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Sunday, September 9, 2012

AU Press Council Complaint of Inaccuracy by Sky News AU: Breivik Case Has Not Formally Ended

AU Press Council Complaint of Inaccuracy by Sky News AU: Breivik Case Has Not Formally Ended

Request Correction of Inaccuracy in: Sky News - Australia: No Breivik appeal as case ends. The case has not ‘ended’.

Andrea Muhrrteyn | EcoFeminist vs. Breivik |08 September 2012

Complaint (PDF) submitted to Australian Press Council: Re: Inaccuracy in Sky News.AU Online Article: No Breivik appeal as case ends.

Request Correction of Inaccuracy in: Sky News - Australia: No Breivik appeal as case ends

The case has not ‘ended’:

[1] 27 August Application to Supreme Court for Review of Breivik Judgement.

On 27 August 2012 an application was filed with the Norwegian Supreme Court for Review of the Oslo District Court: Breivik Judgement, to set aside (A) the Necessity ruling, and (B) the conviction and Remit to Oslo District Court for hearing of further evidence to conclude Objective and Subjective Necessity Test Evidentiary Enquiry. The finding of guilt, in the absence of full Objective and Subjective Necessity Test Conclusions renders the Guilt Finding Inadequate.

Additionally the application for review also requested an Order to Set Aside the Oslo District Court: Breivik Judgement’s failure to disclose the pending Judicial Ethics violation complaint (PDF) against Judge Wenche Arntzen, filed on 06 June 2012 to the Secretariat for the Supervisory Committee for Judges (Case 2012-072 ), as a violation of Aarhus Convention Article 3.(3)(4)(5) principles and general ECHR public accountability transparency (Lithgow & Others v. United Kingdom) principles.

The Norwegian Supreme Court Registrar has so far refused to issue a Case Number for the Application for Review of the Breivik Judgement, or to provide reasons for their refusal. A complaint of Slow Case Processing against the Supreme Court Registrar was submitted to the Parliamentary Ombudsman on 02 September 2012.

[2] Notifications to Norwegian Foreign Press Association (FPA)
The Norwegian Foreign Press Association as well as all their members, which include journalists from Reuters, Agence France Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), Al Arabija, Al Jazeera, BBC, Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, Xinhua, Die Welt, Irish Times, Himalayan Times, Itar-Tass, etc., were notified by 13:00 hrs (GM+2) on 07 September 2012 of aforementioned information, that:

(A) Application for Review of Breivik Judgement filed with Norway Supreme Court;

(B) Complaint filed with Parliamentary Ombudsman against Supreme Court, for slow case processing;

(C) Pending Judicial Ethics violation complaint against Judge Wenche Arntzen.

Direct Association: Yes. I filed the application to the Supreme Court, as well as prior applications to the Oslo District Court, on behalf of Mr. Breivik's sanity.

Contact with Publication: I tried to, but could not find a contact email address for the editor.

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