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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chanel 4: Noah Sinclair Correspondence: Multiculti Feminists 'Free & Fair Trial for Breivik' Pages violate Facebook TOS

Chanel 4: Noah Sinclair Correspondence: Multiculti Feminists 'Free & Fair Trial for Breivik' Pages violate Facebook TOS

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 16 February 2012

From: Lara Johnstone
Sent: Thursday, February 16, 2012 12:41 PM
To: 'Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries'
Subject: RE: Form Message (KMM4075361I19660L0KM)

Dear Mr. Sinclair,

Thanks for your response. I have not received any other response.

I posted an IReport on the matter to CNN, after the English and Norwegian Defense League got Facebook to remove two 'Free and Fair Trial for Breivik' pages.

53% of Norwegians have facebook. Three of Breivik's judges shall be common citizens. 53% of Norwegians are exposed to a social media site, whose policy is to delete any pages, supporting the rule of law and free and fair trial principles be applied on behalf of Breivik; so that he can be found guilty honourably in accordance with the rule of law.

'Free & Fair Trial for Breivik' Pages violate Facebook TOS


'Free & Fair Trial for Breivik' Pages violate Facebook TOS

Facebook shut down two Facebook pages supporting Breivik's rights to a free and fair trial, stating the pages violate Facebooks Statements of Rights and Responsibilities.

The 'Free and Fair trial for Breivik' pages were established by a Multiculti Feminist, who does not unequivocally endorse Breivik's ideology; but does unequivocally endorse the rule of law, and free and fair trials for everyone.

Members of the English and Norwegian Defense league were the only individuals who complained about the 'free and fair trial' for Breivik pages, demanding that the pages not be associated with their Defense League pages.

Mr. Ronney Alte, leader of the Norwegian Defense League demands regarding a photo published by Channel 4 news, in an article titled: EDL-influence over Breivik-linked group revealed:

"You got 3 min to remove the picture before I report this group and ask everyone else to do the same" -- Ronny Alte, Leader of Norwegian Defense League

The Mission Statement of the two 'Free and Fair Trial for Breivik' pages, respectively titled: Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored; and the second one: Anders Breivik :: Habeus Mentem was:

"To support the Norwegian government to provide Breivik with a free and fair trial, equivalent to the treason trial provided to Nelson Mandela by the Apartheid South African government."

The page founders ideology being:

"As a radical honoursty (radical honoursty judges individuals based upon the content of their character, not their race, religion, ideology or culture), hence in Breivik's eyes a 'multiculti feminist' (Breivik's enemy), the founder of this page does not unequivocally endorse Breivik's ideology; but does unequivocally endorse the rule of law and free and fair trials, for EVERYONE."

The two notice's from Facebook state:

"We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: Anders Breivik :: Habeus Mentem"

"We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored"

Neither Facebook, nor the English or Norwegian Defence League have any objections to the following 'No Free or Fair Trial for Breivik' pages: DIE Anders Behring Breivik | Fuck Anders Behring Breivik | Heng Anders Behring Breivik | We Hate You Anders Behring Breivik | I Hate Anders B Breivik | We Hate Anders Behring Breivik | Ja til offentlig henging av Anders Behring Breivik | Gi Anders Behring Breivk dodstraff |

Source: Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored blog (


Breivik has learned what most politicians know and use to manipulate the public. The majority of citizens couldn't care less about the principle of free and fair trials, when the person in the accused box, is someone who does not share their ideology, race, or religion.

There is either the rule of law;
Or there are no rules at all!


Lara Johnstone

-----Original Message-----
From: Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2012 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: Form Message (KMM4075361I19660L0KM)

Dear Lara,

Thank you for your email regarding

I have escalated this enquiry to the site producer and await a response.

If you require further information, feel free to email me back or visit

Noah Sinclair
Channel 4 Customer Support

Visit: for programmes from the last 30 days and the Channel 4 archive available to UK viewers on Windows, Mac and Linux without the need to register.

Original Message Follows:
------------------------ Enquiry
websiteName: channel4
Mr. David Abraham CEO: Channel 4
Ms. Jay Hunt Chief Creative Officer

Dear Mr. Abraham & Ms. Hunt, NDL/EDL Demands re: Channel 4 Breivik picture. The NDL/EDL have been making demands that I remove the Breivik picture ( .. K_NDL_EDL.jpg) from my Breivik blog and facebook page, which I found on your website at: EDL influence over Breivik linked group revealed. URL:

The photo's url is:

Have the EDL/NDL demanded you remove the photo; or complained about the photo?

I do not see any problems with the photo; nor have I been informed of any valid legal justifications for why I should remove it from the Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored blog ( or facebook page.

A transcript of the NDL/EDL's demands is available at:


Lara Johnstone
Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored

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firstname: Lara
surname: Johnstone
Title: Ms

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