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Friday, May 25, 2012

2012-05-24 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 24: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

2012-05-24 (TV2): Breivik Trial Transcript: Day 24: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

Utoya Survivors: Mathias Eckhoff (21) | Mohamad Hadi Hamed (21) | Einar Bardal (17) | Cecilie Herlovsen (17) | Ingela Heie (18)

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 24 May 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

Mathias Eckhoff (21): was at the Great Hall information meeting, when heard shots; he ran to hide at the Pump House, where he was shot in the thigh. He went down to the water and managed to be picked up by a boat.

Mohamad Hadi Hamed (21): is originally from Iraq and came to court in a wheelchair. He was at the Great Hall information meeting, and then ran to the pump house, where he pretended to be dead, but was shot three times, once in the arm, once in the side, and was finally rescued by a boat. His leg and arm had to be amputated.

Einar Bardal (17): was in the dining room when people arrived screaming, they jumped out the window and ran to the western part of the island, where he was shot in the face while hiding. He had 150 metal fragments in his face, and many in his knee.

Cecilie Herlovsen (17): was in the Great Hall when she heard the bangs, she ran to the Pump House; where she was shot in the knee and wrist and shoulder. Her arm had to be amputated at the elbow.

Ingela Heie (18): was at the information meeting, when the panic erupted; she ran with others to the Pump House, where she decided to try and swim, but then went to the S.Tip, where she was shot in the arm and head.

8:53 In Courtroom 250 is the players about to take their places before day 24 of the trial after the terrorist attacks on 22 July.

8:55 According to the schedule shall also today questioned five witnesses. In addition, it set up reading from a statement issued earlier.

8:59 The defendant Behring Anders Breivik is led into the courtroom.

9:01 The judges enter the court and the court is sitting.
9:02 First out of the witnesses today is Mathias Eckhoff (21).

9:04 He is from Dalan AUF in Egersund. He had been a member since 2009.

9:07 Eckhoff: - We were in the Great Hall and was informed of the bomb Eskil Pedersen of Oslo. Afterwards, I stood outside the cafe building, while I called home to my family. I'm actually from Oslo.

9:08 Eckhoff: - While I was on the phone, we heard some sounds, and I was asked to go into the building. We let ourselves down on the floor, that we might be harder to detect. I realized that there was shooting, because I've been doing it earlier.

9:09 Eckhoff: - Then we heard shots outside. I ran out the back of the house and down a slope.

9:10 Eckhoff: - I ran down to the pump house, where there were many people.

9:12 Eckhoff: - More tried to call the police. Someone I knew got hold of the police, and said that it was shot on the island. 10 to 15 min later, another hands on them, and when they said they were on their way.

9:14 Eckhoff: - I would guess that there were between 15 and 30 people there then. I crouched behind the pump house.

9:15 Eckhoff: - Then came Breivik eventually. He said he was a policeman and that they had not taken the perpetrator yet. He said he had a boat and would take us to safety.

9:16 Eckhoff: - I and many others shouted "prove it". We had not heard that there was a policeman who shot before that.

9:16 Eckhoff: - Less than a minute later started shooting.

9:18 Eckhoff: - I felt a thump in the thigh. I looked down and saw a hole in his thigh. I thought that I had to move, and ran into the water and swam away from the island.

9:21 Eckhoff: - I met a boy and we swam forward together. I tried the way to use your legs. It was not easy, so I just had to swim with your arms.

9:23 Eckhoff: - We were unsure how far we had to swim so that he could meet us.

9:25 Eckhoff: - There was a boat, but it was full. The ones I swam with the shouting that one of us was shot. When I try to get into the boat. I got a foot on one step, and so they left me in the boat.

9:28 Eckhoff: - We drove to the beach at the campsite. I was raised on a stretcher and they said I was stable.

9:29 Eckhoff: - A girl who was there as more corrupt, and I asked them to take her away before me. Afterwards I was taken to hospital Ringerike.

9:30 He had eleven operations in nine days.

9:31 He says that it has gone surprisingly well in the time afterwards.

9:34 He describes Breivik's voice - he was quiet and restrained. His voice was dark.

9:36 There were no further questions to the witness, and he finished in court.
9:37 Next witness is Mohamad Hadi Hamed (21), from Brumunddal.

9:37 He is driven to court in a wheelchair.

9:38 Aid lawyer asks the defendant to leave the hall during Hamed explanation. He follows the explanation of the video transmission from an adjacent room.

9:41 The Court has taken a little break while trying to locate an interpreter who shall be present during Hamed explanation.

9:44 Court takes break to 09.55.

9:58 Judge Arntzen apologize for the delay.

10:01 Hamed was a member of AUF around 2010, the Ski AUF. But he moved to Brumunddal and is a member of Hamar AUF now. It was his first time in Utøya.

10:01 Hamed: - There was a meeting in the Great Hall after the bomb in Oslo.

10:01 Hamed: - After the meeting, people were frightened and some cried.

10:02 Hamed - I was at Cafe building. I stood with a friend from Hamar AUF.

10:02 Hamed: - We began to hear the sound of shooting. From the window I saw people running.

10:03 Hamed: - The race to the tent. We heard constant shooting.

10:03 Hamed: - I saw a person running towards Cafe building. He was hit by shots and he fell to the ground.

10:04 Hamed: - I saw a person dressed in black. He was calm.

10:04 Hamed: - There was shooting from the windows.

10:04 Hamed: - When I heard that the shots were approaching, I ran toward the kitchen.

10:05 Hamed: - There were many people in the audience. Many cried and cried and you did not know what to do.

10:06 Hamed: - It was like a wave of people moving. There was congestion and pushing and I was pulled out of the cafe building.

10:06 Hamed: - I saw kids running and I thought that I had to run with them. It had rained and was a lot of mud. I fell.

10:06 Hamed: - I got up. I had gotten hurt, but did not think about it.

10:07 Hamed: - I saw some who were close to a small house called the pump housing.

10:08 Hamed: - I called the police, five, six, seven times.

10:08 Hamed: - When I got the answer it was difficult to talk to them. I was stressed and it was difficult to speak Norwegian. I gave the phone to one who stood beside me and cried. He was Norwegian.

10:09 Hamed: - He talked to the police from my phone.

10:10 Hamed: - I do not know how long we stood there. In a way it felt like it was a long time, in a different way short.

10:10 Hamed: - Because it was a bomb in Oslo, I thought that there must be a group of extremists who had come to the island.

10:11 Hamed: - We spoke softly so as not to expose us.

10:11 Hamed: - Then I heard a quiet man voice. The man was dressed in police uniform.

10:12 Hamed: - He said he was a policeman and would help us.

10:12 Hamed: - He told us to just relax and said that there would be boats.

10:13 Hamed - I realized that I had seen a black-clad person who shot at the cafe building, and I thought that it could be the same person.

10:14 Hamed: - I said in a loud voice that someone had to check his ID card. Some were on their way over to him and he shot at them. I tried to hide.

10:15 Hamed - I could not hide in the water and to the right there were some large stones.

10:16 Hamed: - I saw that he shot people in the head and I thought that I had to find a way to shield me. I put my head on the ground and held his arm around the head.

10:16 Hamed show the court how he was lying to protect his head.

10:17 Hamed: - Suddenly, he felt that he was closer to me. I thought "Now I'm shot, now I'm shot." At first I was hit in the left arm. So he shoots against my left leg.

10:18 Hamed - I realized that there were sharp shot.

10:18 Hamed: - I was beeping in my ears. I could hear a little, but know a very hot, so cold and numbness in the arms and legs.

10:20 Hamed - I had difficulty breathing and I was breathing loudly. I did not see him, but he realized I was alive. I heard the sound of footsteps came closer to me.

10:20 Hamed - I was struck by a third shot where I was. It hit me on the side.

10:21 Hamed: - I did not know if it was a handgun or a larger weapon.

10:22 Hamed - I inhaled very deeply in order to hold your breath, so he'd think I was dead. Then he went away from the area.

10:23 Hamed - I heard the sound of people died around me. The sound I have still in my head.

10:24 Hamed: - I started talking to myself, "I will die, but not today in this place."

10:26 Hamed: - I saw one that had destroyed face. It smelled of burnt flesh and which was burned. I knew the smell of gunpowder.

10:26 Hamed: - I saw a boat in the distance.

10:27 Hamed: - It looked like an explosion around me and that I was the only survivor. I was hoping that someone was alive and able to help me.

10:28 Hamed: - I saw that the boat was approaching, and I shouted for help. First, I called in Arabic, because I thought I was in Iraq. Then I realized that I was in Norway and that I had to shout for help in Norwegian.

10:29 Hamed: - I thought at first that it was Iraq, because it was unthinkable that something like that could happen in Norway.

10:30 Hamed: - There was one I knew who was from Kurdistan. He sat down next to me.

10:31 Hamed: - I explained to him that I needed air, it was difficult to breathe.

10:31 Hamed: - He tried to help me. He took a cloth and tied it around the wound on my leg.

10:32 Hamed: - He said I should not be afraid, but that I had to hide, in case he came back.

10:32 Hamed: - He said he would help me. The boat came towards us.

10:33 Hamed: - I saw that the boatman was afraid to come closer. He was afraid of being shot at. But he came closer still.

10:35 Hamed: - Another I knew from Hamar came, and he discovered that his brother was dead at the pump house. He screamed and lost control.

10:35 Hamed - I was backed up, but had great pain. It was so great pain from the foot all the way up to the head. I was taken on board the boat.

10:37 Hamed: - I was sitting on the lap of a girl who knew my brother, I tried to talk, but it was difficult. She tried to get me to retain consciousness. She told me that my brother was in safety. She asked me to be strong.

10:38 Hamed: - The boat had great speed. I remember it hit the water at high speed.

10:40 Hamed: - It hurt every time the boat hit a wave. When we got to shore, I was put on a stretcher and into an ambulance and taken from there. I remember we stopped at several places. I struggled to maintain consciousness.

10:40 Hamed - I remember that the doctors asked if the name and social security number, my but it was difficult to speak.

10:42 Prosecutors Holden announces the medical certificate to Hamed, written in December.

10:44 Here's what it appears critical damage was caused to Hamed.

10:48 Hamed had to amputate a leg and an arm. He says it has been the most difficult period in his life.

10:49 Hamed: - I'm not completely well now. But now I'm ready to go myself. After all that has happened now, I think that I must continue to live.

10:50 Hamed: - I think of the perpetrator. I live in a hospital and despite all the problems, so I live a better life than him.

10:52 Hamed: - I will say one thing: I've heard many say that he is sick and crazy. The people must know, we are talking about a disease, it's an epidemic. Before burned those who were infected to prevent it from spreading more.

10:53 He asked if Breivik said anything more at the pump house, but says he does not remember.

10:53 Lippestad: - When you heard the footsteps of Breivik, can you describe something about how he went around?

10:54 Hamed: - It is impossible to tell how long it took, it is difficult to judge the time in such a situation.

10:56 Hamed - I remember only that he shot me twice, and then he came back and shot me a third time.

10:56 Lippestad reads from the police interview where the witness has told Breivik went a round to execute those who were already hit by the shots.

10:57 Hamed: - We were unarmed, it was only he who had weapons.

10:58 Hamed: - I am from Iraq and I have seen videos of executions. Those executed there are bound hands. We were not bound, but we were bound to the place. We were unarmed and he executed his youth there.

10:58 Aid lawyer asks why he did not go in the water.

10:59 Hamed: - I thought I was going to swim across. I went over to the water and it was very cold. I thought that I was not going to do it, because I would get cramps.

11:00 Hamed: - When Breivik came, I thought I would become an easy target because he was taller than me and wanted to see me easily.

11:01 Hamed went to Utøya with his brother and a friend. His friend was killed, his brother was physically unharmed.

11:03 Hamed - I've been thinking that I have gone from being a whole to be half a person.

11:04 Hamed: - The first two months, I was numb all over.

11:05 Hamed: - My first goal was to manage to feed themselves. After that, I have had several other goals.

11:05 Hamed: - There have been small goals, but I've decided to be able to reach all the goals. One of them have been coming here today.

11:06 Hamed: - I was very afraid to come here and that he who shot me was to be present.

11:07 Hamed: - I thought that those who would be present would have sympathy. If the criminal offender would sit here with that smirk of his, so they would make me even worse. It hurts me. But now I'm relaxed and not afraid.

11:08 He asked if there was someone at the pump house that planned to attack Breivik.

11:09 Hamed: - When Breivik came, I thought he was a policeman. Then I remembered the incident at the cafe building, and when I was in doubt.

11:10 Hamed: - I do not think any of those present could go on the attack on a police officer. He tricked us.

11:11 Hamed - I realized that it was a girl among us who had talked with his father, who was either the police or the military. He said that help was on its way.

11:11 Hamed is finished with his explanation.

11:11 Court takes break until 11.20.

11:23 Court participants are on the way back.
11:26 It is a witness to speak before the lunch break. It is Einar Bardal (17).

11:28 He is a member of Grunerløkka AUF and had been on Utøya twice before.

11:29 Bardal: - I called my mother in Oslo after the bomb. We got information, but also told that Utøya was the safest place to be.

11:30 Bardal: - I sat in the dining room. Then comes a group of people who look scared and frightened. I see them from the window. We are sitting.

11:30 Bardal: - I am not sure if we heard the bang first, or if someone called out at first, but we decide to go out. Some jump out the window.

11:32 Bardal: - When I come out I saw a person on the ground, when I realized that something was wrong. We ran down a slope with lots of mud and stones. I ran with a friend. She asked me if it was just nonsense, but I said it was serious. We ended up near the water.

11:34 Bardal: - I'll call my mom and tell what happens. I say that I love her. She says she is running to Sundvolden.

11:34 Bardal: - I think I hear one say, "Now get him"

11:35 Bardal:-We are a group of about 30 people fleeing along the waterfront west, and go to the western tip.

11:36 Bardal: - I met a girl I knew there. We thought that we had to keep far away. I do not know how long we lay there until I was shot, but I think it was about fifteen minutes.

11:37 Bardal: - I hear beeping in my ears. I cry that I have been shot, but told that I must be silent. I put myself in the fetal position. I talked on the phone several times and told my mom that I love her.

11:38 Bardal: I see the water below me is red, but it does not hurt in the face where I have been taken.

11:39 Bardal - I thought I was dead, thinking strange thoughts, which, among other things, that I was glad I had seen the finished Harry Potter films, and was sorry that I did not have Spotify.

11:41 Bardal: - I think you remember seeing one that fell down the cliffs, not the one who died, but another, who stood up and went into a cave.

11:41 He is not sure where Breivik was when he was shot.

11:44 Bardal: - I think I shot around a quarter past six.

11:47 Bardal was taken over in a boat and then by helicopter to Ullevål.

11:47 Here he was meeting his mother and stepfather and had nothing to sleep on.

11:48 He had 150 metal fragments in his face, and many of the knee.

11:49 Bardal: - There is very good physically today.

11:49 He has had trouble going to school.

11:55 There are no more questions to Bardal and he is ready to testify.

11:56 The court pauses until at 13 Then there will be two witnesses to. After they are finished, Breivik be let to the comments.

12:59 Participants in court is about to take your seats after the lunch break.

13:01 There are two girls of 17 and 18 who will testify.

13:01 The judges come in and right are set.
13:02 First, Cecilie Herlovsen (17) from Sarpsborg witness.

13:03 She had to amputate an arm injuries after shots of the island.

13:05 Herlovsen - I became a member early in the year in 2011 in Sarpsborg AUF. It was the first time I was on Utøya.

13:06 She was in the tent with her friends when she was told to go to the Great Hall for information about the bomb in Oslo. Some stayed behind, and she was charging his phone. Then she heard the bangs, and there was confusion about what it was. She then stood by the window in the Great Hall, looking out at the defendant walked past.

13:07 Herlovsen: - There was chaos. I took with my phone and my jacket. I ran into the hall and out through the room and out the back, down a steep slope.

13:08 Herlovsen - I was very unsure if it was a joke or seriously. I decided to go down the slope down to the pump house with two others.

13:09 Herlovsen - I was looking for my best friend, who I shared a tent with.

13:09 Herlovsen: - I gave my jacket, with a mobile phone in to one of the girls, and looked for my friend. I was told to lie down in the bushes at pump house.

13:11 Herlovsen: - I move a bit and see a figure standing in the woods that give character to a different group. When I see my friend and together we run south along the Love Trail.

13:12 Herlovsen: - We see a boy who was shot in the legs, and we try to help him. But the shots coming closer. We run past the campsite and beyond. At one point I look down a hillside, looking two to three people who look died out.

13:13 Herlovsen: - We run the naked headland, where we have tended to swim. I am tired and want to relax.

13:14 Herlovsen: - We comforted each other. So he comes.

13:15 Herlovsen: - He comes to us. I've seen him before and know him again. I nudge the person sitting next to me and says he is. Then he begins to shoot.

13:16 Herlovsen: - I get the first few bullet fragments in his knee, and I will be shot in one wrist. I look down, and it does not look real. I should also have received a shot in the shoulder, but I do not remember.

13:16 Herlovsen: - I lay down and just thought I would try to survive. I hear whistling in the right ear.

13:17 Herlovsen: - I have a lot of blood in the mouth.

13:18 Herlovsen: - I look over your right shoulder and see my friend lying on the stomach. I understand that she is dead.

13:18 Herlovsen - I do not know how long it takes, but then comes the two policemen. I am very afraid that they are not real.

13:19 Herlovsen: - That is when I realize how bad I really have it.

13:20 Herlovsen: - There is one who sits and talks with me to keep me awake. I will be taken on board a boat with some other girls.

13:20 Prosecutors Svein Holden asks her to go back a little, and want to know about Brevik said something when he came.

13:21 Herlovsen: - I am not sure, but he might have asked, "Have you seen him? Has he been here near"?

13:22 Herlovsen: - He seemed very determined when I saw him at the cafe building, but when he came to the southern tip as he seemed not so interested in the answers. The two questions came one after the other, without waiting for an answer.

13:23 Herlovsen - I was helped into the boat by two policemen. We got stuck because it is so shallow there. There were some waves, and some of us got hurt by the waves.

13:24 Herlovsen: - I was confused and wanted to go home to mom. I was placed on a stretcher. One asked me my name. I was wrapped in bubble wrap and put into an ambulance and taken to hospital Ringerike.

13:25 Prosecutors Holden will now read out her medical certificate.

13:26 She has had severe injuries to his arms and shoulders, and in airway and jaw.

13:28 She also had to be treated for infections and had skin grafting. She had to amputate his arm.

13:29 Holden asks how she was in the hospital.

13:30 Herlovsen: - It was at times very heavy and a reminder of what had happened. But I got good support from family, friends and health care. It was both good and heavy.

13:31 Herlovsen: - It has been hard to lose your arm. At times it has been very difficult.

13:31 Herlovsen: - But it has come something positive out of it, and I have different views on things.

13:32 Herlovsen: - It's going to be difficult and frustration in the future. But with the support I get, I hope it goes well.

13:32 She goes to high school. She has also participated in the past year, but with some adaptation.

13:33 She will go through multiple surgeries of the shoulder.

13:35 The witness has finished his statement and leaves the room.
13:36 Next witness is Ingela Heie (18).

13:38 She comes from Fredrikstad, and it was the first time she was on Utøya.

13:39 They were asked to attend the information meeting and went with friends to the cafe building, where they heard about the bomb.

13:40 Heie: - Both Eskil Pedersen and Monica Bosei had tears in his eyes and was elated. I called home and got more information that someone had died.

13:42 Heie: - A friend was crying and I picked up her boyfriend. On entering the room again, we get told to appear. There was panic and was pushed out in the hallway, out of the building and down the slope, above the pump house.

13:43 Heie: - I saw someone who swam. We decided to swim, but beat it from us.

13:44 Heie: - We comforted each other. We did not know who it was who did it, just that there were some who did.

13:45 Heie: - Some called out that he came, so we ran. I ran in stockinged feet and remember it hurting in the bones. We ran past a large group that was up a fence. I thought they were dead, and began to cry, but tried not to look at them.

13:46 Heie - I had two asthma attacks while I run.

13:46 Heie: - We ran along the love of the trail. We stopped at the southern tip.

13:49 Heie: - We are trying to calm us down. I called my girlfriend. He was home and did not know what happened.

13:50 Heie: - I turned and saw black clothing and a weapon. I think that I was going to die. I threw the phone and let me down to shield his head. He comes around the tree I lie back and shoot me in the arm.

13:51 Heie - I thought that I had to lie still and pretend I was dead. But then I heard someone screaming and then I screamed too. Then he shot me in the head and I was surprised when I woke up that I was alive. There was a pool of blood.

13:54 Heie: - I was sure I was paralyzed. The little boy told us to stop making jokes, but I said that it was nonsense. I fell asleep I'm probably a bit, although I knew I should not sleep. I woke up it was the police who asked if there was anyone alive. They performed first aid.

13:54 Heie: - Eventually there came a man in a boat.

13:56 Heie: - When we came over on the other hand, I was wrapped in plastic because I froze. I was afraid of needles. Then I fell asleep. I remember that I was in the helicopter and later in hospital.

13:58 She still has headaches. - I struggle with it but that's the way it is.

14:04 She says it has been difficult to concentrate. She has also lost the sense of smell.

14:05 She says she had planned to travel around as a diplomat and drive peace efforts. - But it dry I'm not now.

14:05 She is now finished her explanation.

14:07 Prosecutors Svein Holden should read up medical certificate to 16-year-old Benjamin Eriksen.

14:09 The court takes a break until 14:30. Breivik'll talk after the break.

14:10 Before the court was adjourned Breivik said that he would rather talk tomorrow, because it "is obscene to say it now," but Judge Arntzen stated that there was more time today than tomorrow.

14:30 Breivik entered in the court after the break. He will now get the word.

14:30 The judges will take place in the audience and judges.

14:31 Breivik: - I have two short of what was said yesterday, and general comments.

14:32 Breivik: - I have not banned, as has been said. I have no joints or smiled.

14:33 Breivik: - It has been said that I do not show emotions. But it must be said that I am good at hiding it. But when I come home to Ila I'm exhausted and today I feel mentally damaged after hearing the witnesses.

14:33 Breivik: I use energy to not show it.

14:34 Breivik: - There have been a minimum of clarifying the matter and if it continues I'm not going to appeal if I am found imputed. It is up to the judges alone in the matter appealed.

14:34 Breivik: - What I've said before. They are political activists. I have nothing more to say.

14:34 The experts have no questions to Breivik.

14:35 Brevik said the words that he saw no reason to appeal if he becomes aware sane.

14:36 He also said that he had experienced in court testimony as "pervasive" and that he had spent much energy trying to hide feelings.

14:36 The court is adjourned for today.

14:37 We are back from the Oslo District Court tomorrow at 09

14:38 Tomorrow will be the last witness of the survivors of Utøya statement. It's Adrian Pracon.

14:38 Later in the day, several of the police tell you about the arrest of Breivik.

14:39 We thank you for the procession from the court today.

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