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Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012-05-23 (TV2): Breivik Trial: Day 23: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

2012-05-23 (TV2): Breivik Trial Transcript: Day 23: Utoya Massacre Testimony:

Utoya Survivors: Ylva Helene Schwenke (15) | Anon Female (17) | Tarjei Jensen Bech (20) | Anon Female (18) | Andrine Johansen (17)

Oslo District Court: #: 11-188627 MED-05 | 23 May 2012 | Breivik Report/TV2.NO

Ylva Helene Schwenke (15): was at the Oslo bomb information meeting when she heard shots, ran past Love Trail, crept up the slippery cliff, where she was shot in the chest and shoulder. Managed to get down to the water, where she was shot in both legs.

Anon Female (17): was at the Oslo bomb information meeting, heard the shots and ran past the Love Trail and hid on the cliffs, where she was shot in the arm.

Tarjei Jensen Bech (20): was at the barn behind the main house and heard hysterical screaming, saw policeman shoot someone, ran to waters edge where they saw others being shot, before he was shot and fell down the cliff.

Anon Female (18): was in the Great Hall when she heard shots, then ran past Love Trail to southern tip with others, was shot while she was in the water.

Andrine Johansen (17): was at the Information meeting, and then ran to the Pump House with others, where she went into the water; she sees many get shot and realizes she has been shot in the chest.

8:53 Good morning from Oslo District Court. This is the trial 23 today.

8:54 Today many of the survivors of Utøya statement.
8:54 First up is Ylva Helene Schwenke (15).

8:59 Anders Breivik Behring is now moving into the court. He stops at the door and speak with defender Geir Lippestad.

9:00 Schwenke is from Tromsø. She hid with many others in the mountain slope below Kjærlighetsstien. She was shot four times.

9:00 The court is now set.

9:03 Schwenke is a member of Tromsø AUF and had been a member of Youth Party since the fall of 2010. She was only 14 when she was on Utøya.

9:04 Schwenke: - We had an information meeting for the bomb in Oslo. So we gathered all of Troms in northern Norway camp. Then we heard the bang. There was great uncertainty, but I thought no kidding.

9:05 Schwenke - I think someone in front of me so that a girl was shot. But I did not see it myself, too many stood before me. It was completely chaotic. Someone shouted that we had to run.

9:07 Schwenke: - VI run. I remember I saw a bullet that whizzed past. I ran to the Love Trail. There was a lot of people squatting. We crept up to the slope.

9:10 Schwenke: - There was confusion, but it was a kind of line down to the slope.

9:10 She says she did not see any of the ten who died on Love trail, not far from the entrance to the slope.

9:11 Schwenke - I got a place on the cliffs, it was wet and slippery. Then he came and shot at us.

9:13 Schwenke - I get shot in the shoulder. I think that I die. Suddenly I was down by the water. I'm not sure when I get my shot in the legs. I shot with two bullets, one in each leg.

9:15 Schwenke - I spoke with several of the others who were shot. I tried to stop the bleeding after the shot in the shoulder.

9:15 Schwenke - I've seen a lot of film, and thought that the people that die by a bullet. And I was shot four times.

9:16 Schwenke: - But nothing happened. So I decided to stay awake and survive this.

9:20 Schwenke: - When we had been there for quite some time, a helicopter came over us. There was only one, and I thought that they could not manage to save us.

9:21 Schwenke: - Others have said that the defendant came back to shoot more, but I can not remember. I was inside a bubble for the shots. It was a strange feeling, like I really was not there.

9:21 Schwenke: - But I remember that I was saved by a red fire and rescue. Two policemen helped me into the boat.

9:23 Schwenke - I was pretty gone when I came to land, and remembers little of it. But I was sent into an ambulance.

9:24 Schwenke: - The next thing I remember was a nurse who said that the perpetrator was caught and could not hurt me more.

9:25 Schwenke shows where on the body shots hit her.

9:25 She was shot at least four times.

9:27 Her shoulder is not going to be completely well again.

9:27 She also has a disability in the legs because of the large muscle.

9:30 The injuries were severe and life threatening.

9:31 She is now in tenth grade, and says that it has gone well in school.

9:32 Schwenke: - Mental goes very well. I was a little scared at first, but it has improved. It is also better physically, with good training. I'm actually pretty good now.

9:35 Schwenke: - I asked the nurse if I would be all right when I woke up. But even when I came into the hospital I have asked one if I was going to be lame. She said "no, I do not think so." When I replied "it does not really matter, as long as I survive."

9:37 Schwenke: - I have no problem with showing the scars. We have paid a price for democracy. I may be not proud, but showing them with dignity.

9:37 Breivik smiles as she says this.

9:38 Schwenke has now finished her explanation.
9:38 Next witness wishes to remain anonymous.

9:38 She is 17 years.

9:41 She said she was sitting with several from the same county after they were informed about the bomb in Oslo. - It was a bad mood, because we heard that the Labor Party's premises and SMK were blown up. One said "maybe someone is out to frame the party, and come here?"

9:42 The witness: - It was a bad atmosphere. People talking together, and some are upset.

9:43 The witness: - Some say that two heavily armed policemen were bomb-proof island, and that we must put it on so that no one should be afraid.

9:43 The witness was standing outside the cafe building when she heard the bang.

9:44 The witness said that someone went to check what it was. - We see that the stops, turns, and runs the other way. We run behind the cafe building, and we stopped there, before a steep slope. The sounds stopped up slightly.

9:45 Witness: - I thought it was probably just someone that nonsense and that it would be really embarrassing afterwards.

9:45 The witness: - We run to the tent.

9:47 The witness: - So we run on to the Love Trail. I would like to know why we run.

9:48 Witness: - I stood at the top of the slope, how many went down. I saw a girl who had blood in his shoulder and ran the blood out of your mouth. She was helped down the mountain ledge. I also go there. It was really a lot there, in relation to space.

9:49 The witness: - We were so numerous, that I thought that the perpetrator had to understand where we were.

9:50 Witness - I felt a pressure against the body. I had no feeling in the arm. Then I realized that I was shot.

9:52 Witness: - I heard the whistling in my head and cry in the distance. Some shouted "Get out". I lay on the rock ledge. I see someone being shot and falling.

9:53 The witness: - He has clearly hurt and I see a lot of blood.

9:55 Witness: - I saw a girl lying in the water, she was dead.

9:55 The witness: - Next to set several other girls who were shot, but survived.

9:57 Witness: - I remember a boat that passed. On board was the black-clad people indicted. I had waved and thought "I should not have done." But it was the police.

10:01 She says she was surprised when help arrived that there were so many who were alive, she thought it merely sat dead around her.

10:03 She does not know whether the defendant was several times the slope.

10:05 She was hospitalized for several weeks. She was operated on twice. The arm is better today.

10:06 She would begin in the second year of high school last fall. She says that it has gone well, but that what happened 22 July has affected her.

10:11 The witness will be asked about who she saw the dead. She talks again about the dead girl in the water.

10:13 She talks about the hours she lay on the cliffs. - I thought that it was a miracle, if I were to get it out alive.

10:13 The witness is finished. Court takes break until 10.35.
10:37 Proceedings continue. Next witness is Tarjei Jensen Bech (20).

10:39 He was at the barn behind the main house when he heard the bang, and some hysterical screaming.

10:39 Bech: - I walked out of the barn. Then I saw more races, and one that was shot.

10:40 Bech: - I had forgotten his glasses, so I did not look good. But I saw a figure standing, and then fell. Then the other person closer and shot the person who had fallen in the head. I was maybe ten feet away.

10:41 Bech: - It may have been Trond Berntsen had fallen.

10:42 Bech: - I ran up the hill behind the main house. Then I saw a man in police uniform that was slow, calm and controlled. I ran into the tent camp.

10:44 Bech: - We heard shots elves all the time. I see the man in police uniform walk up to the cafe building. He goes to a guard, and takes up a gun that he shoots with. The panic breaks out in northern Norway camp where I am, then, about 50 m away.

10:45 Bech: - I was hiding behind a bush with a girl I knew. She says that we must stick together with the others. But somehow we are away from each other.

10:47 Bech: - I went down to the water's edge. There I see another I know. She sat alone at the water's edge.

10:49 The girl tried to call the police, but did not come through.

10:50 We see the shooter to pass close by. We see a girl who gets shot. He is so close that we can hear footsteps close to us. We hear that his breath is agitated.

10:51 Bech: - It made me think of Voldemort in Harry Potter, he sounded evil out.

10:51 Breivik look down when Bech explains this.

10:52 The girl said they had to run and they ran.

10:53 Bech: - I remember it being black, and the next thing I remember is that I wake up in the water.

10:53 Bech: - I was glad to be alive. But I do not know how long I lay there alone on the beach.

10:54 Bech: - I had shorts and saw that there was some blood on it. I thought it was just a concussion.

10:56 Some other camp participants saw him, and went away. They talked to him and tried to stay warm. - They asked me what my name was and what my cat was called and the like.

10:58 Bech: - They pulled me out of the water and took off my wet clothes. They bandaged the wound with a number of shorts.

10:58 Bech: - Yes, my cat is called, by the way lump.

10:58 Breivik grinning when Bech talks about the cat. There is laughter in the audience.

11:00 Bech: - When I was with has since said that it must have been a ten meter drop. But I'm not sure.

11:01 He said he did not observed those who died on Kjærlighetsstien or slope.

11:02 Bech: - On the boat over, someone asked what kind of music I liked. Of all the things I said Queen. Then we began to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

11:04 Bech: - It was a bit inappropriate song, we sang We are the World instead. I was hurt and the operator told him to slow down. We sang on. When we came to the land, there were told we would drive to Storøya. I was tired and was about to fall asleep.

11:04 Bech: - I was put on a stretcher. When I got into the ambulance said that I was safe.

11:05 The court will see picture of Bech's bones taken after he arrived at the hospital. You can see fire damage.

11:06 Next slide shows Bech bruised face. The damage is probably after the fall down the cliff. He had to undergo a plate under the eye.

11:08 He dropped the amputation, but was nine weeks in hospital.

11:11 He was elected to the local council and county council.

11:12 He says there have been both highs and lows. - There has been a lot of hard work, but it has been necessary.

11:13 Bech: - At first I reacted to loud noises and was scared to be alone. But there has been growing back. It's not as bad now.

11:14 Bech: - I usually say that I have had more surgery than Michael Jackson. He reaps laughter for the comment.

11:14 He still has a splint on the foot.

11:16 Bech: - The defendant as calm on the island, it looked as if he had a job to do. It was taking us.

11:18 He can not remember if Breivik said something.

11:20 Bech was supposed to start studying at the University of Tromsø, but had to postpone it. He hopes to begin this fall.

11:21 Bech has finished testifying. Court takes break to 12.30.

12:28 Court participants are entering the room 250 after the break.
12:34 The next witness wishes to remain anonymous. She is 18 years old.

12:36 The witness went to the AUF in a year when she was Utøya.

12:37 Like many others, she thought it was China putts when she heard the bang. But then she heard that many cried out that there was shooting. She ran from the Great Hall and into the little hall. But there they were stopped by some adults who say that there is something going on.

12:38 She has a turn at a time in the cafe building. There were many others there, and it was crowded. She called her mother and told her that there was shooting there. Then it sounded as if the shooting came from within. She ran out of the building and down the slope on the back.

12:40 The witness: - We ran the Love Trail. I found a girlfriend on the road. We were perhaps a group of about eight people. We run down to a rock wall on the lower side of the trail.

12:40 The witness: - We hear shots and see the Moron that was there. She points to Breivik, who laughs the comment.

12:41 Witness: - I would not die that day. Hiding place was not good enough, so we ran on. We ran along the Love Trail. We came to the tent.

12:42 The witness: - We ended up on the southern tip.

12:42 Witness: - I was sitting in a bush on the southern tip. We were a group of people. We decided to stay there.

12:44 The witness: - There was a group of several people. The group came a little boy who cried. I said that he had to be quiet, otherwise we would be killed. Then he was silent, but he was very scared.

12:45 The witness: - We saw the helicopter coming and thought that the help came. But it went on. Then came a boat, and the driver said he had to fetch more.

12:45 The witness: - So we saw that he was there (pointing to Breivik) and I hear it said, poof, poof.

12:46 Witness: - I ran into the water. All spread. I swam out a little before I stopped. I saw one that was shot five or six times.

12:46 Breivik smiles every time she talks about him.

12:47 Witness - I saw that he spoke with the little boy. Then he took the gun and went. I swam to shore after about 20 seconds. That's when I realized that I was shot.

12:48 The witness: - When the police arrived minutes later, we thought that they were not real. Then there was a lot of screaming.

12:49 The witness: - My friend had jumped away when he was there where the thing came (pointing Breivik) and appeared again from nowhere. We talked about what would happen if I was paralyzed and that.

12:50 The witness: - As we were driven on shore. Were placed in bubble wrap before a doctor came and looked at me. I was afraid of needles and were angry when they would stab me. I was taken by air ambulance to Ullevål.

12:51 Witness: - I was operated on several times and was all the summer holidays in the hospital.

12:51 The witness: - There was also a bit of a summer.

12:52 The witness: - Doctors believe that the bone should be as usual, but you do not know for sure until it's been two years.

12:53 Witness - I struggle with school, and must take the third grade in high school for two years. He who did this obviously has a lack of social skills. He must live with what he has done.

12:53 Lippestad ask the witness to tell the little boy. She says she thought he was about 10 years.

12:55 She did not hear the conversation. She was a few yards away when the conversation between the boy and Breivik took place.

12:58 Witness: - I am more active in the AUF than before. She has various duties. That way, the accused has helped me to become more active - thanks!

12:58 The witness is now finished with his explanation.
12:59 The final witness is Andrine Johansen (17).

13:01 She is told to tell about 22 July. She had been food poisoning. First, she had been informed that there was a gas explosion in Oslo. - But when we see the pictures I realized that there was no al-Qaeda, which many thought. Then they would have chosen a more populated place. I felt threatened.

13:02 Johansen: - We felt safer after a brief information meeting. The Oslo and Akershus were called together. I'm from, so I joined there. I was poor, and went to the toilet several times.

13:04 Johansen: - We were sitting in the cafe building, in the cafeteria. Then we heard a bang and we were told to throw down on the floor. Someone shouts "no shot". I did not know what to do, but I went into the courtyard. When I see three bodies.

13:05 Johansen: - A friend took me down the slope and at the pump house, I met my boyfriend again. I thought it was the perfect hiding place. It was close to the water.

13:06 Johansen: - I met my best friend. We hugged and said it would go well. And that we should play dead if we had to. The atmosphere was not chaotic, but cozy. We showed that we were happy in each other.

13:08 Johansen: - We were told that it was in police uniform who shot.

13:10 Johansen: - We stood there for a while. So I went to a rock a few meters away. There were several others.

13:12 Johansen: - So did he. He said he was a policeman and had a rescue boat standing. Some went forth from their hiding place, while asking if he had proof. When he is not so easy. He begins to shoot, and I see him kill a girl.

13:12 Johansen: - He shoots a boy, and continues to shoot him after he falls to the ground. He shoots a girl crying for help before he shoots.

13:14 Johansen: - I feel a pressure against my chest and I realize that I'm shot. It was hard to breathe. I was in the water. I was about to drown in my own blood, while I see him shoot the ones that are hiding behind the pump house. They play dead, and he shoots the short distance. He just continues to shoot.

13:15 Johansen: - He raised his rifle and shot at me. He smiled. One hits the rubber boots. But then throw a friend in front of bullets and sacrifice his life for me.

13:16 Johansen: - I thought I would die. I saw those around me, bobbing in the water. I thought of my girlfriend and if he was in life.

13:17 Johansen: - Breivik says "hoho" or "haha" in gledesrus. So he goes, and it is a terrible silence.

13:18 Johansen: - I think that I will have a white chest and black. I am considering writing white on my sweater with blood. As boats come and I see someone swimming out there. There's a guy asking if everyone is dead, and I respond that they are.

13:19 Johansen: - I was put ashore and sat and coughed up blood. I thought about swimming out to boats, but knew I could not handle me.

13:20 Johansen: - I met a girl and said that I had lost blood and was going to die. She had the phone and said that I should be given priority when I came ashore. I ran to my best friend who was behind the pump house. I was sure that he just played dead.

13:21 Johansen: - When I looked around and saw how it looked.

13:21 The witness tells of the gruesome scene, where people were shot in grotesque positions.

13:22 Johansen: - I was taken out in a boat, but thought that everything was planned and was sure I was safe. On land, I was placed in the ambulance and under warm blankets. Then everything went black.

13:26 Johansen: - He seemed credible and looked like a policeman. But he became tense when no one came forward. If we had not heard that the shooter was the police, had probably been more of it.

13:27 Johansen: - There was a mood changing when no one came forward.

13:28 Johansen: - He was happy after the shooting. It is not normal to laugh while shooting children at a summer camp.

13:29 She talks about the serious damage caused by bullets.

13:30 Today is going well, with the exception of chest pain and lack of feeling. She has continued projectiles near the spinal cord.

13:31 She had adapted to school because it is difficult to concentrate.

13:32 She says it goes up and down.

13:32 Defender Lippestad want Johansen luck with law school.

13:34 She has struggled with a poor appetite for Utøya, especially red food that resembles blood. She has also had trouble sleeping and was much afraid.

13:35 Johansen is now finished her explanation.

13:36 The court is now adjourned.

13:37 Thanks for the procession from the Oslo District Court. We're back with live updates from tomorrow at 9

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