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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012-05-15 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 19: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

2012-05-15 (TV2): Breivik Trial Transcript: Day 19: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

Survivors: Anon (15) | Marta-Johanne Svendsen (17) | Ina Rangønes Libak (22) | Even Andre Øien Kleppen (32) | Anon (18) | Julie Størholt Iversen (17)

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 15 May 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

Anon (15): was shot several times in her back while fleeing; still suffers from mental problems.

Marta-Johanne Svendsen (17): was in the cafe building when she heard shots and went to Rogaland in the tent site. She was shot in the arm, the shot went through her arm.

Ina Rangønes Libak (22): was busy doing the washing up in the Cafetaria building when they heard lots of shots. She hid with others behind the piano and was shot at least four times.

Even Andre Øien Kleppen (32): works for Norwegian People's Aid who work at the Utoya camps providing aid or transportation in the event of accidents. He heard about Oslo bomb and went to catch the same ferry to Utoya that Breivik was on. He helped to barricade Skolestua with others.

Anon (18): was in a tent with a friend when they heard shots, and thought it was a joke. Then they saw people running up the hill. He ran along the Love Path and along with others decided to swim. He managed to swim accross to mainland.

Julie Størholt Iversen (17): was sitting in a tent chatting to friends about Oslo bomb, when they heard shots. Iversen was shot in the left leg while escaping.

8:50 Good morning from Oslo District Court

8:51 Day 19 of the trial of Behring Anders Breivik begins at 9

8:52 Four survivors of Utøya to testify today.
8:53 One of them is Even Andre Øien Kleppen (32).

8:54 A police interrogation of a 15 year old girl who was Utøya, to be read out in court.

8:56 A witness said the plan should explain over the phone.

8:58 Breivik enters the courtroom 250

8:59 Breivik As usual wearing handcuffs when he comes into the courtroom.

9:00 The judges will take place.

9:02 Judge Arntzen begins by explaining a problem regarding the broadcasting of witnesses.

9:03 The question is about the defendant's comments to the witnesses that will be broadcast.

9:03 If Breivik comments to the witnesses being broadcast? The court must decide.

9:06 The first witness is waived. Prosecutors Holden says there are two solutions to this matter.

9:07 The first is to read the explanation, the other is to read the certificate.
9:07 The witness is a 15 year old girl who was shot several times during the flight from the perpetrator.

9:08 Prosecutors Holden is preparing to read the certificate.

9:09 The prosecutor assured the court that the parties have the same version of the certificate.

9:10 Holden reads from the Declaration: - She was exposed to a bullet injury on the right side of the body posteriorly.

9:10 The girl was partly treated at Ullevaal.

9:10 She needed two units of blood.

9:11 She suffered fracture of the shoulder blade and injuries in the right lung.

9:11 - At the last survey, she was still moderate to strong pain suffered, said the medical certificate. This was in February.

9:12 The girl has mental problems. She risking injury in the shoulder.

9:14 Holden also read from a statement dated 14 november 2011 from Ringerike hospital.

9:14 The declaration described the injuries shoots 15-year-old was inflicted.

9:14 She was aware and conscious when she arrived at the hospital.

9:15 Holden concludes his recitation.

9:16 The first witness takes the witness stand.
9:16 There are Marta-Johanne Svendsen (17).

9:16 She was shot in the arm Utøya.

9:17 The shot went through his arm.

9:17 Prosecutors Engh management questioning.

9:17 Svendsen said she was at the cafe building when she heard shots.

9:18 They did not understand what it was and went to Rogaland camp.

9:18 Svendsen shows the map where she went.

9:18 Rogaland The camp was about the middle of the tent.

9:18 Svendsen: - I saw a boy. He shouted desperately that we had to run.

9:20 Svendsen: - People began to run. They looked very scared, and I reacted to it.

9:20 Svendsen: - There was a guy behind me, he grabbed me and said, "just spring."

9:20 Svendsen ran with a friend who fell. She took a different path and went on alone.

9:20 More fell during the escape.

9:21 At the edge of the forest she noticed that it splattered. She noticed a pain in the arm, such as being beaten with a baseball bat.

9:21 Svendsen: - I could not move fast anymore, it was as if I stopped.

9:22 Svendsen - I sat down with a girlfriend. I took off my jacket and saw that there was a hole.

9:22 Svendsen sought Skolestua for help.

9:22 There was a lot older.

9:22 She hoped to find some of the Norwegian People's Aid that could help.

9:23 One of the Norwegian People's Aid Svendsen led into a bedroom. - He said I was shot, but that it was going to be fine.

9:23 Svendsen: - We heard gunshots coming closer.

9:23 - We were four in the bedroom, the rest was in the living room or another bedroom.

9:24 - He of the Norwegian People's Aid said that I had to put me under the bed.

9:24 Svendsen: - We were there then, and it was quiet in the living room. We heard the shots. I heard the shots all the way, and they came closer and closer.

9:25 Svendsen: - It was very close, so it was very quiet. We heard that he went to the schoolroom.

9:25 - Suddenly, he takes the handle. People cried, but even I was silent.

9:25 Svendsen: - We heard two shots and cried more in the main room.

9:25 - The shots went through the window.

9:26 Svendsen: - We thought he was in the schoolroom, and that he would come into the bedroom where we were.

9:26 Svendsen: - But then we heard shots, and they were much further away.

9:27 Svendsen: - It sounded as if the police came. They said "it is the police, lie down."

9:27 - They came into the bedroom. They said something like "show your hands." I said I was shot.

9:28 Svendsen: - We entered the main room. The door was open. I saw the mind of the perpetrator when they walked by. This was after the perpetrator was arrested.

9:28 Svendsen was then led to MS Thorbjorn.

9:28 Engh: Do you see the defendant during the flight?

9:29 Svendsen: - No. It felt as if the shot came right behind me.

9:29 Engh: - Did you see that others were shot?

9:29 Svendsen: - No, but I saw that more was on the ground.

9:30 Engh: - Any idea how long you were Skolestua?

9:30 Svendsen: - I do not know.

9:30 Engh: What were you thinking?

9:31 Svendsen: - I thought about who did what and why. I did not understand it. It was such a shock. I was shot and heard so many shots. I thought that of course we would die. He would come in here.

9:31 Svendsen: - I was absolutely sure he would get into Skolestua.

9:32 Engh: - When you leave Skolestua, you'll see some dead people?

9:32 Svendsen: - I saw a dead person in the water, and one that was heavily damaged in the face.

9:33 Svendsen: - I was very sick when I got off the boat. We saw body bags on the mainland.

9:33 - There were at least ten. It was hard to believe that someone was dead. I was very shocked and screamed.

9:34 Engh: - What kind of injuries did you receive?

9:34 Svendsen: - I was hit in the elbow, but it was not serious.

9:34 She spent a night in the hospital.

9:34 Today, she is not bothered by the injury.

9:35 Svendsen: - Today I want to say that it runs smoothly. I got the feeling and thought a lot of things very early.

9:35 Svendsen: - After three months I was very scared. I had to change schools. I ran instead of walking and heard the shot noise. It was very disgusting to sit on the train.

9:36 Svendsen attend high school.

9:36 Engh is finished with their questions.

9:36 The prosecutor asks Holden Svendsen show the court where she was hit.

9:37 Holden shows the right picture of Skolestua.

9:37 47 people hid in Skolestua during the massacre.

9:38 Svendsen explains how to Skolestua she hid.

9:38 Holden: - How did you when you heard the shots?

9:38 Svendsen - I reacted with the whole body, but it lasted so long. You were almost used to it.

9:39 Holden: - Did you get any impression of the reaction elsewhere in the building when it was shot?

9:39 Svendsen: - It was perhaps the worst screams I've heard.

9:40 Holden: - Did you receive any information about what happened when it was shot in?

9:41 Svendsen: - We received some information afterwards, and one from Norwegian People's crept into us. He said that he had shot through the window.

9:41 Holden finished with their questions.

9:41 Defender Lippestad: - Did you hear that he took the handle?

9:41 Svendsen: - There, I heard very clearly. I heard nothing, except that he was moving.

9:42 Svendsen has been helped by the crisis team and go to pyskolog, she questions from counsel. It really helps, she says.

9:43 Svendsen finished his explanation.
9:44 Next witness is Ina Rangønes Libak (22).

9:45 22-year-old Libak was shot at least four times in Utøya.

9:45 Prosecutors Holden chairman questioning of Libak.

9:46 Libak washed up when it started.

9:46 - I heard that people began to run down the hall, so I went out to see what happened.

9:47 She said she saw many familiar. They tried to calm each other down. They thought it was China putter.

9:47 - Then suddenly we heard a lot of shots, and we hid behind a piano.

9:47 This is in the Little Hall in the cafe building.

9:48 Holden asks how the piano was moved when they were hiding behind it.

9:48 Libak shows the picture how they moved the piano, which was on wheels.

9:49 Libak: - I thought about school shootings, others thought of other things. We have talked about the fact.

9:49 Libak: - It was very quiet, very quiet. I remember very well those who sat next to me.

9:50 Libak: - We did not speak. We looked at each other, but did not speak with each other.

9:50 Libak: - So I was shot in the hands and jaw and chest. I should be understood that the perpetrator was, but I did not understand it. I thought I was being shot at random from the outside.

9:51 Libak got up and ran out of the cafeteria building.

9:52 Libak: - I remember all the shots that hit me. The way I remember it, I was first shot in the arm. I thought that I survive. Then I got shot in the jaw. I thought that this is more serious. Then I got shot in the chest, and I thought, "this door, out of.".

9:52 Libak: - I now know that he stood above the piano and shot at all of us who sat there.

9:53 Libak remembers nothing of people who die. - After that I was shot, I remember nothing of it. I think I held hands in front of your face.

9:54 Libak shows right where she was shot.

9:54 The whole jaw bone was crushed.

9:54 A stray bullet grazed his cheek.

9:55 One bullet entered his chest and out of the armpit.

9:55 Libak gets up and pull up their sleeves to show the scars.

9:56 Holden: - There are a lot of damage.

9:56 Libak: - It did not hurt, but I realized I was shot at once. I lost feeling in both hands, so I thought his hands were blown off.

9:57 Holden asks if the shot in the mouth.

9:57 Libak: - There was a flavor I had never known before, that was probably the bullet. I got a lot of blood in his mouth and tried to keep in place the damage.

9:58 Libak: - I run down the hall, all the way out. I notice that I start to fall, I have not quite control myself. Then I thought: "Now I die. So it is dying."

9:59 Libak: - I stand on the grass outside a cafe building. It was a lot of blood coming from all the damage. I try to stop the blood, but blood was everywhere.

9:59 - When you have four injuries, has not enough hands. And his hands were not so good, either.

10:00 Libak: - A friend comes over to me. He said: "We can not go from Ina."

10:00 Libak lifted up, he runs everything he can with her in his arms into the woods and down a cliff.

10:01 Libak smiles and seems safe as she explains it.

10:02 Libak tell who she is hiding me. Others undress and begin to associate her wounds with their clothes.

10:02 She lies on top of a girlfriend to keep warm.

10:02 Each friend was responsible for one wound each.

10:02 Libak: - They manage to stop the bleeding. I am very very impressed with it.

10:03 Libak: - Those around me were just lovely to stay calm, keep optimism.

10:03 - Every time one was very scared, took the other out of her.

10:03 They comforted each other.

10:04 Libak: - Sometimes people shushed each other. All the time we heard shots. Then it was quiet. Then came the new shoots.

10:04 Libak: - In the beginning we talked a lot, but eventually I get so much blood in my mouth and I spat blood. I looked at a magazine and thought that there are so many beautiful things while this happens.

10:05 Libak: - Suddenly we heard shots very close. There was screaming and so was very quiet.

10:05 She knows now that this was at the pump house.

10:05 Holden: - So you Breivik ever?

10:06 Libak - I'm not sure.

10:06 Libak: - I have also heard voices, but are not sure if I heard him speak.

10:07 Libak: - He starts to walk towards us. It is amazing that those around me do not run to save themselves. All is there. As he passes us, I have heard, two feet away or something.

10:08 They lay hidden right path. - Had he looked our way, he had seen us, says Libak.

10:08 Libak: - Five minutes after he passed, had a girlfriend a telephone message that he was taken.

10:08 - A boat is coming, but there are so many died in the way that we stumble and fall. So I must go myself.

10:09 Libak: - It was absolutely horrible. We had not seen anyone injured and did not know anything about the scope.

10:10 Libak: - I was carried over into the boat and is located on the floor of the boat. She says who she is with.

10:11 Libak: - I start to shiver a lot, and one begins to see me. I say that she did not have to look at me, she can get trauma. She says: "No, Ina, you are very, very beautiful."

10:12 When they come to landsida, she hopes that it may go well. Then she overhears a conversation between two police officers that they think it's a bomb in the perpetrator's car and that people must be evacuated to Storøya.

10:13 Libak: - I get up from the stretcher and says that we must go, but the ambulance driver said that it is fine.

10:14 Libak tells of hospital stay. She was treated at Bærum Hospital, Rikshospitalet and Ullevål. She was operated on five times and was discharged after nearly a month.

10:14 Libak says that there were lots of AUF-ers in the hospital. - We called ourselves Ullevål AUF, says Ina.

10:14 - I got very good help at the hospital and had a safe and nice.

10:14 Holden: - How has life been after that?

10:15 Libak: - We have been very good at supporting each other. I have spent much time with AUF. At the same time, it has been tough. It is incredibly cruel to all the great, strong people we lost.

10:16 Libak studies have followed, but it has been difficult. - I have been a lot of scared and have nightmares.

10:16 Holden: - You appear to be a person who is well above average positive.

10:17 The statement causes laughter in the press center of the hall 227

10:17 The defenders have no questions.

10:17 Ina Rangone Libak finish his explanation.

10:18 Court takes break to 10.40.

10:34 Next witness who will testify, is Even More Øien Kleppen. Kleppen was working for Norwegian People's Aid and hid in Skolestua during the massacre.

10:35 47 people hid in the school shop, and Martha-John Svendsen explained Tuesday how she was sure that the perpetrator would go into the building and kill them.

10:36 Breivik has previously testified that he took the chance to go into the building because he feared being attacked and overpowered. Read Breivik's explanation here.

10:40 Court actors arrive courtroom 250 after the break.

10:41 The defendant enters the courtroom.

10:42 Breivik still sits on the second row of the bench as defense witnesses to get some distance from the perpetrator.

10:43 The judges are in place, and negotiations continue.
10:43 Even Andre Øien Kleppen (32) take the witness stand.

10:44 Kleppen is wearing a shirt with Norwegian People's Aid logo.

10:45 Prosecutors Engh ask questions of Kleppen. She asks what makes the Norwegian People's Aid Utøya.

10:46 Kleppen explains that they help young people who harm themselves, stepping over or get minor injuries.

10:46 If the damage is worse, transporting the patients to hospital.

10:46 Two are on duty around the clock during the camp, explains Kleppen. Between six and eight runs in shifts.

10:47 - It is voluntary, so we take it as a summer we also says Kleppe.

10:47 Norwegian People's Aid has its own tent at Utøya. Lavvo own treatment and care.

10:48 - I have been to summer camp since 2003, about every two years. I was at work until the morning of Friday, so I was not able to be there earlier.

10:49 Kleppen - I was a little before landsida at 17 I had to help some with parking, it was very wet.

10:49 Kleppen: - I saw the truck coming. I had heard about what happened in Oslo and had heard that Thorbjorn was set.

10:50 Kleppen: - I tried to get the Norwegian People's Aid carried on Utøya to pick me up.

10:50 Kleppen: - Parking guards go and talk with him coming. I hear that there are police.

10:51 Kleppen: - I see that the car park, he comes out and the police have marks on them. He stands by his car. I stay away and learns that Thorbjorn to come anyway. I ask if I will be with Thorbjorn.

10:52 - The one with the police uniform takes out the equipment and arrange it. I see that Thorbjorn is on the way over. When it arrives, I ask Monica if I can help.

10:52 Kleppen: - Monica asks him (Breivik) if I get to be with. He says yes.

10:53 Kleppen: - I see him struggling with his suitcase to get it into the boat and realize that it is quite heavy.

10:53 Kleppen: - What I react when I'm in the boat, is the weapon. The gun has a very long magazine. I am a bit familiar with weapons, have a stepfather who is blacksmith.

10:54 Kleppen: - The magazine ran off the shaft of the gun.

10:55 Kleppen: - Normally, the police drug brands on the back. He had a laminated picture of the brand. I thought, yes, yes, it is perhaps easier to wash. I reacted to things like that. I also saw that he had a drinking device. He drank some on the way over.

10:56 Kleppen: - On Utøya he asks for help with a car trunk. I had a huge bag and a box of equipment, so I thought this is too much for me, so I said to Monica that I ran away to camp.

10:57 Kleppen: - I went up the stairs to the main house. Guard by Utøya stood there. It was Berntsen. We hit a couple of words. Berntsen said it was a bit odd that he (the offender) arrived.

10:58 Kleppen: - I did not say anything more. We started walking towards the camp.

10:58 Engh: - When the defendant asks for help, how close are you?

10:58 Kleppen: - I am just a few feet away.

10:58 Engh: - What impression did you get?

10:59 Kleppen: - He seemed calm and determined. It was not the behavior I reacted.

10:59 Kleppen: - From landsida and the boat trip over he seemed very calm. He stressed not. On the boat he was in a room and talk to Monica. We stood a little away.

11:00 Kleppen shows right on a map where he met Trond Berntsen.

11:01 Kleppen runs from the main house at Skolestua.

11:02 Kleppen put away the equipment at the camp. He sees some young people who sit there and think that there are some who need help.

11:02 He puts down the bag in the tent and go out again. Then he heard the shooting.

11:02 - I think immediately that it has to do with the person who came over. I thought it was an exercise.

11:03 Norwegian People's Aid's camp is in the area of ??School House.

11:03 Kleppen: - It is 1:05 to 6:00 adolescents. A cry that we should pull into the Skolestua. I go there and shout at the kids to come.

11:04 Kleppen: - AUF uses schoolroom, but the Norwegian People's Aid also uses a bedroom where there are some who need it.

11:05 Kleppen: - young people coming through the woods. There are also people on the way around. I cry out to all of them to withdraw into Skolestua.

11:05 Kleppen: - What I listen for a while, is that another of the Norwegian People's Aid calls that I have to get into. I was alone out there.

11:06 Kleppen: - There were some girls running, and she cried out one that she is injured. I did not see any damage.

11:06 Kleppen - I had a feeling that we were four of the Norwegian People's Aid in Skolestua.

11:07 Kleppen - I looked out the door before I closed. I close the door, turn the lock and hold the handle.

11:08 Kleppen: - Some call us to barricade windows. Before I know it retrieves the mattresses. I'm looking out the door and turn off the lights.

11:08 Kleppen: - It is very chaotic and a lot of movement in space.

11:09 Kleppen fit on the door. He always keeps the door handle.

11:10 Kleppen shows an image where people lived in the building.

11:11 Kleppen: - Some call me to lock the door. I turn on again, check that the door is locked and release handle.

11:12 Kleppen sitting on his knees at the door and talk a little with a girl. He peeks out through the glass door. The glass is of a type that only let through light.

11:12 Kleppen: - I hear a lot of shooting, it's a small delay. I look out and see that it is one that comes to the door.

11:12 Kleppen: - He walks calmly towards the door. I knew that here he comes.

11:13 Kleppen - I begin to crawl on the floor. I hear that he is the door handle. I heard that it slammed twice.

11:13 Kleppen: - I did not see where the shots hit right away.

11:14 Kleppen: - I was hiding in a corner. I thought: What should I do if he comes in? There was no other escape route.

11:14 Kleppen - I thought that the fire extinguisher is a blow gun, so I can use.

11:15 Kleppen right shows how the rooms are located in the building.

11:16 Kleppen: - The majority were in the main room until it is narrow. In the narrow, there were several that drew on the different rooms.

11:16 Engh: - When you hear him come and take the door, it was quiet in the house?

11:16 Kleppen: - No one screamed, but it was a little hyperventilation and there were uneasy.

11:17 Kleppen: - When the narrow, there was more screaming.

11:18 Kleppen explain how he sits in a corner and evaluate weapons and escape routes.

11:19 Kleppen explains that he began to think about the boss and job. - I would rather be at work than to be here, I thought.

11:19 So he concentrates on young people and calms down several of them.

11:20 Kleppen: - Suddenly, a phone begins to ring. I take off the shoes and goes to find the phone rings. I turn it off. It was a Nokia.

11:20 Kleppen: - A new phone is ringing. It's my mom on the display. Another from the Norwegian People rang up and said that all that was in good condition.

11:21 Kleppen: - It was very tense atmosphere. All sitting on needles.

11:21 Kleppen: - There were tears and people who tried to calm each other down. Very cooperative.

11:22 Engh: - You were two of the Norwegian People's Aid in the large room?

11:22 Kleppen: - That's what I knew. Two in the large room and two people who helped her was injured.

11:22 Kleppen had no list of the Norwegian People's Aid which was Utøya.

11:23 Kleppen went into one of the bedrooms to check what happened to her was damaged. He was told that it was ok.

11:24 Kleppen: - Some say they gotta go. I found a plastic box of clothes. We took off and laid up in a towel so it would not fuss so much.

11:25 Kleppen tells of yet another phone call. He needs to calm down more young people.

11:26 Kleppen trying to keep some track of where people are and how many there are so he can notify the police when they arrive. He moves between the rooms in Skolestua to obtain an overview.

11:26 He decides that they can use one of the shower as a toilet.

11:27 Kleppen concluded that there were 30-40 people in Skolestua.

11:27 He went around telling people that they could go to the bathroom in the shower.

11:28 Kleppen - I knew that this could take time.

11:28 Engh: - you still hear shots?

11:28 Kleppen: - Yes, we do it. Some close and some farther away.

11:29 - The reaction was stronger when a phone rang than when we heard shots.

11:29 Engh said that there were six of the Norwegian People's Aid in Skolestua.

11:29 Kleppen says it was someone he knew and that he did not know about.

11:30 Engh: - Those who came in, did you get any idea of ??whether they had seen the accused, or been close to where it was shot?

11:30 Kleppen: - I remember little of what the others said. I was very focused on what I should do. They came from the tent, and it was talking about the shooting.

11:32 Kleppen: - When it is almost two hours, we begin to bring people outside talking. We do not dare to shout that we are there.

11:33 Kleppen: - A window stood open in a bedroom, so we heard that there were people nearby.

11:33 Kleppen: - It was quiet for a while, so it was talking again. They said that they had secured schoolroom. When I tried to make contact with the police.

11:34 Kleppen - I figured that it was an individual, so here comes the real police. I try to make contact with them, but they can not hear me. I approach the door.

11:35 - I see a gun coming through the window on the door. I see a black hand comes in and turn the lock. Then we told to lie on the floor with your hands above your head.

11:35 Kleppen: - I am trying to make contact with someone who stands in the door to say what I have seen the boat. They ask for the keys to our car standing on the island.

11:36 Kleppen: - They get to know about the keys and I start talking to a policeman. I have confirmed that the man I had seen, was taken.

11:36 - We are not allowed to leave Skolestua.

11:37 Engh: - How was the reaction?

11:37 Kleppen: - I did not so much. I was still not allowed to get up.

11:38 Kleppen offers policemen soda.

11:38 She is injured, are carried out.

11:39 Eventually, they get told to stand in a series to go to the boat.

11:40 - I go back to have the collection. A boy limp and have pain in my knee. I called one another that we would take him between us.

11:40 Kleppen: - No one went, all jogged.

11:41 - We came to the main house. I see police officers around the main house.

11:41 Kleppen: - We jog down to the boat. I see that our car is at the boat and someone who is injured is back in the car.

11:42 The evacuees may drink at the crossing. Kleppen take some pictures of the boat.

11:43 Kleppen: - As we approached the other side, we see rugs. All knew what it was.

11:43 Kleppen: - I followed one on land. I said she needed help, someone to talk to.

11:44 Kleppen looked for a policeman he could talk to. - I talk with him, and he told me that I should talk to the leader of the square.

11:45 Kleppen get to talk with the leader on the spot and joins him. Kleppen join a civilian police.

11:46 Engh: - You lose a colleague. How has it affected you?

11:46 Kleppen: - It has affected us much. She was a lady who never said no to join the service. She was cheerful and happy, happy spray.

11:47 - It's hard to think that she has been killed in service, with the uniform.

11:47 Kleppen - I sleep very badly, has nightmares and great concentration.

11:48 Kleppen is not working now. He is a truck driver, but had to park the car several times because he felt it was safe to drive.

11:49 Kleppen says he reacted very fireworks on New Year's Eve.

11:50 Kleppen requested holiday at the beginning of the year. Before the holiday began, he had to force himself to work. Felt it was not safe to drive. He does not feel safe on the road and is now on sick leave.

11:51 He says that he turns around in his sleep.

11:51 Kleppen: - After 22 July has seen the Norwegian People's Aid as a family. It is a great support to be in the organization.

11:52 Kleppen: - I feel like I'm in a dark tunnel that there is no light in. It is my friends who keep up the torches showing the way.

11:52 Defender Lippestad have any questions Kleppen.

11:53 Lippestad ask barricade ring of Skolestua.

11:53 Kleppen says that they used mattresses to barricade the windows.

11:54 Lippestad: - The window that was open, it was easy to get through?

11:54 Kleppen: - No, it's well over six feet off the ground.

11:55 Also onboard were used to barricade the ring. The tables were used to support the mattresses.

11:55 Breivik could not see into the Skolestua.

11:55 Lippestad: - What did you think if he comes?

11:55 Kleppen: - If he come up with an arm to unlock the door, I fly on the arm.

11:56 Kleppen - I thought that I use my temperament as a defense. I had to do everything in my power to stop him, to kill him.

11:57 Breivik smiled when Kleppen explained how he planned to attack and kill Breivik if he entered the School House.

11:57 Kleppen would use a fire extinguisher as a weapon and a table as a shield.

11:58 Defendant bears traces of Breivik's appearance when he came to Utvika.

11:58 Kleppen says Breivik appeared calm.

11:59 The boat came after a short time, says Kleppe. He estimates that he waited between five and ten minutes before he saw the boat coming over.

12:00 It was not the behavior Kleppen reacted. What he reacted to was the weapon and police marked.

12:00 Bæra ask how far away he was Breivik on board the boat.

12:00 Kleppen estimates that he was a few meters away from the defendant under the boat.

12:01 - It rattles and noisy little boat. I kept myself to myself. There was nothing in the behavior I reacted, says Kleppe.

12:02 Kleppen said he saw the defendant talking with Monica Bosei, but he did not hear what they were talking about.

12:02 The ferry trip takes about five minutes.

12:03 Bæra further asks if Breivik's behavior after they came to Utøya.

12:03 Bæra asks whether the defendant's mood.

12:03 - I oppfattat he calmly and firmly respond Kleppen.

12:04 Bæra: - Did you hear anything other than shots when you were at Skolestua?

12:05 Kleppen - I heard that he took the door handle, but then there was some screaming and restlessness inside. I was focused on getting me away. I did not hear so much of what was outside.

12:05 Bæra ask what Kleppen heard through the open window.

12:05 - I heard the police said they had arrested a person, says Kleppe.

12:07 Kleppen can not remember having heard anything from the offender in connection with his arrest.

12:07 Breivik was arrested 50-60 meters below Skolestua.

12:07 Berries are finished with their questions.

12:08 Breivik have any comments, but will come with them after lunch.

12:09 When asked by counsel Kleppen explains that he would have been hit by the shots if he had not fled Breivik fired into Skolestua.

12:09 The court takes a lunch break until at 13.10.

13:08 Courtroom 250 is filled up.

13:09 The court will hear two diplomas after lunch.

13:09 In addition, it is expected that Anders Breivik Behring will have some comments to Even Kleppe explanation.

13:11 Kleppen is with the Norwegian People's Aid and explained before lunch on experiences as he hid in the Skolestua Utøya along with 46 others.

13:12 The judges arrive in the courtroom.

13:12 The negotiations continue.

13:13 Arntzen: - I understand that Breivik will give some comments?

13:13 Lippestad: - He has some comments, but will wait till later.

13:13 Next witness takes the witness stand.
13:14 The witness is a 18 year old man.

13:14 Prosecutors Holden chairman questioning.

13:15 The witness and a friend were in the tent. They were going to the main house to charge phones when they heard the first shots.

13:16 They thought it was a joke.

13:16 They wait for a mate, but see that people come running up the hill and it starts to gather people in a tent camp.

13:16 The witness shows on a map where they were.

13:17 A leader shouting that they should be collected and run to another place on the tent.

13:18 - Then comes a policeman, we believe, on the lower side of the cafeteria building. He stops on the grassy plain. A person in a gray sweater goes against him. He reaches out a hand, and he gets shot down.

13:18 There is panic.

13:18 Holden asks if the person who was shot, stretched out a hand?

13:19 The witness explained that the person seemed to want to wish the supposed policeman welcomed.

13:19 The witness ran along the Love path, but remember very little.

13:20 - I only remember that I was insanely afraid.

13:20 He ends up on the southern tip, where it had gathered a lot of people who were about to undress. Some had begun to swim.

13:20 He also takes off his clothes to swim.

13:20 He begins to swim with a buddy and several others.

13:21 People cried, people hyper-ventilated.

13:22 Prosecutors will present a different picture to view the route testified swam.

13:22 - The water was very cold but we had the bathroom a lot, so we knew how cold it was.

13:23 - I remember there was some power. People who had swum before me, had driven to the right. I was determined to swim against a fixed point.

13:23 After approximately 100-150 meters friend said that he did not get to swim more.

13:24 His friend would turn around.

13:24 The witness is greatly moved when he explains about his friend.

13:24 - I told him to swim and hide, but I kept myself.

13:25 His friend drowned before he reached land.

13:25 Holden: - What happens after this?

13:25 The witness: - As was the perpetrator on the headland.

13:26 He has difficulty in estimating how much time went by. He heard shots and turns toward the island.

13:26 - I did not want to see, so I lowered the ears under water so I would not have to hear. I hear the bullets hitting the seabed.

13:27 - I swim further, and finally I come to the other side, where there are three pieces that have come up before me.

13:27 He tries to start a boat with another boy, but can not do it.

13:28 They run up the road where he meets three other AUF-ers. He pushed in an ambulance and driven to the Esso station at Sundvolden.

13:28 - I think you remember that time it was 18.03 or 18.08.

13:29 More coming to the Esso station. After each run the the hotel 150 meters away.

13:29 Holden: - What did you know about what had happened?

13:29 Witness: - I knew very little.

13:29 Much seemed very unlikely.

13:30 After the incident the witness suffered from a lot of guilt.

13:30 He thought he could take with him his friend over, but do not think he had done it.

13:30 Holden: - How has your life been after this?

13:31 The witness: - It's been nice, it has not been the same, but it has gone well in school and I've had a lot of people around me.

13:31 Holden: - Do you have anything to comment on when it comes Breivik's behavior on the island?

13:32 The witness: - He seemed very calm. And then I remember it struck me that he was very pale.

13:32 - I thought he was a policeman at the start. He seemed authoritarian, as a regular police officer does when he's on the uniform.

13:32 The witness did not hear the offender speak.

13:33 Prosecutors Holden finished with their questions.

13:33 Defender Lippestad have a question.

13:33 Lippestad: - Why were you trying to start a boat?

13:33 The witness: - The idea was just to save all those who were in the water.

13:34 No more questions for the witness.

13:35 The final witness to testify via telephone.

13:36 It takes some time to sort out the technique.

13:36 Judge Arntzen has contact with the witness.
13:36 The witness is Julie Størholt Iversen (17).

13:37 Iversen is 17 years old and was shot in the left leg during the escape. She is in the United States.

13:38 The telephone connection seems to be broken.

13:38 This is again made contact with Iversen.

13:39 Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh begins with asking questions.

13:39 Engh asks the witness to tell what she experienced on Utøya.

13:40 - We had been told about the bomb in Oslo, and I had talked to my father on the telephone. I had been assured that my family in Oslo were safe, says Iversen.

13:40 Iversen sat in the tent and talked with others. They called around and talked about the bomb.

13:41 Another friend came into the tent. They were ready to go home, for it was a very uncomfortable situation.

13:41 They began to hear sounds from the pier without understanding what it was.

13:41 - We did not realize that there was anything wrong yet, says Iversen.

13:42 People began to move more. People started asking about what is happening.

13:42 - When people suddenly began to run. We sat in the tent, for it seemed like the safest.

13:43 Iversen - I put on my shoes and got out. One group had begun to accumulate down the tent.

13:44 A guard was there with a walkie-talkie and a safety vest. He seemed like someone you could trust, explained Iversen.

13:45 Her friend went against the grain, the cafe building.

13:45 People asked each other what happened.

13:46 Suddenly people started running. It was chaos, explained Iversen.

13:46 - I ran up, but lost track of where your whereabouts.

13:47 - Suddenly in my left leg that something happened.

13:49 Iversen realized that she had a phone in your pocket. She called her father and said she thought there was some firing, but did not understand that she was shot.

13:49 Down by the water, there were people who undressed and swam.

13:50 Iversen - I still do not fully understand that it was for real, but as many began to swim, I did it too.

13:50 Iversen: - We were maybe 100 meters from shore when we heard shots coming closer.

13:51 - I turned around and got on my back, and then I saw a person standing upright, dressed in the dark. The distance was too great for me to see something else by that person.

13:52 Iversen: - A person who sat next to it, fell to the ground. It looked as if the person was shot. Then I realized the seriousness of it, that there really was no attack.

13:52 Iversen was picked up by a rowboat and had come into a house when she came to the country.

13:53 Iversen lost track of where her friends were under the flight.

13:53 Engh: - How many people were gathered on the southern tip?

13:53 Iversen: - Probably 20-30 people.

13:53 Engh: - You turn while swimming. Is this your first time you see the defendant?

13:54 Iversen: - Yes.

13:54 She could not hear anything or see facial expressions.

13:54 Iversen explains that she remembers that it looked as if someone was shot on the beach.

13:55 Engh: - What kind of injuries did you get in your leg?

13:55 Iversen: - When I got in the water, I felt not so much to it.

13:56 There was no bullet in the leg.

13:56 Iversen traveled to the United States 24 august as an exchange student.

13:56 It has gone very well, says Iversen.

13:57 Engh is finished with their questions.

13:57 Defence has no questions. No one else has any more questions.

13:57 Arntzen allows Breivik can come with their comments.

13:57 Breivik: - If it's okay, I wait a few days.

13:58 Arntzen said that a witness who will testify Monday, wants Breivik leave the hall during her testimony.

13:59 There will also be similar petitions ago, said the judge.

14:00 Lawyer Elgesem disclose witnesses who wish to remain anonymous during the negotiations.

14:00 The court is adjourned.

14:01 The negotiations continued Wednesday at 9 More victims from Utøya to explain themselves.

14:01 The court will take off 17 and 18 of May.

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