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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[Update] Canadian "Champion of Mental Health": Andre Picard: Is Norway (A) "country with a superb mental health system"; or (B) Stalinesque Political Psychiatry Dictatorship?

Canadian "Champion of Mental Health": Andre Picard: Is Norway (A) "country with a superb mental health system"; or (B) Stalinesque Political Psychiatry Dictatorship?

Response from Vally Vegge, sociologist, Skøyen/Oslo, Norway: Stalinistic or not, Norwegian Psychiatry is killing far more people every year than Anders Behring Breivik murdered on 22 July 2011! [Norwegian Network Against Psychiatry (]

Habeus Mentem | Andrea Muhrrteyn | 01 May 2012

From: Habeus Mentem
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 8:45 PM
Subject: CA: Globe&Mail: A.Picard: RE: "Violence and mental illness: case of Norway's Breivik reveals our prejudices"

Andre Picard
The Globe and Mail
444 Front Street West,
Toronto, Ontario,
M5V 2S9

Ed. In Chief: John Stackhouse
Public Ed: Sylvia Stead
Exec. Ed: Jill Borra
Managing Ed: David Walmsley
Foreign Ed: Craig Offman

* Canadian Public Health Association: Ref: "Public Health Hero": Andre Picard
* Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health "Champion of Mental Health" Andre Picard
* FAMPO: People’s Action Against Abuse of Power, Police State and Culture of abuse

RE: Request Evidentiary Info for statement in Article: "Violence and mental illness: case of Norway's Breivik reveals our prejudices"[1]

I am writing to request your evidence for your statement that 'Norway is a "country with a superb mental health system."'

The Norwegian organisation FAMPO (People’s Action Against Abuse of Power, Police State and Culture of abuse | accuse - with much evidence - Norway of being the Last Soviet Republic, where Censorship, Child Protection and Psychiatry are worthy of a Dictatorship.[2]

Its not very difficult to see why they make such statements, when (A) editors -- such as Irene Mjøseng, editor of Bygdeposten -- are fired for publishing articles exposing Norway's Stalinesque psychiatry; (B) radio stations are silenced for exposing Norwegian Stalinesque Psychiatric practices and investigative journalism into Stalinesque Psychiatric practices are silenced by the Norwegian legal system; (C) citizens exposing corruption in the Norwegian Education system are silenced by means of Stalinesque Political Psychiatry such as Arnold Juklerød; and civil servants who expose corruption in the Foreign Affairs Ministry are silenced by means of Stalinesque Political Psychiatry, such as Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø; to mention but a few.

The Bygdeposten article: "Coercively hospitalised without reason" described a case where a woman from one of Oslo’s suburbs was picked up in her home three times and brought to a mental asylum without any required legal authority written justifications.

In another article "The last Soviet Republic" the editor informed readers that the police at Sunnmøre demanded that Kåre Torvholm and Oddmar Remøy, both with a clean legal record, be subjected to a mental examination.

Bjørn Martin Aasen, municipal doctor in Herøy and former secretary in one of the departments in Gro Harlem Brundtland’s government, wrote the following to justify the coercive hospitalisation of Torvholm and Remoy:

“He belongs to a civil network with both local, national and international connection, with the purpose to disclose criminal things happening in the public sector, to get things on to a more productive track. In my opinion the requirements in lph 3 are fulfilled” Here ‘lph 3’ is short for the law on mental care.

In Norway exposing the corruption of the Norwegian government is used by Psychiatrists, at the behest of Politicians and the State, as legal justification for alleged psychiatric coercive hospitalization and intimidation!

In the editorial Radio med mening (Meaningful Radio) Mjøseng wrote: “Three local radio stations which have begun spending their time on these issues, immediately lost their licence to broadcast. One of them was the student radio in Tromsø”. With help from the Norwegian legal system, investigative journalism in Bygdeposten was also silenced.

Norway is the European country where the largest number of people are being coercively hospitalised, relative to population numbers. An analysis made by SINTEF in 1996, showed that about 45% of all hospitalisations in Norwegian psychiatry are coercive. In other European countries the same numbers were between 5 to 15 percent. The numbers for Norway were however only an estimate. Because many hospitals do not report coercive hospitalisations, no good statistics are available.

Additionally you make no effort to enquire from any Psychologist critical of Psychiatry's incestuous relationship with Pharmaceutical Corporations, what their opinions are about Norway's "superb [or Stalinesque Political Psychiatry] mental health system."'

Einar Øverenget Dr. Of Philosophy, Academy Of The Humanities -- one of the experts subpoenaed by Anders Breivik -- is one of the few Academic Norwegians with a backbone to expose the incestuous relationship between Psychologists and Psychiatrist in Norway to Pharmaceutical Corporations[3].

He states that there are dozens of psychologists and psychiatrists who are disgusted with the relationship between psychology/psychiatry and Pharmaceutical corporations, but that none of them dare speak out. (No doubt because they are well aware that exposing corruption in Norway is justification for them to be institutionalized by the Stalinesque Political Psychiatric State to intimidate them to silence)

Yet you -- a Canadian Public Health Association "Public Health Hero" and Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health "Champion of Mental Health"[4] -- describe Norway's Stalinesque Political Psychiatry worthy of a Dictatorship as a "country with a superb mental health system."

If you are not a Pharmaceutical Public Relations Propaganda Churnalist[5] Whore[6]; would you kindly provide me with your evidence for your statement that describing Norway's Stalinesque Political Psychiatry worthy of a Dictatorship as a "country with a superb mental health system."


Lara Johnstone
Norway v. Breivik :: Uncensored

[1] "Violence and mental illness: case of Norway's Breivik reveals our prejudices"

[2] Fampo: Norway, the Last Soviet Republic: Censorship, Child Protection and Psychiatry Worthy of a Dictatorship
[English] [Norwegian]

[3] Aftenblad: Psychiatry in Moral Crisis
[English] [Norwegian]

[4] Andre Picard is a health reporter and columnist at The Globe and Mail, where he has been a staff writer since 1987. He is also the author of three bestselling books. Andre has received much acclaim for his writing. He is an eight-time nominee for the National Newspaper Awards, Canada's top journalism prize, and past winner of prestigious Michener Award for Meritorious Public Service Journalism. Andre has been honoured for his dedication to improving healthcare. He was named Canada's first "Public Health Hero" by the Canadian Public Health Association and as a "Champion of Mental Health" by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health.

[5] In "Flat Earth News: An Award-Winning Reporter Exposes Falsehood, Distortion and Propaganda in the Global Media", Nick Davies writes that “journalism without checking is like a body without an immune system”. He “uncovers an industry awash in corruption and bias”, where “commercial forces are the main obstacle to truth-telling journalism”. In Our media have become mass producers of distortion: An industry whose task should be to filter out falsehood has become a conduit for propaganda and second hand news, he writes:

"I commissioned research from specialists at Cardiff University, who surveyed more than 2,000 UK news stories from the four quality dailies (Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Independent) and the Daily Mail. They found two striking things. First, when they tried to trace the origins of their "facts", they discovered that only 12% of the stories were wholly composed of material researched by reporters. With 8% of the stories, they just couldn't be sure. The remaining 80%, they found, were wholly, mainly or partially constructed from second-hand material, provided by news agencies and by the public relations industry. Second, when they looked for evidence that these "facts" had been thoroughly checked, they found this was happening in only 12% of the stories."

"The implication of those two findings is truly alarming. Where once journalists were active gatherers of news, now they have generally become mere passive processors of unchecked, second-hand material, much of it contrived by PR to serve some political or commercial interest. Not journalists, but churnalists. An industry whose primary task is to filter out falsehood has become so vulnerable to manipulation that it is now involved in the mass production of falsehood, distortion and propaganda."

[6] “Psychology's takeover of our legal system represents not an advance into new but clearly charted areas of science but a terrifying retreat into mysticism and romanticism, a massive suspension of disbelief propelled by powerful propaganda. Thanks to the willingness of judges and juries to believe psychobabble with scientific foundations equal to horoscope charts, babble puffed about by psychological professionals with impressive credentials, what we've got now are thousands of self-styled soul doctors run amok in our courts, drunk with power, bedazzled by spectacular fees for the no-heavy-lifting job of shooting off their mouths about any psychological topic that sneaks a toe into a courtroom. The demand is great, the supply is huge, and the science behind it all is nonexistent. But the reality does not matter.” - Margaret Hagen, Ph.D: Whores of the Court: The Fraud of Psychiatric Testimony (

From: Vally Vegge, sociologist, Skøyen/Oslo, Norway
Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2012 1:18 AM
To: Lara; 'Andre Picard'
Cc: 'Ed. In Chief: John Stackhouse'; 'Public Ed: Sylvia Stead'; 'Exec. Ed: Jill Borra'; 'Managing Ed: David Walmsley'; 'Foreign Ed: Craig Offman'; HM.NO: PolPsy: Einar Overenget; HM-NO: FAMPO; HM-NO: FAMPO; HM-NO: FAMPO
Subject: Re: Globe&Mail: A.Picard: RE: "Violence and mental illness: case of Norway's Breivik reveals our prejudices"

Dear Andre Picard!

Dear everybody!

Sorry, my english is not very good, but I`ll hereby try to give you some information, from my sosiological stand, what concerns "Norway, a country with a superb mental health system": Stalinistic or not the psychiatry, or mental health system, in Norway is killing far more people every year than Anders Behring Breivik murdered 22. July 2011! But, sorry to say, this is also the fact for US, Sweden, Danmark ( and so on.

These empirical facts has been reported in USA Today 05.04.2007, in Janne Larssons study concerning psychiatric related suicide in Sweden and in 3 different official studies in Norway; Rapport fra Helsetilsynet 3/2009, 1/2011 og 7/2011! About hundred thousands of people are every year tortured by psychiatry and psychiatric drugs in Norway (stalinistic or not). 30 000 children/younsters are now made amfetamin drug addicts by ADHD-medication!

Especially young people and woman will die the nearest decades, says the psychiatrist Astrid B. Birkenæs (University of Oslo(UiO), 2007). She means it is "important" for the "mentally ill" to take their "medication" even if they will die from e.g. fatal heart attacks (e.g. Torsades de points).

Every year in Norway, according to official news newly, 4700 people die form unatural causes in norwegian hospitals. As much as half of these deaths can happen in the psychiatric divisions! And nobody reacts! A few days ago a "healthworker" at and institution for "eldery" at Lindeberg in Oslo was accused for killing pasients.

In short: Psychiatry is killing their pasients! And sorry to say: The police in Norway and the so called responsible political authorities and the primeminister Jens Stoltenberg are never answering or responding to any mail or challenges. The utmost top "police director", for the time beeing a man, Øystein Mæland, is both a psychiatrist and police and homosexual having bought surrogate children form abroad, which is not allowed by the norwegian law for the time beeing!

Pasients and family members, I know quite well, has told me, when he was a former director at Ullevål Universitets Sykehus (hospital,) that he was acting in a very psychopatic way (e.g. increasing the doses of psychiatric drugs and so on).

PS. Yesterday we got the terrible news that the norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen (26) was found dead in Falstaff, Arizona, USA. I hope some doctors will be prosecuted for his unatural death. This is not a psychiatric case, but probably a case of druging a person with combinations of "prescription drugs"?

Vally Vegge, sociologist, Skøyen/Oslo, Norway (NNMP)

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