cut in half. Even though they are an organisation that has nothing to do with me per se. The last 20, 30 years, public funding of extreme leftist organisations existed in Norway. Like "Blitz", "Tjen Folket" and "Rassist Zentrum".

I want to proceed to another point. Maybe some of us remember that the former leader of "The future in our hands", Steinar Lem who died of cancer some years ago, gave a last public statement about what was rumbling on in him for years. It was something about which he would not dare speak publicly, before he was certain he would die. That was as follows: "We fight for the right of Tibet and the indigenous people of Tibet, we fight for other indigenous people, but in modern Norway, one is not able to state that Norwegians possess just as much right for their home country as Tibetans do for Tibet and that our rights are just as important.” That's what he would not dare to express for his entire life. He received notice from his doctor that he would die before long. And then, only then, would he dare tell the truth about his real views.
In my compendium I have written a great deal about the deconstruction or absence of moral stands in Norway after 1968. That's a big problem, but I can't elaborate on it at this moment. The problem is that today we have ideals in Norway that are harmful for Norway, that will cause us great harm in our future. STDs and the sexual revolution are not analysed well enough. And that caused great problems in Norway and Europe.

The ideal is to have sex with as many strangers as possible. Rather than to idealize the nuclear family, that was the emphasis in Europe until the mid sixties, we focus on dissolving the nuclear family with all the problems it brings with it. For example the ideals of "Sex in the city", where Samantha and Carrie have sex with over one hundred men during the course of 100, 200 episodes of the series. It is these ideals that are presented to our sisters and daughters today. This is a sickness. These sick ideals must be censored and kept away from our society.

Now I'll get to the neglect of our duty towards our families and our nation. People receive education, they travel, they are 35 before they decide on having children. That is not a sustainable development. Women should start having children in their twenties. Our birth rate lies below the necessary minimum. I will not elaborate further on that.

Protection of the established.

One of the most influential people in Norway, Arne Strand, voiced his opinion on public/state funding of the press frequently. He was a protagonist for keeping everyone right winged, more right winged than Carl I. Hagen, out of the democracy. He stated freely that state funding of the press was necessary to preserve the current political hegemony. We must protect the hegemony, we must keep right winged people from expressing themselves.

Public funding of the press ensured that Norway will never be a democracy, because it will not let right winged extremists participate in the debate.

I will name some examples that I haven't addressed on April 17th. Cause and effect of the politically motivated violence July 22nd. To name just a few, but important and typical acts, that were committed by the powers that be in Norway that are, at least as a whole, capable of provoking violent resistance. It is correct that the Labour Party, to avoid having to persecute their enemies in a court of law, put them in psychiatric wards. That was after WW II.

Holden stated it wasn't that many that Norway put in psychiatric wards out of political motivations. He thought it would have only been Hamsun and minister of justice Riisneas. But it was many. It was many. I will elaborate on some cases.

So, it is not a secret that many cultural conservatives and nationalists were neutralized in psychiatric wards after WW II. In any case, the following members of the party "Najonal Samling" (National Socialists) were put into a madhouse by the power apparatus of the Labour Party after the war: Halldis Neegaard Ostbye, pioneer of woman skiing, secretary and chauffeuse of Quisling and NS-ideologist who among other things, published the book "War of the Jews" in 1943. In the end she died in the mental asylum of Dikemark.

First she was incarcerated in 1945 for two years, eight months of those two years in solitary confinement. Later she was sentenced to seven years in prison and a cash fine that was ruinous to her; also her entire wealth was confiscated. The ski factory "Splitkein" in Olso, that also produced the top selling ski wax, was taken from her husband Peter Ostbye by the Labour Party as a sort of revenge for the war. Knut Hamsun is known to us. This unjust war settlement that violates our constitution still is a fester in today's Norway and it will remain that way until the truth becomes part of recorded history, the unlawful sentences are revoked, and the victims or their descendants have been compensated.

It was also attempted to declare non-NS individuals, who were enemies of the Labour Party, as insane. An example is editor Toralv Fanebust. As they did not succeed they gave him a long prison sentence because he disclosed the truth about the people in the center of the Labour Party and their acts during and after the war. His grandson, Frode Fanebust, recently published the book "History of War - Settling the myths" in which he deals with the matter of Fanebust and how the apparatus of the Labour Party tried to declare his grandfather insane.

What else has the political power milieu done, pushed, permitted, celebrated, that is capable of provoking violent resistance instead of peaceful political resistance?

The Fatherland Party received 0.5% of the vote in 1993. 1993 was the first time the party entered the election. Bjarne Dahl, 1993, the first candidate on the Oslo list of the Fatherland Party, tried himself in a lawful, political resistance against established immigration policy. During an election campaign on the Oslo marketplace on September 4th 1993 his face was shattered, his jaw bone broken, and some of his teeth knocked out as a result of an attack from members of "Blitz". The leader of the party, Professor Harald Trefall, was also hit in the face by something that was thrown or swung at him during the same attack with the result that he also suffered open wounds in his face. Others were also subject to physical attacks.

As a terrified bystand sent a notice to the editorial staff of "Dagbladet" of this violent attack he received the following answer: "Ok, but is that not something to be considered good?" That was the statement of Dagbladet. And that was their position on the coverage of these attacks. The same position, so it seems, is shared by all of Norway's press. The mainstream media didn't report on this violent, dangerous attack on the Fatherland Party.

On June 28th 2002, parliament politicians begin, in concordance, a massacre of small parties.

They pass a new election law which automatically liquidated all small parties. All parties that didn't at least receive 5000 votes in the last election prior to passing of the law were removed as listed parties. To participate in an election in the future, all others must meet similar requirements. And anyone who does not work from within a listed party, is required to collect 5000 signatures under strict regulations. This has led to a significant reduction in the number of listed parties and it is almost hopeless to found and run a new political party in Norway.
In Sweden, which has approximately double our inhabitants, the requirement is 1500 votes, and there is no automatic liquidation of parties that receive fewer votes.

2003 to 2012.

PST bragged without restraint about how they had accomplished to dismantle the political-religious organisation "Vigrid". They recounted proudly how they did it, by inviting all young devotees with their parents to the local police stations. PST accomplished their goal of destroying the organisation by maltreatment of the younger members.

Beyond that PST busied themselves with the extensive maltreatment/mobbing of the leader of "Vigrid", Tore Tvedt. Among other things via extensive monitoring, repeated unfounded searches of his residence, arrests, with which they accomplished that he was continuously thrown out of the apartments he rented. He confirmed this as a witness during this trial.

And during a school debate on August 28th in Tonsberg in association with the parliament election 2009, Oyvind Heian, leader of the party "Patriots of Norway" was hit on the forehead suffering a heavily bleeding wound, forcing him to leave the meeting immediately. The meeting was resumed as if nothing happened. Neither the school administration nor the police took steps to apprehend the person responsible for this violent and dangerous attack on party leader Heian.

Before the local election last year the "Christian Unity Party" was subject to an attack by an individual who was a member of "SOS Racism". These are communists, organised communists. Anti-democratic incidents like this as mentioned earlier, be it with or without physical violence, naturally serve to provocate everyone with a nationalistic attitude in this country. That there was no counter-attack surprised all nationalists that followed the developments.

The anti-democratic powers that rule our country obviously anticipated something as well, as evidenced by the ongoing surveillance that was implemented here and drills/exercises for scenarios like the one that is the subject of this trial. But the political milieu that steers this country avoids a debate on the motives of such counter-attacks. There is nothing that could motivate them to reconsider - that is the impression of themselves they want the public to see. It might be that many members of that power milieu actually believe that without recognizing the connection.These are dark outlooks for our country.

The Labour Party and the Soviet Union.

It is known and documented that the Labour Party received financial assistance from the communist regime of the Soviet Union prior to WW II. Despite that, it is inaccurate to claim that the Labour Party is an outright communist party. They don't support a planned economy.

However they still support cultural communist politics. Thus the expression "Cultural Marxists" or "half-communists". It is a known fact that many leading Labour Party politicians maintained close ties to the Soviet Union up to 1993, behind the backs of the Americans. Many, among them Thorvald Stoltenberg, father of the prime minister, had their own code names in KGB registries. Even Jens Stoltenberg had a codename, "Steklov", in the KGB archives prior to 1993.

Two authors wanted to bring light to these facts a couple of years ago. However, the Labour Party succeeded in preventing the books from being published, thus preventing the truth about the communist ties of the Labour Party and their cynical behavior to become known to the people of Norway. Of those two books, one is titled "The eagle has landed", by Reiulf Steen in 2003. I do not believe it was stopped. But there was a new book, "Mitrokhin Archive" by Christopher Andrew, that was met with resistance.

The problem is not the Labour Party's communist past, but their refusal to deal with it and that they don't take responsibility for their own politics. As party secretary Raymond Johansen stated, their immigration policy is attributed to international agreements, instead of acknowledging the fact that it is them who want to transform Norway culturally and ethnically. Raymond Johansen is intelligent enough to know that Japan and South Korea experienced the same troubles with the UN regarding the acceptance of fugitives and asylants.

Japan and South Korea have learned to say no. They do not support the attempt to use their country as the dumping ground for the excess birth rate of the 2nd and 3rd world. The political model of Japan and South Korea is proof that a country that says "no" to mass immigration in the long term is more successful than Norway and other European countries, which will experience great ethnic, cultural and religious conflicts in the future. It is these conflicts that led to July 22nd.

Raymond Johansen and the Labour Party know that. If they possessed a shred of integrity they would admit the reason for inviting mass immigration from Asia and Africa. As International Marxists, they want to deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group and the Norwegian culture. In other words, they have exactly the same agenda as social democrats in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the UK.
About the persecution.

I will follow up on an example that I have not used yet. Individuals who are known to support cultural conservative, nationalist, anti-Islamic and anti-communist organisations have been systematically ridiculed, maltreated, and persecuted in Norway and Western Europe since WW II.

In Norway, hundreds of people have lost their jobs last year, and have been publicly branded racists, fascists and nazis for the sole reason of their opposition to Islamization, multiculturalism, and Marxism.

I am naming one example.

Remi Huseby was the first leader of the democratic, anti-violent and anti-Islamist "Norwegian Defence League". As he became known to the press, he was publicly branded an intolerant and evil right wing extremist for the sole reason of him criticizing Islamism and the ideology of the Norwegian state: multiculturalism. As a result of this media campaign his employer felt forced to lay him off, and he lost his job.

This is only one of hundreds of cases in Norway, and only one of many thousands in Europe that document the systematic ridicule, maltreatment and persecution of cultural conservatives and nationalists by journalists and editors after WW II and up to this day. The worst of all is that this demonizing is actually better than to be ignored. To be ignored is worst.

In many hundreds of cases in Europe and Norway, cultural conservatives, anti-communists and nationalists were being coerced into suicide by this public branding and subsequent demonizing. It is very similar to the former Soviet Union. This leads me to another point, that I originally decided not to bring up, but nevertheless I submit.

Cultural self-contempt and Eurovision.

Before I claimed that the Norwegian society suffers from a serious cultural, psychological illness, that manifests itself in contempt towards our own culture and in the self-contempt of the Norwegian and Nordic ideals. This collective cultural psychosis was caused many decades ago by Cultural Marxism and multicultural ideology that in turn leads to cultural self-contempt. A fitting example for this is Norway's contributions to Eurovision's Song Contest during the last four years.

With proper aid of Norway's mass media we let a Belrusian asylant, probably with Tartar background called Alexander Igaravitsj Rybak represent Norway in the international finale. In and of itself it is okay to let an asylum seeking person represent us to show that we are tolerant. But what happened next? A few years later it is another asylum seeker, Nyambura Mwangi from Kenia, who wins with a melody from his bongo. The Russian Eurovision commentators struggled to explain: what is Norway doing, why would they send an asylant as their ambassador, not once, but twice within a short period of time? Is there a lack of Norwegians in Norway, or are they suffering from cultural self-contempt?

What happened next? As if it hadn't been enough, naturally another asylant, from Iran, Touraj Keshtkar, had to win. This is scorn and a great provocation towards all Norwegians that are opponents of multiculturalism.

What is wrong with Marxists and liberalists? The answer is simple: a great number of Norwegians - and here I refer to the Marxists and liberalists - suffer from cultural delusions, cultural self-contempt, and require immediate medication. The medicine for this sickness is called "more nationalism" with immediate implementation of a cultural and ethnic protectionism and the Nordic ideal.

Next is something we haven't focused on yet, the definition of the term indigenous people.

It is derived from old, original people and inhabitants. So who claims, ethnic Norwegians do not belong to the indigenous people, is in error. Of course we know that the UN does not recognize any ethnic Europeans as indigenous people. But one must view the formation of the UN and its agenda in view of the fact that the Axis Powers were combated in WW II.

The UN supports the deconstruction of European countries because the UN is dominated by Marxists and liberalists. The same is valid for the EU. For example Barroso, who was the top political leader of the EU for a number of years in succession. Barroso was a member of the Portuguese communist party MRPP for a long period of time. Which shows what kind of people possess influence in the EU.

Let us come back to the definition of the term indigenous people. There is no universal, internationally accepted, definition of the word indigenous people that is recognized by both communists as well as nationalists. This means that Europe's nationalists and indigenous people-protagonists, like myself, use another definition of the term "indigenous people" as the EU and the UN. The correct definition thus is "old, original people/inhabitants".

Why is the fight for the indigenous people of Bolivia, Tibet, the Uyghurs and all the non-European indigenous folks so important? Why do campaigners for the people's rights in countries and areas like these receive international aid and various honors/awards while European nationalists are being labelled close minded racists, Nazis, and right wing extremists that must be fought? The fight for all these indigenous people is identical, one fights against the ethnic and cultural destruction of one's people against the immigration of races that are superior in numbers. The fact that they receive support, while we are combated, as if we were a disease is an unbearable injustice.

Regarding deconstruction.

As for the continuous ethnic deconstruction, also called ethnic cleansing or genocide I recommend for everyone to read the essay "Is resisting genocide a human right?" by David Kopel, Paul Gallant and Joanne Eisen.

Regarding Mullah Krekar, who was called as witness earlier. The reason for calling Mullah Krekar as a witness was to demonstrate the views of an orthodox Muslim on Europe. He calls himself a Kurdish Jihadist, but up until recently he has defended international Jihadism and is one of the few Muslim leaders who are honest about the Islamic demographic takeover of Europe. And he stated the following: "In Denmark they print sketches, but the outcome is that support of Islam only continues to grow. I myself and all Muslims are proof they did not succeed in changing us. It is we who will change them."

One has to look at the development of the European populace where Muslims gather themselves like a swarm of mosquitos. In the EU every Western woman produces on average 1.4 children. Every Muslim woman in the same country produces 3.5 children. In 2050, 30% of the population in Europe will be Muslims", says Krekar. May I remind you that Muammar Gaddafi, who was recently killed by NATO, stated the following in March 2006: "There are signs that suggest that Allah will grant us victory in Europe, without raising the sword even once. Without danger. Without conquest. We do not train terrorists, we do not train suicide bombers. The more than 50 million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades."

I will now elaborate on demographics.

These are demographic examples that document how the Islamic demographic warfare works in practice through mass immigration and high birth rates. Kosovo is a good example about which I haven't gone into detail yet. In the year 1900, there were 60% Christians in Kosovo. Thus 40% Muslims. 1913 they counted 50%. 1925: 60^. 1948: 72%. 1971 it was 79% Muslims. 2008, after NATO bombed our Serbian Christian brothers, it was 93% Muslims. Kosovo transformed from a Christian country into a Muslim country within only 100 years. All sources are in my compendium.

Lebanon, which was commented on earlier by the Norwegian press who noted correctly that Lebanon was no autonomous state in 1911, it was an occupied state, occupied by the Ottoman empire. 1911 it was 21% Muslims. Today there are about 80% Muslims. That is demographic warfare. And that is warfare that at this very moment is being conducted against Europe and Norway.

Concerning Pakistan, it is not only warfare against Christians and Europeans. 1941 there were 25% Hindus in Pakistan. 1948 it was 17%. Today there remain less than 1% Hindus. This is the Pakistani tolerance towards people of a different faith, towards Muslims and all others.

Same in Bangladesh. 1941: 30% Hindus. Currently: less than 8%. By these examples we can observe the explosive demographic development of Muslim countries. 1951 there were 33 million people in Pakistan. Today the number approaches 200 million. From 33 to almost 200 million within 60 years. Officially they operate with a birthrate of 3.58% which, self-evidently, is falsified data.

To gain an insight into Muslims all over the world, which is not too far from us. The mainstream media convey to us that most Muslims support democracy. That is incorrect. A study by the University of Maryland - the source citation is in the compendium - it was a thorough investigation with 4000 Muslims from Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan and Indonesia - relatively moderate countries - as subjects, showed that 65% of Muslims cherish the wish that all Muslim countries be united to one Caliphate, and 65% want to implement a strict interpretation of the Sharia.

It is not.. I want to proceed to my last points.

The victims' attorneys have called me a "child murderer" earlier on, but know that the average age among the AUF people on the island was above 18, not counting the adults. Half of the soldiers of the world's standing armies are 18 years old. Many of our own Afghanistan troops are 18 years old. Does that mean that we send child soldiers into areas of conflict?

And while we're discussing the topic "child murder" the Labour Party has murdered more than 500,000 Norwegian children around the hospitals of Norway. And they continue to murder 16,000 Norwegian children a year through abortion laws. And those are primarily Norwegian children. Muslims don't do abortions because the Sharia does not allow it. The Labour Party and AUF are therefore responsible for the mass murder of 500,000 Norwegian children since implementation of the 1978 abortion law. At the same time they use the low Norwegian birth rates to justify more mass immigration.

The judges that are seated here today can sentence me at their convenience. If they decide to honor my appeal on grounds of ethnic, cultural and religious self defense they would in a very effective manner send shockwaves through the illegitimate regimes of Europe that currently are guilty of the ethnic cleansing and other crimes towards the people of Europe. The court must remember that the partial judges that worked for Hitler Germany were condemned by history after the war. And in the same manner, history will condemn the judges in this case. History will decide if they condemned a man who tried to stop the evil of our time. History shows that from time to time a small barbarity is necessary to stop a much bigger one.

My brothers in the Norwegian and European resistance movement are out there and are following this trial while they plan new actions. The next attacks could lead, in the worst case, to the deaths of as many as 40,000. Yesterday explosives were found in front of a nuclear plant in Sweden, which suggests that my brothers in the Swedish resistance movement are involved. In my compendium "2083" I explained in detail how to attack Swedish, German and British nuclear plants. The goal is to break the back of the economy, to create a climate suitable for revolutionary change.

PST knows that militant nationalists in Norway and Europe have access to weaponry that is capable of causing massive damage. I feel obligated to issue a warning because this can be avoided, if there is the will for it. In the compendium I describe a solution that can avert all future attacks and that can resolve the conflict between Europe's leftist regimes and the ultra-nationalists and others from the right wing.

The smart thing to do would be to transfer to us autonomy over a region in Norway. We would be interested in having our own country inside a country, which is reserved for the Norwegian indigenous people, anti-communists, anti-liberalists, in other words, National Conservatives, orthodox Christians and National Socialists. Such a solution would be beneficial to both sides, the Marxists and the liberalists who are tired of having to fear our wrath, and tired of our endless resentment and complaints about the current development. While we are tired of being forced to live inside a multicultural hell where our ethnic group, our culture, and our religion, is being robbed from us.

I have depicted this political model and will soon present the whole proposition, for such a solution can be implemented in all countries of Europe, preventing further escalation of the conflicts between the current liberal and secular regimes and the extreme right wing. The basis could be that we would receive sovereignty over a region corresponding to 1 to 2% of the country's surface, and the region would expand proportionally to the growth of the autonomous state and its number of inhabitants. If we do not succeed and do not flourish then the autonomous state would not expand its territory.

Many, if not all ultra-nationalists and ultra-conservatives would be interested in developing such a state. This political model is based in some respects on historical solutions in connection with indigenous rights in other parts of the world. The alternative would be that we concentrate on seizure of power of the whole country - quite a few Marxists and liberals wouldn't be overly pleased. But as long as current regimes aren't even interested in a dialogue with us we do not have anything to lose, and the conflict will escalate in coming years. It might not be of a tactical advantage to present such a radical idea at this point bearing in mind that the state attorney would prefer to have me declared legally insane. But I feel compelled to offer a potential peaceful solution that in all likelihood will protect many lives in the future. This trial must be about finding the truth.

My documentation and my claims, are they truthful? Because if they are true then how can what I did be considered unlawful? I have documented how multiculturalist politicians, academics and journalists collaborate using undemocratic methods to deconstruct the Norwegian ethnic group, Norwegian culture and traditions, Norwegian Christendom, the Norwegian identity and the Norwegian nation-state. How can it be considered unlawful to offer armed resistance to these treacherous human beings?

The state attorney wanted to know who gave me mandate to do what I did on July 22nd. Was it the Knights Templar network who gave me mandate? I have already answered their question, but I will restate my answer. It are universal human rights, general international law and the right to self defense that gave me mandate to perform this preventive attack. As a whole, it was caused by the effects of the actions of those who are deliberately and those are are unwittingly destroying our country.

Norwegians and Europeans responsible, who feel a sense of moral obligation will not sit quietly while ethnic Norwegians are turned into a minority in their own country, in their own capital. We will fight against multiculturalism in the Labour Party and against all other political activists that are working towards the same goal. The attacks of July 22nd were preventive attacks, serving the defense of the Norwegian indigenous people, ethnic Norwegians, our culture, and I can not declare myself guilty before the law for conducting them.

I was acting in self defense on behalf of my people, my culture, my religion, my city, and my country. Therefore I demand to be acquitted of all charges.

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