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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AntiFeminist AntiPsychiatry PussyPassified Libertarian Eivind Berge Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Police & Glorifying Killing of Policemen

AntiFeminist Anti-Psychiatry PussyPassified Libertarian Eivind Berge Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Police & Glorifying Killing of Policemen

“Men's Rights Activism is a backlash against feminism. Feminism is basically about restricting men’s access to women’s bodies by means of the police state, all while forcibly reaping the fruits of men's labor without having to put out any more than they feel like. MRA is the opposite. Succinctly put, MRActivism addresses how to get laid and what happens when you do. The former is perhaps best summed up in my “Rape is equality” post, and the latter includes criminal (and civil) sex accusations as well as anything to do with divorce, paternity fraud, child support and custody, etc.”

“I would want to be remembered as an antifeminist cop-killer, not as a buffoon. Do you comprehend what the phrase "seething with hatred" means? It does not mean you desire a merely theatrical performance nonetheless followed by serious criminal liability. It calls for real bloodshed unless one is pacified by pussy.”

Andrea Muhrrteyn | Norway v. Breivik | 10 July 2012

The Bergen blogger was arrested outside his home on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. The arresting Officers also seized cartridges and books on explosives. Berge's lawyer Henrik Birkeland said the cartridges were acquired by Berge when he was a boy, and books related to Berge's military service, hence neither have any context to the case in general. Berge was remanded the day after his arrest, and police filed for custody of 4 weeks with letters and restraining orders. This was not upheld at the detention meeting in Hordaland County Court, but Eivind Berge was remanded into custody for two weeks.

“Of course, men always compete for women, with each man preferring to keep all the pussy for himself. Alphas and betas are not natural allies, and so far, hardly any alphas have come out in support of MRA. They probably don’t feel the need to yet. Life is generally good for alphas under feminism, but all it takes to ruin your life is a woman’s word. I believe all men ought to conspire against the feminist police state out of solidarity but also for their own good, and when that happens, feminism won't stand a chance. The hard part is convincing the alphas that supporting feminism is a bad idea, as most of them seem to be incapable of realizing this until it is too late. But they should. Even when I was most sexually frustrated, feminist sex laws and rape reform in particular always remained at the forefront of my mind and I was seething with hatred and murderous rage against the cops who enforce all the freshly minted feminist sex laws against men who do easily get laid. We are in this together, alphas and betas alike, and it is high time to fight the feminist police state.”

AntiFeminist Anti-Psychiatry PussyPassified Libertarian Eivind Berge Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Police & Glorifying Killing of Policemen

Norwegian Men’s Rights / AntiFeminist (not to be confused with misogynist) Libertarian blogger Eivind Berge, was arrested on Wednesday, for alleged death threats and glorifying the killing of Police Officers. Apparently the Police requested Berge to be held in solitary confinement for four weeks on this 'very serious' matter; but the Judge compromised on two weeks.

Disclosure: In December 2011 I approached Mr. Berge as an EcoFeminist inviting him to participate in an honest problem solving discussion on the Pro-Feminist vs. Anti-Feminist issue. Mr. Berge responded with interest and a brief comment discussion ensued. I wrote my first submission to the discussion: A Proposal for defining the Feminist vs Anti-Feminist Problem, which I submitted to Mr. Berge and various Men's Rights Activism blogs [Alpha Game :: Heartiste (Not Published) :: Danger and Play :: FlyFresh and Young :: InMalaFide :: DalRock (Not Published) :: Married Man SexLife :: Paradigm Shift :: Tao of Dirt (Not Published) :: Lost Art of Self Preservation :: SpearHead :: Whisky's Place] inviting them to the discussion (some of whom published my comment and others whom censored it). I never received a response from Mr. Berge or any of the Mens Rights Activist blogs on the issue, and so the discussion ended there.

The Norwegian Media are proverbially spinning the issue for maximum 'Breivik Supporter' and 'Rape Apologist' etc. sensationalism:

Bergens Tidende: Bergen Blogger Arrested

Death threats: He has encouraged and glorified the killing of policemen. We considered this to be so severe that we decided to go to detention. The police see this as an immediate threat, said police lawyer Rudolf Christoffersen of

The police regard the threats as an invitation to others to kill police officers, but also feared that he would commit the acts themselves shortly.

- It was suspected that he could commit such acts themselves. The very specific statements pull in that direction, says Christoffersen.

Berge is charged under Penal Code section 140, which deals with incitement to criminal acts.

TV2: Extreme Blogger charged with death threats against police

Police have arrested a man who runs a blog. On the blog, he is the police's perception to some extent encouraged the killing of police officers - and sometimes glorified the killing of police officers, said police lawyer Rudolf Christoffersen of the Hordaland police

Eivind Berge... has previously expressed sympathy with the accused terrorist mass murder Anders Breivik Behring.

"I had no idea that there was a formidable activist named Anders Breivik Behring who for years had planned an attack that would show the world what the Vikings are made of."

"I thought I would likely be the first Norwegian violent activist in peacetime. Celibacy imposed by feminist regime had brought me to a point where I saw no other way."

Threatens Police with Murder: "I can hardly imagine a better method than police killings to send a signal to the society of men that we do not find ourselves in how we are treated. Police Killings blends 100% with everything I stand for and is absolutely not something I want to apologize"

After the police have gone through the contents of the blog, they chose to arrest 34-year-old. This type of statements the police can not sit and watch. He will therefore be charged with violation of Penal Code § 140, says Christoffersen.

Risking eight years in prison: The Penal Code § 140 states that "the public opfordrer or incite the implementation of a crime or glorify one such or offer to perform or assist in carrying out such a punishable by fines or imprisonment of up to eight years."

Berge also writes about how he was planning to attack a policeman with a knife on a Saturday evening: "Then I used the trial to come forward as a good example for men, and I considered it to be worth 21 years in prison for premeditated murder."

Context of Berge's Four Alleged Death Threats

[1] Police Murder Ethically and Tactically Correct

This was made as a comment in discussion on the blog post: Thoughts on the Breivik Trial, including how and why he does not agree with Breivik on multiculturalism and Islamicization and would be happy to convert to Islam if it guaranteed him pussy:

“Breivik's obsession with Islamization is (I hope) but a tiny footnote to the history of the coming civil war between MRAs and manginas over feminist sex law. The lack of attention to men's rights issues in the trial so far is somewhat disappointing. Breivik at his worst has even embraced and amplified pieces of feminist dogma, most notably when he claims Muslim men have raped 90,000 Norwegian women since 1960. .

[..]. Unlike Breivik, I don't mind living in a multicultural society. Freedom of religion and migration are self-evident rights to a libertarian like me, and racism is anathema. But I do not want to live in a society with sex laws based on misandry.

[..] No matter how far the feminist state escalates, the majority of men will support it. Politics is simply a competition of who can be the biggest mangina and hurt men the most to the advantage of women, and the cops will enforce any law you tell them to no matter how unreasonable and hateful. History has shown that if you (or even an invading army) tell Norwegian cops to round up all the Jews and ship them off to death camps after confiscating all their property, for example, they will happily oblige.

If the feminist state tomorrow declared, say, that sex with women with brown eyes is always rape, I have no doubt manginas would support this law and the entire justice system would unflinchingly enforce it, because many laws already on the books are every bit as absurd. As we keep seeing time and again, the cops are unabashed scum of the earth who blatantly single out the most misandristic laws for the highest priority of enforcement. I have followed feminist escalation long enough to be disillusioned of any limits to misandry, because clearly none exist.

However, as the feminist police state escalates, even as most men support it or are complacent, the few MRAs who do oppose it will get more militant. The current political milieu is tremendously radicalizing for those of us who pay attention. Opposition must rise from the grassroots in order to perturb such a regime. With asymmetric warfare, we can inflict significant damage and perhaps influence policies and laws. There is precedent for activism at the group level influencing authorities. .[..]. My dream is for the Men's Rights Movement to grow strong enough to at least hurt the state at a comparable level to what American blacks can, eventually making the authorities too scared to fight their war on male sexuality. If we trudge on, we can achieve this. Let us set aside racial and religious differences and each of us from the humblest blogger to the deadliest activist do what we can to fight feminism. Let us all get along and direct all our animosity squarely at the feminist state and its enforcers.”

«Jeg holder fast ved at politidrap er både etisk og taktisk riktig.» | "I maintain that police murder is both ethically and tactically correct.":

I hold on to a murder that police are both ethically and tactically correct. First, do the police actually ethical considerations. They choose how they will prioritize their resources. Why do the police always make them look horrible "severe" in all cases where sex is involved, even in cases that are remarkable because they are so trivial? While they never look seriously at it if, for example, someone breaks into your house? How can the police come up with proposals that interprets the law of rape in the most extreme way imaginable, such as the threat from the Oslo Police against men if we really dare to have sex with women who have drunk alcohol at all? Is not this a sign that the police just an overzealous feminist advocate? The police is also across the law when they can get away with it. For example, I read in a drug report published by the police even when they come across live San Pedo and the Peyote cactus, so seize the it - not because it is illegal (last I checked, these were not on drug list) - but because they are worthy of punishment, according to police. A police use violence based on what they feel is "worthy of punishment" even though it is not a crime - and admits that this is how they work - is probably not a police force that can claim only to enforce the laws they are set to ? They can not have their cake and eat it and plead innocence then?

[2-4] Verbatim Comments Not Found on Blog; but Berge's Girlfriend Confirms Them

Berge's Russian Norwegian Girlfriend - Nataliya Kochergova - who comments as Emma confirmed, with commentary the four alleged threats as stated by Eivind Berge:

"Do malice that even a Norwegian cop hell is killed. How should it be done when the cops come to your door" || «Føler skadefryd over at enda en norsk purkefaen er tatt av dage. Slik skal det gjøres når purken kommer på døren»

"I wish men as a group the police inflicted such losses that the community was forced to calculate that the most hateful feminist laws are worth enforcing" || «Jeg skulle ønske menn som gruppe påførte politiet slike tap at samfunnet ble tvunget til å kalkulere med at de mest hatefulle feministlovene ikke er verd å håndheve»

"... attack on the police is something 100% in harmony with everything I stand for. Other supports murder I did not." || «... angrep på politiet er noe harmonerer 100 % med alt jeg står for. Andre drap støtter jeg ikke.»

Plausible Context: Killing of Psychiatric Treatment Enforcer Policeman Olav Kildal

In a blog post: Small Victory Berge expresses his subjective Anti-Feminist and Anti-Psychiatry appreciation for an unnamed 62 year old Norwegian People's Hero who stabbed an alleged 'feminist enforcer pig' of 'forcible psychiatric treatment' who broke into the Hero's home without a valid arrest warrant, to death in self defence:

On Wednesday evening policeman Olav Kildal thought he was going on a routine mission in Mo i Rana, Norway, to kidnap another victim of psychiatry for forcible "treatment." But this time, the victim was prepared to fight back. After 34 years on the beat as a fascist pig, Olav Kildal finally had his comeuppance. Kildal was stabbed to death as he tried to enter the victim's house. His female porcine partner meanwhile got scared and ran away, leaving Kildal to bleed to death by the time the thugs returned with plenty of reinforcements, riot gear, automatic weapons, and tear gas but nonetheless took all night, until 6 in the morning to capture this hero of the people (whose name the newspapers won't mention, so all we know is he is 62 years old).

Good news for men is rare in this hateful feminist utopia that is Norway, but today is a joyous day! Today I feel schadenfreude in my heart along with all the hate that feminism and resultant mate deprivation have instilled in me. One blue thug less on the streets. One less feminist enforcer. And as this story so beautifully illustrates, the pigs enforce psychiatry as well. This hero's knife attack on Kildal can only be characterized as self-defense. Forcible psychiatric "treatment" is fundamentally wrong and of course anyone subjected to it has the moral right to defend himself with deadly force.

Update: It has come to light that Kildal apparently broke into the victim's home without the requisite warrants. So it wasn't just morally wrong and based on laws I disagree with; it was probably illegal, too, and defending oneself from such abuses of power is justified in every way. Killdal wasn't just doing his job. He was a criminal thug who got his just deserts.

In a subsequent comment he details that he was contacted by a Policeman on Facebook demanding that Berge delete the aforementioned blog post, which Berge refused to do.

Tage Gaupseth 3. mai 2010 kl. 09:43
Subject: Hei du
Jeg har lest bloggen din og hva du skriver om en drept kollega av meg.

Anmoder deg om å fjerne det. Vanligvis greier ikke slike stygge misfoster som deg å provosere meg, men akkurat deg kjente jeg at jeg fikk lyst å smelle inn trynet på.

Forøvrig håper jeg du blir offer for en av de du kaller for helter.



The pig Tage Gaupseth says: "I have read your blog and what you write about a killed colleague of mine. I request that you remove it. Usually such ugly freaks as you don't manage to provoke me, but just you I felt I wanted to smash in the face of. Bastard."

The hatred is mutual, to say the least, and we'll see about whose face gets crushed. The swine has correctly identified me as far more malicious and dangerous than the criminals they deal with on a regular basis.

Berge subsequently returns to the theme of his views on the death of Olav Kildal as a feminist enforcer of psychiatric treatment in Cognitive Liberty, detailing his Anti-Psychiatry Fraud fury at the docility of the Norwegian Police enforcing coercive violations of Cognitive Liberty.

I have previously expressed my heartfelt appreciation for the killing of policeman Olav Kildal. This was truly a breath of fresh air in an escalating police state. Now the trial has taken place and our hero has been sentenced to more psychiatric "treatment."

[..] Far more crucial, however, is the freedom from being forced into a different state of consciousness against your will. Psychiatry's right to police your consciousness and indeed your entire personality is a major social problem. The swine Olav Kildal died while trying to enforce our lack of cognitive liberty. This was a defensive, much deserved killing that cheered me up. Now the court has ruled that we are not allowed to defend ourselves against psychiatry by killing cops, which means judges are just as guilty as cops in violating our cognitive liberty and deserving of the same public contempt and violence.

[..] Like Thomas Szasz I reject the concept of mental illness, but even if you believe in it, forcible treatment is wrong. It is such a serious violation of your integrity that lethal self-defense is always justified. If ever a victim of psychiatry, here is what I would do. I would first attempt to kill the cops or whoever tried to apprehend me. Failing that, I would feign docility in order to get out as soon as possible and then kill a representative of the industry as revenge. Your life is over anyway when you are trapped in that system and the state is lording it over your innermost feelings. If only people working in the vast infrastructure responsible for this oppression risked more frequent violence and malicious revenge wherever they go, maybe they would reconsider if it is really worth it.

[..] Finally, here is how anti-psychiatry ties in with men's rights. While resisting psychiatry is a human rights issue, killing cops is also very much a men's issue. Every pig killed is also a blow against feminism, so men should be doubly elated whenever an officer goes down in the line of encroaching on our cognitive liberty.

(Psychiatrists? Psychiatry? Anyone in the industry is who I want to hurt until they respect cognitive liberty.)

Earning Police Friends: 22 July 2009: Killing Cops is on my Bucket List

The police force in Norway and other Occidental countries is basically a special interest group for the feminists. They enforce the feminist definition of rape, age of consent and all the other misandrist feminist laws that make my blood boil with hatred. Now Norwegian cops are even empowered by the feminists to arrest me for being a john (while the whores of course are innocent) and this applies anywhere in the world. For this reason, I viscerally despise cops and wish them the worst. Killing at least one cop is on my bucket list.

Critics who Would Like Berge Forcefully Institutionalized:

On 03 August 2011, an anonymous critic shared selective Berge quotes arguing these 'snippets from a disturbed mind' required coercive institutionalization:

"Any "legitimate" activism for men is a lost cause."

"the world has changed so much lately that the old objections to rape and cop-killing are obsolete. And with raised awareness by MRAs of the new feminist sexual politics comes more aggression also. Women are in for a rude awakening."

"Giving women the vote was the original error that led to this sorry state of affairs."

"I need sex now and am prepared to die trying."

"I always do my best to impregnate women."

"I don't want tomen to use any kind of contraception at all."

"even unwanted pregnancy is probably a net positive, at least if you, like me, are against abortion."

"Remember George Sodini? Approval was only thinly veiled throughout the manosphere at the time of his violent death and now he is established as a sort of patron saint of MRAs or at least incels. His manifesto evinces much the same feelings as mine, though he is less politically aware. He was much further gone than I, celibate for nearly twenty years until he finally lashed out and shot up a gym full of women. Actually, to me, the most striking aspect of Sodini's life is his stoicism. There is no way I can or will go on for anywhere near that long without sex."

"This is war."

"I would want to be remembered as an antifeminist cop-killer, not as a buffoon. Do you comprehend what the phrase "seething with hatred" means? It does not mean you desire a merely theatrical performance nonetheless followed by serious criminal liability. It calls for real bloodshed unless one is pacified by pussy."

"they [these emotions: hatred and rage] do potentially have value for someone else. They can have tremendous negative value for someone else. Imagine being so sexually irrelevant that the only thing you can realistically get out of life is revenge. That's the reality I am facing. Sodini's hatred certainly ended up having negative value for someone else."

"I have nothing to lose and nothing to fear. (...) I am positively itching for a lethal confrontation anyway, seething with rage and profound hatred against pigs [police officers] as my life is destroyed by feminism."

"I am in no way ashamed of my opinion."

"I am the normal one and society is infested with a sickening, neo-puritanical chastity-ideal heartlessly stifling intimacy."

Berge confirmed the quotes as accurate, but taken out of context: “Yes, the quotes are mine from my more frustrated days, and some of them do indeed reflect the depth of hatred I felt at the time... ” and furthermore “And no, I don't need help, and neither does society need to be protected against me, since I already got sex peacefully.”

Berge explains he no longer feels so passionate about the issue, since he has been passified by pussy:

I only said that I had such plans until I got my girlfriend several months ago. It is not relevant now. I have no plans to become violent unless I'm being directly attacked, and will believe it is some sexually frustrated men around who pose a far greater danger than I am. Political awareness combined with involuntary celibacy is a deadly combination as this society has become.

Furthermore, he details his intentions if he lost his current girlfriend Emma:

I would first try to find a new lady. It's not that you become violent overnight by a lack of sex. Last time it took two years of complete seclusion. I do not think I'm anything special more dangerous than many other men had been in the same situation. Moreover, it is allowed to change the perception of things. I find myself not being glued to a worst-sense interpretation of everything I have written. I am becoming more emotionally normal again now that I'm not cut off from all the vicinity. Expressing happiness over the attack on the feminist state is a reflex reaction that linger from all the hatred that built up until I met Emma, ​​especially when it comes to the police. However, it decreases.

At least two other feminists vehemently objected to Berge's posts: Yvette Lasard engaged him in a debate and started a Help Stop Rape petition against him; and another Lady Raine reported his blog to his University.

Shortly after the 22 July Attacks, Bergens Tidende reported that a Bergens Blogger would even kill detailing Berge's views about Breiviks being a formidable activist who showed the world what Vikings are made of whose attacks were “a great way to strike at the core of the Norwegian political elite. This is the next generation of political leaders, and what better way than to terrorize the parents - the current top holders of political office - but to go after their children?” Subsequent thereto the University of Bergen Gender Department invited Berge to participate in a panel discussion on Gender and Terrorism, guarded by the police.

Alternative Options: Convert to Islam to Get Laid

As detailed in Berge's post: Anders Breivik: Paleoconservative Activism Or Beta Rampage? Berge believes that all men's actions, including Breiviks terrorism, is motivated, directly or indirectly, by their desire to get laid. Berge confirms that he'd be willing to convert to Islam if that could improve his chances of getting laid. (Note: Mandela and the ANC astutely used this ‘Operation Production’ tactic to encourage men to join the ANC: ANC cadres were promised free sex with ANC females, who were not allowed to resist sexual advances from any ANC cadre or use contraception. If they were found to be using contraceptives, they were accused of being Apartheid spies, given a People's Court Show Trial and publicly executed by Necklacing, including broken bottles shoved up their vagina.).

Nonetheless, Breivik was sufficiently angered by the Norwegian feminist/Marxist regime to attack it with the utmost vengeance. As was I before I got a girlfriend; the difference being my relative lack of conscientiousness and restraint in expressing my views. As a very public MRA already on the radar for intending violence, there would be no way I could purchase the ingredients to make a bomb without arousing suspicion; and even if I could, I would be unlikely to have the patience and diligence to complete a clandestine project on such a scale. But I would still be able to make a bloody nuisance of myself.


I am not sure Breivik is properly considered just another beta going on a rampage out of sexual frustration (Breivik seems to me so idealistic his actions transcend sexuality, but then again it is usually a mistake to think men do anything at all for any reason other than to get laid), as fellow Roissysphere blogger Whiskey contends, but I know how close I was to such a rampage myself, and undoubtedly we will see increasing violence if feminist sexual politics is allowed to continue. I don’t particularly have a dog in the Christian vs. Islam fight (maybe this shows bad character, but I would not be averse to convert to Islam if that was the way to get laid), and now that I have a girlfriend I am not out in the front lines attacking feminists, either, but I remain politically aware, and recent events have been a step in the right direction insofar as they demonstrate a willingness among conservative men to revolt against the heretofore completely dominant left.

Mens Rights and Nationalists Responses to Berge's Arrest

AntiFeminist: The Arrest of Eivind Berge

Although I do not wish to sound disloyal to Eivind, and although I’m pretty sure that his threats were hyperbole and the ventilation of anger, having read them last night, it was hardly a surprise that they were taken seriously by the Norwegian police.

Eivind Berge is one of the few men’s rights supporters who is adamantly pro-male sexuality, and recognises that his duty as an MRA is to question feminist sex laws that criminalize and jail men – even those feminist laws that happen to co-incide with the selfish interests of father’s rights supporters or American puritans.

The position of this blog is and always has been that even one act of violence could do irrepairable damage to the men’s rights movement at this stage (the actions of George Sodini and Anders Breivik had absolutely nothing to do with the MRM – despite what the former statutory rape apologist David Futrelle pretends).

Spearhead: Eivind Berge Arrested for Provocative Rhetoric

Eivind Berge has been posting some pretty provocative stuff for quite a while now, including his desire to kill police for enforcing misandric laws. I agree with his girlfriend that it was a bunch of hot air, but he got arrested for it anyway. Despite his support for Anders Breivik, who decimated the youth wing of the Marxist/Islamist Norwegian left in a solo Knights Templar crusade last year, I seriously doubt Eivind would have carried out any violent acts. Breivik, who really meant business, kept his plans to himself.

[..] Although feminists will be very eager to seize the “high ground” here, I’d like to remind people of the kind of stuff leftists were saying and doing in the 1960s and 70s.

Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers’ wife, famously said that she would not condemn violence, and then went on a bombing campaign. She and her husband are now friends of our president.

[..] In the end, it’s all just hot air. Hopefully, the Norwegian courts will give Berge the same consideration our courts gave Ms. Dohrn, and keep it all in perspective. Whatever he may have written, Berge hasn’t harmed anyone, nor has he gone so far as to promise to kill anyone in particular, so he should be released.

Berge’s rhetoric was ill-considered and pointless, and he was skating on thin ice, but his speech was probably lawful by American standards. I suppose we’ll see what the standards are in Norway, but I wish those who blabber about “action” would leave the rest of us out of it. Neither I nor other men have time to indulge fantasies and posing, and these show trials and political arrests don’t do us a bit of good. In fact, all they do is give the state the opportunity to scare people into silence, and that’s exactly what our enemies want.

Manboobz: NO Men's Rights Activist Blogger Arrested

Norwegian Men’s Rights Activist blogger Eivind Berge, known for his violent rhetoric and rape apologia, has been arrested for death threats against police.

Not too surprising, given that he once announced on his blog that “[k]illing at least one cop is on my bucket list.”

[..] This is why I take violent rhetoric from MRAs very seriously.

Meanwhile, on this side of the Atlantic, MRAs glorify MRA “martyr” Thomas Ball, who killed himself on the steps of a New Hampshire courthouse last year in hopes that his death would inspire MRAs to literally burn down courthouses and police stations.

Ball’s manifesto is still up on A Voice for Men in its “activism” section, including these passages:
So boys, we need to start burning down police stations and courthouses. … This is too important to be using that touchy- feeling coaching that is so popular with business these days. You need to flatten them, like Wile E. Coyote. They need to be taught never to replace the rule of law. BURN-THEM-OUT!

Most of the police stations built in New England over the last 20 years are stone or brick. Fortunately, the roofs are still wood. The advantage of fire on the roof is that it is above the sprinklers

Manboobz: Spinning the Eivind Berge Arrest: Reddit vs. the Spearhead

The spinning of Norwegian Men’s Rights blogger Eivind Berge’s arrest for threatening police officers has begun.

Over on Reddit, the leading hangout for the Men’s Rights movement’s “moderates,” most MRAs seem to want to have nothing to do with Berge’s extremism (which is good), to the extent that many of them are declaring him not an MRA at all (which is ridiculous).

Breivik Report: The Far Right on Breivik: Eivind Berge

While the KT is intended as a banner for various Nationalist ideologies to unite under, there is an argument to be made that there is room for anti-feminists. I expect this to remain a small group, and that most will become more outspokenly nationalistic once the tide turns.

It should go without saying that Berge (he's a Norwegian) will happily agree to a 98% Norwegian Norway if it meant the end of feminism, or in his own words, if it gets him laid. His grievances are a bit elusive, he points out that killing a woman while operating a car under the influence can get you a six years sentence, while having sex with a woman who is drunk can get you eight years if she has regrets doing so the next morning. Julian Assange is a great example of these bizarre Scandinavian laws, being charged for rape after two women regretted having voluntary sex with him. In addition it's legal for women to prostitute themselves, but illegal for men to have sex with a prostitute.

Due to these grave injustices Berge views the killing of cops as desirable because they enforce the anti-male laws which have been laid down by the totalitarian Cultural Marxist state. It seems somewhat excessive to argue in favor of killing cops because you can't buy sex legally. As Berge is obviously an intelligent guy it's my best guess that his aim was to attract an anti-feminist woman with his bold and daring militant statements, and if that's the case it worked as Berge confesses that he was on the verge of becoming a martyr for the MRM (Male Rights Movement) when a young Norwegian woman read his blog and developed a romantic interest.

While I don't disagree that the lower female sex drive gives women an obvious advantage, most men have allowed themselves to be turned into mindless wankers, chronic masturbators with a porn addiction and faint hopes of a random slut giving them a pity fuck. Like most junkies they're too concerned about their next fix to be overly concerned about the direction society is taking. Conservative Christians will point at their bibles and exclaim that God does not approve, but who cares? Hereditarians like me will point out that evolution does not approve of a generation of self absorbed wankers, and that there's but one God, and his name is Death. Nietzsche almost got that one right. And yes, it's safe to ignore the Cultural Marxist approved health warning that not masturbating is bad for your health.

Eivind Berge seems to have drawn the conclusion that it's all about the gratification of sexual needs, while the hereditarian faction holds the survival of the group as the highest priority. Based on his consumption driven views Berge appears to be an individualist and can be classified as an anti-Collectivist. On the other hand he has a strong group identity, that group being the male gender, and he admits he has brotherly views towards Muslims because of their anti-feminist attitudes. In this regard he's no different from anti-Semites with bleeding hearts for the Palestinian cause and a fondness for Muslims who share their dislike for the Eternal Jew. This seems a common theme among those who embrace a victim mentality.

I must applaud Berge's open hostility and militant attitude. Focusing solely on your desire for sex while your ethnic group is in the process of committing collective suicide is inexcusable however, besides, who needs sex when you're getting fucked by the system on a daily basis.

Berge briefly considers if Breivik is a raging beta-male. This because 90% of the men want sex with the top 90% of the fertile female population, and 90% of the women want sex with the top 10% of the male population, which leaves the majority of men sexually frustrated as females want quality rather than quantity. Cultural Marxists don't have a solution for this side effect of their feminist policies, so rather than giving themselves a headache trying to figure out a solution they instead make fun of sexually frustrated males. It's almost as much fun as making jokes about executed traitors. Under Nationalist rule natural law can be restored, creating a balance between the genders that will be more agreeable to the male sex drive.

While Eivind Berge is not an ideological brother of Breivik he admires the sheer brilliance of the operation, and has no tears for the executed teenagers, who like Breivik he views as his oppressors. Berge views the Knights Templar as somewhat grandiose and possibly fictitious, he is open to the possibility of civil war but not overly concerned with the subject.

I was initially going to ignore Berge as he's not a nationalist, but last Wednesday, July 4th 2012, Berge was arrested by the Norwegian authorities for inciting violence against the police. To some degree we owe Berge our support because he hadn't blogged for six months when Breivik awoke him from his slumber. If it hadn't been for 7/22 it's unlikely that Berge would have gotten in trouble for his outspoken opposition to Norway's Cultural Marxist rule.

Obviously the system won't be satisfied with Breivik's life sentence, it sustained too much damage to be satisfied with anything less than collective punishment, so it's highly likely Berge will be made into an example. If Eivind Berge refuses to bow down to the system during his trial he's looking at a prison sentence of eight years.

Republikken Norge: Eivind Berge: Political Prisoner

Yesterday the prominent political commentator Eivind Berge was arrested. A lower level court in Bergen municipality agreed to detain Mr. Berge for what is obviously made-up charges – the state prosecutor claims he was planning to assassinate police officers. Mr. Berge holds two Master’s degrees, one in Latin philology; he has been a vocal critic of the regime for some time.

» » » » [Other News articles: TheLocal: Pro-Breivik blogger held over cop killer threats; Document.NO: Extremist blogger arrested for death threats against police; BA: Would not have happened prior to 22 July: Eivind Berge Bergen Blogger jailed; BA: Girlfriend: - This is meaningless. So says Nataliya Kochergova to; Dagbladet: Blogger Imprisoned for death threats: Police in Bergen have arrested blogger Eivind Berge after he allegedly called for the killing of policemen; Dagbladet: Eivind Berge Tweets; Dagsavisen: Extremist blogger considering an appeal: The blogger accused Eivind Berge (34) has still not decided whether to appeal against being held in custody; NRK: Not difficult to understand the arrest of Berge :: Forum: Is Eivind Berge a Hero?]


Eivind Berge said...

Good summary of my case. Andrea, I am sorry about not following up on our discussion yet. I have been busy and now I also have to defend myself against these criminal charges, but I still intend to respond to your arguments about feminism and antifeminism.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hi Eivind!

Very happy to hear that you are out of prison, on such a ridiculous charge.

No problem about the discussion. It can be continued whenever there is time for it.

Hope you have not been intimidated into silence. While I don't agree with all your perspectives; I prefer to convert someone with reason, discussion, facts and logic, not threats and intimidation. False conversions by means of threats and intimidation, only create false converts who turn out to be a poison to the original culture or body's politic and social relations. Its very bad blowback policy.

I would be happy to provide you with an affidavit from a feminist, for your case.

If you sincerely believe that your statements were or could be interpreted as a violation of the law; if I were you I would argue your case based upon the defence of necessity: See:

In Norwegian Lawegian, the defence of Necessity is found in Section 47 of the Penal Code. It is -- I think -- one of the best Civil Disobedience Free Speech Defences, and you can incorporate Jury Nullification into the actual defence. See: Civil Disobedience and the Necessity Defence (PDF) and THE NECESSITY DEFENSE IN CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE CASES: BRING IN THE JURY (PDF).

Regards to Emma.

Eivind Berge said...

Norway's Supreme Court will decide now very soon whether my blog is potentially against the law. If they say no, the case should end here. If they rule that blogs are "public" statements and hence covered by the law I am accused of violating, your affidavit would be much appreciated and I will look into the necessity defence as well as going for jury nullification.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

If Norway's supreme court decides that your statements on your blog, taken in the context wherein they were stated; or your blog is against the law....; that shall prove their censorship addiction and petrified fear to problems solve in public.

In my view, confirm their parasite leeching status

Either way, let me know the results.. in case I miss them, for some reason.

Hope it works out for you... although the problem may also be an opportunity to address the root causes of the problem, which no parasite leechers wish to do, since they leech upon such problems for htier socio-political or financial status.

Eivind Berge said...

The Supreme Court has decided and it was a complete victory for me. They ruled that I cannot be punished because the incitement law I was accused of violating does not apply to the Internet. The reasoning behind this is that the crime of incitement must be public but the Internet is not technically defined as public under current law.

However, politicians now promise to change the law urgently to make the Internet "public" and the cops say they will charge me again when the new law is in effect unless I have deleted the offending statements from my blog by then. I haven't yet decided if I am going to delete anything, and perhaps I won't because I find it really unfair that old archived text can suddenly be criminalized. It is also really hard to tell exactly which statements will be illegal.

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