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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012-04-25 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 08: Oslo Bomb Testimony:

2012-04-25 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 08: Oslo Bomb Testimony:

Correctional Technicians Ole Morten Størseth and Arne Stray Pedersen | Autopsy Reports: Hanne Marie Orvik Endresen (61) | Kjersti Berg Sand (26) | Kai Hauge (32) | Tove Åshill Knutsen (56) | Survived Victims: Eivind Dahl Thoresen (26) | Vidar Vestli (62) | Anon Female | Anders Breivik: Torgeir Husby & Synner Sorheim Psychiatric Report

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 25 April 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

9:03 Ole Morten Størseth: Hanne Marie Orvik Endresen was in reception on the first floor of the high-rise building when the bomb went off.
9:08 Ole Morten Størseth: - Kjersti Berg Sand was in the reception area on the first floor of the tower block 22 July.
9:13 Ole Morten Størseth: - Kai Hauge was in Grubbegaten high-rise building at the entrance to the main entrance.
9:17 Ole Morten Størseth: - Tove Åshill Knutsen found herself near the fountain of Einar Gerhardsen place.

9:47 Negotiations continue with the witness Eivind Dahl Thoresen, who was seriously injured by the bomb. He underwent four operations.
9:48 Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh: - Where were you 22 July?
9:49 Thoresen: - Around 15.20, I went from OBOS, and then went diagonally across a parking lot across Grubbegaten.

10:25 Vidar Vestli was questioned at Sunnaas hospital by the police.
10:26 Vestli was admitted at the Oslo University Hospital from 22/7 19/9, where he was operated on an estimated 13 times.

12:02 Prosecutors Svein Holden: - We'll talk a bit about the two forensic psychiatric statements. But first: - How has it been like to listen to witnesses and testimony that was read?
12:02 Breivik: - It's tough to be here. Impossible not to be grasped by the descriptions, but certainly a lot tougher for the other.
12:03 Holden: - Does that make you reflect on the necessity of what you have done?
12:03 Breivik: - It is terrible. Violence is always the last solution.
12:03 Breivik: - But that does not change the basis for action, and unfortunately this is only the beginning in Europe for more action.
12:04 Breivik: - The basis for struggle and resistance is unfortunately even more present than before 22 July.
12:04 Holden: - In what way is the foundation now sharpened?
12:05 Breivik: - If you follow the news, there has been an increase in resistance over the last ten years. More realize they are about to lose everything.

8:53 Behring Anders Breivik is led into the courtroom.

8:56 The four experts have taken their places at the table in front of the judge's table.

8:59 Defender Vibeke Hein Bæra sitting at Breivik's right today. Thurs the 2nd defenders sitting in Breivik's left side. The defender Geir Lippestad does not seem to be present in court.

8:59 The judges have been received and the court has been set.

9:02 Judge Arntzen: - The experts, Tørrissen and Aspaas present his additional statement over the weekend.

9:02 Court participants have been given more pictures than what appears on screen in the courts during the review of the slain.
9:03 Correctional Technician Ole Morten Størseth: - Hanne Marie Orvik Endresen (61) was in reception on the first floor of the high-rise building when the bomb went off.

9:04 Defender Vibeke Hein Bæra informed the court that the defender was Geir Lippestad will not be present today.

9:05 Expert Arne Stray-Pedersen: - Death has occurred almost instantaneously.
9:08 Correctional Technician Ole Morten Størseth: - Kjersti Berg Sand (26) was in the reception area on the first floor of the tower block 22 July.

9:09 The court will see thumbnail images and schematic representations showing where the bodies were found.

9:10 Expert Arne Stray-Pedersen: - The autopsy of Kjersti Berg Sand showed that death occurred immediately.
9:13 Correctional Technician Ole Morten Størseth: - Kai Hauge (32) was in Grubbegaten high-rise building at the entrance to the main entrance.

9:14 Breivik seems to sit almost expressionless while the autopsy reports are reviewed.

9:15 Expert Arne Stray-Pedersen: - Death has occurred instantaneously at Kai Hauge.
9:17 Correctional Technician Ole Morten Størseth: - Tove Åshill Knutsen (56) found herself near the fountain of Einar Gerhardsen place.

9:19 will not pass your details from the review of autopsy reports. The court is informed of the damage inflicted on the bodies and how they are identified.

9:21 Aid Attorneys appointed for the dead and their relatives are present in court.

9:21 Expert Arne Stray-Pedersen: - Death has occurred after a short time with Tove Knutsen Åshill.

9:23 Lawyer Siv Hallgren asked about the damage one can get by inhaling asbestos and gases arising from the explosion.

9:24 The Court has taken a break at 09:45.

9:34 It is the first time during the trial that the court has taken a break so early in the day.

9:40 When the court is again, more of those who were injured during a bomb explosion in the government quarter give testimony.

9:45 Court actors are in place in the courtroom.

9:46 The court is set.

9:47 Negotiations continue with the witness Eivind Dahl Thoresen (26), who was seriously injured by the bomb. He underwent four operations.
9:48 The court administrator stating witness responsible and ask for assurance that the witness will testify truthfully.

9:48 Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh: - Where were you 22 July?

9:49 Thoresen: - Around 15.20, I went from OBOS, and then went diagonally across a parking lot across Grubbegaten.

9:49 The witness shows with the help of a map on a computer, how he moved before the bomb went off.

9:50 Engh: - What do you remember from when bomen went off?

9:50 Thoresen: - I remember everything, I heard a big bang, and see the flames coming from the right angle. I took up arms to protect me, and thrown back.

9:51 Thoresen: - When I get up, I am very warm and feel no pain. The pipes in my ears.

9:51 Thoresen: - I see the extensive damage, and think that this must be a bomb.

9:52 Thoresen describes another of the victims in the indictment, and tells how he goes over to help him.

9:53 Thoresen on his own damage: - It was quite surreal to see so much blood come out from my own body.

9:54 Thoresen: - my pants were completely soaked through with blood.

9:56 Thoresen: - There is perhaps one minute, and a person comes from the S-block. Survival instinct kicks in my, and I tell him that he can connect the wound with clothes from my bag.

9:57 Thoresen: - A colleague from OBOS approached, he recognized me. (Mentions other that helps).

9:57 Thoresen: - They found a board that was used as a tourniquet.

9:59 Thoresen: - There was a police woman away and says that the two who helped me to be gone, because there is another bomb.

9:59 Thoresen: - She gave away his baton to use it as a new tourniquet.

10:00 Thoresen: - I am alternately hot and cold, and think that it is not a good sign. I asked several times if my legs are there.

10:01 Thoresen: - The ambulance arrived after 14 minutes. They cut up my pants and it was estimated that I had lost about 2 liters of blood.

10:02 Thoresen - I was taken away in a stretcher.

10:03 Thoresen thought he was going to die, but was reassured by ambulance personnel.

10:04 Thoresen got the ambulance personnel to call his girlfriend while the expedition was at full speed towards the hospital.

10:05 Then Thoresen arrived at the hospital, the doctor that he needed surgery immediately.

10:05 Thoresen hallucinated because of the anesthetic, he explains to the court.

10:07 Engh: - What did you learn when you woke up the next day?

10:07 Thoresen thought it had been used defibrillator on him, but they had not done.

10:07 Engh: - How long were you in hospital?

10:07 Thoresen - I was in the hospital for exactly three weeks.

10:08 Thoresen tells of his injuries were inflicted by the bomb.

10:09 Thoresen said he was operated on five times, last time around Easter. He was operated on four times at Ullevål hospital.

10:10 Engh: - Have any injuries following for you today?

10:11 Thoresen: - crutches can I get rid of next week, hopefully. I'm still struggling with loud noises.

10:12 Thoresen: - I have a slightly reduced mobility in one arm, and doctors expect me to walk and run again.

10:12 Thoresen: - There was tremendous pain throughout the first week in the hospital.

10:13 Thoresen: - In retrospect, I have struggled with severe abdominal pain, as they have not figured out what is.

10:14 Engh: - To come here today must have been a terrible strain for you. If you ignore this day, how are you?

10:14 Thoresen - I've tried to think positive all the time and appreciate the things I did before. I quickly tired me, and are afraid of loud bangs.

10:15 Engh: - You had a summer job. What did you do otherwise?

10:15 Thoresen - I continue to study law, has one semester left.

10:16 Thoresen: - If I manage to study, it is a bonus.

10:16 Thoresen - I aim to be finished this summer.

10:17 Lawyer Ellen Holager Andenæs: - It's taken a picture of you. Who took that picture?

10:17 Thoresen: - There was one who did first aid on me.

10:17 The picture shows the witness lying injured on the ground.

10:18 Andenæs: - How has your life been after you left the hospital? Does the way you live in has changed?

10:19 Andenæs Thoresen's counsel.

10:19 Thoresen: - I have been on crutches a long time, some tasks are difficult. I played active football in the third division.

10:21 Thoresen: - If I manage to sit for an exam, I will find work.

10:22 The defenders have questions. It had no other court participants after counsel had finished.

10:23 It will now read to police testimony from witnesses who have a legal waiver.

10:24 Prosecutors have wanted to read the parts of the police explanation. Defense or the court has not objected to this.

10:24 The prosecutor Svein Holden who reads the explanation.

10:25 Vidar Vestli (62) was questioned at Sunnaas hospital by the police.
10:25 Besides the explanation prosecutors will also submit medical certificates about the witness injuries.

10:26 Vestli was admitted at the Oslo University Hospital from 22/7 19/9, where he was operated on an estimated 13 times.

10:27 The experts look at Breivik as the prosecutor read the police statement. They also saw the defendant as the first witness gave evidence.

10:29 Holden describes the injuries inflicted on victims of the bomb. Vestli himself has explained that he had a guardian angel.

10:29 Vestli would meet his wife, who was in the high-rise building as it narrowly.

10:31 The victim testified that he has had a positive development, but is far from being the goal. He still has dreams.

10:32 Holden read the doctor's statements to the victim.

10:33 Holden warns that he uses the popular expression in which the individual parts of the declaration is used medical terms.

10:37 Medical report contains details of the operations were performed. It appears that among other things, removed several splinters.

10:39 Holden refers to a medical certificate from February.

10:42 Declaration of conformity contains details about the injuries he suffered, among other things resulted in amputation of the right leg below the knee.

10:44 The victim still needs supervision and will be 45-47 percent permanent medical invalid. He is 100 percent disabled indefinitely.

10:44 Counsel and defense counsel had no desire to read the other parts of the explanation.

10:45 The prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh browsing interrogation of the next victim.

10:45 Parts of the police interrogation of a woman who was injured by the bomb read aloud by the prosecutor Engh.

10:47 The victim was going to take 37-bus that day.

10:48 She thought at first that it was an earthquake, and was in shock.

10:48 Breivik watching as prosecutors read the explanations, but looks away and down in front of the table in between.

10:49 She used the forces to remain upright, and broken windows around them.

10:50 She was hospitalized at Oslo University for over a month, and underwent several operations.

10:53 The statement contains details of the operations she was through.

10:55 She told police that the terrorist bomb has had a traumatizing her.

10:56 She also has difficulty in visiting the city center as a result of the incident.

10:57 Engh reading from a statement issued from Ullevål hospital in February.

11:00 Lawyer Yvonne Mette Larsen asks prosecutors to confirm from where the victim was when the bomb went off.

11:00 Prosecutors say Holden were offended by the fountain when the bomb went off.

11:01 The court takes a lunch break until 12 o'clock

11:59 The defendant is brought into the courtroom.

12:00 Defender Vibeke Hein Bæra talk to his client.

12:00 The judges have been received. The court is set.

12:00 Judge Wenche Arntzen: - We are continuing negotiations with the interrogation of the defendant.

12:01 Breivik carries a transparent folder with notes when he goes to the witness stand.

12:02 Prosecutors Svein Holden: - We'll talk a bit about the two forensic psychiatric statements. But first: - How has it been like to listen to witnesses and testimony that was read?

12:02 Breivik: - It's tough to be here. Impossible not to be grasped by the descriptions, but certainly a lot tougher for the other.

12:03 Holden: - Does that make you reflect on the necessity of what you have done?

12:03 Breivik: - It is terrible. Violence is always the last solution.

12:03 Breivik: - But that does not change the basis for action, and unfortunately this is only the beginning in Europe for more action.

12:04 Breivik: - The basis for struggle and resistance is unfortunately even more present than before 22 July.

12:04 Holden: - In what way is the foundation now sharpened?

12:05 Breivik: - If you follow the news, there has been an increase in resistance over the last ten years. More realize they are about to lose everything.

12:06 Holden: - What about the charity to people from elsewhere in the world who have it worse than us?

12:06 Holden: - How well have you studied Japanese aid policy?

12:06 Breivik: - One should not use our country as a dumping ground (talk about immigration).

12:07 Breivik: - If you use the internet, you'll find as many sources you want. Wikipedia is a source, there are various information about other countries.

12:07 Holden: - Which books do?

12:08 Breivik: - There is a series of books, several book series.

12:09 Holden: - We touched the forensic psychiatric statements earlier in the case. Now the time has come that you can explain to you about these. We first declaration Husby and Sørheim.

12:09 Holden: - How was it to talk to Husby and Sørheim?

12:09 Breivik - I found it good conversations. I got a great sense of both Sørheim and Husby, they seemed professional.

12:10 Breivik - I thought that they should make an objective work, and was not too emotionally attached to the work.

12:10 Holden: - Did you experience any difference, compared to talking to the police?

12:11 Breivik stop and take small breaks. Biting her lower lip before continuing.

12:11 Breivik: - The implication very early, were looking for specific information. Despite what I thought them to be objective.

12:11 Holden: - In late November, this statement with the conclusion that you are irresponsible. How did it on that?

12:11 Breivik: - The police did not want me to know the conclusion. But when I was in the yard, was a prisoner who shouted it to me.

12:12 Breivik - I could not access the report before 15 December.

12:12 Holden: - I understand that you have some objections. Tell us about it?

12:13 Holden: - We considered the back room that it would be appropriate to give the judges a copy of the letter that Breivik wrote several editorials.

12:13 The defenders and aid lawyers accept it.

12:13 Holden: - This chronicle, which Breivik has called it, is the case documents.

12:14 Breivik: - The three editors who received it, chose to censor it in large degree,

12:14 Holden: - Can you tell us about why you decided to write this?

12:14 Breivik: - The conclusion would create great debate, and I did not want to go into it before the time was ripe.

12:15 Breivik: - I wanted my lawyer to disclose that 80 percent of it was wrong.

12:15 Holden: - The fact you believe 80 percent is wrong, you mean it or is it a speech?

12:16 Breivik: - They had concluded early, and if you read the report in its helhelt, one gets the impression that you had started with the conclusion.

12:16 Holden: - What did you get that impression?

12:17 Holden: - As I understood you, you got the impression during conversations with them that they were biased?

12:17 Breivik: - I trusted that they would do their job, and convey what I said.

12:17 Breivik: - I said: Why is not this loss?

12:18 Breivik: - They claim that I have said things that I have not said. They have constructed the premises.

12:18 The experts are keeping tabs on Breivik explanation.

12:18 Breivik: - It is not me who is described in the report.

12:19 Holden: - What do you think the reason is that they write things you have said?

12:19 Breivik: - Can we take it to the end?

12:20 Breivik: - I do not have to go through everything.

12:22 Breivik refers to the chronicle, in which he speaks term anarchistic Jihadism that Sørheim and Husby said was fabricated.

12:22 Breivik: - The terms used in an essay and in the manifesto.

12:23 Breivik look down on the sheet he's lying in front of him, while he seems to read out what it says.

12:24 Holden: - Sentence three in the declaration is that the experts still do not understand the concepts. So, you have contributed: This is fictional, as is already explained to the experts. How can you say that it's fictional?

12:24 Breivik: - I remember conversations in very great extent.

12:24 Breivik smiles when he says that the talks were identical to those he had with the police.

12:25 Holden: - It is a formidable capacity to remember so well ...

12:25 Breivik: - The advantage is that I have access to police interrogations (smiles).

12:26 Breivik browse the documents he has in front of him.

12:26 Breivik: - Throughout the report, it specifically omitted pronouns that makes me sound naive out.

12:27 Breivik: - It is probably their conclusion, that I'm retarded.

12:27 Breivik smiles when he says that koklusjonen dems enough is that he is totally retarded.

12:27 Holden: - It is the omission of the pronoun "I" that makes you have that perception?

12:28 Breivik: - This is combined with other elements that makes you seem crazy.

12:28 Breivik: - On several occasions, claiming that I'm hard to follow.

12:28 Holden: - Are you there?

12:29 Breivik: - Obviously it is something they have not understood.

12:29 Breivik: - If they had asked me about the importance of things, I replied.

12:30 Holden: - Do you often feel that people misunderstand you when you are talking about politically motivated violence?

12:30 Breivik: - I think I'm good at explaining. I tend not to use special words.

12:31 Breivik: - In order to survive, I need it (referring to the expert report's statement that he is emotionally flatenned).

12:31 Holden: - Of these elements. What has been the most important training period to 22 July?

12:31 Breivik: - To de-emotionalize myself.

12:32 Breivik: - meditation I do is very effective.

12:33 Breivik: - The claim that I have gone with a face mask and suffer from germ phobia, is ridiculous. I have never used a face mask. I have used a particle filter at home.

12:34 Breivik talks about when he was practicing with his pistol, and that he used the same particle filter in fear of being sick.

12:34 Breivik explains that he also has used the particle filter in connection with the manufacture of materials for the bomb against the government quarter.

12:35 Breivik: - I called my doctor and asked if it is possible to be infected by someone you live with (referring to her mother, who, according to Breivik was sick).

12:36 Holden: - You said you had been there for you inside twice. Do you remember what you said?

12:36 Breivik: - I remember just not, but I could not tell what I actually was doing.

12:37 Breivik: - That I claim to be entitled to decide on who should live or die in Norway, is a different claim.

12:38 Breivik turns his pen gently on the table while he was engaged talking about the militant right to take life.

12:38 Breivik: - I do not see myself as a judge.

12:38 Holden: - When you set up lists of A-and B-forædere and says that these should be killed, you might give the impression that you decide whether these people should live or die ...

12:38 Breivik: - It might look like this, if one looks broadly at it.

12:39 Breivik: - In Norway, I consider that perhaps 99 percent civilians.

12:39 Holden: - Is it not you who designates one percent, or whatever it may be, as legitimate targets?

12:39 Breivik: - In this case it was me.

12:40 Holden: - If you look at the wording Husby and Sørheim in light of what we've talked about now, is it really that bad?

12:40 Breivik: - The way it is produced, it seems completely absurd.

12:40 Breivik have repeatedly asked Holden if not to interrupt with questions.

12:41 Breivik: - I have never used the phrase "to save" (refers to Husby and Sørheim writes that Breivik handedly wants to save Europe).

12:41 Breivik: - Husby said he had two patients who believed they were Jesus. Got the impression that he thought the third should be me.

12:42 Breivik: - I'm just a foot soldier.

12:42 Breivik: - Everything I said to the police, I stand for.

12:42 Holden: - You started by saying that you had been open to the experts. You opened that you have said erroneously called?

12:43 Breivik: - I have probably used a pompous language, and that I should not have done.

12:44 Breivik talking about illness in the family.

12:46 Breivik: - 80 percent of the content of the conversations are fictional. What I want to address is that I do not know how seriously to take legal psychiatry in Norway. (Shows how the NS members were treated after World War 2).

12:46 Holden: - How many ministers were talking about?

12:47 Breivik: - Most of the ministers.

12:47 Holden: - Where did the information come from?

12:47 Breivik estimates that in the case of around 15 people.

12:48 Breivik: - There were 13 other (in addition to the Minister of Justice from the NS and Hamsun), and also members of Rinnan group.

12:48 Holden: - If we stick to the press, I have read some articles recently. There have been some historians hard against the view that you advocate. It was not near as many.

12:49 Holden Breivik when asking how many Holden believes was sent to a mental hospital - I do not say anything.

12:49 Breivik: - I would not comment on it (who his source is).

12:50 Holden: - What is the reason you have this information, while many others do not have it?

12:50 Breivik: - That's in nobody's interest to not disclose what happened after the 2nd World War II. These are some of the dirty secrets of Norway.

12:51 Holden: - This is the exclusive source of your who have had access to this?

12:51 Breivik: - I guess no one has access to the 15 reports. I have become aware that there is 15 people, and not just Hamsun.

12:51 Engh: - If I say to you that Hamsun was not declared insane?

12:52 Breivik: - That's right, but he had impaired mental abilities.

12:52 Breivik: - He was lucky to escape after six months.

12:52 Engh: - Did you know that he was considered sane?

12:54 Breivik talking about a named Norwegian psychiatrist, which he thought supported the use of mental hospitals against political dissidents.

12:54 Holden: - Are you afraid to be a number in the series of political disidenter being put on the mental hospital?

12:54 Breivik: - No, I do not really.

12:55 Breivik: - Husby asked why I had alleged why they had lied. They get the two to answer. I think their assessment was too close to the 22 July.

12:55 Breivik: - They lack expertise in politically motivated violence men.

12:56 Holden: - Have you seen other hypotheses for you? Do you have other hypotheses mentioned in the chronicle?

12:57 Breivik: - There are five possibilities.

12:57 Holden: - I think it is interesting to record it. Why did you write these five subjects?

12:57 Holden: - What do you mean ideological incompatibility?

12:58 Breivik: - Russia inserted Datsik the mental hospital.

12:59 Breivik: - Nelson Mandela was actually a terrorist leader, who led an organization that killed citizens. Sørheim live in South Africa.

12:59 Breivik smiles when he says that Sørheim live in South Africa.

13:00 Holden: - What was it about Sørheim that caused you to believe that she sympathized with Nelson Mandela?

13:00 Holden: - Was his name mentioned in the talks?

13:00 Breivik: - We talked.

13:00 Holden: - What is the reason why you wrote it, if you do not believe it?

13:01 Breivik: - I do not see it appropriate to provide something I do not believe.

13:01 Holden: - Do you fear that people will get the wrong perception of you, if we enter the last three?

13:01 Holden: - Do you write often things you do not believe?

13:01 Breivik: - I am writing opportunities, solutions ...

13:02 Prosecutors Holden started quite gently. Has turned up the temperature in question the position now.

13:03 Holden: - In paragraph 1, affects the political incompatibility. On page two, you have highlighted fears of ideological recruitment. The third point: Economic dependency. Can you tell us about it?

13:03 Breivik: - They are dependent on government contracts, if one is dependent on economic, are not independent.

13:03 Holden: - What about number four: Revenge Motive?

13:04 Breivik refers to statements from a lawyer and a psychiatrist as saying that Breivik should be medicated.

13:04 Holden: - Would you suffer if you did drugs?

13:05 Breivik: - I received a letter from someone who is right-oriented, which is on a Swedish madhouse.

13:05 Holden: - Is it the situation you fear you may end up?

13:05 Breivik: - I think probably everyone had feared it.

13:05 Holden: - So there is a fifth point you are visiting: a commission from the government ...

13:06 Breivik: - It is known that after 2 World War II, the Labor revenge. They probably gave directives that someone would be sent to the hospital. But it's probably something I do not believe.

13:06 Holden: - You write: Husby and Sørheim was at one time or another contacted by a representative from the government and asked to protect the community ...

13:07 Holden: - Many might say that this sounds "a little weird" out ...

13:07 Breivik: - I fully agree with, so I do not believe it.

13:08 Breivik: - It has happened on several occasions before, so I've listed it.

13:08 Holden: - Is your perception of these five points affected by the psychiatrists sitting in the room here?

13:08 Breivik: - Not necessarily.

13:08 Breivik: - I have no trouble explaining this.

13:08 Holden: - If you agree that this sounds "a little crazy" ...

13:09 Breivik: - It is not necessarily crazy.

13:09 Breivik: - It is not something I believe in myself.

13:09 Holden: - As I understand you think it can be difficult for many to believe that a government contacts psychiatrists. Why take it then?

13:10 Breivik: - Straight Psychiatry should deal with themselves.

13:10 Holden: - Are you considering it as a heavy argument when you wrote it than today?

13:10 Breivik: - No, not at all.

13:10 Breivik: - I mentioned it to substantiate the claim of forensic psychiatry.

13:10 Holden: - Then Engh a question.

13:11 Engh: - This op-ed that the court has received, has recently written and sent to various newspapers. As you said in the place that they had censored part of it?

13:12 Engh: - then, when you wrote this, did you want them to touch it?

13:12 Engh: - Did you have any thoughts about what people would think about you when they read these five options?

13:12 Breivik: - Not necessarily pushing it, but make it available.

13:13 Breivik: - Many are aware of how mental hospital used against dissidents.

13:13 Engh: - Has something happened between when you wrote this and now when it comes to your positions to the five options?

13:13 Breivik: - Not necessarily.

13:13 The Court has taken break of 1330.

13:30 The court administrator, Judge Wenche Arntzen, asked the parties to the equation of time, so that the questioning of Breivik is completed by the time 16

13:32 The court is set.

13:32 Holden: - We have a travel plan.

13:33 Holden: - Breivik, before we move on to the next statement. Is there anything you would add to the first statement?

13:33 Breivik: - I would like to spend the rest of the day, but it's not appropriate.

13:33 Holden: - When we go to statement number two. How did you experience the other observation?

13:33 Holden: - Conversation with Tørrissen and Aspaas?

13:34 Breivik: - They were good, no problems.

13:34 Holden: - We have shot you over a period had contact with a team from Dikemark ...

13:34 Breivik: - The new calls were recorded on tape. It was one of the requirements.

13:34 Holden: - How did it on a daily basis?

13:35 The court beordet forced observation of Breivik, when he initially opposed a new observation.

13:35 Breivik: - The day started at 8, you were locked into a room and talked with the team.

13:35 Breivik: - I have lived in isolation cell for seven months, and it became monotonous. I am a social person.

13:35 Holden: - You used the word "interesting" .....

13:36 Holden: - What about the report that the two have made. What do you think about it?

13:36 Breivik: - It was a thorough report, and I disagree with the conclusion, but if you put it in their setting, it was as expected.

13:36 Holden: - What do you think about the setting they were in?

13:37 Breivik: - It was expected that they should make a report, it would have been unthinkable that they said something positive about me in the report. It would have been over their careers.

13:37 Holden: - What was the reason you suspect that they would come with the diagnoses they did?

13:38 Breivik seem less prepared to answer on the second report, compared with the first.

13:38 Breivik: - It is impossible to get away from the category dissocial when you do what I have done.

13:39 Breivik: - I have always seen myself as a narcissist, but as a "business narcissist". I have great confidence.

13:39 Holden: - Bussiness narcisism versus normal narsisisme? Where did you come across the term?

13:40 Breivik - I was considered antisocial because of tagging and what I have done. But I do not agree with some of the diagnoses.

13:40 Holden: - What do you think about getting a label narsisist and dissocial?

13:41 Breivik: - The diagnoses were as expected.

13:41 Breivik: - One who is willing to sacrifice his own life, is not narcissist.

13:41 Holden: - If it's so obvious, what do you think the reason why you two have not picked up it is?

13:42 Breivik: - They think I did what I did to get by on my own person. It is a sick statement. I did not expect to survive.

13:43 Breivik: - Although there is much each of my person, I can count on one hand the positive.

13:43 Holden: - Have all the days after 22 July was just as difficult?

13:44 Holden: - Are your days a nightmare?

13:44 Breivik: - Every day is a nightmare, but a heavy burden. There is a huge responsibility to carry the load.

13:45 Holden: - I'll grab a third element from the statement number two. We have talked about the two diagnoses. Return to an assessment by the assessors.

13:46 Holden: - I read a review the committee makes on Knights Templar: "How the experts see it, he has always known that the whole idea of Knights Templar grew out of his imagination." Is Knight Templar, Breivik?

13:46 Breivik: - No, it does not. There is a real network. The six people exist.

13:47 Holden: - What do you think that the experts write what they do?

13:47 Breivik: - Police have concluded that since they have not found anything, it does not exist. Should you use that logic, I did not exist before 22/7.

13:48 Breivik: - The two experts dealing with the police and their investigation.

13:48 Breivik: - I had not wanted to be a police spokesman, when the next 22 July happens.

13:49 Holden talks to prosecutor Engh. Breivik speak up.

13:49 Breivik: - I understand the police mandate: to preserve the tranquility of the population. I have great appreciation for it.

13:50 Holden: - In front of what I read occurs that "he will run has invented a future vision, can not emerge as a psychosis."

13:50 Breivik: - That's what they think.

13:50 Engh: - Why do you think they write this?

13:50 Breivik: - They write it because they believe in it.

13:50 Holden: - Right.

13:50 Holden: - When I leave statement number two. Something to add?

13:51 Holden: - I have some questions curved around both statements. Explained to you the same thing to both expert pairs?

13:51 Breivik: - I said the same thing, but was probably more pompous of Sørheim and Husby.

13:51 Holden: - What was portrayed as more pompous on your part?

13:52 Breivik: - I used the pompous words, instead of using the words I used with the two other experts.

13:52 Holden: - Are there other factors that you diverse?

13:53 Breivik mentioned as an example that he had talked about "a pan-European movement" to the first expert, as he talked about a few people later.

13:53 Breivik: - I had decided to produce it in a different way.

13:54 Holden: - Before the break, did you answer the direct question from me that bushido / meditation was the most important prior to 22 July?

13:54 Breivik: - Some of the same principles, yes.

13:54 Holden: - In the second statement is referenced ten bushido. You mentioned the word to Husby and Sørheim?

13:54 Breivik: - No, I did not, but I described the meditation. Like I said to the police.

13:55 Holden: - Bushido, it is mentioned in your manifesto?

13:55 Breivik: - It is probably not.

13:55 Holden: - When did you become familiar with this technique?

13:55 Breivik: - In 2006.

13:55 Holden: - If you consider it important. Why was it not mentioned in the compendium or in dialogue with the experts?

13:55 Breivik: - I did not mention the word bushido.

13:56 Holden: - The first time it's mentioned in interviews with the police 20 December, after the first statement and the media ban is lifted. Did you read anything about bushido between the first statement was issued and 20 December?

13:56 Breivik: - It is primarily obtained.

13:56 Holden: - Have you read about bushido in prison?

13:57 Breivik: - I have it too, yes.

13:57 Holden: - After the first expert statement?

13:57 Breivik: - It is possible, I do not know.

13:57 Holden: - Is this something you have come on later?

13:57 Breivik: - No.

13:58 Breivik: - meditation is from there, but I did not mention that word then.

13:58 Holden: - Did you feel the need to clarify it to the first expert?

13:58 Breivik: - The strategy I chose was to meditate.

13:59 Breivik: - Meditation is important in Japan.

13:59 The defenders can ask questions.

14:00 Consequences: - The conclusion of the first report concluded that you were criminally insane, which means that you can not be punished in the usual sense but is transferred to the forced psychiatric care. Can you tell us about it?

14:00 Breivik: - For a political activist is the worst that can happen to end up in mental hospitals.

14:01 Bæra: - In talks with Husby and Sørheim, thought they could get you to this conclusion?

14:01 Breivik: - I did not think they would abuse the trust.

14:03 Bæra: - One of the first report is built, is a test. Here, the experts emphasized that in many cases has been noticed that very special and extraordinary. What do you think about the unions?

14:04 Breivik smiles when he says that he found out how he could press the buttons to the Husby.

14:04 Breivik - I never said it, they have made up the allegations.

14:04 Bæra: - You say "they remember me, probably not." Who are they?

14:05 Bæra: - How were you in school?

14:05 Consequences: - You were extraordinary or special?

14:05 Breivik: - Those who I knew then, I still know. I guess anyone who remembers me, and others who do not remember me. I was just an ordinary person, I think.

14:06 Bæra references from the report where it appears that Breivik think there is civil war and that he is facing an imminent extinction.

14:07 Breivik: - I know what a normal civil war is. What I have described in the compendium, is how we are to avoid a civil war in Europe.

14:07 Bæra: - This is not Norway. "Their lives of the Labour Party's policies and civil war going on" ....

14:08 Breivik: - I do not think there is a civil war in the country. When it comes to Labor's policy, I disagree with it. No one is immediately threatened. It's fictitious claims.

14:08 Consequences: - What can you say that makes them think this is persecution delusions?

14:08 Breivik: - I have explained what I mean about the different phases of a civil war.

14:08 Consequences: - If you say the same for all four?

14:08 Breivik - I've said the same thing.

14:09 Consequences: - "He thinks he has the power to decide who shall live and die, and be appointed as the new regent." How could they have come to the conclusion?

14:09 Breivik: - I have never said that I will have to pay or manager.

14:10 Breivik: - They have gone into the compendium, and found it there.

14:10 Consequences: - It says that "he may be appointed as the new regent" - that means you ... have you considered that?

14:11 Breivik: - It sounds completely crazy, I have not said anything nearby either.

14:11 Breivik talking about the "Guardian Council" which is described in the manifest.

14:12 Consequences: - When you wrote the compendium and the new rulers, you had yourself in mind?

14:12 Bæra: - What is the guardian council?

14:13 Breivik: - We want to build a nationalist al-Qaeda in Europe.

14:13 Consequences: - What is the ideal goal of this one action?

14:13 Breivik: - To make those responsible should be held accountable.

14:13 Bæra: - What was the goal of a witch hunt?

14:14 Breivik: - Those who criticize mass immigration will be stamped.

14:14 Breivik become more engaged and talking faster when he gets to talk about the goal of the campaign and its ideology.

14:15 Consequences: - This somatic delusions, where you cut in part. It says that you have been increasingly concerned about appearance. Are you selfish?

14:15 Breivik: - There were two reasons why I performed plastic surgery. I was vain, and I had been attacked by a Muslim gang.

14:15 Bæra: - You were more vain before 2005 than you are now?

14:16 Breivik: - I have not been vain since 2005.

14:16 Breivik: - Compares the one that comes from the village with one that is from the west of Oslo, will be considered vain.

14:16 Breivik: - I have not bought a single garment for 2005.

14:17 Breivik: - Maybe some t-shirts, I have not been particularly vain.

14:18 Consequences: - A new theme that is emphasized in the diagnosis of you is responsible for deciding who should live and who shall die. It says that you believe you are the best knight since World War II.

14:19 Breivik: - maybe 60-70 percent is fictional. The only thing I have said, is that 22/7 is perceived as the most successful operation after World War II.

14:19 Bæra: - Do you consider yourself not as the most perfect knight after World War II?

14:20 Breivik: - The most perfect foot soldier since World War? It could be ...

14:21 Bæra: - Hørseshalusinasjoner. You have said that you do not hear voices, but it was coded as incomplete since you would not say how you interact with like-minded.

14:21 Breivik: - I did not want to tell you how I communicate with others, that's right.

14:21 Bæra: - communicate with others?

14:21 Breivik: - I have not communicated with others by 22 July.

14:22 Bæra: - Discontinuous speech. The fact that you keep returning to the theme of why you did what you did 22 July. Why?

14:23 Breivik: - It is a subject that you are talking about now, I'm very interested in politics.

14:23 Breivik: - I have no problem to approach other topics.

14:23 Bæra: - We will hear more of your friends in court, when we ask about the opportunity to talk about other things. What do you think the answer is?

14:23 Breivik: - I guess I've talked a lot about politics.

14:24 Bæra: - You said to Lippestad that a group of friends were out around once a month until 2011. What was the issue then?

14:25 Breivik: - We did not talk much about politics then, they had their own interests, and I was engaged in what they were interested in. Career, current stuff ...

14:25 Consequences: - You have gone from a life where you had the company of other persons to isolation after what happened 22 July. How did you do that?

14:26 Breivik: - It is impossible to prepare for it, but after a few weeks went fine. I think I handled it better than most.

14:26 Bæra: - In the period up to the observation of you began. Who did you contact then?

14:26 Breivik: - I have had contact with health professionals and advocates.

14:26 Bæra: - What did you talk with the observation team about?

14:27 Breivik: - We talked about everything.

14:27 Breivik - I found out that they had about the same humor. Quite similar to the humor of the prison officers, a sense of humor I can share.

14:27 Breivik: - Everything from politics to completely different things.

14:28 Consequences: - Why is humor important to you?

14:28 Breivik: - We talked about everything and nothing. Humour is important. It is a central part of life.

14:29 Bæra: - We shall be on a final point in these parameters in the test. You will score at will inclusive weakness. It shows that you are over five years can not live alone and need help with some things.

14:30 Breivik: - I do not know me back at all. I run a company, and lived alone before. I rented a room at my mother for spending money on kompendieskriving.

14:30 Breivik: - Will Weakness is a ridiculous assertion, if you look at what I have done.

14:30 Consequences: - When you lived on Vålstua farm, did you live alone. Who bought food then?

14:31 Breivik: - I did everything myself. You make food, and do maintenance on the house, inside and out.

14:31 Consequences: - When you lived with your mother. Contributed to a household where?

14:31 Breivik: - She made a meal each day, she wanted to do it.

14:32 Breivik: - It was not because I failed to do so.

14:32 Bæra: - In the neighborhood I know there are meetings, etc. Who took care of that?

14:32 Breivik: - She was engaged in the housing cooperative, what I did in the stage were other, more complicated things.

14:34 Breivik - I was in a group that was involved in e-sport, a kind of synchronized online games.

14:34 Breivik talking about how he ran the e-sport in the World of Warcarft.

14:34 Breivik: - I do not anticipate that the experts know this.

14:34 Consequences: - If you had someone who helped you on Vålstua?

14:35 Breivik denies that he received help on Vålstua farm.

14:35 Consequences: - It is important that you have some selvlagedenord. Nasjonaldarwinist, knight, Chief Justice, etc. The terms are described as self-defined words. Have you made them?

14:36 Breivik: - It is part of the ones that I have never uttered at all, some of which are included in the compendium as suggestions.

14:36 Consequences: - If they are included in the compendium as a suggestion, it is you who have composed them?

14:36 Breivik: - What is new is the knight, Chief Justice.

14:37 Bæra: - Another word: Martyr Kingdoms Gift. What do you mean?

14:38 Bæra: - Is it true that you make up words?

14:38 Consequences: - How can it be that they have come to the conclusion that you make up words?

14:38 Breivik: - There are many unknown words and expressions used in subcultures.

14:39 Judge Arntzen requested clarification about the need to pause.

14:39 Consequences: - Back to court martyrdom gift ...

14:40 Breivik: - Martyr Kingdoms Gift is a tradition which is taken from other cultures, in principle, was also from the Christian culture.

14:41 Breivik explained last week that his martyrdom estate gift was inspired by al-Qaeda.

14:41 Breivik talking about the Japanese suicide pilots were ritual gifts during World War II.

14:42 Breivik claims that the prostitute is donated to soldiers on suicide missions.

14:42 Bæra: - Your entry in percentages to express probability. Why use the percent designations and what do you mean probably?

14:42 Breivik: - It is an effective way to communicate.

14:43 Bæra: - Have you received feedback on it, before this case?

14:43 Breivik: - I have not really there.

14:43 Bæra: - Does that mean it may not always accurately. When you say 30 percent, to 30 percent, or is it an estimate?

14:43 Breivik: - It is only an estimate, an assumption.

14:44 Consequences: - A different side of the committee's mandate is repeating his father and hazards criteria.

14:45 Bæra: - In the first report said that observanden also included experts in their killing tanks.

14:45 The experts believe his delusions are dynamic, and that others may be included in the killing tanks in the future.

14:45 Breivik: - After 22/7 I have been in contact with many maybe 300 people, and never been threatening to any of them.

14:46 Breivik: - There was a list before 22 July, not after. I've never been threatening to someone after 22 July.

14:46 Bæra: - How do you see that your life will turn out after the trial?

14:46 Breivik: - It depends. Whether I become chemically lobotomized, or so I end up in jail.

14:47 Consequences: - What would you possibly use your time in prison?

14:47 Breivik: - I will try to write in prison.

14:47 Bæra: - Was that why you were so keen to get access to a PC?

14:47 Breivik: - It was enough that, yes.

14:47 Consequences: - If you are transferred to mental health care?

14:48 Breivik: - I am not very worried about it now. All Norway have seen that I am not irrational.

14:48 Breivik - I tend to be right.

14:48 Aid lawyers get the word.

14:49 Lawyer Siv Hallgren: - Did you feel anything when autopsy reports were presented?

14:49 Breivik: - Of course. It is impossible not to be troubled by it. It's gruesome details, and you have to spend a lot of energy to not let themselves be affected by it.

14:49 Hallgren: - There are many that come with your facial expressions and your expression of your feelings. How do you even your appearance when you're sitting here in the courtroom?

14:50 Breivik: - I do not think people should have great expectations that I break down. I have prepared me for several years.

14:50 Breivik: - I thought to spare me from seeing the most serious pictures, but I chose to see.

14:50 Hallgren: - But what do you feel about yourself?

14:50 Breivik: - The central issue is what the relatives and the victim feels. I've taken away everything they have.

14:51 Hallgren: - You are interested in words. Can you put other words in it than "offline"?

14:51 Breivik: - What I've done, contrary to human nature. It may not be described better than that. But I'm not going to take that into me.

14:51 Hallgren: - Do you have any vulnerable sites?

14:52 Breivik: - There is only one person who knows my vulnerable side.

14:52 Breivik says it's a Norwegian friend who knows this. He shall not be included in the Knights Templar.

14:53 Hallgren: - You say "the greatest fear is not to be loved." Is that right?

14:53 Hallgren: - Did you feel loved?

14:53 Breivik: - Yes, before, before 22/7.

14:53 Hallgren: - By whom?

14:53 Breivik: - Of all who were close to me, friends and family.

14:54 Hallgren: - Do I understand you right that you rather have been appreciated, than loved?

14:54 Breivik: - Both are probably correct.

14:54 Hallgren: - On 22 July. Did you have any thoughts on what the Knights Templar would think about it?

14:55 Breivik: - Utøya and how it will be perceived.

14:55 Breivik says Utøya probably be perceived as too far.

14:56 Lawyer Frode Elgesem: - You said half seems Utøya was over. How do you know?

14:56 Breivik: - The information I have access, through letters, among other things.

14:57 Elgesem: - In relation to the narsisistiske disorder in the past two experts have found. Have you at any point you in the future will achieve recognition?

14:57 Breivik: - It is about Norway's and Europe's future, not about me.

14:57 Elgesem: - You have not said that in future there will be someone who looks up to your actions?

14:57 Breivik: - It is the struggle that is important.

14:58 Elgesem: - You have said here in court, that just before the first shots fell on Utøya there was something stuck in the, inside of you. Have you had thoughts killings in the past, that you have repressed?

14:59 Breivik: - It is wrong to see it as killing tanks. You accuse not an Afghan soldier to be killed tanks.

14:59 Breivik - I thought the first time in political violence when I was 19

15:00 Breivik: - The goal has been to perform an action, it is not talking about random acts of violence. It does not necessarily mean that one is an unstable person.

15:01 Elgesem: - You say you have spent some 15,000 hours of private study and much time in the compendium. Are you a person who is thoroughly in the sort of thing?

15:01 Breivik: - The compendium is not made public, I understand that people can understand what is screwed.

15:01 Breivik has previously said that the goal of 22 July was to spread the message of the compendium.

15:02 Elgesem: - When you went into the year you played World of Warcraft, it was a year you had a lot of joy?

15:02 Breivik: - It was a year where I had much joy.

15:03 Elgesem: - Have you experienced an intolerable injustice outside of politics?

15:03 Breivik: - People are trying to connect my childhood to 22/7, but there is no relevance at all. His childhood was good.

15:03 Elgesem: - It was not just my childhood I was thinking ...

15:03 Breivik: - I have always been resourceful, maybe from poor backgrounds would not clear the same.

15:04 Lawyer Yvonne Mette Larsen: - There are 22 July and your condition on the day this is about. From the time you got up in the morning, how did you experience your own mental state that day?

15:04 Breivik: - I was worried that I would be scared that day and not sleep the night before.

15:05 Breivik: - It appeared many problems, and I concluded that the attack against the government building had failed.

15:05 Larsen: - Did you eat?

15:05 Breivik: - I got up and made lunch. I should have it on Utøya.

15:06 Breivik has previously said that he is not expected to survive the attack of the Government Building.

15:06 Breivik: - My first thought was that today I'm going to die. It was my little crush on.

15:07 Larsen: - Did you have any other assessment than that you were not keen on dying?

15:07 Breivik: - I did not really to survive. It would be a life worse than death.

15:07 Breivk: - Even when I was on my way, I made adjustments.

15:08 Larsen: - You said you were 200 meters from the government quarter you said that you were in a special mode. Put words on how you are mentally 200 meters from the government quarter.

15:08 Breivik: - When the plan was that I was putting on these PST magnet pieces, but I put on blue lights instead.

15:09 Larsen: - How many seconds were you thinking that it was the last opportunity to "cancel"?

15:09 Breivik: - In 120 seconds.

15:09 Larsen: - What were you thinking when you decided to go ahead?

15:10 Breivik: - You can not think properly, the brain is bombarded by thoughts. I was so nervous that I barely managed to run right with the car.

15:10 Larsen: - I will over to Utøya. You have said that it was the worst day of your life. Why put these words on it already then?

15:11 Breivik goes back to what he thought of how he would feel to die in the government quarter.

15:11 Larsen: - Back to Utøya ... Were you scared?

15:11 Breivik: - All that I did ... you force yourself to do something you do not want to do. I was very nervous but not scared of Utøya.

15:11 Larsen: - You mentioned that you felt the first expert had decided early. Did you experience the same with the last two experts?

15:12 Breivik: - I was not too worried about it, since everything was recorded.

15:13 Larsen: - In the first report, consider a test. Do you put yourself into what this means? You've got 23 scores You should then be unable to function in almost all areas. Considered to you as that?

15:13 Breivik: - I have never seen myself like that.

15:13 Breivik: - The score does not describe me at all.

15:14 Breivik: - The person who is bekrevet report is not me.

15:14 Larsen: - Why do you think they have concluded in this way?

15:15 Larsen: - I will on suicide risk. It says that it is high and ongoing. Is that right?

15:15 Breivik: - No, I have never been suicidal.

15:15 Larsen: - Do you remember when you were considered early on by health Ila?

15:16 Breivik: - There were several individuals, yes.

15:16 Larsen: - The doctor writes 27 July that the study he finds no evidence of psychosis or risk of suicide. Were you agree?

15:16 Breivik - I completely agreed.

15:16 Larsen: - Have any of you who Ila considered suicidal or psychotic at any time?

15:17 Breivik: - Not that I know.

15:17 Larsen: - Is it true that you wanted Japanese experts?

15:18 Breivik: - What I said was that no right psychiatrists in Norway will be objective. They had conditions for a more accurate evaluation.

15:18 Larsen: - How early did you promise the desired?

15:18 Breivik: - Right after.

15:19 Larsen: - You know that the expert report by Husby and Sørheim it is made a part about your childhood. It says that the child was considering taking you from your mother ...

15:19 Breivik: - It was totally unknown to me until I read the report. I've thought a lot about it, and has no memories from before I was four years old.

15:19 Larsen: - The fact that you do not have memories ... can not have formed you anyway?

15:19 Breivik - I had a surplus of caregivers ...

15:20 Larsen: - I think there are many here who are wondering if something is wrong with you ...

15:20 Breivik: - They have too little knowledge of militant nationalism, and know not how similar groups such as al Qaeda jobs.

15:21 Larsen: - I hear you that you repeatedly say that you are a militant nationalist. I hear that's what you want to be. How do you perceive not to be heard on this message?

15:21 Breivik: - It is not surprising. Most people will not understand it, I knew it even before the 22/7.

15:22 Larsen: - Jussen is such that we are to have the inability to realistic assessment of the outside world. Did you have 22 July?

15:22 Breivik: - I did not lack ability. The last two politically-motivated attacks in Norway has resulted in psychiatric treatment.

15:23 Larsen: - How was Breivik 22 July to review the outside world?

15:23 Breivik: - I had no problems with evaluating my relationship with the outside world.

15:23 The assessors will ask questions.

15:24 Torgeir Husby: - You say that we have decided early on? Is there anything you got the impression while we were sitting there?

15:24 Husby exhaust with Synne Sørheim the first report.

15:24 Breivik: - My impression is that. It has since been submitted.

15:25 Husby: - In connection with the five points that you believe is partly explanation / no explanation. Do I understand you correctly that there was a point that was most likely?

15:25 Husby: - Do you think that with the incompetence and emotional instability to be the reason why we have committed 80 percent design of the statement?

15:26 Breivik: - Yes (smiles at Husby).

15:26 Breivik was asked by Husby he smiled. Something he denied.

15:26 Synne Sørheim ask for elaboration.

15:26 Breivik: - I think you could not conceive that a normal person could do something like that.

15:27 Husby: - You were talking about percentages. So you talked about the civilians. So you said that 95, 98 or up to 99 percent were civilians. What are the 1-5 percent that are not civilians?

15:28 Breivik: - The only thing I consider to be legitimate targets, they are actively fighting for multiculturalism.

15:28 Husby: - You are aware that from 95 to 99 percent, there is a difference of 250,000 people?

15:28 Breivik: - I have not done any calculations on it.

15:29 Husby: - What is the fate of these?

15:29 Husby: - What percentage do you think you have changed the statement from when we were in Ila until we are in court today?

15:29 Breivik: - I do not want to answer it.

15:30 Breivik: - I have communicated the same to you as to the police.

15:30 Breivik: - There are only a few words. The contents are the same.

15:31 Sørheim: - Can you explain the difference between one's suicidal ... you smile ...

15:31 Breivik: - You will lure me out on thin ice ...

15:31 Sørheim: - The difference in relation to self-termination or martyrdom.

15:31 Breivik: - I do not wish to comment.

15:31 Sørheim: - From the outside, it ends with a door. But you explain here that this ikkw is the same ...

15:32 Breivik: - There are two entirely different things, it is basically a theological debate, and when we should have had theological experts.

15:33 Terje Tørrissen: - Now including Holden removed a sentence from the report. It is a little session with simple sentences, which one might not have explained the reason why we have come up with things. It also says that we may have a different understanding of the Knights Templar.

15:34 Agnar Aspaas: - You have said Husby / Sørheim have lied in their report. Is not there a middle ground, that they have considered it differently than you have done?

15:34 Breivik: - No.

15:34 Aspaas: - You have no doubt that it is the truth?

15:34 Breivik: - It is the truth, and then I rather take the risk.

15:35 Aspaas: - You have said that Husby / Sørheim lack of knowledge of political terrorism. Do you have any reason to believe that I and Tørrissen have it?

15:35 Breivik: - The fact that you do not believe that there are delusions, indicate that you have it.

15:35 Aspaas: - This economic interdependence. Do you think I and Tørrissen are less reliant on behalf of the public?

15:35 Breivik: - No.

15:36 Aspaas: - You mentioned a psychiatrist earlier in the day that should have supported the detention of dissidents in the Soviet Union. We talked about it. Have you checked out anything more about it?

15:36 Breivik: - No, I have asked my lawyer to do it.

15:36 Aspaas: - When we talked about it, you had another name up there ...

15:37 Breivik: - It really was you who mentioned the name ...

15:38 Aspaas: - You were in on the conversation mother had with experts Husby and Sørheim. In the first statement it says "I think the more if he was getting very mad. It felt unsafe, I did not know him anymore." A comment?

15:38 Breivik: - I do not know the exact circumstances, but have the impression that Husby spoke with her when she was very vulnerable.

15:39 The judges have the opportunity to ask questions.

15:39 District Court Judge Arne Lyng: - You said you cooked food on 22 July. Do you remember what you made?

15:39 Breivik: - I made sandwiches with cheese and ham.

15:39 Heather: - How was your appetite during breakfast?

15:40 Breivik: - I do not remember, but I remember that I ate.

15:40 Heather: - You made lunch. Did you eat it?

15:40 Breivik: - I did not.

15:40 Arntzen judge: - The word "pompous" is perhaps what you've used most during the negotiations. When did you start using it?

15:41 Arntzen: - This was a word first used in police interrogation?

15:41 Breivik: - I do not remember, it's a word that appeared in the police interrogation about a month before the first report. It may be that I'm wrong.

15:42 Arntzen: - You have explained in conversation with experts about Aspaas uniform and KT Network. You say that the individuals in KT really exist, regardless of whether the police have succeeded in identifying them. You said that there were people who wanted to connect with KT. Are you misquoted?

15:43 Breivik - I was talking about six individuals tiknyttet KT network.

15:43 Arntzen: - Were they connected or they wanted to link something, and who had created this something?

15:43 Breivik: - They were associated, it was not like that.

15:44 Holden: - For the information of the first hits on the word "pompous" in the interrogation of March 2012.

15:44 Breivik: - It can not vote.

15:44 Arntzen: - You talked about the spiders Vålstua farm.

15:45 Breivik: - It was not a problem with spiders there, but there were many beetles there. They were very nocturnal, and was a big problem.

15:45 Arntzen: - A statement that you have used several times: What you did on Utøya, is contrary to human nature. What made you capable of acts contrary to human nature?

15:47 Breivik: - It runs on many levels; justification, perhaps documentation and realities about the injustice. One must be able to work under certain circumstances. I saw the terrible images.

15:47 Arntzen: - If the games you played such images?

15:47 Breivik: - Games and chemicals (steroids) also recorded.

15:48 Lay judge Ernst Henning Eielsen: - When you run the washer Grubbegaten craft. What do you think would happen if you backed craft shoulder away and run away?

15:48 Breivik - I had been arrested.

15:49 Eielsen: - Has it affected your decision to continue the campaign?

15:49 Breivik: - It is enough. It's a process you start, and becomes self-employed. It's too late to turn back.

15:49 Eielsen: - In your consideration. If you had turned, do you expect that you would have ended up in prison?

15:49 Breivik: - You would have ended up in jail, yes.

15:50 Lay judge Diana Patricia Fynbos: - What do you mean the concept of indoctrination?

15:50 Breivik: - It is the programming, you process a person to think and have certain beliefs.

15:50 Fynbos: - Have you used yourself as an experiment?

15:51 Breivik: - To a certain extent. Many of the operations I performed was experimental.

15:52 Husby: - Why would you be pompous and how you perceived that you had been pompous?

15:52 Breivik: - Part of the reason was that I wanted to use the forensic psychiatric report as propaganda. I knew it would be conveyed, or leaked.

15:53 Husby: - Once registered you pompøseri that was not correct?

15:54 Breivik: - I chose a magnificent presentation, about a month before your report came.

15:55 Holden: - We took a double check on the word "pompous". The first recorded 1 March of questioning. "Glossy Picture" is registered in October.

15:55 Holden: - All the war was the judge. The source of the historians and the government's Norwegian Encyclopedia and Norwegian war lexicon. What do you think about it?

15:55 Breivik: - I know of at least one more, so it is your contention?

15:56 Holden: - Is this a form of propaganga, incorrect information from the authorities?

15:56 Breivik - I need to do more research on it.

15:56 Engh: - When you start to be questioned by the police, you sit for long interrogation. How do you find those interviewing you? Do you get the impression they think KT network is weird?

15:57 Breivik: - You did the. The police have well from the beginning meant that there are other people.

15:57 Engh: - Surprised the reaction you got the manifest?

15:57 Engh: - Did you think that people would believe that it was "crazy"?

15:58 Breivik: - There is a large document, and so many issues that some of them will be perceived as crazy. There is much that is very extreme there.

15:58 Breivik: - Earlier in this picture that was shown to me, you claimed that it was manipulated into. I had noticed on his arm when the picture was taken.

15:59 Defender Vibeke Hein Bæra: - Holden noted that he 18 October used the word "glossy picture." What is the difference of the use of the word "glossy picture" and "pompous"?

15:59 Breivik: - It is exactly the same word.

16:00 Consequences: - It is quite possible that the word "pompous" is used in the past, without it being used in the excerpts.

16:01 Synne Sørheim: - You mentioned in court on 19 that Husby / Sørheim declaration not issued a trust that you were in Liberia. Where are you from?

16:01 Breivik: - I have rattled off a number of points in the feature article, but has not been described previously. I do not think it's in their declaration.

16:01 The court is adjourned and be back tomorrow at 09

16:03 Breivik's explanation is thus completed. The court has spent five days earlier, and three and a half hours today to hear Breivik's version of what happened 22 July.

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